475 cc, silicone, mod profile. :)

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Be4 I had my children, I was a well&doubt, build...

Be4 I had my children, I was a well&doubt, build like a brick house chick w a 36dd. After 5 years of breast feeding, I now have deflated&sagged boobs & currently wearing 36c and barely filled up.
Hoping to achieve my precious size!!!

Got all my paperwork & getting my payment finalized in 3 days & is scheduled for the 20th of June. Can't wait!!!

B4 photos

Current, but soon to change!!!

Wish photos

7 days more til big day :)

A week more til I get my lovelies :)
Can't wait!!!

Correction; as of today, a wk more til final day!!

Like many of you fellow realselfers, I've toned up my body to get perfected for my ba in a wk. I'm very determined to look my best & gain back my pre mama figure :)

1 more day

Flying out in a day to get pretty pretty!!
Thanks to all the beautiful ladies who helped making this a joyful journey. It is all to all your stories shared on realself that really made me feel confident to proceed on. I wouldn't have gone through without all the helpful reviews.

Till then... Stay tune.

Leaving soon to Cali

My last photos in my soon to be forgotten boobs :)lol.

Will post soon as I get new updates :)

Beverly Hills

Just checked into my hotel room!!
Tomorrow's my preop, & I will get to discuss w my dr what cc will suit my figure!.? I'm thinking of getting 425cc, silicone hp. Not sure yet, but what y'all ladies think?
I'm very nervous of the unknowns. Praying everything will go smoothly. Will let y'all know how things r going after my 3pm pre op.


Today, I had my pre op @3pm.
I met up w Grace, the receptionist, & she gave me several paper wrk to fill out. After that, I waited about 15 minutes for the dr. After that, Grace called me in & had me down the hall into a private rm where I later met up for the first time w dr kim. He's very friendly & very young looking. He's very formative, honest, kind, & straight forward. I like that he's very enthusiastic. He examined my breast & thank god, won't have big incisions. He thought I'd look great in 500 cc silicone gel, under the muscle, moderate, not hp. Do you ladies think that is kinda big?!
He reminded me of what to expect as well as what not to do. & that was about it. Anyways, Grace called in for my meds. Got my meds & o b4 u forget... I have to be there b4 6:15am. I'm only 2 mi away from his office.
I'm all pigging b4 10pm.

Surgery day!!!

Got up at 5 am, & shower. Took my anti nausea pill. Brushed my teeth & hubby & I drove off to dr Kim's office slightly before 6am, maybe 5:30am but since too early we decided to go sightseeing.
We got there at about 6:00 & had 6:15, my nurse Linda came & got me. She led me into a bathroom w several lockers inside, gave me things to changed into. Told me, I had to take everything off & also gave me a urine container for an urine sample for pregnancy test.
After I changed into my surgical gown, put my cap on, & a disposable underwear ;) I placed my belongings in a bag in chose a locker for me. Locked items & took keys to Linda. She went over everything prior to my surgery & gave me papers to sign & initial. Then, she placed my IV on.. Introduced me to the anesthesiologist. Very friendly guy!!! Told me I'll be out of it for 1:30 hrs. Not bad. & went over more questions. Told me my lab work were good & negative on my pregnancy test. Awesome.
Dr Kim came afterward & took photos of me & mark my breast, then told the nurse to take me into OR.
Next thing I know, I was waking up in recovery rm & my husband is there to pick me up. Came straight to our hotel & started my pain med & antibiotic. Feel asleep rt away, I still feel drowsy but I just had to let y'all sweet mamas know how my day went. Post photos tomorrow.

Day 1- post op

Post op appt

Had my first op appointment. Dr took dressing off, & cleared me to shower but not to wet the wound.
Hubby gave me a sponge bath. :)
Monday, the 9th is my second follow up w dr.
Rest again!!! Have a safe day ladies.

My dd sport bra

Curious what size they'll be in a month ;)

2nd day post op

Off my pain meds. No pain whatsoever. I feel great. My hubby & I checked out of our hotel today & drove 2 hrs to our home in Orange County.

4 days post op

Felt great all day. A lil sore but on a scale 1-10, most def 8 1/2. Still on my antibiotic med. taking my pain med once a day, b4 bedtime so I get a good night sleep. Been sleeping great!! No prob at all.
Anyway, today family went shopping at the mall. I didn't try or buy anything. I wanna wait til my 28th b day which is on aug 31. :) I want definite clothes, bras sizes.


is it normal sometimes not to feel your nipple sensation? i get this every now and then, so i'm just wondering if it only happen in the first week or so.
your feedback would b appreciative. thanks girlfriends!!!

