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I am hoping to have relief from the upper and...

I am hoping to have relief from the upper and lower back pain. I'd like to learn to run, for the first time in my life. Tired of wearing bras with no support to avoid pain. I developed large breasts as an 11 year old child. I don't know what life will be like with smaller breasts. I am a little nervous about the recovery phase.

One Day Before Breast Reduction - Easter Sunday

I've just read some other ladies posts about how they felt before surgery. I began to ask myself, 'How do YOU feel?' Well, that is a loaded question that I'll try to answer in a few words. I'm not scared, but I do feel apprehensive. I wonder if my surgeon will leave enough breast so that I am not a pear shape. I'm a big girl, not a skinny-minnie. I also wonder if I will regret this irreversible decision. I'm afraid of being depressed and I dread a rough recovery.

At the same time, I think of my aunts and great-grandmother who suffered with large breasts and consider myself blessed to have this option. I pray that everything I've heard is true. That after the surgery I will feel lighter and free of pain. I pray that this will happen for me. If it doesn't happen, I shouldn't have gone through all of this.

But, mostly I am looking forward to learning to run, to wearing bras that don't hurt, to wearing clothes that fit better, and to being happy with my new boobs.

I read Kate's New Boobs and she inspired me to celebrate this decision. Thank you Kate. I will celebrate!!

Today's the Day!!

It's 5am and I'm on my way to the hospital. I'm not nervous at this point. I stayed up most of the night making sure the house was clean, dishes washed, pillows fluffed. I hydrated myself well the last few days in hopes of them finding a good vein. It's only a seven minute ride to the hospital and we're almost there. The next time I check in, my big breasts will be gone forever!

1 Day Post Op

Well, I did it! There were a moments when I thought about cancelling the surgery. Even as I was walking through the doors to be prepped, I thought about telling them I had changed my mind. Somehow I knew I had to do this, for me.

Yesterday, after the sugery, the pain was awful. It was as I expected from reading all the blogs. (Thank God for all of you who freely share your experiences.) It was a very long day. We arrived at 5:15 am and left around 6:35 pm. I have anaphylactic reactions to penicillin and my doctor inadvertently prescribed an antibiotic that I shouldn't take. So, we had to stop by the pharmacy on the way home. Once I got home I was so thankful. My chair was waiting for me.

My family is taking good care of me. I am divorced, so no hubby to help out. My daughter(age 27) took the night shift and mom the day shift. I am in pain, but it's not unbearable. I have more family who volunteered to help.

I am glad I did it. Will write more later. Here are the before and after pics. My surgeon marked my heavy size G breasts. I am pleased with the results.

2 Days Post-Op

I'm off of the pain meds. Just Tylenol. Narcotics were giving me bad dreams. :-)
I slept most of the day yesterday.

This morning I had my first shower. I read another post where the you ladies mom poured water over her breasts to clean them, so that what I did. I used surgical scrub and water to make a soapy wash. I used a clean pitcher to gently pour the soapy wash over my breasts. Then, I used clean cleat water to rinse them. I used a shower chair because I felt very lightheaded. Now I'm clean and in the bed. It feels good.

My drains have slowed down tremendously. My daughter made a chart. We also have a tablet to record the amount of drainage.

2 Days Post-Op (a few more things)

I have much more energy today. I feel better and at the same time I feel super restricted because of all the things I can't do.

I need to go in for a bandage change and hopefully at least one drain removal. The drains aren't bothering me; but they do limit what I can do.

I haven't spent much time looking at my new boobies. I'm sure that will come. Oh, and by the way (BTW), if I didn't mention it before, I have sensation in both nipples. My left more than my right.

Good night and I'll post again tomorrow.

Day 3 Post-Op

No real change from yesterday. Every day I do feel a little bit better. My drains are almost empty. The main complaint I have is I am experiencing quite a bit of lightheadedness.

