5.1' 105. from Dr. Ryan to Dr. Grawe 434cc round

I will fly from Miami to have surgery with Doctor...

I will fly from Miami to have surgery with Doctor staton , im recovering from my last surgery and soon I will get a quote with him.
I love his results with skinny girls , I hope I find a cheap place to stay there since I heard I super expensive area.
Miami is the worst plan to have surgery or I may be picking wrong doctors for years .
I hope I have a good experience with this new doctor.

Before butt implants

Before surgery.

Me 110 lbs before.

Dr Ryan staton or Dr. Grawe???

I real love Dr Ryan shape of the implants but $9500 plus Tickts $600.00. Plus hotel $900.00. Plus food and taxi. Is a lot of money I have the care credit for the surgery but I get save for the other stuff.
He doesn't use drain witch I like that.
He has differents shapes of implants so one will fit you best.
But the scars he leave is no good I don't like the way he cut the butt to put the implants. :(
But he has a lot experience with this surgery and makes me trust him a lot.


Dr.Grawe butt implants start at $7,500."round implants.
Tickts $580.00
Hotel $650.00
Plus food and taxi.
And I don't like she use a drain after surgery bcuz the chances getting a infection is very high.
But the way she cut the butt is very nice and won't leave a ugly scar.
She doesn't has a lot butt augments reviews so that scares me.

I'm 107lbs 5.1'. My legs very skinny and I have no hips. Square hips and fat stomach. Lol

I think I want 400cc I like nice butt but not too fake just big enough to look good.

Can you girls give me advise about the Doctor I should use?

My English is not too good sorry girls.

107 lbs before but implants.

107 lbs 5.1" before butt implants

I hope I can have this surgery done next month of November 2016

I had consultation with Dr.David shifrin

I just had my consultation with David shifrin he sounds very nice and profetional and those are the pictures I sent him, Monday they will give me a price and he said he doesn't need to order a size for my butt implants bcuz he has all sizes at his office I like that I don't want order a size that doesn't fit me.
Here are the pictures I sent him.
I will give a update of how much he will charge. I paid $100 for the consultation.

Next week I will try doctor Grawe I saw her Instagram pictures of 6 of her butt implants surgery and some of the butt look one side bigger than other. Very weird but could be just swollen I will keep trying to decide I don't want mess up my butt. I have to save more money if I end up going to Dr Ryan staton witch he is still my favorite.

Wish butt.

Dr.David shifrin.

I had a consultation with Doctor David shifrin by phone I paid $100 and today I received my Quito for the surgery.

They quoted $9500.:(
Too much for my budged bcuz trip will cost me $2K.
Só im not having my surgery with Dr.Shifrin even tho he is a professional I was not very sure if I wanted do my butt with him. For that price I can go to Dr.Ryan staton witch he is my first choice.

So going back as planned i just called Dr. Grawe and I paid $150. And I schedule my consultation with her, they told me I need to stay 2 weeks but I can't ,I only have 10 off work so I need find a doctor to remove the drains. When I come back.

I hope I can have my surgery in November as I had planned.

Round implantes size and dimension

Check all size for implants at aartinc . Net

More before sugery.

What size I choose now ?

This is what Dr. Grawe told me about witch size implant I should get. ;

your goals, I recommend the round implant - style 3 . My first impression would be that style 3, size 4 will get you to your results. It has 4.9cm projection which is a TON but it is a little more narrow than some of the other sizes which would fit your body. The other options are size 3 or size 5 which have a bit less projection. These will give you your goal pic and not have a really high risk of showing the implant on the sides and on the bottom when you lean over. This is a little bit of a higher risk on you because your legs are thin.

So style 3,4,5 ??? Help please.

Size 3 has 3.8 of projection and 379cc.

Size 4 has 4.9 of projection and 432cc.

Size 5 has 3.7 of projection and 301cc.

Please help me choose. I want pay for a butt that look good and nice ass. Lol

Size 432cc or 379cc butt ?

