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I'm a 24 year old who has had issues from large...

I'm a 24 year old who has had issues from large breasts. Since I was 13, I've had a narrow rib cage and large breasts. At 12, I was a B going on C, and that's the last time that I liked them. At 14, I was already pouring out of my DD from Victoria's Secret. The rapid growth created many stretch marks on the side and underneath. I would like to be a small C. I will still have to special order my bras online due to the band size. Unfortunately, 28C is still not a size that is readily available in store. I can wear a 30, but I wear it on the tightest hook, so it has nowhere to go stretch-wise. They only west a few months before the elastic stretches and they are not wearable, or at least uncomfortable on my shoulders.

I've had 3 consultations so far, and have been approved through one of them for a reduction, with only my insurance deductible to pay. Unfortunately, I don't really like the one that got me approved (#2) hence the visit with #3.

Third time will hopefully be the charm! I expect to hear back in the next few weeks.

I'll be updating this review with photos, information, and a step-by-step of my experience.

As a final mention, I am looking at getting a lollipop reduction vs anchor. I want to avoid the horizontal scar, since I want to wear low cut dresses and bikinis. Not trading one breast issue for another!

Thanks for reading, and I will appreciate any comments so that I know I'm not writing to thin air :)

26 years old now. Surgery Date secured!!

I have a surgery date. March 7 is the big day. I'll try to do my best to document my entire journey here on real self so that others doing research on this surgery will benefit. I am going through with an anchor reduction to get more lift from the procedure and so that I can go smaller than with a lollipop.

Updates to come!

7 Days Pre-Op

Time to share photos! I gained a bit of weight from all the recent stress in my life. About 6 pounds. Sitting at a 30H Freya Bra size. Going to eat very healthy for the next week and go for a few runs with my dog.

Short term disability claims...

Trying to get the time off work is proving to be the most difficult. Everything I hear from my HR rep is "Call so and so and apply for such and such" so then I do, and I get told by "so and so" that "such and such" is not available for some reason or another but that "you don't need that anyway" and it is soooo confusing. Almost as confusing as my boobs trying to fit into this sports bra.

Photos PreOp

Just random photos over the last year.

Surgery was Yesterday

Surgery went well, my surgeon did the marking and I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend and stepmom there. My stepmom is a nurse for surgeons at a nearby hospital so she was very helpful. My boyfriend was so supportive, watched me get the markings, etc. the markings went well, my nipple marking was basically on the nipple I already have because as you can tell in my before photos, I have pretty high nipples for my breaste size. Most befores I see are much lower. That could account for the lower amount of pain, since the bipple was probably barely moved. Surgeon said he was aiming for a small C. We shall see! I'll be taking a peek tomorrow night. Thanks for the support and for a place to document all of this!

Post op day 2

I feel so light! I asked fora small C and I have to say, they feel like a small C! I can't see or feel anything under all the gauze but you know that constant pull on your shoulders and pressure on your ribs? Gone. So I know they are going to a be a good size simply based on that. I get to take a peek tonight. I'll post photos from that as well. Here are a few of the gauze-filled bra this morning.

Day 2 - Gauze Removal

Okay! I got the gauze and surgical bra off and... I've got myself some GREAT looking boobs! Are you kidding? Only 2 days in and I love them!!! Here are some photos and I'll put more up tomorrow.

Amount removed

I just realized that I hadn't posted the amount removed. 360 from right side and 240 from left side.


So, throughout this process, my boyfriend and I have decided he wants to be kept in the loop but he doesn't want to see any graphic photos. Yesterday I was so excited about the new shape of my breasts but I couldn't share it with him. So I had to find a creative way to at least show the shape. He is a surfer. I sent these two photos to him and he loved that he could see a different without seeing any bruising or incisions. Ah, relationships! Haha.

Closer photos

Just a quick update and a couple of photos. My stepmom (who is a surgical nurse) has offered to come by and take a look at my post op incisions later today. There is only 1 troublesome spot and that is at the T-junction on the right breast. The right was the larger of the two and had more removed. I'll update later today but for now, here are some photos.