I spoke to the Physician's Assistant in my Dr's office. She told me to increase my fluids. The amount of breast tissue removed was just under 5 lbs. So, quite extensive. She said to rest and drink lots of fluids. Will do. :-)

Otherwise, everything is okay. I'm in some pain but mainly discomfort. Like a lot of ladies on the site, I want to get out and do things, but I know I need to rest. One comment was to be patient. So, I'm working on being patient as I recover.

I feel like I need to be productive in some way. So, I used my office chair, which is on rollers, to sit on in the kitchen as I made roasted Brussels sprouts. It's an easy dish and doesn't require a lot of energy or time to make.

I have some puzzles in the front room, the electronic Scrabble game, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. I have books to read, bills to pay...That should keep me busy for a bit. :-)

I'm thankful that I feel good and that I am not experiencing any complications. I'll check in again tomorrow ladies.

4 Days Post-Op

Today I feel much better. I'm weaning myself off of Tylenol even though I still have pain and discomfort. I went out for the first time since the surgery; drains and all. The drains were were hanging in the front under my blouse. I looked like I was 6 months pregnant. But I didn't care.

After going to the bank and to Costco, I felt exhausted. We stopped and got food and headed home. My left breast was aching. I think I overdid it. We had family over and finally, I had to excuse myself, head home (next door) so I could go to bed. (I live next door to my mom and my daughter lives a mile away).

Before heading to I decided to try and change my bandages by myself. My cousin, who is a nurse, gave me tips on how to do it. I did pretty good until I got on my right side. That side is oozing quite a bit. The discharge is getting lighter, but it still seems to soil my bras. I had to get help with the right side.

Now I'm in the bed. I know I have another her week and a half of sleeping on my back. I accidentally laid on my side yesterday and the pain was excruciating. I have sooo many pillows in my bed to keep me comfortable.

My nipples are beginning to fill in. The were flattened out. I can't imagine going back to size G breasts. What a miserable thought. Thank God for dedicated surgeons like Dr. Kim. I am thankful to be able to live without suffering.

I'm posting pics of me in a sports bra before surgery. What a difference!

5 Days Post-Op

Today is not a good day. I can't seem to get to sleep. I've been up all night and still I am wide awake.

TMI Alert!
Some good things have been happening though. I did not experience constipation since I stopped using pain meds after the second day. I've been eating yogurt, fruit, southern-style greens and drinking lots of water. So on day 3 or 4, I was regular again.

Other than those things, everything is basically the same.

I will see my surgeon on the 6th. I hope the drains will be removed. The fluid in the drains is minimal and becoming clearer.

I ordered a couple of sleeping bras last night. I took off my surgical bra and put on two very snug camisoles instead. I feel better and the pain/discomfort is better.

That's all I have for today. I'll check in again tomorrow.

6 Days Post-Op (Let's Talk About Drains)

First, let's talk about the DRAINS.

My right drain is not draining anymore. I'm not sure if it's clogged or if the fluid is mostly gone. I called the doctor on call and he asked me to come in tomorrow morning so he can check it out. I'm so excited at the thought of being drain-less. Once the drains are gone, I can get dressed and go places without worrying about the drains being seen and sticking out through my clothing. I pray that the drains are removed tomorrow. If not, for sure they will be removed on Wednesday when I see Dr, Kim or the PA for my first post-op appointment. (will attach a couple of pics of the drains. It'll be a little yucky, but may be helpful to someone else.)

Today was a great day! I slept sooo good last night. I woke up with lots of energy and in a great mood. I decided to think about all the things I COULD do instead of the things I couldn't.

I decided to take the sheets off of the bed and throw them in the wash. I prepared everything for my shower to make it easier for my daughter when she came to change my bandages and help me bathe. I moved my car out of the driveway and on to the street (they keep blocking me in). Once the drains are taken out and I'm no longer lightheaded, I can start driving again.

After my shower, I got dressed and made lunch for my daughter. She made up the bed and washed the dishes. I took a nap and went shopping online. I purchased a couple of new dresses and 2 sports bras to wear to work and 2 sleeping bras. I think I'll have enough bras to get me through the 3 month period when I am required to wear a bra day and night.