I'm so busy checking my friend sleepbooty jornal that I keep forgetting my page. Lois awesome to see my sisters here getting new booty and is like I live on this site 24 /7.

Ok so I have to pick my surgery day. Nov. 11,26,30.

I'm looking to see what day I can find better Air tickets with no stop.
I'm in Florida Miami it will take 3.5 hours fly. The Ticket is around $250-300 per person.

I will stay in the city called Dublin Ohio something like that. Hotel cost from $66 to $170.

I will rent a car bcuz I'm flying with my baby and my best friend she will help with my baby. Car cost $40 a day

I may stay 10 days not sure yet.

I am 5.1" 109 lbs very skinny legs"

The doctor suggest me 434cc or 379cc

I can't make a decision I want big butt but not like faara Abraham from teen mom.
Her butt look only good on clothes on.

I feel my butt I only have bones not even muscle :( all changes after pregnancy.

I wish I knew how wide is size 434cc and 379cc.
I wear size 0 now.

Wish and sizes


434cc round implants. Paid for surgery.

I paid for my surgery.
I choose 434cc round implants.
I'm soooo scare is going to look huge on me 5.1". 105 lbs this morning. but the other option was 379cc witch the width is bigger so I was afraid.
Also Doctor Grawe recommend size 434cc to me.
Pray for me.
I'm going with my baby 2 years old and my friend.

I'm all scare :,,(.

Implants butt implants.

Fake implants.

I'm going to go crazy till the day of the surgery. Lol

So I found a video on YouTube teaching how to measure your implants and making a fake one just to see the size with dry rice. Lol

Yes so for each

1/4 cup of rice is = 75cc
1/2 cup of rice is =125cc
1 cup of rice is = 250cc

Then you put inside a bag and measure it will give the same projection and width.

This is the video.


What I need before surgery. ?

What I will need to get for after my surgery ?

I will stay 10 days in Ohio how much clothing to pack?

What usually we need after surgery ?

18 days to go.

I have so much so much anxiety right now :( is 18 day to surgery iam so scare I hope by xmas im already feeling good and good to seat and with not drains.

I keep having thoughts to cancel it i am so afraid that I can't go to work. I have 30days off work and my job is seating and I will drive a lot too. :(

2 weeks to sugery

I'm so scare :,,( I feel I'm been selfish I'm afraid something goes wrong and my baby needs me :,( I'm having so much anxiety I'm very afraid :,"(
I'm afraid of having this surgery. If I calncel it how much they would keep from the money I already paid it with care credit. I paid all the surgery.

434cc round butt. 10days tô surgery. !!!

Oh My.... I am going so crazy so much to think my surgery in 10days I have been want to cancel it I even start to like my saggy butt is crazy all this emotions is very weird.

I just pray that I have good recovery and health and the hospital staff is good to me while surgery.

I have been drinking a lot beers juice with spinach and orange to keep my iron high.
Also eating a lot of protein "trying to"
My friend sleepybooty advice me eating eggs,brócoli,toast and kefir I am doing this too.

Iam using sweet almond oil on my butt to keep my skin prepare and good to avoid for stretch marks. I got the oil at Whole Foods. Cosmetic section.

8 days for my surgery. 434cc round

I can't believe the next week I will be on my way to Ohio with my kid and friend.
My iron is very good I got it checked and is 13.5. So I guess the juicing works with beets and spinach. And orange juice.

I get buy the butty boody but I am sending it to delivery to the hotel in Ohio.

Very afraid THis surgery give me a too big butt.

I hope my stiches dry fast After surgery.
I am still not prepare for this surgery mentally I am afraid.

I hope is not too cold in Ohio.
I never been in s weather cold than 66•.

After butt implants !!!

What else I need ??

Hidrogen peroxide , 
Bacitracin ointment
dry gauze 2-3 times a day ) 

Neosporin spray
Liquid iron
Milk magnesia (costipated)
Protein shake
Hibiseclean use bath night before and morning of surgery. "
Fanny pack
Botty pillow.

