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I'm a 24 year old who has had issues from large...

I'm a 24 year old who has had issues from large breasts. Since I was 13, I've had a narrow rib cage and large breasts. At 12, I was a B going on C, and that's the last time that I liked them. At 14, I was already pouring out of my DD from Victoria's Secret. The rapid growth created many stretch marks on the side and underneath. I would like to be a small C. I will still have to special order my bras online due to the band size. Unfortunately, 28C is still not a size that is readily available in store. I can wear a 30, but I wear it on the tightest hook, so it has nowhere to go stretch-wise. They only west a few months before the elastic stretches and they are not wearable, or at least uncomfortable on my shoulders.

I've had 3 consultations so far, and have been approved through one of them for a reduction, with only my insurance deductible to pay. Unfortunately, I don't really like the one that got me approved (#2) hence the visit with #3.

Third time will hopefully be the charm! I expect to hear back in the next few weeks.

I'll be updating this review with photos, information, and a step-by-step of my experience.

As a final mention, I am looking at getting a lollipop reduction vs anchor. I want to avoid the horizontal scar, since I want to wear low cut dresses and bikinis. Not trading one breast issue for another!

Thanks for reading, and I will appreciate any comments so that I know I'm not writing to thin air :)

26 years old now. Surgery Date secured!!

I have a surgery date. March 7 is the big day. I'll try to do my best to document my entire journey here on real self so that others doing research on this surgery will benefit. I am going through with an anchor reduction to get more lift from the procedure and so that I can go smaller than with a lollipop.

Updates to come!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

So far, just a consultation. But he was very friendly, and extremely comfortable to be around. He was informative, and his staff was friendly as well.

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