28 Yrs Old, 325cc/350cc, Mentor Mod+ Silicone

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Am I an A or a AA? I wonder this quite a bit. I've...

Am I an A or a AA? I wonder this quite a bit. I've wanted breast implants for this very reason since I graduated college. The only bras I own are padded.

I've posted my dream boobs. I've booked a consult with a PS August 28th. I'm from San Francisco but know that Southern California is home to some of the best. I did my fair share of research and will be seeing Dr. David Kim in Beverly Hills. I'm so excited! Considering the Mod+ or HP but wasn't sure of the major difference.

There is an error uploading photos right now.

Wish Boob Pictures

Adding in the photos I couldn't yesterday. Also, I'm not sure how to edit my doctor, this is only for a consult and I have not yet put down any kind of deposit for the actual procedure.

More Wish Boobies

I definitely have a specific shape I'm looking for. I'm hoping they aren't unrealistic expectations given my body shape.

My Appointment is Booked!

So after reading so many reviews from the lovely ladies of real self and watching the many videos that Dr. David Kim posted, it felt so surreal being at the actual consultation! He's just as professional as people make him out to be, not overly chatty, but definitely showed his expertise when making quick observations. I was quite nervous in his office - which is much smaller in real life!

Verdict wise, he mentioned I had a wide rib cage and because of that would need to have Mod+ if I decided to move forward. The wish boobs I had showed him were mostly on more petite rib cages. For reference, I'm roughly 5'3" around 112 lbs and a dress size 2. I've always worn a 32A at VS so I was sort of surprised when he asked if I was a 34. I've been repeatedly re-measured and always came out a 32 but go figure. I suppose I won't be getting the HP implants as they are smaller in diameter and would look "too small" on my frame. I'm definitely going for the natural look so Mod+ it is!

After about a month more of twiddling my thumbs and reading more reviews, I've decided to bite the bullet! I booked my appointment for December 12th of this year!! I figured it'd be the best time since it's around the holidays and I can WFH so it isn't so obvious at work. I'm so excited but nervous. After seeing so many reviews, I'm hoping I can go to a mid-C cup (I'm currently a AA). I don't want a full C as one of my girlfriends had full C's and they just look too out of proportion to her frame. Counting down the days!

Posting another "wish boob" photo to add to the collection. I really hope I get similar results.

The Date is 3 Weeks Away!

I've been looking through this site more and more as the BA date is coming up quite quick. I re-thought about how it'd be too obvious to my family if I got the surgery so close to Christmas. With all the babies running around, I'd definitely want to pick them up and be as mobile as possible so I just moved the date to 1/8/15.

I'm updating with new side profiles *wish pics* so I can give Dr. Kim more dimensions to go off of. Sometimes it's difficult to tell how big someone is with just a frontal photo, however I'm sure Dr. Kim can quickly assess what people are looking for.

In preparation I've bought the 1000 IU Vitamin E in advance. Always make sure to purchase the D-alpha tocopherol and not DL-alpha as the DL is synthetic. I'm also looking to purchase the Biocorneum & some cold packs. EEP. I'll continue to research what I need, I don't want to go overboard from nervousness.

Eep! 2 more days until boobville!

I'm beyond nervous and have bought almost everything I think I might need. This includes: Heat pads for my back, CVS "Peas" as an ice pack, straws, vitamin e, face wipes, antibacterial soap, hella healthy snacks, and some Culturelle for the aftermath of antibiotics.

I spoke with Christina from the office today and she definitely helped calm my nerves. I absolutely love that she's my person of contact because she's so personable. She mentioned I should limit the photos I send through to Dr. Kim to 3 which is ridiculously hard - I've been checking out boobs for almost 4 months now! I have way too many wish pictures. I looked at his website again and narrowed it down to 2 of my favorites that he personally did. I'm going to add 2 of the photos I posted previously... 1 more photo can't be that bad :P

Day 1. All wrapped up

I was super nervous for my surgery yesterday morning but his nurse Cindy was very lovely. To be honest I was a little bummed. I thought I would get to talk to Dr Kim a little longer than I did. He was running behind from a different surgery so I only got to spend 20 seconds with him, most of which was just to take photos. I thought I'd be able to go through my photos with him on what I wanted. I understand they go through so many surgeries it's routine for them or maybe I'm just a bit more sensitive but I just wanted to be able to talk more to my PS. If it weren't for all the glowing reviews and results, I may be more worried than I am now.