Drains ? Who should remove it?

I will prob fly back home after surgery with the drains.

When I come back home who should remove my drains ?

And how much it cost ?

Please help me !!!

4 days to my new bootylicious.

Yayayya I am excited !!! Still scare but excited. Surgery in 4 days and I am living Miami soon and Iam having pain on my bladder I had sex with a guy last weekend and now I have pain on my blader I think he hurt me and I know is not infection but hurt.
I took ibuprofen but I really don't know if is ok.

What should I do ?

No :( can I have my surgery if I have UTI infection ?

I am having this pain on my Bladder that feel like I have a baby on top of it.
I can pee normal but the pain is on my blader or uterus.

I got the UTI test strip and it said is infection.
Tomorrow morning I will walk in at urgent care if my regular doctor can't see me.

Can't I have surgery if I have a UTI infection ?

Omg I already got my tickets i paid the hotel and car rental :((((

I am taking D-Manosse. Cranberry , baking soda. Apple cider ;((((

Help me please

On antibiotics now. 2 days prior surgery.

I start taking Ciprofloxacin 500 mg twice a day my regular doctor told me she saw some blood on my urine and it was a mild infection.

She also told me I will be ok on having my surgery 3 days after start the antibiotics.

I hope she is right bcuz on Friday they will check for infection at the hospital amd I hope I pray is gone by then.

I'm trying to build my immune system to fight this infection.
No sugar
No fatty
No bad food.

Pray for me girls please.

On our way to Ohio!!!

Leaving the airport to meet Dr.grawe at2pm.
Surgery is tomorrow.

Wishing new nice butt on my way back to MiAmi

Tomorrow my surgery.

So I will start by my spot with dr. Grawe.
At 2pm I arrived they all were nice to me I fill up papers then I meet Dr. grawe she was nice and professional she explain to me all about the surgery.
The. Tracy came took pictures.
The. Stacy came and show me how to use the drain and clean and all the after care instruction.

I don't like that she told me that after surgery she will not see me unless I need.
I just tough they do follow up day or few days after surgery :(

Ok the hospital called and ask my Nomal
Question and told me to be at the hospital at 12:30 pm tomorrow the 11.

My surgery will start 2:30.

I took shower and used some product the one Ian posting a picture.

Iam during a lot of water and I am still taking my antibiotics. P.s dr grawe doesn't know.

Iam stating hotel call " clove leaf.

I paid $1200.00 for 11 days very nice place I love the hotel. Clean 2 beds. FullKitchen and heated pool laundry and much more.
15min to dr. Grawe office.

I rented a car $480
Hotel $1200.00
Fly $700

Iam more nervous about the recovery ,
Thank you so much all of you girls for support.
Tomorrow night after I wake up from surgery I will come back here to post pict and update.

I love you all.

Surgery soon !!

Please Pray for me girls.

I'm at the hospital St Ann's. Mount Carmel.

I will have my surgery soon

I feel dizzy I haven't drink water for 12 hours :(

I'm alive. Dizzy dizzy

I love you all

Vomited now and made me feel better

On bed

Surgery day/night recovering

Girls I throw up and no joke so many time since I can't bend in the sink I use the cups I got to pee I got like 60 cups and I used 10. Lol that help me so much.

I read tô massage my belly down the bladder to make me pee and to loose the muscle. It worked I pee so much. Like I never did. Lol. Then I clean my parts with gauze.

I noticed fluids coming down to my leg from the incision.
I email the doctor. Wating to see I can't find the papers my toddler prob destroy it.

My friend is helping me a lot but now I just ask for food I can see she is getting annoy bcuz I called so many times. Lol

I am getting blurry vision again I update tomorrow.

Please keep giving me advices girls. Thank you I couldn't done it with out you support.

Day 1 434cc round

Day 1.

