5'5 139lb 500cc Round. Beverly Hills, CA

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Currently I'm 3 weeks post op. I would describe my...

Currently I'm 3 weeks post op. I would describe my experience so far as uncomfortable and in convient than painful. Dr.stanton and his team are really wonderful and nice. Mindy, his patient coordinator is very sweet and caring. Right now I'm just praying for a complication free recovery. Any questions you ladies have please ask on cause I'll be happy to answer them

Week one

Swelling has gone down a little and I was able to fly home (5hr flight) with the help of oxy and booty buddy

Week two

At this point the pressure feeling on my butt has slowly went away but still unable to walk properly or sit

Week three

I'm able to move around better, sit for a short period of time and walk better. I also forgot to mention I had lipo on my stomach. I'm really swollen from that and stomach felt sick for the longest time. I had to poop every time I ate and felt tired from that. I talked to Mindy and she told me its probably beaches I've my garment on too tight and its pushing on my intestine. She was right. I loosen it and now I feel much better

Plastic surgery simulator

Okay so I'm really happy and thankful with how everything went but as the swelling went down I felt like I'm back to being spongebob flat again lol the 500cc certainly looks very small on me as you can see on my week three picture so I wondered why it didn't have as much difference on mine like others. I played around with this app called plastic surgery simulator and I figured out its because of my love handles... That's the reason why I still have the square shape and look flat. Ofcoarse my wide hips have a lot to do with it too cause I probably need a bigger implant to fill out my whole butt and give it projection. Dr.stanton told me he doesn't give out his biggest implant(600cc) for first round patients so he's gonna go with 500. I trust his knowledge and would rather play on the safe side but I wish I asked him if I'm able to fit 550.... He specifically told me that I need to do lipo on my love handles to get a more pronounced results but my stubborn ass didn't listen and chose to do lipo on my stomach instead.

Ladies please HELP!! Idk if I should be scared or not

I'm 3 and half week post op and when I woke up this morning one of my implants has dropped significantly. Like I know it's supposed to drop but I didn't know it's supposed to drop this much within one night. What just happened??? Anyone have experienced this before? It kinda looks deformed at one angle too

4 weeks out (500cc still small)

I'm currently 4 weeks out. I'm able to do most of the things I used to before just with a slower pace. I'm still walking funny but better. I can sit with my booty buddy but not more than an hour cause at like 30min or so it starts to hurt where my incisions are. I'm happy I recovered to this point and still hope I recover more cause I'm not 100 percent yet. Im very happy that I've something more back there. I still feel flat though cause Maybw because I still have that square shape. Size wise, I'm glad we played safe but 500cc is just too small for my frame. My before hip measurement was 39.5(even though I was flat) and I weighed 139. What I always wonder is what determines the size you get exactly cause most of the girls that have gotten 500cc weigh way less than me. Hopefully there is such a stage when the booty fluffs out and gets bigger cause I was aiming for a big booty

7 weeks out!!! Feeling well but still have a little booty..:-( 500cc to small for my frame

I'm feeling well able to do almost all the things I used to except I've a problem with sitting too long and speed. My implants have dropped. More so with my right butt cheek and the left still needs to drop more. I can see that my right one is healing more rapidly cause it's kinda fluffing out and having that round shape. The only problem I have is the size. I feel like I went thru so many things and sacrificed a lot to end up with a small booty again. I'm considering getting a full back and flanks lipo to see if that can help make my butt look better..I'm so unhappy with the size that was picked out for me. Though I'm so thankful that the recovery period went well and the shape looks good. By the way even though it's too small, it looks kinda bubble buttish in cloth and when I make certain poses.

What is the name of the implant that dr. Stanton uses

I know he uses his own for ovals but what was the name of the implants that he uses for rounds? It's not aart is it?

Update on how it is at 3 1/2 month and my very strange experience...

Hi ladies it's been a min.... So even though I love my new booty I've been not so happy about my projection as I've written in my pervious posts. I decided to reach out to my doctor and see if there is anything he can do to help me. I emailed the office telling them that I'm not happy with my projection and would like to talk to my doctor to see if there is anything I can do. I also asked to confirm my size( this a very common question) and asked why the 500cc I have didn't give me the dramatic bubble butt look that I've seen on other pt...They responded back to me offering me to send me my before picture... Emailed them back telling them that I am not claiming that there haven't been any changes but I would like to see if I can achieve the projection I was looking for....No respond at all after that.... I was so confused and lost cause I've had only pleasant experience so far with them so I didn't understand what is going on.... Anyways I thought that was very unprofessional and definitely not the answer I wanted to hear when I'm reaching out for help from my doctor... Didn't even get a chance to speak to him...... As far as healing I'm able to do almost everything I used to do.... I've an office job so I'm able to sit for a long time with my booty buddy even though I get up every now and then to give my booty a break.... Things I can't do is run, have someone smack my butt or jump.... Have no pain at all except for random needle like pokes...Butt still feels hard but better than before... I'll post a pic and video of how my butt feels.... Feel free to ask if you have any questions ladies

How the implant feels

This is a video update of how the implant feels at 3 1/2 month. Still feels pretty hard but not as hard as how it felt when I first got them. I can squeeze the bottom of my butt where the implant is not present but not the middle part where the implant is located. The implant itself feels like a rubber for those of you who have never touched it before but it's not as soft once implanted. It definitely gets softer month by month though.Hopefully it gets softer and softer to the point where it feels like an athletes' butt.