I feel great and believe the worst days are behind me. I'm very enthusiastic about my life with smaller boobs. I am very thankful. Can't believe I actually did it. It's like a dream.

More tomorrow.

Week 1 Update (More on Drains)

I woke up so excited about the day. I couldn't wait for the drains to be removed. Then, I got scared that it would be painful. I took two extra strength Tylenol before the removal. The funny thing is, I didn't even feel the removal. It was quick and painless. Although I'm thankful to have had them in to remove the excess fluid; I feel better now that I don't have to wag those drains around every day.

Now that the drains are gone, I thought I could get back to life as usual. NOT!!! My surgeon is really strict about the recovery process. She says she gets excellent results. So, no exercise, no driving long distances...yadda, yadda, yadda. Basically, I was told, the only thing I can do is wash myself. Lol! I know it's going to be hard and that I need to exercise extreme patience to get through the next couple of weeks. But, that's okay. I want to get the best results possible and don't want any complications.

I will probably post once a week until the tape falls off and I can see the 'true' results. Then I can post final pics. I feel good and I am so very happy I had the surgery. Now, I need to lose more weight to get my stomach down. :-)

My advice to anyone considering having a breast reduction is to wait until you're ready. If I had done it ten years ago when it was first offered to me, it would not have been the right time. Now was the right time for me.

Unless something extraordinary happens, I'll be back to post next Monday.

Week 2 Update - How I'm Feeling & Bras, Bras, and More Bras!

It's hard to believe it's been 2 weeks. Time flies. Each day I feel a little better. I haven't used Tylenol for the past few days. I only take one or two when the pain won't subside. In the past week I have become a little itchy on my breasts (not the incisions). I also noticed that the bras tend to aggravate the incisions and I am experiencing some soreness on and around the breasts. My nipples are becoming increasingly sore. I'm not sure if it's because of all the movement which is causing them to rub against the bras or what. But mostly I'm able to tolerate the pain.

I'm taking 'quickie' showers and have been able to wash my hair. After my shower, I blow dry the tape on my incisions using the cool setting. I am a bit restless so If I'm uncomfortable sleeping in the bedroom, I sometimes sleep sitting up in the living room. I'm kind of getting used to sleeping on my back. Though I've also partially been sleeping on my side. I put a couple of pillows behind me and one under the side I'm sleeping on. I can't stay in that position for long, but it's nice to sleep on my side, even for a little while.

Seems like any little thing I do tires me out. I can usually stay active for 1-2 hours at a time. After that, I have to rest or take a nap. I'm trying to build my stamina before I return to work on the 26th.

I have driven 3 or 4 times since the surgery. Mostly I've been at home, laying on my back - resting. I have been doing a little housework, like washing and folding clothes, washing dishes and putting them away, making my bed and generally straightening the house up. Otherwise, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime (videos) have become my best friends. :-) My appetite seems to have decreased, which is good, since I'm not as active as I usually am.

Okay, I admit it; I've been shopping online quite a bit for bras. Yesterday, I visited Walmart and bought some bras too. Since I will be wearing these bras for a few months, I decided I needed enough bras for work and for home. I am satisfied that I have enough bras to last me. :-) Last count, I have 10 bras for sleeping and lounging around the house and 7 to wear to work.

As time goes along, the bras seem to rub on the incisions. It's painful and very uncomfortable. Someone on YouTube used sanitary pads under her bras to help with the soreness. I tried it and it works. Instead of a regular pad, I'm using pantyliners. So far, they seem to be doing the trick. I place the liners on the bra with the adhesive strips. It's easy and cheap. Works for me. :-)

That's my one week update. I'll post next week - week 3. Until then...'be well.'

Week 3 Update - Sleeping on My Back

This week was a lot like the week before. The biggest change is the increase in energy. I am feeling like I'm almost back to normal. I have more energy than I had before. Even though I still get very tired, I am able to do more.