Some of food I am consuming after surgery

I also got eggs what else should I get to eat this week after surgery tht is high protein?
I got
Eggs, chicken bacon too.

What else I need ?

Pineapple make me really sick.

Day 2

Not feeling well this 5 am I was dizzy like my blood pressure went low.
I will rest today and do nothing besides pee. Lol

I take I should take iron pills but I am studs constipaded.

Pain on my knees for sleeping on my stomach.

I will remove the gauze that is on my butt crack to see if the incision is drying.

Day 2 picture.

I took a bath. Then I clean my incision with
Hidrogen peroxide , 
Bacitracin ointment
dry gauze

My stiches look normal little be blood coming out just a little.

I still not taking Percocet

My friend left to loook around the city. My baby 2 years old help me to put my underwear on. Lol get me water and my Blanket he is do a little helper.
I got him so many toys to keep him busy he is happy jumping around the bed and playing with his toys.

I'm on my stomach now waiting to take my medication soon.

Picture of day 2

Day 2. 434 cc round implants.

Pain on my right leg.
No horrible pain like some ppl have.
Thanks God.
Tomorrow the doctor will call i hope they check the fluid that is coming still

Dizzy and pass out

This morning I cleaned my butt crack incision and more fluid is coming. I'm going to the doctor at 12 so she can check it .
I pass out this morning and my blood pressure is low :(

I come back to tell what doctor say.

Incision update

No infection. Thank God.
I can't see well my eyes is blurry I still dizzy i will respond your girls soon I can't see well. Is crazy blurry

Day 4 ,434cc round implants.

Today I feel much better I did number 2.
Took a shower and the fluids of my incision stop liquid

After I stop the nausea medication today I'm not dealing with blurry vision.

Milk magnesia I took twice 30ml then I poop

I will stay on bed getting up only for bathroom and to eat today.

My kid went to zoo today so I can rest.

I'm taking my vitamins C and gummy prenatal. lol I never stop taking pre natal Bcuz it make my hair grow fast

I am happy today and very thankful from the support and love that you girls gave to me thank you every single one of you.
It help me a lot Bcuz this surgery is very emotional recovering.

Day 4

434cc round butt. Day 5

Sisters I'm feel better today only my neck that hurt so bad ,
I did slept 4 hours straight last nigh
that made me feel good.

Is cold here omg so cold. But they have good Mexican food lol

The tape that I was using to hold the gauze inside my butt peel my skin off and now I have bleeding.

Is important to tape the gauze ?
Can I wear underwear to hold the gauze ?

Today I tried my underwear.

Picture of day 5

Day 5

Butt implants 434 cc

Hi girls is normal to feel the incision like burning feeling ?

How much CC of Fluids the Drains need to be removed. ?

Day 6. 434cc round

Today I call the doctor office and Stacie the nurse told me is normal to feel the burning around incision.

My drains are lower than 30ML of fluids for 2 days.

My friend decided to do our laundry here at the hotel. Just in time.

I'm thankful I'm feeling better day by day so I can do more for me and my baby ,

After I got home this is will be the last time I will want see this girl. She offer coming to help when I was looking to bring someone if I knew she would be so lazy I would pay someone from even Craigslist. Lol. Lol for sure.

I had another BM today then I took a bath
I'm trying to eat good a lot green juicy and soups.

My baby is been very good this picture he is putting his car on top of my butt. Lol he think is funny. He never saw mommy with a big butt. Lol

I really thankful for the support I had received from you girls thank thank you sooo much.
I love you.

Butt implants tight feeling.

Is 2 am and I can't sleep I start feeling a tight feeling on the implants like something very tight and I feel hard.
I am waiting till 9 am to call doctor office is a weird feeling.

Is this normal today one 1week.

1 week after surgery.


Last night was hard I had the worst feeling right on my but and I wake up with knee pain.
I am waiting from the dr. Grawe officer to let me know if is normal.

