23 Tuberous Asymmetrical Benelli Breast Lift. Beverly Hills, CA

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I had never heard the term "tuberous breasts"...

I had never heard the term "tuberous breasts" until this past summer. All I knew is that my breasts could be categorized as "ugly", "weird" and things like that. I was grateful to find a specific category for my boob type and to know that there is a way to fix it. Thank the HEAVENS!

No one knew my breasts were deformed because (subconsciously) I refused let anyone see. I was in denial all these years and wouldn't even look in the mirror. I never considered surgery before because I was ignorant to all the various surgery types to fix different shapes. I never thought the joys of boob jobs applied to me. So I've spent the past few months updating myself and I'm officially obsessed with boobs.

I'm 23, 5'5 and weigh 115 pounds (recently lost 30 pounds) and I'm currently a mid B, hoping to go up to a FULL C. Ideally I think a D cup would be so nice (i looove boobs) but I'm trying to stay realistic cuz I've been told I have tight skin. I won't pretend I don't already have boobie greed. ;)

Don't know what implant type but hopefully moderate plus, dual plane silicone. Haven't decided on a surgeon yet so there will still be some debate. But I will def be getting a benelli lift (around the nipple) because I also need an areola reduction. I've included pictures from before and after my weight loss. I have to say I think I will require much less of a lift now, what a huge difference!

I have been on a few consultations, but I still want to meet with Dr. Kim because I think he is an absolute genius. I'll see what he has to say about my tuberous shape + size goals.

I also included some WISH pictures and lemme say, I love looking at pictures of pretty boobs but I will honestly be happy with whatever can realistically be done to my shape. :)

More Before Pics

Here are some more before pics. Since losing weight I believe I will need less of a lift because my areola have propped themselves a bit higher... but I'm saggier than ever ;(

That's ok. Hopefully the extra skin means I get to be slimmer with even bigger boob ratio ??
I still have a month until my consultation with Dr. Kim and in the mean time I'm trying to lose 5-10 more pounds. I still have a tummy lol but I think I'm near a good enough size where I can figure out what implant is right for me.

My problem at the last consultation was the PS said he probably couldn't fit more than 170 cc. I almost cried in his office. But that was before I lost weight. It was also a doctor who seemed biased towards smaller implants, whereas Dr. Kim is the big boob guy.

Don't wanna get my hopes up.. but pleaaase let me be a full C... (at least). My main priority is obviously fixing the shape, the symmetry, and reducing the areola size. But while I'm paying I still hope to have some fun too! Plus I think bigger boobs might help relive my shape.

Here are some pics of me in bras and one in a shirt. I can't wait to rock the no bra look, it's so sexy! I remember when I was a teen at sleepovers I kept my bra on, and the other girls were still perky in thin tank tops.

Realistic Expectations

So I still have another three weeks before my next big consultation. After spending so long looking at pretty pictures of boobs I was trying to think realistically about how I might look post op with my personal body.

I don't think my breast shape is tooooo constricted, probably the biggest issue is the massive asymmetry and the difference in areola size. Something to take into consideration is that even though my areolas will be reduced they will still stretch with the implant. But for some reason that doesn't bother me. I've always thought wider areola were very cute and feminine. I felt empowered on the rare occasion I saw wider areolas in Foreign films. So idk well see.

I would like to get into better shape before the surgery. It could be another 2-4 months before my procedure is done and that's plenty of time to lose 5-10 pounds. I've struggled with body image issues in the past and I would love to put an official end to that now that I'm finally going to have pretty boobs. I just don't want to rely heavily on ~new boobs~ and expect too much. So I'm going to take really good care of my body, skin, and health leading up to to surgery so that getting boobs will be the final puzzle piece in my confidence.