At first, it was not a problem sleeping on my back because I kept pillows all around me and slept in a simi-sitting position. The better I began to feel, the less I felt like I needed the pillows. A few times I woke up on my stomach. (Which is the way I normally sleep.) The pain woke me up. When I talked to the P.A. she said that sleeping on my breasts would cause too much pressure on the sutures. So now I am surrounded by pillows again to keep me from flipping on my stomach at night.

The swelling seems to have gone down quite a bit. I feel like my breasts are a little lower than they were last time I checked in.

It still hurts when people hug me too closely and sometimes the bras are uncomfortable at night.

The itching and soreness continues to be a problem. I have also broken out in rashes, but it may not be related to the surgery. The doctor believes it may be a food allergy.

I have been clothes shopping and feel good about the way my body looks with the smaller breasts. Family members insist that I've lost weight. The reduction makes me look smaller. I'm happy about that.

I am still taped and will see the surgeon on the 29th of April, three days after I return to work. I can't wait to see what the breasts look like without the tape.

That's all for my update. I'll check back in next Monday. ????

Final Update - 12 Weeks Post-Op The GOOD, The BAD, and The UGLY.

Hello Fellow Realselfers! I waned to give a final update on my progress.

I am so glad I had the surgery. It has been a blessing. I would like to first share a few of the great changes that I am experiencing. The nagging back pain that was constant and unrelenting, is now gone!!!! I had a very tight area in my upper back that was the result of my body compensating for the extra weight of the breasts...that pain is also gone. When I do water aerobics I don't have to worry about my breasts coming out of my bathing suit...it doesn't happen anymore. :-) My clothes fit better. I know this is weird to say, but it's as if I don't have breasts anymore. Before, the weight from the bra was so much that I couldn't wait to get home and take my bra off!!! Now, I rarely even feel that I have a bra on. What a blessing. I love that v-necks fit properly now and that my sun dresses look good. I'm happy with the look of them in my clothes.

My incisions are not completely healed, so I can't wear a regular bra without being in pain afterwards. Therefore...I only wear sports-like bras - and I'm fine with that. Because I'm a big girl...the tummy looks a bit bigger; but I expected that and am working to get some of that tummy down.

There are noticeable scars on the sides. To help with the healing process, I'm using vitamin E that I bought at Whole Foods for about $10 and Palmers Cocoa Butter to help with lightening. My scars are dark and some are a attempting to keloid a little. I'm okay with that. What I'm NOT okay with are those little bags of fat hanging on the side. OMGoodness, I heard others talk about the little bags, but I didn't even think I would get them. Oh well, no more surgeries and no liposuction for me. If I had it to do over, I would have asked the surgeon to do lipo on that area to avoid them.

Otherwise, I'm happy with my decision. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I love my life and have not complaints. I will add pics of my breasts and the oils I'm using.

Final, Final Remarks- I Almost Forgot!!!

I almost forgot!!! So important...once the swelling goes down, so do the breasts. They are still 'perky' but definitely not as perky as they were at first. It took me a little getting used to them 'deflating' a bit. I am sometimes worried that they will be completely flat when I wake up. Lol. But, they're fine. Oh yeah, I am finally able to sleep on my tummy. Ahhh! I'm in sleep heaven now. :-)

Take care of yourself through the process and enjoy the new you!!!!

3 Month Post-Op Pics

I had to take these myself. Not the best angle, but you get the idea. Love my new boobies. :-) ???

Thanks Dr. Kim

I had no complications and overall I'm pleased with the results.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

March 27th I have not had my procedure yet, but so far I'm pleased with my choice. April 1st 4 days post-op and so far, pleased with results. I wonder what my breasts will look like without tape and drains. June 14 Pleased with my breasts. She is a skilled surgeon and did a great job. Wish I had been offered liposuction for the little bags on the side of the breasts. I am concerned about starting the scar treatment so late, but I trust Dr. Kim's judgment.

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