I want share the new tape I'm using is for sensitive skin as you see my picture I got blisters from the other kind of tape it peel off my skin and after surgery my butt skin is so stretched out the anything can cause a cut.

I think yesterday I woke too much maybe that caused my butt to feel tight.

Nothing new I'm just getting depress staton in this hotel for so long.

My incision are drying well.

I keep eating low sodium. No sugar and high protein diet.

I want go home :((

My butt still so high u could carry a glass of water on top of it. Lol

Why I didn't do my surgery in Miami.

This is for @ HMK810 and others that want know why I didn't do my surgery in Miami.

I tell you all why :

I have done 4 plastic surgery in Miami. In the past 10 years and every time or my results were bad and I needed revision or the doctor would just not be professional by not taking care of me.
Twice 2 doctors were trying to flirt with me. " I'm not hot"
They r just crazy man looking for sex Bcuz they think like that not respect for Latin woman.

My nose job I went to vanity plastic surgery.

Today my nose still has a infection that I got for life.
The doctor that operate me was a Cuban old men that had just arrived to Miami with no lisence.
The doctor that interview me was in the operation room chating with the old men that did my nose. I paid $4,500 for nose job.
1 week later the cops close vanity for some period for letting doctors with out lisence perform surgery. After the death of a woman. :( that was in the 7 News Florida.

I decided going to Dr. Grawe Bcuz she does 2-5 butt surgeries a week.
And she ussually work with skinny girls body.

The surgery at a hospital made me feel safe.

Florida They operate you inside or office room.

I was just tired of all the bad experience in Florida.

I did saw that dr. Grawe had law suit about doing one breast augmentation with fat. That didn't turn out good.
I made all research as possible.
But that didn't scare me Bcuz at least she has Mal practice insurance and since is a personal decision for the doctor to carry that.
Alot of doctor in Florida doesn't have one.

I hope it helped.

Drains out !!!

This was my last doctor appoiment Stacy the nurse remove my drains it didnt hurt. Was 15 cc for 3 days.

I do think the way I eat help me healing and not much fluid. I could be wrong but I took very good care my body this last 12 days.

I let you girls know when I get home.

Hi I'm home.

Hi ,
Sorry took me long to post update.

I'm home and is been rough by my self my kid is with his dad and I had spend all the time sleeping and taking little walk inside that house.

The trip was hard but was only 2.5 hours thank God I got home midnight.
The first thing I saw when I got out the airplane was a girl seating on her boody pillow. Lol That is Miami we all have fake A$$. And I felt good to have one too. Lol

I remove my picture some ppl inbox me that I look grouse :(. Omg ppl can be very mean :,,(.

Today I took one picture with the jeans that made me want have nice butt. And I am happy I went from FLAT ASs to A A$$.

I lost some weight prob because I'm not eating sugar and bad carbs.
I need to gain good weight now.

I'm still 100g protein a day.

I can't wait to go out and wear cute dress.

Omg today I realized how flat ass I was.
I'm praying I keep healing well.

1 week and half pos sugery.

Happy turkey day !!!

I'm cooking !!! Nahh
I feel good today and I'm at my date house lol he is the one will cook. I just taking picture of the turkey.

No one can touch my butt yet. Is hard as a rock and I can't even walk well.
I walk like I'm about to give birth.

I still can't drive.
Today I will eat all the bad food I want.
I will eat this turkey for the next month. Lol

Happy thanksgiving RS sisters.

2 weeks 434cc round butt

Today is been 2 weeks after surgery.

I feel just the little better.
My left incision from the drains still coming little be of fluid.

My butt is so hard and yes I can feel the implants from the botton of my butt.

I want sleep on my back ;( my knee hurt so bad.
I need a manicure I want look well care. But for now I just get wear my big grandmother dress and wait till I can drive and seat.

Black Friday and I can't go out shopping ughhhhh.

My toddle is back home!!!! Now this house will be upside down again. Lol

I have a lot of little red doct on my butt that look like allergies. Is that normal ?

