getting butt implants in a couple weeks! - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hi guys, So I've read a lot of reviews. Have a...

Hi guys,

So I've read a lot of reviews. Have a flat butt and been wanting to get butt implants for decades. Both Scared and excited. I'm 50 years old, work out a lot and in great shape…

After reading lots of reviews I'm going with Dr. Stanton in Beverly Hills. I live in L.A. so it's also convenient.
Dr. Stanton said he could put in 300-350cc's but (since I'm so petite) he won't know exactly which till the day of surgery. I'm 5'2" and 94 pounds. I'm not new to cosmetic surgery but heard this is by far one of the most painful surgeries.

Hoping with pain meds it will be manageable. I'm alone but hiring a non-medical aid for the first three days, and to take me to post op on day five.

Any thoughts and tips would be helpful…thanks so much!


I'm so excited! Won't know exact size until Wednesday when I go in for surgery but I'm first that day. Wish me good luck. Measurement now is 32 1/2" - Hoping for at least three more inches, hopefully four… Would love to be 36 or 36 1/2. Hope its do-able. My boobs are 35. Would be great to be more well rounded.

Day after surgery

Wow, day after surgery and am I in pain. Aching pain. Taking percocets and that helps…

My butt looks boxy right now, (as Kel75125 said it would.) Hopefully that won't last. It is swollen and barely 35" Hope I don't lose all of that when swelling goes down. I was 32 1/2" before implants and would love to stay at 35"

Slept on tummy last night - very awkward for this side sleeper.
Look like a zombie when I walk. LOL


Very sore still. Took a walk today and shorts fit really nice now. Hope it stays this way…I am wondering about incisions. When do I start washing them and how do I tend to them to make sure they don't get infected and heal well…

Is anyone able to sit on them after two weeks? LMK…


Okay so 12 days since surgery and I'm still in pain, but not as bad. Can walk normal, Even driving a little (with pillow under my bum) to the mall by my house for lunch and walk around a little (exercise) No heavy exercising or dancing for six weeks so four more to go and I'm bummed but only want to go through this once so will do what the doc says. Off pain meds except for one at night with a Tylenol PM to sleep. Bored out of my mind but have read and listened to a lot of books (on tape) Cant wait to get back to regular life. Maybe later this week I'll try and go out with a friend we'll see. An holding steady at 34 1/2" (was 32 1/2") and waist is 24 1/2", Had a little lipo there to help out. Still bruised there as well. Putting arnica gel on bruises. That helps. A little better each day…


I'm sooooo happy I did this! Yes, still in pain and feels like implants are falling more each day (which is good) but am very very happy with results! Doctor Stanton and his team (especially nurse Jasmine) are wonderful. When ever I have questions I call and get answers. I would highly recommend this surgery - if you can stand pain. I'm sitting now though not comfortably yet. I sleep in my sides and tummy, and am on my back (for small periods of time) though still uncomfortable. I've posted new photos. Glad to say I'm holding at 34 1/2". I was 32 1/2 before surgery. I also had a little lipo on my waist/back side bring it down to 24" which makes me look more shapely. Implants are still hard but everything looks great in dresses and jeans. Again Very Happy!
Dr. Stanton

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