5.1' 110. Changed from Dr. Ryan to Dr. Grawe

I will fly from Miami to have surgery with Doctor...

I will fly from Miami to have surgery with Doctor staton , im recovering from my last surgery and soon I will get a quote with him.
I love his results with skinny girls , I hope I find a cheap place to stay there since I heard I super expensive area.
Miami is the worst plan to have surgery or I may be picking wrong doctors for years .
I hope I have a good experience with this new doctor.

Before butt implants

Before surgery.

Me 110 lbs before.

Dr Ryan staton or Dr. Grawe???

I real love Dr Ryan shape of the implants but $9500 plus Tickts $600.00. Plus hotel $900.00. Plus food and taxi. Is a lot of money I have the care credit for the surgery but I get save for the other stuff.
He doesn't use drain witch I like that.
He has differents shapes of implants so one will fit you best.
But the scars he leave is no good I don't like the way he cut the butt to put the implants. :(
But he has a lot experience with this surgery and makes me trust him a lot.


Dr.Grawe butt implants start at $7,500."round implants.
Tickts $580.00
Hotel $650.00
Plus food and taxi.
And I don't like she use a drain after surgery bcuz the chances getting a infection is very high.
But the way she cut the butt is very nice and won't leave a ugly scar.
She doesn't has a lot butt augments reviews so that scares me.

I'm 107lbs 5.1'. My legs very skinny and I have no hips. Square hips and fat stomach. Lol

I think I want 400cc I like nice butt but not too fake just big enough to look good.

Can you girls give me advise about the Doctor I should use?

My English is not too good sorry girls.

107 lbs before but implants.

107 lbs 5.1" before butt implants

I hope I can have this surgery done next month of November 2016

I had consultation with Dr.David shifrin

I just had my consultation with David shifrin he sounds very nice and profetional and those are the pictures I sent him, Monday they will give me a price and he said he doesn't need to order a size for my butt implants bcuz he has all sizes at his office I like that I don't want order a size that doesn't fit me.
Here are the pictures I sent him.
I will give a update of how much he will charge. I paid $100 for the consultation.

Next week I will try doctor Grawe I saw her Instagram pictures of 6 of her butt implants surgery and some of the butt look one side bigger than other. Very weird but could be just swollen I will keep trying to decide I don't want mess up my butt. I have to save more money if I end up going to Dr Ryan staton witch he is still my favorite.

Wish butt.

Dr.David shifrin.

I had a consultation with Doctor David shifrin by phone I paid $100 and today I received my Quito for the surgery.

They quoted $9500.:(
Too much for my budged bcuz trip will cost me $2K.
Só im not having my surgery with Dr.Shifrin even tho he is a professional I was not very sure if I wanted do my butt with him. For that price I can go to Dr.Ryan staton witch he is my first choice.

So going back as planned i just called Dr. Grawe and I paid $150. And I schedule my consultation with her, they told me I need to stay 2 weeks but I can't ,I only have 10 off work so I need find a doctor to remove the drains. When I come back.

I hope I can have my surgery in November as I had planned.

Round implantes size and dimension

Check all size for implants at aartinc . Net

More before sugery.

What size I choose now ?

This is what Dr. Grawe told me about witch size implant I should get. ;

your goals, I recommend the round implant - style 3 . My first impression would be that style 3, size 4 will get you to your results. It has 4.9cm projection which is a TON but it is a little more narrow than some of the other sizes which would fit your body. The other options are size 3 or size 5 which have a bit less projection. These will give you your goal pic and not have a really high risk of showing the implant on the sides and on the bottom when you lean over. This is a little bit of a higher risk on you because your legs are thin.

So style 3,4,5 ??? Help please.

Size 3 has 3.8 of projection and 379cc.

Size 4 has 4.9 of projection and 432cc.

Size 5 has 3.7 of projection and 301cc.

Please help me choose. I want pay for a butt that look good and nice ass. Lol

Size 432cc or 379cc butt ?

I'm so busy checking my friend sleepbooty jornal that I keep forgetting my page. Lois awesome to see my sisters here getting new booty and is like I live on this site 24 /7.

Ok so I have to pick my surgery day. Nov. 11,26,30.

I'm looking to see what day I can find better Air tickets with no stop.
I'm in Florida Miami it will take 3.5 hours fly. The Ticket is around $250-300 per person.

I will stay in the city called Dublin Ohio something like that. Hotel cost from $66 to $170.

I will rent a car bcuz I'm flying with my baby and my best friend she will help with my baby. Car cost $40 a day

I may stay 10 days not sure yet.

I am 5.1" 109 lbs very skinny legs"

The doctor suggest me 434cc or 379cc

I can't make a decision I want big butt but not like faara Abraham from teen mom.
Her butt look only good on clothes on.

I feel my butt I only have bones not even muscle :( all changes after pregnancy.

I wish I knew how wide is size 434cc and 379cc.
I wear size 0 now.

Wish and sizes


434cc round implants. Paid for surgery.

I paid for my surgery.
I choose 434cc round implants.
I'm soooo scare is going to look huge on me 5.1". 105 lbs this morning. but the other option was 379cc witch the width is bigger so I was afraid.
Also Doctor Grawe recommend size 434cc to me.
Pray for me.
I'm going with my baby 2 years old and my friend.

I'm all scare :,,(.

Implants butt implants.

Fake implants.

I'm going to go crazy till the day of the surgery. Lol

So I found a video on YouTube teaching how to measure your implants and making a fake one just to see the size with dry rice. Lol

Yes so for each

1/4 cup of rice is = 75cc
1/2 cup of rice is =125cc
1 cup of rice is = 250cc

Then you put inside a bag and measure it will give the same projection and width.

This is the video.


What I need before surgery. ?

What I will need to get for after my surgery ?

I will stay 10 days in Ohio how much clothing to pack?

What usually we need after surgery ?
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I am from Miami and I will have surgery with Dr. Grawe. I decided to change doctors bcuz Beverly Hills too far from me and I still admire Dr.Stanton results and I love him. But I am having my surgery November 11. With Dr.Grawe. 434cc round.

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