By the way. My friend that went on the trip with me called me and offer helping me with my kid. lol I said no babe thanks , she will not take advantage of me. She get find another idiot. Lol

Week 2 video update

2 weeks.
My hips is very swollen still I know it will not stay like that.
I can feel my implants in the botton of my butt and too.

What I used instead of booty pillow.

Ok so when I got in Ohio I contact The booty pillow to see how long would take to ship my pillow. They told me 7-10 days so I was afraid they wouldn't ship on time at the hotel I was staying.

So I went to target to buy a pillow I needed something hard to I could seat on my tights with out touching my butt in the seat.

So I found a kids twin size bed set it canes in a bag so I put it on a chair at target then I tried sitting on it !!!! Bum !! it felt so good and my butt was not touching the seat or making not pressure on my hips. And then I got another regular stand size pillow for my back too.
The airplane seats was very narrow was hard fly my leg kept getting numb so I kept moving up and down.

Here picture of the bedding set I got to seat and pillow to my back.
Pillow cost $11 target
Star warm twin bedding set $25 was on sale at target.

I really like the support it gave me Bcuz is higher and harder than the buddy pillow witch I had touch it before at a doctor office in Miami.

Almost 3 weeks butt implants.

Yesterday I try wearing a spanxs for 2 hours.
Well today I had pain and I notice my right side incision doesn't look good is swore and I'm posting a picture.is very warm my right butt cheek and hurt more to walk. I sent picture to doctor office. Waiting for response.

Other than that I'm ok can someone tell me please how can I remove that glue from the tape that is in my butt ?
I tried oil. Soap. Warm water with rubbing.

What I do now to remove it itchy a lot.

3 weeks after surgery.

Week 2
So today is week 3 after surgery. I really feel like last week.
Waking like penguin and tired of standing up to do number 2.

The skin on my butt is peeling offI first I tough was the tape.prob Bcuz the implant stretch out the skin. I'm using oil now after I tried the alcohol like you girls had advice me. "Thank you"

My stiches that was swollen look better I just stop doing everything like cleaning or cooking and I rest and I noticed the more I rest the better I feel.
I order my groceries with Instacart they delivery to my door.

I'm little depress I'm getting tired to leave here in America I miss my family back home but is not way I can get authorization from my ex to bring my baby out the country :,,(.

This video you girls can see my skin pelling off my butt. Also my butt implants feel as hard as my head. Lol

Does someone know if I take my kid out of Florida to leave with me in another state with out my ex authorization can I have prob with law?

Thank you all

First day at work ! butt implants.

This picture to @ sandy7217 as requested. ????I wear legging and make my butt skin itch a lot a lot Jeans give pressure on my butt amd hurt. Others girls maybe doesn't feel that. But I do weird.

Today my first day at work I start at 6am, I took the uber , Lol
The guy that was driving was staring at my butt. I told him I am wearing a Diaper bcuz I had surgery. Hahahhahhahahah
But I was scare of him To tell the true!!

I had to ask my co worker to bring me home was hard today ,tomorrow I will drive seating whatever works to hold my butt higher.

My ex husband work there too and I saw he came around twice looking at my ass, Lol he prob want a Ass like my on his body. lol a bitch!! Hate him. Gross me out that idiot. Sorry past past. !!!

Well I couldn't seat I stand up on my feet today and sometimes I would just pretend I was stretching my back. Lol

My legs hurt I just email Doctor office to give me some medication that works for muscle pain I'm tired of the muscle pain by the way I took Percocet. Made me feel drunk for 3 hours.

I still sleep on my belly and sometimes on my side for a little time. Not on my butt.
Pee in the cup still and number 2 standing up.

I avoid food that make me constipated.
Red meat. White bread. Bananas.

I can't handle my kid is too much work now he think is funny and he want hit my butt all the time. Ughhh. So I'm waking like I pooped on my pants. :(

I'm having a lot of anxiety I think Is the medication that I'm taking ;( Diazepan.