Quick Rant

I find this photo helpful for a lot of folks who have said to me "Why are you reducing? You're not even that big!" I say my size is about a 28H to 30G and they say "No way! They look a little like 34DD to me!" I've tried my best to explain it but I fell like this photo does a great job. If you're a 34 (ribs measurement) and you're a B, someone with 30 inch ribs would be a D and so would basically have the exact same size as you. It's all relative. Since I was a 30G going into the surgery, that's the equivalent of a 36DD. I'm just not 36" around!
You'd be surprised how many women with large chests refer to themselves as DD or or say their band size is bigger like that's what makes their actual boobs big. I mean, it does but I'm wondering if they've never been sized properly. I met a woman at Walmart making a return on one of my post op bras that was too big. She was dying that she was a 50DD. I gave her my real self info so if you're reading this: you're not a 50DD. You're perhaps 40-46" at most and your cup is more like a J. You definitely are a great candidate for the surgery and I hope that Walmart has good coverage :) Best of luck to you and PM me of you have any questions.

Post-Op Day 4

I'll just update with some photos really quickly. I can start to feel them drop a bit now. My right breast is the troublesome feeling one. You can see the spot where on the right breast on the inside near the cleavage here the skin is tight but the tissue hasn't dropped in there just yet. Well, o can feel the right breast trying to settle and it feels odd. Really weird. Not painful just weird. I'm trying to gently squeeze it every now and then to help it settle. Otherwise the healing seems fine!

Day 4 Bruise

Just keeping an eye on this bruise. Right breast in the outside lower portion. Lots of swelling there and since o didn't get drains I want to keep watch and see if it changes overnight. (I post so many little updates, but I hope it's helpful!)

Day 5 Bruise

Here is a shot of the same breast (Righty) tonight. Any tips to help the bruise subside? It is firm to the touch on the outside lower part. The upper bruise and yellowish part above the nipple are tender but not firm. My follow-up instructions that I am reading right now only say that I should follow up immediately if there is increased redness or swelling and persistent bleeding, increased pain or drainage or fever. So, I think a bruise is pretty normal.

Day 5 General Update

I was able to go out today with my mom and sister for lunch. Still no... Bathroom relief. I have been taking the max daily dose of stool softener since post op day 1. Yesterday I began taking Milk of Magnesia instead of the stool softener pills hoping the liquid form would help. Today in the morning I took another dose. 4 tbsp. Still nothing at 9:45pm. Sigh. Seriously that's the most uncomfortable part. I fit in zero jeans and I feel like a whale. I'm down 3 pounds since surgery though.

Okay so I have posted photos. You can see they are beginning to drop, which is great! Starting to regain a little bounce. There's still a fleshy empty pocket on the right side where it hasn't quite filled in yet. I have a photo here wher I press the tissue into place though and that will look nice. Once I'm given the OK to start breast massaging, they will likely fall right into place. I'll bring it up at my post op. Did I mention? My first post op appointment is Tuesday at 9:45am. Only 3 days to go. Then I'll figure out when I can return to work, drive, lift things, etc. I am taking very good care of everything. Running water over them every other day to help clean anything up. I don't really feel comfortable with my range of motion in my arms yet. Felt like I had armpit surgery it's so sore!

Well take a peek at the pics and I'll throw updates in as needed. I probably update too much. I'm just so bored!

Day 8 - Bandages Off!

Okay so I had my post op appointment today!

Photos to follow. Righty still hasn't dropped much but lefty is looking nice. Again righty did have a larger reduction by 120grams so I get it. Unfortunately my nipples are a teeny bit asymmetrical for now but I do see that it will be a lot less noticeable in a few weeks (note that the right side is still very bruised and lifted)

I included one that I quickly editors for bruising and nipple scars. Looks nice! I need to do that for my own anxiety about healing... Don't judge me! ????

Also, I got the OK to return to work on Saturday the 19th, as well as begging wearing a regular bra with no underwire. I picked this one up at Kohls. I left out the UPC so you can look it up if you need to. It's front close, so it's a great transition. Only issue is, obviously, I couldn't find the right band size. So this is a 34C, which sizes to a 30DD as a sister cup. I'll have my mother take in the back a few inches and it'll be fine. Kohls 27.99


The healing has been going smooth lately but the last 2 days both breasts just feel like one giant bruise each. They hurt when I walk and the "zing" has started to happen that I've read about from others. For me it's on the nipple. I'll just be sitting here and it'll hit like a hot poker iron on my nipple and last just under a minute. Maybe has happened 6-8 times since Sunday, and happens on both right and left.

I had a nightmare that my nipple rotted off. That was scary! But no such thing will happen, as I did not have a free nipple graft and I do not smoke. I also have had no caffeine or alcohol since March 5.

I'll post update pictures in a few days when I maybe have more settling on the right side.

I tried on my bikinis yesterday. The old ones. Boy do they look awesome! I can wear a strapless bikini to my cruise next month!! So excited. I actually still have that pink bandeau bikini from the old photo. Perhaps I'll shoot a quick before/after this weekend! That would be fun.