Natural Slope
Another thing, I love natural boobs. I think fake boobs can look just as natural, sometimes better than real boobs. But I'm a huge fan of big droopy boobs. Which sounds ironic because I hate my droopy boobs, but the HUGE difference would be the nice round lower pole fullness. Realistically my skin is tight so my boobs will surely sit high for a while, but hopefully in a few years they can droop down a little for that nice natural appearance. Until then, I can enjoy having perky boobs for the first time and maybe have the best of both worlds down the line. ;)

I attached some example pictures of what I'm talking about. But to conclude this post, I have to say once again, I will be happy just to have pretty boobs. I may spend too much time overthinking this procedure or building expectations but I pray that I'll feel better on the other side of the surgery and these obsessive thoughts will float off and I'll just feel like a new person, and go on living my life :) I still can't believe this is all possible and that I didn't look into it sooner!

Booby GREED!

After deciding I wanted to correct my tuberous boobs with implants I sort of got lost in size and started looking at bigger and bigger boobs every couple of months. It sounds crazy to me now but at first I just wanted to become a FULL B! (Which is actually silly, becoming a FULL C would be ideal) But that size gradually increased and I often think of how I wouldn't mind being a D or DD... and that small boobs are boring and that I want to "be special" which I caught onto and realized comes from a place of insecurity and isn't exactly thinking rationally.

I love all boobs, and all my life I actually preferred being small (just hated the shape). So I don't want to get huge boobs and go into shock lol since before getting into boob culture I never really wanted huge boobs. I will try to keep the shape in mind and hopefully end up with a true to size full C. The fact that I will have round boobs that are perky and pretty and give me cleavage will be amazing!

I also struggled with body image in so many other ways. I always thought I was fat, even when I was skinny. Part of me not wanting boobs was just so that I would appear slimmer. Even though I have moved on from that mindset (thank God!) I still DON'T want to put myself in a position where I feel fat all over again. Not sure if boobs would even do that, because I see lot's of thin ladies with big boobs and I love it. But I would rather be safe. I just want to look feminine and still be able to look narrow because I'm finally starting to like my body (except my weird boobs).

Not sure how to embed a video on here, but I hope that works. She went from a small B to a C and I think she looks so perky and cute! I wouldn't mind if mine came out just a little bigger hah but I definitely don't want to be obsessed with size. I can appreciate huge boobs on other women, and may possibly decide to have a second procedure down the line if everything goes well but I really need to focus on the shape and not treat it like a regular boob job. After all I don't even know what can be done with my breasts yet.

My consultation is tomorrow and I still haven't gotten a confirmation call. It's only 11AM so I may still get the call? but I would hate if there was some conflict with improper scheduling because I already had to wait a month! Anyway, hopefully all goes well. I'm so nervous and excited :)

CONSULT ... interesting turn of events :0

I went to my consultation, waited about 30 minutes till they called me into a room. My mom came with me so we sat a few minutes and then Dr. Kim came in very friendly, smiling/ peppy and greeted me and my mother. Wait, smiling and peppy??? It was the wrong Dr. KIM! I was like “Oh no! I’m supposed to meet with the other Dr. KIM!” I just kinda blurted it out but then realized how rude I sounded, hahah as if they could just swap him for the right one.

I knew there were two Dr. Kim’s that shared the office space but I really thought I specifically said “Dr David Kim” but they booked me for Eugene Kim! It wasn’t the right doctor but I wasn’t going to give up my consult, so I said “maybe it happened for a reason”. Anyway his ego wasn’t hurt at all and he was still very confident and positive an we continued with the consult.

First of all, people described David as being kind of distant and unwelcome and I never minded that, but if you do you mind you might want to consult with Eugene because he is the polar opposite. Very warm and friendly.

Eugene Kim was very attentive to what I wanted, asked me lots of questions and spent about 30 minutes talking to me. Very optimistic and accommodating, but realistic as far as expectations and being upfront about possible complications.

As far a tuberous boobs go, he said he has worked with them before/ showed me a few cases and he said all the right things to prove he is at least knowledgeable. Reducing areola size, lowering the crease and releasing the “band” around my current crease. He said the same thing as the previous surgeon that he wouldn’t know for sure what size or profile to use until he is in surgery. But he said he could definitely fit 300cc in yay!! (the last guy said no more than 170 which is crazy). I forgot to mention my preference for mod+ but idk the surgeon knows best I guess.