When can I seat ?

I promise to take more picture tomorrow I'm tired. I love you all.

Hahaha butt butt butt

3 weeks but
Ok so I went to check my mail 10 min ago and I got this that I order online so I have to take pic to see how my butt look on it and I'm happy I finnaly look like a Brazilian girl. Lol
One of my breast still higher than other and saggy so"thanks Dr. Salama :(. but this swimsuit I can squize it around and a kind of lift it.
Thank you girl friends !!!

You can see the skin peeling off.

Wearing leggings after butt implants

I also posting a picture of the bra I wear to sleep since I have breast augmentation is hard to sleep in my belly but wearing this bra made it more comfortable to my boobies me. I got it at target. Wireless.

This is the spanxs I got at Walmart. The doctor told me to wear after 2 weeks pos surgery to help with swollen after I removed the drains. But it gave me so much pain inside my legs I never wear again. Too much pressure for me.

My pictures wearing leggings just to give idea how my butt look. Is very high still and HARD. Flat from the bottom but at least I have a CULO. Butt now. Lol

4 week tomorrow

I know I'm annoying posting too much pictures but I want help girls that will have it done to see how the implants can really look.
Tomorrow is 4 weeks I feel better I got invited to a birthday on Saturday I want go but I will take the uber and I'm confused what to wear. My legs look so weird skinny with pants and deft tight dress make it look too point the implants Buck is too high maybe I will find a loose dress.i will go shopping tomorrow,

I found a app called "offer up " omg they have Christian louboutin and all nice brands used for half price. Lol
I'm selling my old stuff there too. Lol

I'm need more credit cards ! Lmaoo

I'm so sad by breast look so bad u can see after 8K and so many complications Doctor salamar here in Miami did this mess.
I can't fix that till I pay my carecredit.

Pictures 4 weeks

know I'm annoying posting too much pictures but I want help girls that will have it done to see how the implants can really look.
Tomorrow is 4 weeks I feel better I got invited to a birthday on Saturday I want go but I will take the uber and I'm confused what to wear. My legs look so weird skinny with pants and deft tight dress make it look too point the implants Buck is too high maybe I will find a loose dress.i will go shopping tomorrow,

I found a app called "offer up " omg they have Christian louboutin and all nice brands used for half price. Lol
I'm selling my old stuff there too. Lol

I'm need more credit cards ! Lmaoo

I'm so sad by breast look so bad u can see after 8K and so many complications Doctor salamar here in Miami did this mess.
I can't fix that till I pay my carecredit.

This 4 weeks. Bhoney!!

I can't believe is 4 weeks. This surgery takes a lot from us emotionally and physical
The first 10 days was the worst Bcuz I had to leave with drains and seen the blood coming out empty the draings and more gave me panic attacks,

Pee in the cup all the time during the night :( sliding my self off the bed to get out. Cleaning my incision, drying it. Keeping track of water and food protein is a lot.
No mention the poop time where I have to learn to clean my butt toward my vagina that was freaking me out.

But everything pass and the past is only memories thank God.

Ok I went to mall but I felt very weird ppl was looking at my butt turning and staring at it I just wanted to hired it I feel they all where judging maybe is my head I hope,
My ex husband ask what did I do on my butt Bcuz is huge. I told I put Fat and it is not huge. Idiot!!! Then I ask him I can give him my doctor number so she put a butt in him since he left his butt at home. Lmaoooo that idiot.

So at the mall I put my jacket around my butt so ppl stop looking , is too high still and I was wearing leggings ;/.

This morning I wake to pee then I sit on the toilet. LOL I was sleepy I forgot then I jump up.!! Lol then I pee on the cup haha it felt good for a second till I realized.