Dropping into place

When I first got the implants they were up high and the bottom of my booty was flat. At this point they have dropped into place. Right butt cheek more than left. They are not equal in size cause one has dropped more than the other. I love the shape of it. So glad I got the rounds. I can also see that they have fluffed out which I'm happy about even though I'm no where close to my wish pic. I might not be satisfied with my size but one thing I'm really content with is that they look very natural and one cannot tell they are fake unless they touch it or see the scars

my video didnt upload the first time so here it is

excuse my stretchmarks ladies.. i'm blessed with a lot of them lol
as i mentioned the first time, butt is getting softer month by month. At 4 month its definitely better than when i first got them but its not as soft as natural athletic butt yet. The bottom part where the implant is not present is soft and middle part is hard. For the question " can one tell that they are implants by touching them" the answer is "yes" but i'm only 4 month out. if it continues to get softer by this rate, I believe i'll get to the point where it feels like an athletic butt (fingers crossed). To be honest what matters to me the most is how they look so as long as i get that bubble butt look, I am good lol

Upper and lower abdomen lipo

Here is a before and after pic of lipo of my abdome. Love my result. I'm still swollen at 4 month specially my lower part of my abdomen. I'm not sure if it will ever go down but fingers crossed they will. It is very important to wear your garment at all times atleast 4-6 months cause even today my stomach gets swollen if I forget to wear my garment. My stomach is the flattest early in the morning before I eat than throughout the day but I've always been that way. Hence I took this pic before I ate

Almost 5 month

Not much have changed. I'm basically able to do anything I used to do before surgery except run and jump. My implant have dropped and fluffed. Right check is still bigger. Still not happy with my projection. I've been taking n posting pics from the same position so u guys can see the difference through the months. Tips on how to take your own butt pic : place your phone on a desk or anything that's elevated and record yourself walking and standing in a place where you think the camera can capture your full body. Then take a screen shot of the video and there you have your butt pic

10 months out

I apologize for being MIA. Just been busy with life. I'm 10 months out. It seems like after you're past 6month your butt stop changing. The only thing that I've noticed change is that my butt have gotten a little softer. The bottom is squishy but the center is still hard but nothing like how it was before. When I first got it done, my butt was rock hard and you can't even squish it. Little by little and specially after 6month I've noticed that it has gotten softer. I've read that it supposed to feel like an athletic butt after it has fully healed. If it continues to get softer by this rate I believe it might. There is a difference between my right and left butt. Right butt has dropped more and is softer than left. I don't know if my left is ever going to drop because I'm 10month now. I'm 100% back to normal except I still can't run, jump or get smacked on the middle part of my butt. Overall I am very happy with dr.stanton's work and I believe he is an expert at what he does. In my opinion, he is the best at making implants look as real as possible and knowing where to exactly place them depending on the individuals body type. The only complains I have about his work is projection. I went in asking for a big change and specifically said I'm looking for that dramatic bubble butt. Well my booty size is nowhere around my wish pics so in that aspect I'm disappointed. This is not a surgery that you would want to have twice but as crazy as it sounds I'm considering a revision to get the projection that I want. I plan on consulting both dr.stanton and dr.grawe but dr.stanton is my first choice. I've heard that aart(implant brand that grawe uses) is softer than spectrum (implant brand that Stanton uses) but I don't know if I buy that. I have seen different doctors advertising that aart is the softest brand available and squishing it around but as far as I know the spectum brand were that squishy too when I felt it at my pre op. Once they are inside you though it's a totally different story. I need to hear it from a patient that I've felt both in order to confirm for myself. If anyone In this site have had that experience please let me know because I'll be so happy to have that for my revision if it is indeed softer. Another thing is I lost about 10lbs and lost 1/2 inch from my hips... I've a poor appetite so if anyone has tips about gaining weight in a healthy way please share
Tips for future dr.stanton's patients
Know you're in great hands but these are the things that I wish I knew before I had my surgery instead of after
1. Don't just look at other girls pics and think that's how 500cc looks or 600cc looks. I thought that. Always put into account that persons height, weight and body structure. Know your before measurements and based on the measurement of the implant your doctor should be able to tell you a rough estimate on what to expect. Atleast that way you know what to expect
2. It takes a couple of months to see the real results of your surgery. It's hard but be patient. I drove myself crazy the first couple of months because I had very little projection. Even though I still don't have my desired projection I believe it has significantly change over the past couple of months
Dr. Stanton

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