The only thing he said that concerned me is he would possibly use two different profiles because my boobs are so different. I don’t think thats a good idea. I know I have a “big boob” and “small boob” but I still think there is such a small amount of tissue that they should both have the same profile. I’ll talk to him about that if I decide he should be my surgeon.

Honestly yesterday turned out way different than I expected but I left feeling so happy and positive. My mom really loved him too (she hated the last surgeon I met with), and if I go with Eugene it’s $2,000 dollars cheaper lol But I’m really not trying to think in terms of cash. He did mention that my surgery was going to be difficult which I already knew.

I wish I wanted a normal breast augmentation but with the deformity I feel so much pressure to find the best surgeon. If I get one and they only look “better” and I end up needing a second procedure to make them a little prettier that will be ok (almost a little expected??) but if they somehow ended up even weirder only to cause more complications for the next surgeon I’m scared I will end up depressed and discouraged.

Anyway, I felt he won me over by the end of the consult. I was even praying yesterday morning before the consult and I was going to pray for all these specific things to go a specific way but couldn’t get my thoughts together, so I just said “Ok just let everything go the way it’s supposed to go” and then this happened.. so it’s like a sign! haha I just have lots to think about. But I’m not free to book surgery until sometimes in June, so I’ll try to relax and thing rationally. Sorry this is so fucking long oops, I hope this was useful/ entertaining to someone :)

Sooo.. still meeting with Dr. David Kim

I just booked a consultation with Dr. DAVID Kim. I have to wait another month and a half to meet with him, but so what? It's not like I was necessarily planning to be on the operation table anytime before that. In the meanwhile I will work on my fitness and health.

Taking more time to think about all this will be good for me. I need to get out of rush mode. It's like I'm all too ready to jump into the arms of any surgeon willing to dissect me lol ;P

I had to remember why I looked into Dr. David Kim in the first place. At first, I was only looking at doctors who had corrected tuberous breasts and had lots of cases to view on their site. I want to make sure they know what they're doing. But Dr. David Kim (I feel like I have to say David every time now lol), he is such skilled surgeon, I mean he is the best! I looked through all his pictures and he has so many examples of his work that I've seen many characteristics of tuberous boobs that he completely fixed. So I decided even though he didn't have examples of tuberous boobs he can fix anyone and make them look like Barbie. He is a perfectionist and has an eye for flaws, I feel like he wouldn't find my case to be a massive challenge???

I had a great consultation with Eugene Kim, but unlike women looking for regular augmentation I need someone who can handle the extra challenge. Which could very well be him, but I'm worried because he just doesn't have many examples on his site and I need to have a strong reason to go with a surgeon.

Let's say I went with someone I was skeptical about and it turned out "meh", I would feel stupid. But if I went to someone who appeared to be the best and it turned out "meh" I would feel less responsibility and accept the fact that I have weird boobs and did the best I could

Anyway, it doesn't hurt to meet with him so that's what I'm doing. :)

Nose Job???

It's almost time for my consultation with Dr. David Kim, I'm so excited... except I gained 3 pounds when I was supposed to be losing more weight oops. I'm back on track now.

So... despite the fact that my boobs have always been ugly, getting a nose job was my original desire as a teen. I was very conservative so the boobs weren't at the forefront of my thoughts but my nose was right in the middle of my face aka a huge problem! (plus I still thought implants were like rocks back then)

People tell me I'm gorgeous and I don't think my nose is SUPER ugly or anything but I wish it nose wasn't so wide. It just keeps me having a baby face when I would finally like to grow up and have a sharper slim look. I've wanted a nose job since I was 13 but I kind of temporarily grew out of the desire but now it's back with a vengeance.

