36 Yrs, Breast Fed Twice, Lift & Silicone unders - 450cc- Beverly Hills, CA

After breast feeding my second daughter I knew I...

After breast feeding my second daughter I knew I would never be the same. I naturally had a hourglass figure, thick hips, butt & 36C. But now My breast are sagging & deflated. My bikini tops and dresses do not look the same. I need to feel sexy again, and be confident. My surgery is scheduled for Monday morning at 9am. It should take 3 hours.

Day one

I slept good. There's a lil blood on right boob I'm worried about I'll post a pic. My sister fed me. Taking pain pills, still softners, I'm very swollen. I'm happy I'm home now. I threw up 3 times very little 3 tablespoon of liquid yucky

Day #2 recovery

The excitement of undressing & showering kept me up since 5am......i keep sleeping short Naps then at 930am My sister helped me into the shower. I reveled my new boobies. I'm so happy & greatful they're so much better. Here's the before & after pic. Time to go back to sleep.

Day 4 post op

I'm fatigued & was constipated for 3 days, eww disgusting. Finally yesterday the Dulcolax worked, I also stopped the pain pills for about 12 hours. I Thought I would drive myself today but no it didn't happen my body was tired and sore. I had to take a muscle relaxer and 1/2 a pain pill bc the soreness was awful. I'm getting around, just fatigued every 3 hours or so.

Before & after pics

Wow after 2 children, breastfeeding, gaining/loosing weight, 10 years married, I finally invested in myself, my breast are bringing sexy back.

Day 8 post op

Day 8 no pain meds needed til 4pm... I cooked went to the park, store & cleaned up. Feeling like a million bucks. I put on my bikini top and I'm amazed. I should have done this year's ago. It seems like ppl treat me better for some reason. The guy at the liquor store gave me & my daughters free candy. Then someone else opened my door.

another pic

I'm shocked with these results. 450cc on each side. I feel sexy& young again

Day 12 post op

So yesterday was the first day with absolutely no pain. I started doing regular chores, cleaning, cooking, washing dishes....here is a before (1 day b4 surgery & 10 days after pic. The next one is me without a bra. Feeling like a million bucks. Can't wait for them to settle d&f. They're still hard & tight but beautiful.

Steri strips off.....

16 days post op BL & BA the steri strips on my nipples were getting gross & coming loose so I cut them carefully with small scissors. Some scabs peeled off & I read about scar away repair gel, 100% silicone. I paid $27 for .35fl Oz. On sale normally $36 & my skin feels a lot better after applied. My boobies dropped, more on the right but so much better than day #1. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Patience....my darlings.

Question - steri strips are off 18 days post op

Hi all, the remainder of my steri strips came off today after a shower. The left nipple has a small seperation, it's white. I'm worried that stich came loose.....or can separate more. I applied silicone scar away for now & messaged my plastic surgeon consultant. Does anyone have a moment to look & advise? Ty.

4 weeks post op

Still recovering, I got measured at 36D. I'm so greatful and feel sexy & womanly again. I gained & lost weight from excersize & pregnancy & breast feeding that left me with flat saggy boobs. They are coming along in excited to buy new clothes, dresses & get a Make over next. Good luck ladies!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

He's friendly, the office is ok, but the girls in the front are not attentive but I knew about them bc real self.

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