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Hello my name is Jesycca i've been wanting BA...

hello my name is Jesycca i've been wanting BA since i was 15 and been researching since i was 18 now i am 23 and feel like i am super ready to have My BA, i currently do not have kids and not planning too soon, my height is 4'11 almost 5"ft. i weight 107 pounds and thinking about getting 450cc Saline Breast implants the reason why i'm getting saline is because i feel that is a lot safer for me since i'm a scary cat! i was thinking about 475cc but i dont want to be too big so ill prolly have my PS overfill to 475cc. you can actually do this but you have to ask you PS first. i am currently 34B and trying to be a Small D (32D), i am very excited to finally have this procedure done. i will keeping you gals posted on whats going on! On Feb 2, 2013 i have my post op to go discuss my procedure one more time and to pay the rest of my surgery, if any of yhall have any comments feel free to comment! and if anyone out here that is around my height and weight that has had BA with 450cc implants or more Please i want to hear from you and your experience(:

Hello ladies, Well i am super excited about...

Hello ladies,
Well i am super excited about Breast Augmentation cant stop talking about it to my husband, i had another appointment with my PS for this Saturday but switch it to this Friday so sooner, to discuss the details about my Plastic surgery, I've had a consultation with him already but i want to see him again since i made the decision to go forward with my surgery, since i did see other PS in my Research for the best and who i felt more comfortable with. i am super ready to do this and super excited too. i just want Friday to come, So i can start planning everything already, like my actual Surgery date, What i do know is, Im getting Saline Implants, under the muscle thru the nipple, and will be getting 450cc to accomplish a Small to kinda full D cup. since one of my boobs is smaller than the other i think my PS will add a little more cc's to the smaller boob. I also want to know what brand are my implants going to be, i know theirs Mentor saline implants and Natrelle Saline implants, correct me if i am wrong(: so i will ask my PS what brand does he recommend for me. also one thing that i am confused about is the Profile so i will discuss that too with my PS. okay what else.. oh yeah i want my 450cc to be overfill to 475cc Ofcourse if my PS says is okay, i want to do this because i know that once the implant is under the skin and under the muscle the size and volume of the implant will decrease since is inside of you and not just under your unpadded bra and thin shirt. so i want to be able to say "yes they are bigger than what i wanted an expected" than to say "yes they are smaller than what i wanted and expected, but Oh well" no i dont want tobe in that situation! i had small boobs for 23 yrs. Now i want Big nice twins. Lol so I'm going to cut this here, i will keep updating my profile once i get more information on My new baby's, for sure will update on friday after consultation with PS to see what he said. and hopefully we have a date by then. one more thing i will upload pictures of how i look now on friday since i don't have any in my computer and need to upload first. okay bye now(:

Hello i am writing today because i am very excited...

Hello i am writing today because i am very excited about my breast augmentation i just cantwait tip everything is done. i was having planning on having Breast Augmentation on the Beginning of this month which is Feb. 2013 but i just didnt have all the Cash money together i decided to save a little more money to pay the full procedure so i now decided i will have my Breast Augmentation in the beginning or Middle of March 2013 i just want this to be over with by July before i turn 24. i cant wait for this i been wanting this forever. i spoke to my PS assistant today Patty and she schedule me for Feb 22 to meet up with my PS to discuss the details of my Breast aug. so i wont be updating my Profile until then.

I had my 2nd Consultation with my PS on Friday,...

I had my 2nd Consultation with my PS on Friday, and i finally have my Surgery date April 10 it is i am Excited not nervous yet a bit anxious to see how my twins are going to turn out. so to the good part(: just to remind you girls my Stats are Height: 4'11 Weight:105 and my Bra size now is 32B, I decided to go with 500cc to achieve the look i want, you girls prolly think thats too freaking big for my little frame, but for the look that i want is perfect. My Ps gave me a limit to go to 450cc to 500cc i decided 500cc because i want Big boobs i want to be 32-34D, i went with High Profile, Smooth Round Implant, and the Brand is Natrelle. since i so have my Left boob smaller than the Right he will put 30cc extra to the Left side. so i will be 500cc on the Right and 530cc on the Left. okay what else umm lol on Friday April the 5th. i will go make my last payment to get my Labs done which is the blood test they run before surgery to make sure you're in good health. that day im sure patty my Ps Ass. will be Ordering my Twins to Get them ready for Wednesday when is my big day, omg icant wait, on friday when i go do my payment i will go shopping for all the things i need like button up Larger shirts Sweat pants for that day a whole new little Outfit comfortable of course. like a sweatpants suit. i do have a list that i know it will come in handy for yhall girls that are getting Breast Surgery too. tomorrow is 8 days until my surgery and today i had my last beer i wont drink anymore tip i am compleately healed. an i stopped Smoking today too. ugh it sucks but oh well is for our own good(: we want to be fine for 2013 lol.
another thing i dont know if you girls ahve thislittle issue too, well my hubby is a little concern about me going into surgery his super nervous ansi worried about me, more than myself he really loves my boobs the way they are his in love with my body now, but i am not doing this for him or anyone im doing it for me, myself i feel sometimes insecure about my little boobs i see other girls with there big boobs and i get so insecure. i have a booty i do, a fat booty too but small boobs, my hubby is an ass guy but also likes boobs a lot, he just got use too my small boobs. so now i say is the time to do this. he is there for me tho he says if you always wanted this iam there with you so go for it. he makes me happy! he will be taking care of me for my recovery

Woohoo my Big day is finally here been impatiently...

Woohoo my Big day is finally here been impatiently waiting for this day I'm in the doctors off. Waiting to get put in to surgery! Omg is so real now! I'm not nervous at all I'm actually super excited an anxious To be in the other side with big Round nice boobs! I had to be here at my Surgeons off. @ 10:00 am. But made it 30mins. Early, I fill out some paper work an now I'm waiting!' Omg I want my surgeon to hurry an call me in!! I'm so ready!! I wonder how painful it will be after that's what Scares me!! So I Will try an update today after surgery if I can type an if I'm not too tired or in too much pain. Good luck to all my Breast aug. sisters!!

Good day gals, i now have my Big round boobies

Good day gals, i now have my Big round boobies
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Researched different PS in the area and really liked his after photos for BA, and he also has alot of successful patients which are in the Modeling Industry. Dr. Smaili omg i love love him because of my Amazing results and i thank him so much for my new Girls i love love them! his the best an i will definitely recommend him!

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