Breast Augmentation: My Journey - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hey Everyone! Let's begin this journey... My...

Hey Everyone! Let's begin this journey...

My Description-- I just turned 22 in May! Height 5'2", Weight 115. My pre-augmentation size is 32A and my goal size is a small C.

The Beginning of this 'Journey'-- All the women in my family, both on my mother's and father's side have large breast at least a C-cup or more. So, when all my siblings and friends began to develop I noticed that I wasn't. I quickly grew to my size of a 32A and stop growing. I told myself when I graduate college I can treat myself with a breast augmentation. I graduated last December (a semester early, and with honors) so now it is time for me to begin this journey!

Researching Doctors-- I live in California (Los Angeles to be exact), so my choice of doctors is not limited! Since I've graduated college, I have been doing research on various doctors. I have joined every breast aug forum, blog and review site. Each month the list got smaller and smaller with more research. I've decided upon one doctor in Beverly Hills! I have read his reviews, seen his work and spoke with friends of my family who personally recommend him. He is board certified and has been doing cosmetic surgery for some years so I feel like I am making the right choice. I know people say you must go on many different consultations to see which you like best; but I can honestly disagree with the right research!

The Consultation-- I scheduled my consultation of my birthday (what a nice gift to myself). So, I had a half day of work, went shopping in Beverly hills, had a delicious late lunch then went to my appointment. I made it for 5.30p, but I arrive before 5.00p. I was a mix of emotions ranging for nervous to sheer excitement! The office was in huge building and once I arrive to my actual doctor's office, I was greeted by the receptionist who were really nice and accommodating. I had to fill out the usual paperwork and I waited for about 35 minutes, but I brought my iPad so the wait time was bad at all (considering I arrived 30 minutes early). A nurse (I believe) brought me back to a room for my consultation and I changed and was seen by the doctor in about 15 minutes. They had so may magazines to keep me busy. I saw the silicone and saline implant samples but I was afraid to touch them for some reason?!

My doctor was so nice, I mean ridiculously, easy-going and personable. He looked at my breast said they were beautiful and had a nice shape to them (I disagree, but he probably has to say that to every patient right?). We discussed what I was looking for and I told him and he helped guide me into the right decision. I pretty much told him I wanted the most natural looking breast aug wit in the small C range. He showed me some pictures and all the ones I fell in love with were full C's! His work is very natural looking, a perfect fit to me. He said for my frame because I am petite but somewhat pear shaped a full C would look nice but I'm dead set on a smaller C-cup. What I like was he didnt try to push in a direction that I wasn't comfortable going in. He just gave his professional opinion that many women later wish they would have gone larger but I don't think I will change my mind. After some time and discussion, we decided that I am going to get a small C-cup, silicone because they feel more realistic, under the muscle placement and the incision site just below the areola.

I went out to meet with his financial advisor who gave me a thorough breakdown of all the expenses and what is expect of me (rules) before and after the surgery. The price is above the national average but I am not looking for a cheap surgery and get cheap results! I want to pay for quality work. We talked about the all-inclusive price (doc fee, anesthesia, pre and all post op visit), care credit if I need financial assistance and some suggestions and tips from previous patients

I reserved my date for surgery which was a refundable fee that was to be taken from the total cost. My surgery date is scheduled for Friday, July 20th at 6.30a (I'm the first patient of the day!)

The wait begins...

The Pre-Op-- Today was my Pre-Op appointment with...

The Pre-Op-- Today was my Pre-Op appointment with my doctor.. Once again the wait was not bad at all. I went back where I had my blood pressure taken and blood drawn while we discussed all the things I can and cannot not do before and after the surgery. Since I have been on these forums for so long, everything was pretty much repeat information but I'm glad they took the time to tell me everything I needed to know. We discussed size again and I'm confident with my mid C cup but I did feel that today the nurse was pushing me towards a full C small D because "everyone else wants that size". That was a touch off putting but the ps and I seem to be in agreement with the mid C range.

I had to pay my full balance and I'm scheduled for surgery in less than two weeks! I'm so excited ladies!!!

During my research, I noticed some women were...

During my research, I noticed some women were talking about take vitamins to help with recovery after their surgery. So at my Pre-Op appointment I asked my doctor about using these supplements and with the ok I ordered a kit on the website

After looking at the reviews, I decided to purchase VitaMedica Plastic Surgery Pre & Post-Op Program 4pc Kit (w/Vitamins, Arnica, Bromelain). It comes with a morning and night vitamin supplement and the arnica and bromelain. They were a few dollars short of $100.. This morning would only be my second day taking them. It says to take three vitamin pills with breakfast and three with dinner or before bed time up to 14 days before and after surgery. I wonder how helpful they will be in terms of recovery but from the positive reviews a lot of ladies like these vitamins. Does anyone have any else experience with them?

Today was my surgery! Im a liitle out of it so...

Today was my surgery! Im a liitle out of it so I'll update you ladies tomorrow! :)
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