Happy healing to all of you others out there. And to the hopefuls and the pre-op soon-to-be-smallers: It's all very worth it.

Oh I forgot!!

This total jerk was trolling the site trying to tell me I look nice so why bother. He was very offensive. I'm posting his message to me in a screenshot right here so we can all take a look at the stupid stuff people say to those of us choosing reduction.

My response was lengthy, but I will post the final words as a screenshot as well. I hope he stops trolling this site. Honestly. Trying to scare women into thinking they'll look like freaks? Saying he wouldn't date us? Guess what! We learned very early on as large breasted women to develop a healthy amount of self worth, so as to fend off those who would love to get us in bed because of our large chests. We recognize pigs like this in an instant and, trust us, we are not interested in you.

Big Boobed Ladies everywhere.

Day 11 vs Day 8

Here are a few photos I took 3 days after the last update. The healing seems to be going nicely. I'm taking a lot of photos because if I think something looks odd, I look at a while ago and say "Hey that's actually looking a lot better!" Still paranoid that I'll accidentally hit "share to Facebook" ah!

Anyway there is still a little adhesive in a couple of spots but I don't want to rub adhesive remover over what are essentially paper cuts right now. I'll work up the courage next week. Haha.

I included a "view from the top" on this update. Call me crazy but they look pretty damn symmetrical from the top. Cool. The fleshy "sack" on the right side you've read about in my earlier reviews seems to be filling in nicely. I'll update again soon if I see any differences.

Also: I ate a lot before my surgery. Emotional eating, anxious about the surgery etc. I gained about 6 pounds in 2 months. I am trying to lose 5 before my cruise mid April so I'll be updating my progress on that journey as well because... accountability.

2 Weeks Post Op

Hello! Two weeks ago today at this hour I was in surgery. I'm posting photos for progress below. It looks like healing/scarring will look very nice! Look how Lefty is coming along! Righty is still bruised but better. They are starting to feel more like boobs again! In a couple more weeks I think everything will look great!

My only gripe? I have one wide nipple and one tall nipple. It's superficial I know but... sigh.

I'm starting my homemade moisturizing cream tomorrow. I formulated this one to be a bit of a "scar cream" for my new boobs :)

It's a blend of the following natural butters and oils that I whipped up: Raw Shea, Raw Cocoa, Virgin Coconut, Sweet Almond, Avocado, Jojoba, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed. Added a few drops of these 100% pure essential oils: Lavender, Rose, Melaleuca. Hopefully that will help in any scarring and dryness. We shall see!

No One Noticed!!

One thing I forgot to mention. So, I got back to work on 3/19 and... everyone said I looked the same. One girl even asked if I got implants. I lost 5 cup sizes!!! She rolled her eyes and didn't believe me. Just a reminder, perception is not always the truth. I fit in size small/small/2 tops now. No more medium/6-8, all so baggy. I know I'm smaller but it would be nice if others... I don't know. Validated it? I know my family will, when they see me in a couple of weeks. Maybe people at work never noticed I had a chest. I did wear very conservative shirts and compression sports bras. You other large busted girls understand. If you show any cleavage, with size H, it's automatically inappropriate. So that's why? Haha anyway. Bothered me a bit.

I've been having a little itching along the incisions. Okay a lot. But I've been good, no touching. Tonight I'm going to try Neosporin+Pain Relief to calm the nerves and 800mg ibuprofen. I haven't been able to sleep, and I go to work again tomorrow.

God natt, allesammen!


Yesterday 3/23 at 4am I woke up and was so nauseated I had to go hover over the toilet but I did not puke. This morning 03/24 I woke up at 3:30 and same thing except this time I did vomit. I don't know what's wrong. I don't think it's anything I ate and I am not taking any new meds. I was pregnancy tested 03/07 day of surgery and it was negative. My boyfriend and I are long distance so we haven't been intimate lately besides 02/13-02/15 and 03/06.

Thoughts? I'll take a preg test in the morning and if it's negative I'll call my doctors office.


Day 19 Update

Quick update with a few photos. I was undressing at the end of the day and I glimpsed in the mirror from far away and I could bare see scarring on lefty! Now, I know it was at a distance in dim lighting but it's a step! Righty is still lagging. Have you guys noticed the vertical scar on righty has an extra line/divot next to it? I can't see it too well and there used to be a scab on it and now it's just a pucker. Hoping it fades along with everything else. I'll do a 3 week update in a couple of days too with more side by sides of progress. For now just a few shots in said dim lighting where I noticed how much better they are looking. Definitely healing.