I even consulted with a plastic surgeon when I was 18 who led me to believe there was nothing that could be done. I honestly wasn't sure how it worked until doing more research now as an adult. So now I understand the procedure I'm looking for and what it is exactly that I dislike about my nose. It's just the nostrils, they are too wide. It is a procedure typically done for "ethnic" patients... so that's probably why the surgeon I went to before didn't know what to do with me.

I want an alar base reduction, which Dr. Kim is really great at. So I figured while I'm going to the consultation I would inquire about that and at least know what I'm in for price wise. Obviously I already have my hands full paying for the boob job alone but if it would be easier to do the two procedures together, and only have to heal and hide inside once then maybe I should just bite the bullet and just live on rice until next year haha

Anyway nothing has been decided yet, and I'd still like to stay anonymous on this site (like not really planning to post pictures of my face) but I thought I would mention it here just in case things work out for me in that way.

I attached a few pictures of nose jobs. Mine doesn't look like any of these, but just so you understand the nature of the procedure. Just to kind of slim and define. Like the way celebrities all do after a few years. (It seems every single celebrity has had a nose job!)

Hope everyone is doing well! xoxo

P.S. I will keep this review focused on boobs I promise! but since there isn't much to update on yet... ;)

Dr. David Kim consult FINALLY!!!

So this will probably be short because it's all good news and if you've followed my review you've heard all my issues before with other doctors. I met with Dr. Kim finally, and everything went great. I waited for 30 minutes or so and consulted with him for about 15 minutes...

He didn't see a HUGE problem with my slightly tuberous breasts and didn't call them a "challenge" or anything, he just pointed out what needed to be fixed. Donut lift, reduce areola, right boob needs way more cc's and a lower crease and left needs more areola reduction.

He asked all my preference on implants and as for profile he decided mod or mod plus for me depending on how big I wanna go. Silicone, of course. I told him I want to be a mid to full c and showed him photos of what that meant in my eyes. Size didn't seem to be an issue for him... but I really realized I want to stay modest.. no bigger than mid to full C.

I told him about my nose and he said my nostrils are already small it would be hard to reduce anything... then the woman (oops sorry I forgot her name) who helped me basically told me not to touch my face or else I will regret it. So maybe I'll just have to learn to like my nose.. I would hate to do something stupid and REALLY end up hating it. (I've been watching that show "Botched" and idk I think I'm scared straight now lol) I don't want to do anything I will regret, and should stay focused. My boobs without a doubt need to be fixed and that's all I'll focus on ;) no need to pick at myself.

All in all everything went smoothly, he seemed very confident and like I'm nothing he hasn't seen or dealt with before and I am definitely going with him! I really trust him and his work is amazing. I'm ready to dive my naked body onto the operation table right now but I have to make plans for my recovery time. sighhh, but I'm so happy and so glad to meet him ...he was worth the freaking 3 month wait (well really only 1.5 months) and I'm ready to go forward! I can't wait to have cute boobs!! ;)


I'm starting a new thread (because this one so rambly) I'm just waiting for it be approved and I'll update there. But I thought I would update this one, because it's been so long.

To anyone out there who had to wait a year, or two to three longer than they expected don't feel bad. "Beauty" is expensive. Takes a while to save up.

I am finally going through with it in just 5 days.. it doesn't feel real. I don't think it will hit me until the night before.

I am happy I had to wait it out. I definitely became obsessed with boobs and size. When in reality, I never really wanted to have big boobs (despite my appreciation for them.) I just want perky boobs. Like a small C, symmetrical and full round shape would make me very happy.

Age 24 Tuberous Correction Boob Job 300cc 5'6

I found Dr. David Kim through hours of research on Real Self. I went through all of his pictures and videos on youtube and was amazed.

I have slightly tuberous breasts. I've never had kids or been more than 25 pounds heavier. They've always lacked volume every since I first developed they sort of pointed downwards. They were never round or perky.

I'm so excited to fix the shape. I'm not concerned about size as much as I am about shape. I'd love to be a small C and would probably freak out if I were too much bigger. I just want to see my body look young for once.
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