25 yrs old , no kids ,deflated B to Mod + 490/480 CC mentor saline.

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I am so excited /nervous , its been almost 1 year...

I am so excited /nervous , its been almost 1 year since my initial consult. I already pre op'd last Dec and cancelled surgery last jan with dr kim because of personal issues and things just didnt feel right. Im actually really glad i did because ive completely changed my wants and goals for my surgery . Last year i wanted huge implants and boobs and was stuck on CC #'s (i still am a little) bit i was obsessed with going big. I wanted 650CC's with a full anchor lift. Im so happy that i didn't go through with what i originally wanted and followed my gut instinct because i know i would be so unhappy right now. I currently work at mentor which has been such an amazing help as far as implant knowledge! I feel like ive narrowed it down to what i want as well as getting my body to the size i want. My surgery is July 17 im doing all my pre op in town and meeting with dr kim the day before surgery july 16. As of tight now i know im wanting High profile saline for sure. Most likely nothing over 475CC because 475=1pound/16oz (per implant)
Stats :
Height: 5"2
Weight:130/ jeans:27
Cup:36B/shallow 34 C

Wish boobs .....my wish boob gallery is huge.

before pictures

I weighed myself last night im @ 128 but i don't feel it. I really want to tone my stomach up . Im nervous of gaining weight and not being able to move/work out after surgery for 4-6 weeks. My goal is to be 120-125 by my surgery day. Im really cutting as far as my diet and i need to push myself with committing to changing up my work outs. Anyways here's a couple quick pics i took before work in a bra. Im going to add more this week.

Before pictures

So i finally made time to take non bra pics. Ive been taking sizers home but i haven't found a size i feel like is good. I started with 300 HP (too small) i have 360 HP i feel these might be too small still but 380-425 range might be good. Thats a wide range i know. I had a suggestion from a co worker that ultra high profile might work out best? I rarley see Dr Kim do that style. Im also hung up on will i want the ultras in 5-10 years ? So many decisions... I pre op on June 30 at my local physicians office then i ho see Dr Kim the day before surgery. Im hoitng to make sure we get everything discussed in full detail. Im more nervous about choosing yhe wrong sizing in CC's and profile/lack of communication from patient to dr of desired end result than the surgery.

More wish pics...my surgery is coming up

My surgery date is creeping up faster than i thought! Im actually not as nervous as i thought i was going to be. I really have a lot to do still. I need to book a hotel and get all my after care items. I haven't even looked into scar treatment oils and lotions? Any suggestions would help so much!! I received my after surgery sports bras in the mail today. I ordered the Under Armor Prot?gee zip front. I purchased 3: 38 B ( 36 was out of stock) 36 and 34 C. The 38B is too big all around in boob and band area. The 34 C was perfect tight like a glove , 36C had a little top clevage room... im going to return the B. Im going to try to update a few days prior to surgery. My dad is coming with me so well see how day after pics go lol . Im up in the air with profile still high profile ? Ultra high profile ? im scared of making the wrong decision on size i feel like big big boobs are out now like not in style ? Im thinking just saying i want a full D cup . Im just afraid of looking fat because of the implants. Im short so 5 pounds on me looks like 10-12 pounds of extra weight.

Tomorrow surgery @1130

I met w dr Kim today and everything went really well. He suggested 475? Which seems so big to me but I told him I want a mid to full D , he suggests mod plus and I was pretty stuck on high profile. He said he would try both in while I'm under for sizing. I'm really wanting upper pole fullness and anything that will help with being perky. I also got some lip injections by Anne in the office and she was BEYOND fabulous. So gentle, over all such a great experience with her. I got half a syringe of restyln in my upper lip and the other half under my eyes to fill the hollows. All in all I feel good about today I feel like it was a sign at the pervious attempt for my surgery. Now everything feels right. I'll update soon.

Last day with these small things

Ugh so I totally feel like I've gained weight even tho I have been hitting yoga twice a week but I have been lazy on my cardio. I'm really trying to get a green drink in and hydrate before tomorrow! So nervous yet so ready. Would say fingers crossed but I know dr Kim will give me gorgeous, Fabulous, hopefully perky boobs!!

Feeling Great!

I had my lift and augmentation on July 17 I'm 2 days post op and I feel fine. I feel so good even Drs staff was tripping out how mobile I am. I can't really open doors , clothes doors and yoga pants were a little challenging but I feel good. I just use my abs and legs for bending and getting up. Anyways Dr Kim said my ribs were too wide for HP so I ended up with Mod Plus 425cc bags filled to 480 on the right and 490 on the left. I can already see my amazing cleavage I'm just hoping By bag isn't so wide on the sides and I'm just swollen. I'm super happy that there's only a 10cc difference I was scared to do higher than a 25cc difference. Everything feels so fab right now I haven't taken nude boobie pics yet but I'll update soon

4 days and feeling fab

Still so happy with my results. I'm dreading the dropping process. My left is starting to drop , my right is still tight tight tight ! I'm happy with the size but I'll be fine if they go down in size during the dropping and fluffing process. I just can't get enough of how perky they are. I'm religiously keeping them in my zip up under armor protégée. I'm getting a little bra obsessed I was looking to get the lu Lu lemon zip front. I know to wait because they will be changing weekly. I'll keep updating :)

One week plus update. Still happy!

I'm still feeling really good. I am having nerve pains in my nipples but that's expected. It's a sharp burning pain that happens off and on throughout the day. I've been massaging as much as I can remember. I can't wait until my next apt Aug 17 I hope I get cleared for working out because I just can't to this non mobile daily routine. I feel bloated and depressed about my weight now. Everything bugs me about my body except my boobs, I love those but I just feel fat and lazy. My incisions look so good it is unbelievable. I went and saw dr Eugene yesterday July 27( because I messed up my apt days ) he was so nice. He changed my bandages over my incision. My stitches are dissolving stitches so it's just a waiting game. I can't wait for them to settle , hopefully not drop a lot or at all , and fluff. I'm super happy with my decision so far !

