30, 1 Kid, Lost 35 Lbs Had a Breast Lift + 400 Cc Unders - Beverly Hills, CA

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Due to Breast feeling and weight loss, I was in a...

Due to Breast feeling and weight loss, I was in a serious need of a boob job. I had a breast lift with augmentation. 400 CC's under the muscle plus Lipo on my axillary areas. Dr Saul Lahijani at California Surgical Institute. He did an amazing job at only 6 days post op I am loving the results. I have no bruising what so ever and everything looks so even. The first 4 days were the worst pain was crucial, being immobile, not being able to shower or sleep the way you want too really makes you appreciate the little things in life. But after the 4th day I felt much better. Can't wait for them to drop and for the swelling to go down. So happy!

4 days post op.

10 Days Post Op

I am 10 days post op. Still recovering and decided to stay home today on a Sunday and just relax. Kinda sucks being stuck at home on a lovely day but sometimes is best to just stay home and relax. My Breast are atill hard and very elevated. I hope this will go away soon. I started massaging lightly since I got a BL and my incisions are still very fresh. When did you all notice change in Breast? dropping? Etc?. I'm a little anxious and want to get back to the gym, and have my tape removed, I want to see what my nipples look like after the BL. Ugh! I need to be more patience.

2 week post op tomorrow. yay!

Tomorrow is my 2 week post op. Hopefully my doc takes the tape off. I'm so anxious to see my scars and to finally be tape free, as it is getting a little bit uncomfortable and I'm developing kind of like a rash on the side of my boob possibly it's just irritation.

12 days post op

The bottom picture was taken at 12 days post op

18 days post op

Today I'm 18 days post op. Although I feel way better physically, I've noticed big changes in my boobs. First of all, they finally started dropping and softening a lot. I am able to sleep on my back and barely have any struggle getting up with out pain. I do get a little cramps in the morning though. Does anybody else experience that?. Anyway, my right boob seems to be healing differently. It's way softer and more flatter. The left one is way more firm and it's still very swollen. It did drop but it seems like the right one is healing with less trouble. The good news is that my chest muscles are starting to like the implants. Also, my nipples are very sensitive! I have to put gauzes for protection because they hurt when they rub against my sports bras. I hope this goes agaway soon. Here's a pic.

4 weeks post op!:)

Here's a peek at my scars at 4 weeks post op. My left one took more work as you can tell :( saw my doc yesterday and he prescribed me an antibacterial cream to put on a tiny spot under my left breast insicion. So glad the tape is completely off! I was developing a small rash cause of it. My boobs seem way softer. I just hope they don't dro that much more, I really like where they're at now ;)

34 days post op.

All I can say is that I feel way better and hec yes it was worth it! I hated my saggy, deflated boobs. Now they are full, and perky! Hurray!!!!!!! Here's a pic. I didn't cover the nipple this time since I have one follower who wants to see how the nipple looks. Hope this helps. I'm probably deleting it soon. As I'm only uploading these to help other girls. What do Yall think? Oh btw sorry I haven't been on here as much been crazy busy with work, school, kiddo sports etc! I'm so exhausted. 400 ccs, lift, was a small B I'm now a full C I think. Possible tummy tuck in the future not sure yet. Much love to all you ladies stay strong, if you got the money I say go for it! You only live once and why not be happy! Xoxoxo xoxoxo!

Scars at 8 weeks. So happy

So I'm 8 weeks post op. And my bobs have changed a lot they softened up a lot, dropped a bit, but at still high which is where I like them, I hope they don't drop anymore. I want Nice perky boobs ;). My scars are amazing! Barely visible. The left boob is having a little trouble catching up with the right one tho /: it's a little more irritated on the scar and a tiny part underneath the breast is still healing. Here's an update pic of my scars .

Stretch mark cream

Also guys! I totally forgot to post about my stretch marks. (I've been so busy with school!) I got some stretch marks from the breast aug so I started using a cream to smooth them out, but they actually disappeared! Lol I'm soooo happy. Here's a before and after pic. The cream is called Strivectin

A year and two months post op.

So after a year, of my surgery and being fully healed, I've decided that I will be going for a breast augmentation revision. I workout a lot do cross fit and also do weight lifting and my breast literally bug me, they get on the way and just feel so uncomfortable. My breast are just way too big for what I wanted (I used to think I was just too swollen and eventually they would go down but they didn't). I will be looking for another doctor to have the procedure done next year. I will def be getting smaller implants and a moderate profile. Maybe have a little lift because my breast are sagging again (I think this is because the implant is too heavy). also I will be having the armpit lipo again because the fat is still there and now the sides are uneven. The right side has more fat it in which is gross. My word of advice to you girls is DO YOUR RESEARCH! Find out about implant profiles, sizes and make sure you are specific to your doctor on exactly what size you want to be. I regret not being specific about the size very much. Now I have to spend another 5,000 or so to get the right size. Good luck ladies and don't rush into this surgery remember that you'll be stuck with the surgery for ever.


Not happy with my final results. Not the size I wanted.
Los Angeles Physician

Dr Saul Lahijani did an ok job. No bruising what so ever and everything looks even. A year late however, my scar on the left is way more visible than on the right. It looks like a burn scar. I will be getting a revision because of this along with replacement of implants. He put much bigger implants than what I wanted.

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