The doctor gave me diazepan it help me sleep but I think it give me depression or anxiety I realize it if we change our intire body outside look the way we want but if inside we are sad :,( we will be still unhappy .
I'm just went to a lot this last year after the man I love got out the closet to be gay!!
Is just me and my little boy trying really hard to live as a honest person and is hard to be good sometimes I just want be crazy and careless like I used to be. "Sorry I'm just vent"

I will be prob better when I am over all this medications that make me feel stupid.
All part of the recovery I guess.

Well I get mention when I was walking I felt my both butt implants like bouncing. Haha I like that feeling weird but funny.

Do you girls think I can drive yet?

Shipping after butt implants.

I used to be size 0. Now I'm size one but I tried size 3 and fit on my butt Lol.

My butt is so hard.

Butt week 4
Is hard very hard I feel it like I football ball on my butt .

How much I did spend on my butt implants trip ?

I just want make a update about how much this surgery end up costing.
This price was higher Bcuz I came to Dr. Grawe with my baby and a friend so I had to spend more on food and ticket.

The surgery $7,500
a car $480
Hotel $1200.00
Fly $700
Airport fee $200
Food for 12 days $900 for 3 ppl.
Medication $150.
I paid my friend to come watch my baby and was $1000. For 12 days. But this is not part of the surgery.

So I spend around $12,250
Was more than I tough I would spend but I love my no complications surgery and I'm thankful to God to help me that I was safe the trip with my baby boy.

my butt implants walking at the mall. Bhoney

I'm at the mall I feel better I walk better and today I sit on the toilet to pee I still didnot putting the weight on my tights.

I feel more confident even thoght my but implants doesn't make my hips bigger and the projection is all pointy in one round part of my butt I like because worst is be flat like before.
I also feel my butt moving a little be when I walk. Lol
Is so funny Bcuz feel like I'm carrying two balloons filled with water inside my pants. lmaoooo!!!!

I got my baby new shoes and I went to try on some Christian Louboutin ,I didn't buy I just wanted to try On I am waiting for my xmas bonus !!LOL. the girl that was helping me told me to seat down to try the shoes,hahahahah
I just prentend I did hear her. Lol
Then falling to the sides I put the heels on and made me remember this :

When a woman buys a pair of shoes, she never looks at the shoe. She stands up and looks in the mirror, she looks at the breast, the ASS, from the front, from the side, blah blah blah. If she likes herself, then she considers the shoe." -Christian louboutin.

Hahahhaaaaaa my Butt never look that good wearing those heels!! It made my day till forever !!!

Ok so I noticed girls looking at my butt a lot , that I couldn't believe they look and they know is Fake. Lmaoooo
But I don't care I choose and I'm paying for this butt And I'm happy I did my butt implants.


Bhoney I'm back !

Sorry my friends I lost my phone and with that I lost allllll my access to my accounts passowords and use names i had to create new email to be able get back on my old accounts. Crazy month.

Is been 2 months I still lay on my sides to watch tv I seat with my tights using the bottom end on my butt. I never seAt on my implants.
My stiches are closed but hurt if I seat some position for too long

My butt is way smaller and I can see the edges since I lost more weight.

I can't see why some girl complain about the implants

If I wear jeans the bottom of butt is zero projection I found only guess jeans make it a little fuller at the bottom. iDK why !!

Some dresses only if is little looser at the bottom Makes me look better.

My stiches very dark I hate that I need it to be clear , I'm still using the gel to clear the scar provided from Dr grawe office.

When I drive I use two small pillows one on my tight one on my back is getting better .

I noticed I have pain when I carry my 2 years old or any heavy bags.

I had sex and was not fun I am very conscious my stiches are very dark , I can't have sex again till my stiches look better ok so embarrassed , I don't have boyfriend so I will just wait I hate the scars.

2 months after butt implants 434cc

2 months after sx.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I am from Miami and I will have surgery with Dr. Grawe. I decided to change doctors bcuz Beverly Hills too far from me and I still admire Dr.Stanton results and I love him. But I am having my surgery November 11. With Dr.Grawe. 434cc round.

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