Incision update

I'm almost at 3 weeks I probably won't update for a whole after this because I'm seeing not much difference. I've been putting neosporin on my incision area to help heal. I put band aids on today but will put surgical tape on tonight I just need to but some. I'm going to star taking vitamin E 1000 on Friday. That's about it. I've been using hemp organic lotion to keep my skin moist so I don't get new stretch marks.

Freaked out and worried. Slipped and fell on my chest@ 3 weeks post op

This last weekend I slipped and fell in my kitchen that is all tiled :( I had my hands full and slipped on a wet area of tile coming around the corner all clumsy and landed right on my breasts. I didn't hear any noises come from my breast area and it didn't initly hurt. I won't lie I was drinking a little the next day I was a little sore. I'm just really worried about damaging my pocket , and hurting my lift. My incision area looks fine. I did have one reddened area on my right incision area but not bad. I emailed the office and called. They said my pocket should be healed at 3 weeks. I am just sick to my stomach over it. I feel like something is wrong /I have no reassurance nothing is wrong. I feel I'm not as tight In my left breast but I don't remember if that's how it was before. The guy I'm seeing now has absolutely no interest in my boobs he completely treated me different since I've had them. He's massaged them one time for like 2 squeezes and that was it. So basically my vent is I have no one to say. Yes , they feel different or no , they feel the same ...its just me . I'm on the verge of vomit everytime I think if wht happened. Has this or anything similar as far as falling happened to anyone or a friend ? I see dr Kim next week for my one month on Monday August 17 but I know I'm going to be sick over this until then.

One month update. Incisions, supplements and scar gel

Friday was my one month. I'm feeling good. My incision area has been sensitive /sore the last 2 days. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to b massaging around my scar area also to prevent scar tissue In that area also ? It's on my question list for my follow up on Monday August 17th. My 36 C under armore protégée sports bras are feeling loose but still low cut for cleavage ? I get sent areas where u can see the actual cup size of the C is too small I think the 36 is just too big and not compressing enough. I'm going to go try in some 32/34 D cups. I also love the lulu lemon "cool to the street " zip frot sports bra. Much more comfortable than the under armor, a bit more expensive just by a few more dollars(56-58$? But worth it!) I'm going to look into stretch mark removal. I have a few that didn't fully fill out on my left breast ,on my inner lower cleavage area that I'm not happy with. They seem protruding? Hoping there's a laser treatment to help it out. I'm very happy with my incision scars , beyond happy actually !! I'm currently using a scar treatment I bought at a health food store that's organic. I'm not sure how effective it is but I'm going to see what dr Kim recommends and look into the scar away strips soon. Still hoping for no more dropping , I am massaging daily , mainly just at night.... is that okay ? I push them around though out the day at work but I don't see time to do it through out the day. I feel like they are getting soft as time goes on. I am very happy with my decision so far!

Rejecting / spitting dissolving stitches

A couple days after my one month my body started rejecting my stitches or "spitting " my stitches out through my incision area. This was so painful, physically and emotionally. The stitches first stared protruding around my areola area and became red and It like a felt harsh with a hard throbbing and fevering pain around the area. The next day it looked like a pimple with fluid build up, I had sent a picture to the office she stated it was normal but two more came up around my incision area and I decided I had to see the dr. One popped and the fluid and blood busted out of the area. It was a relieving feeling but now I had a re opened incision it looked like a hole. I was so sad I had these beautiful healed incisions now I had thrashed looking nipples. They have healed a little better but I'm still having a little bit of stitch pieces coming out here and there but it's not as dramatic of a process. If I feel a weird pain I immediately push around that area and a clear piece of stitch will come out of the clogged pore. It really sucks because like I said I felt so confident with my scars but I'm trying to stay positive. Dr days it's normal and instructed me to push out the stitches so we will see.

Random update

I haven't logged on for a while. Everything is going fine. I feel like I have dropped a little more than I wanted and have a more natural look ( I know that might sound crazy).
If I ever do go under the knife agin I'm going to really try to go high profile and upgrade to gels and go 500-525. I only say a larger size because with high profile it's a slimmer implant and I like my size now , I feel to keep it about the same size I am now id have to bump it up from my current 480/490 ( yes or yes?!?). if I do re-do I'm not 100% sure if I'll go back to Dr Kim I've been looking into Dr. Tom Pousti. I really have no serious complaints about Kim other than I wanted more of a 50/50 fake/ natural look. Maybe I'm crazy and have unrealistic expectations ? Kim's bedside is on the 4/5 star side if u have a real concern or need. When my stitches were rejecting and I was in pain he didn't return my calls and treated me like I was a nut and should have known how to deal with the rejecting stitches. Keep in mind I'm a 3 hr away patient. Anyways that's it, I have a follow up next month with Kim.


Just following up. I forever was going back and fourth picking my surgery part on the daily. I'm sure there's improvements that can be made on all aspects on my life ( lol not just boobs:)) however ,I've just let go of obsessing. It's been over a year since my surgery and it is wht it is. I had my surgery performed by a top CA surgeon ( where I'm from people can't even believe I went to Dr.Kim , it's funny/ flattering). I'm posting a few pics I have on hand just to update if anyone is interested or if it will help anyone with an upcoming surgery similar to mine. I have not experienced any recent issues with my boobs/ surgery.
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