He didn't draw any lines on me or measurements as far as I was aware - Cindy drew my blood, had me sign some forms. The anesthesiologist put me under pretty fast. I'm a 350 CC and 325 CC due to my asymmetry. I initially mentioned I wanted a small to mid C due to the nervousness, but really wanted to say mid to full, just more towards mid but I didn't have a chance to explain. I hope everything turns out ok when the bandages come off at 3 today! Eep.

My husband has been super doting while I'm bed ridden. I tried taking small walks in the apartment but it just got me nauseous. The pain isnt too bad unless I have to get up, but I took one Vicodin so far last night around 6, and then one in this morning. Trying not to stay dependent!

I'll keep you guys posted on the results!

Day 2-3: Positive Outlook

Hello Ladies :) Just to give a quick update, I've been able to get a peak at the girls!
I went to see Dr. Kim for the post-op and was pretty nervous. I had actually thought that what I was feeling through the bandages was mostly gauze and tape, but boy was I wrong. It was all me! lol. They are a little bigger than what I envisioned, but I'm hoping once the swelling goes down, they'll be perfect.

I think I was pretty emotional given the huge change. Dr Kim is AMAZING. I have no frankenboob! I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but I'm pretty excited about it. You definitely do not go to him to get a new best friend, you go for results. Just keep in mind whatever "wish boob" photos you show him, you will most likely receive. He is an absolute artist. I'm very happy right now and will remain hopeful that everything drops and fluffs correctly. It's so weird to see boobs when I look down!

Please keep in mind when you go through this surgery you will definitely need someone with you at all times. I could not have gone through everything without my husband. He's been so incredibly supportive. I'll give you a run down of the difficulties by day since I'm up and running at this point.

Surgery Day: Anesthesia had me in a loopy place, they gave me Emend to take 2 hrs before the surgery for the nausea. When I woke up I was seeing things that weren't there or would fall in and out of sleep dreaming something happened. Hubby got me some Chicken Pho and cut it up to spoon feed me. I sipped the broth through a straw. This was the most difficult day. Could not take off pants or anything to go to the bathroom (Sorry for TMI!) Took 1 Vicodin + antibiotics.

Day 1: Couldn't do much on my own, I just milled around and did nothing for the most part. Played games, watched TV, lots of bed rest. I was able to get some Korean soup but didn't eat too much. bandages taken off. Still couldn't do much. Took 2 Vicodin total + antibiotics.

Day 2: Much better! No Vicodin for me! I moved on to just taking 2 Advil in the morning and 2 Advil at night. I went to get some breakfast and did some light walking around the mall. I didn't carry anything and the hubby just doted on me the entire way through. I'm starting to feel closer to normal. Can open car doors now but just remembering not to push and pull too much. I can go to the bathroom on my own now. Had to have hubby bathe me but with a wash towel so I wouldn't get the bandages wet.

Day 3: Feeling amazing this morning. Only taking antibiotics, I don't see a need for Advil. Swelling has gone down a bit. I posted a quick photo - not feeling too comfortable yet with full on photos. I'll update when able.

Post-Op Week 1 Complete!

Hi Ladies! Days 4-8 were somewhat of a blur. I went back to work on day 7 and everything was fine. I have more of a sit-at-your-desk job where the most I have to do is run in and out of meetings. The heaviest thing I have to lift is my laptop which is only 3 lbs. I've reduced everything in my work bag to necessities so that it all weighs under 5lbs (including laptop). I do carry everything with 2 hands. Outside of work, I only carry my cellphone, keys, and wallet in a super light clutch. Here's a quick run down of my stats:

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110 lbs
Initial Cup Size: 34 AA (32A size at Victoria Secret)
Implants: Mentor MemoryGel 350cc (R) 325cc (L)
Implant Diameter: 12.5 cm (R) 12.3 cm (L)
Implant Projection: 3.9 cm (R) 3.8 cm (L)

I put in the diameter and projection because it's important to understand that every implant brand has a varying measurement. For example, if you're looking at a RS review and Sientra or Naturelle implants were used, they will have a different projection and diameter at the same CC as mine.