(Using the scar cream twice daily and massaging the rough spots for a couple of minutes as well.)

3 Week Update

Today marks 3 weeks so I thought I'd share some progress photos. There are some before/afters and also progress from the day 11 update that I last posted.

To update on my weight loss I have dropped 4 pounds since I posted about trying to lose a little extra weight. I ate way too much while recovering so it was easy for me to scale back and see a difference. If I could run it would be easier!! Oh I can't wait for that!!

Everything is going smoothly. The sensations I was getting in my right nipple are gone as of 4 days ago. No more incredibly painful stabbing feelings anywhere. Cruise departs in 2 weeks and I have a plethora of strappy and low backed things to wear!! So glad I got this done before the trip.

I have been using the scar lotion and massaging 5 minutes 1x daily. Going to up that to two starting today, because I know massaging helps the settling.

The flesh pocket on righty is filling out nicely. The nipple asymmetry really only bothers me a little because... well you saw what they looked like before. Just wish a little tiny bit more care would have been placed there. Other bothersome part is the extra incision on the right side that just ends. One vertical scar is bad enough and I didn't sign on for two. We will see.

Those gripes are so very minor though. I really am 100% happy that I did this. It's more like, "If I had to nitpick" sort of stuff.

Comments are always appreciated, since you guys are literally the only ones who have seen my boobs. It's not like I go around flashing my friends and asking for comments on my incision healing... Though that sounds like a good way to frighten some of my male friends!

4 Weeks (Day 28)

Just a few quick shots, I have a lot of packing to do for my cruise next week so I don't have time for much! I'll definitely post photos from the cruise when I get back! I posted a shot of my final bill after insurance deductions. This actually includes a few co-pays and a lab from an older GP visit. So it's more like 1280.

I can finally push them together for a little cleavage and I did go snag a VS Pink bra (32 band, ugh) so I grabbed a D and I'm coming out of it a little BUT I am assuming some remaining swelling. So I'm probably a 30DD now and should settle to a small 30D which is great! Because that's a sister size to 34B! I'm right where I want to be. Only thing I'm worried about is showing scars in my bikinis over the vacation! Haha. I'll just say I got them "done" so people won't bother me. Everyone who I tell I got a reduction judges the crap out of me right now. But honestly. I look better now. So they can shut it.

Okay there's a few pics below, and I'll update maybe 1 more time before the cruise! I sail in a week!

Been a while!

I will just post a few photos today and let you all know that I am doing well. I have been jogging/running a bit. It feels really really good, I don't get the cramps in my ribs and the out of breath feeling that I used to get while running. I just feel so comfortable. I have settled into size 30DD or 30DDD. Coming from popping out of 28-30H-J cups, I would say that it is a massive improvement, and worth every single amount of pain and every single dollar. The photos that I have an ear or from the two month mark and then I will caption the one from today as well which is exactly 10 weeks from my surgery date.
Feel free to leave any questions or comments below. I am here to help people who are looking into the surgery. It's very scary to put this big decision into a surgeons hands but when it is over, no matter how much scarring, it is 100% worth it.

Side note: All nipples look different when warm or cold, so in the 10 week photos, I captioned accordingly so you can see the shape shift. At 10 weeks, very happy and the scarring is subsiding rapidly.

Nine Months

Just a quick update to show that they have settled and scarring is lighter. Photos are in natural sunlight from window by my bed this morning.

It's been a year!

Well, in 6 days. Thought I'd throw in a quick update while I'm thinking about it. Photo attached, and it is of the most exciting part! The hang of the breast onto my torso was many inches. I think 2 and a half inches on the left and 4 inches on the right. Now, none at all. It may look like it from some angles, but I actually have NO hanging breast skin laying on my torso.

I can't pass the "pencil test" on either breast. (I'm sure you all know, but it's whether you can hold a pencil under your breast skin) I used to be able to hold my hairbrush under my boobs. WITH my arms raised! Now, nada. So I go braless most days. Because why the hell not?!

They're not perfect, but the scarring, size, and comfort are 100% satisfactory and NO ONE has perfect breasts. I feel complete. And that's my quick update written while at work :)

Users Beware

A man is contacting me on Facebook after tracking me from this website. He is using the name Josh Good. He is pretending he knows me in real life somehow. I let him know that this website is not here to used for his perverse sexual gratification. Please be aware of this and block anyone like him.
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