More photos w out bras & still got a cleavage going on

Disneyland or not?

Yay or nay to disneyland. I swear I feel fine. I feel fine. Went w family to the pool, didn't swim but still got to chill.
Anyway, do you ladies think ill be fine to ride the roller coasters?!

almost 6 days po

I feel great now. Thank God for this sports bra bought at sports authority. It sure has done a lot esp w my recovery. Highly advised!!! I also have been massaging nonstop & they seem to be getting soft & fluffy. Also, dropped a lil. I just loved the results, and my whole experience. I probably would do it again :) I'm just this fortunate of it all.
Hope you all pretty ladies are healing well & loving your new ladies as well as the whole experience as i am.
GOD b with you all in times of goodness & worst!!!!

New top

A present from my hubby as a boobie appreciation ;)
I love this man!!

Looking awesome & braless

Still looking great w out a bra on. I swear I bought this dress a while back & sadly couldn't fill out. Too saggy & deflated then.

1 wk & 1 day Post-Op

It's been a week plus, and girlfriends, this girl is feeling great. Went to disneyland, movies, mall, pool, & zoo with the family & healthy as a cow. My morning boobs are almost gone, on a scale 1-10, the feeling this morning probably b 8.5. I still wear the same sports bra, and refused to wear any other til i feel my boobs are ready for that dramatic change. i will every now, and then let them out this sports bra only to take photos or massage. Dr advised not to get the tapes wet, so i follow orders as though i'm in combat. LOL. Monday, i have my 2nd follow up, so lets see how things r after that.
Hoping you all a speedy recovery, and Lord b with us all throughout this rough patch. Peace!!! will upload photos later!!!

In old bras, & goddess sports bra

Loving my girls ;)

Happy ????????????????????????

Everyday is a better day!!! Incision are healing well. Started scar treatment today. Dr took tapes off & okayed scar tx. Very happy w results. He's truly an artist.


The latest on the twins????????????

100% well

I am doing great; no pain, just a lil bit of bruising, but almost completely gone.

more detailed

my apology for all the brief reviews. I know i've been too general & less detail on it all. I'm days away from reaching my 1 month mark, and let me tell you all of the whole experience and how it has effect me tremendously in a fine way.
before i had my kids, lil i knew i would have any implants. today, all that has changed & i don't regret any bit of it. First few days were rough, but soon after everything became normal as though nothing ever happened. I immediately began to do everything, and although my ps restrict me from carrying anything heavier than 10 lbs, it was difficult not to since i have a child whose 14 months. My wounds healed quickly, but unfortunately i had some nasty bruises, which i believe came from carrying my baby several times. I wouldn't recommend this, just do what you can handle.
at about 2 weeks, i began to take my vitamin E, and the big nasty bruise i had on my side boob dissolved quickly. @3 weeks, i began to noticed a red spot on my under fold incision, and when i began to feel it, i felt a stitch popping out. Didn;t know what to do, so i began to do some online research, and thank God, i found a solution. I pulled it out with a tweezer, and cut it with a scissors. 2 days later, the red spot healed. My bruising is almost good as gone, and i love the results i'm getting. My breast totally feel normal, i cannot feel the implants at all. I'm happy i didn't go too big, but chose a very natural look which i felt wouldn't limit my options since i'm a gym nut.
I hope and pray that you all ladies are loving your results, and those in their pre ops, are totally considering getting sexy boobs that will still allow them to enjoy the many things in life such as working out. ;-)

Family rocks!!!

W out bra

Things I wasn't secure to wear then

one month post op

I'm officially a dd chick. I couldn't believe how large dd bras are; very scary. As you all remember from my blog, i was a 36dd pre babies, and 36c post breastfeeding(3 children). Today, i stand a proud dd again. Thank you Dr. Kim for restoring what God gave in the beginning. I love my results, and i just feel great about it all. I feel totally natural, and loving it all.

Spitting sutures

Left had couple spitting sutures early on, wounds that opened up in the incision areas & wouldn't go away, until I googled it online & discovered they were sutures that were dissolved so I felt the opening areas for sutures & pull them out with twizzers & scissors. Make sure that they're sterile. After apply triple ointment to areas & leave out bandages for speedy healing. Dries up quicker than when u apply the bandages over the wounded sites. I still have a some bruising to take care of. Hopefully, in the next month they'll completely go away.


That weren't dissolving*

34 dd & proud

A lil update of my current profile. Thanks to Dr Kim!!! I wouldn't look half this good if it weren't his fine work. I love it!!!
In Vegas enjoying the night life!!!

Sin City my loves

A lil too racy, but ladies just want show you how beautiful these girls are.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Best boob dr ever!!!

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