I'm getting happier everyday that the swelling goes down. I have to admit when I first saw them, I wasn't so happy because I thought they were too big. I'm still hoping they go down in size further because I am into the leaner look. I probably should've emphasized a smaller C-Cup but only had a couple of seconds with Dr. Kim beforehand. Either way his work is gorgeous and I won't get stuck on their current size because I know they still have to F&D. It's best to go into these surgeries without freaking out a week or two after. When you do your research and pick a board certified physician with post-op results that you're in love with, trust that it only takes time to get there.

Days 4-8: Waking up with morning-boob sucks. Walking still hurts after about 1-2 hours and then I get tired and want to lay in bed. I finished my antibiotics on day 7. Pro-tip: Write down the times you took the antibiotic on a piece of paper so you properly space out times, otherwise you're going to forget when to take the next one. Dr. Kim had me start to massage them on day 4 so i started off light and researched online what kind of massages to do. At one week, I started to get more aggressive. I saw Dr. Kim for a quick one-week check in and everything looks great. He told me I could start light exercise with lower body at 2-3 weeks. I can't wait to go back to high-intensity work outs! So tired of not being able to go to the gym.

Things I actually did use that I bought pre-surgery:
Metamucil - Fiber :)
Straws - I stopped after day 3 though
Dried Fruit Snacks - Just to pass the time and honestly, snacking is just fun

Useless items that now clutter*:
CVS "Peas" cold packs - Never had a need to ice
Heating pads for back - Did not need this, my back wasn't sore at all from sleeping with high pillows
*I'm starting to think my pain tolerance is very high though, so do take this with a grain of salt.

Still not comfortable showing photos online, but when I took a body photo, my boobs are definitely in proportion to my body and very much like the wish boobs I brought to him. Ladies going to Dr. Kim - make sure the wish boobs you bring him on surgery day are an exact want! He'll deliver as close to possible in relation to your body shape :)

Post-Op Week 2! Felt like forever to get here

I have to admit that I ended up with the case of the booby blues and was super worried I had gone too big. I knew it would take time, but obviously growing up without boobs and then having them the next day is just ridiculously hard to adjust to. Thank you for letting me rant & fret to you ladies!

With that in mind, I realized as the swelling went down, my fears diminished and I am as happy as ever with my new boobs. I've decided to post photos because it gave me so much comfort to be able to read other people's journeys here on RS. I've posted my post op, week, 1 and week 2 photos. Those long wires are NOT my nipple hairs! lol it's the suture that I was able to take out yesterday. The swelling definitely went down on the side boob area and I think that's what is making me happier. I just felt so wide, but now that I look at the photos, the boobs really are proportional to what I was looking for.. still could've gone down 25-50cc's but we'll see what happens in week 3! My right boob is the one with the 350cc and the lefty is the one with the bruise next to the nipple at 325 cc. The right one is dropping a little slower than the left.

Week 2: Boobs are definitely softer but I now get those zings and am a bit more tender as the nerves come in. Not much more to add.

Month 1 woo!

So after a bit of dropping, I've posted an update. They definitely don't look any smaller, but they feel smaller? I added some photos with a sports bra on because without something on, the camera makes them look smaller than how they are in real life. They feel gigantic to me, like I have to use a whole hand to grab one. lol keep in mind I used to be able to just use my palm only, so this honestly takes adjusting to. One of my FAVE sports bras to hang out in when I'm not sleeping in my Under Armour Protegee is the Under Armour Plunge sports bra! I just got it in a small and it fits perfectly. SO comfy with very light covers so that your nips don't surprise everyone.

Nothing new has really happened. Week 3 felt the same as week 2 but I still have a slight bit of morning boob in lefty. Not sure why the right one doesn't considering it is the bigger implant.

In week 3.5, you'll see in the photo that it's obvious the right one is dropping slower. I admit I freaked out a little and massaged it much more but then you can see in week 4, both are at the same level. I suppose since I'm right handed it's easier for me to absent mindedly massage the left one more.
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