24 Yr Old, 5'5" 125lbs, Athletic, Hoping to go from an A to Small C Cup! - Beverly Hills, CA

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I've always wanted breast implants, not to have...

I've always wanted breast implants, not to have HUGE boobs, but to fit better into bras and bathing suits. I'm pretty flat and I always wear a padded bra to give the illusion that I have little something. I even wear a padded bra to the gym under my sports bra. I have an athletic build, I like to stay in shape, and I run a lot. I have attributed my small bust to genes and low body fat. I currently wear a 34A and I'm hoping to achieve a small to mid C Cup. I'm hoping to have soft, natural looking breasts that give me some cleavage and are proportionate to my body. I have a little booty and I believe nice boobies will even out my curves. I just got engaged and I'm ready it get new boobies now! I have done SO much research over the last few years, I feel ready. I would like to have the surgery soon in order to heal as much as possible before my wedding in one year:)

Rice Test: how accurate is it?

I have read some reviews about the rice test and decided to try it out myself. I first time 1 1/2 cups of rice which equals about 350cc's and I thought it's looked a little too big for me. I then tried 1 1/4 cups of rice which equalled about 295cc's and I really liked the look on me. I have heard when going submuscular, the implant appears smaller. So I am wondering if I should go for about 325-350cc's to achieve a small to mid C cup. (Dr recommended about 375cc for a full C, taking into consideration my current size and existing breast tissue). I know doctors say not to get hung up on the cc amount, but I'm really concerned about picking the right size.

Wish Pics

Consultation: March 1, 2014

I'm doing some backtracking of my experience so far, since I just created a RealSelf profile.

CONSULTATION: When I finally worked up the nerve to go through with the first consultation with a plastic surgeon, I called Dr. Kim's office a month in advance and scheduled a Saturday appointment. The Saturday appointment was a great option for us, since my fiance and I were traveling from out of town. Dr. Kim's office is located in a great part of Beverly Hills close to the infamous Rodeo Drive. Upon arriving at his office, there were a few options for parking: two hour street parking, a parking garage across the street, and a valet-only garage under the building. It was not a busy Saturday, so we found parking on the street. Dr.Kim's office is clean and well decorated, and the ladies up front were helpful and friendly. My fiance and I waited about 30 minutes before being placed in an exam room and then waited another 20 minutes before Dr. Kim came in. Dr. Kim is very professional and got right to the point. He asked what type of implant and what size I wanted. I told him I wanted a full C cup and silicone implants with a natural appearance. For a natural appearance, he recommended a Moderate Plus profile. He places all his implants submuscular. I asked him about the different incisions and this is what I learned. The axillary incision (arm pit) seems more visible and sometimes doesn't heal as well. Areolar (under the nipple) may cause a loss of sensation of the nipple and also cuts through more milk ducts. I told Dr. Kim that I haven't had any children yet, but I would like breastfeed in the future. Lastly, the submammory incision (under the breast) is of course visible with your shirt off but preserves milk ducts and has a less chance of numb nipples. Dr. Kim then left the room and had me change in an exam gown. He had me stand in front of the mirror and examined my breast tissue. He reconfirmed that a Moderate Plus implant would give me nice cleavage. I told him I wanted to avoid that weird boob gap some people with implants get. After that, I met with Christina in her office. She gave the pre- and post-op instructions and quoted me for $8,150 for silicone Naturell implants. This cost includes all surgical costs and follow-up care. Not included in the price: prescriptions. Also I asked Christina about a discount for paying in cash. She said with Dr. Kim's approval I could get 5% off. She also let me know, the next step would be to pay a $500 deposit to schedule the surgery date.

As easy as that! I felt really good after this consultation. All my questions were answered (with the exception of what exact size to get) and I think I made up my mind that I was going to go through with the surgery and Dr. Kim was going to be my plastic surgeon!

Scheduled my surgery for MAY 22, 2014!!!

After my consultation, I talked it over more with some family and my fiance. I pretty much already made up mu mind when I left my consultation, but I was searching for some more confirmation that I was making the right decision.

I called Dr. Kim's office and was able to pick a surgery date within SIX WEEKS. So my surgery date is officially: MAY 22, 2014!!! EEEK so exciting, but so scary!!

I paid the $500 deposit with a credit card over the phone. I scheduled a pre-op appointment two weeks before the surgery date. Then I will pay the remaining amount in cash (with a 5% discount) at the pre-op appoitment.

This is when it hit me: IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!!!

Pre-op Appointment: May 7, 2014

I went to my pre-op appointment with my mom. Dr. Kim only does his pre-ops Monday and Wednesday, so my fiance had to work. It was Wednesday, May 7th and it was a busy, busy day on Bedford Drive and in the Dr's office. The only option for parking was the valet-parking, which we paid the maximum amount, I think it was $16 for the whole time.

I checked in at the front desk, and they had me go a few doors down for my pre-op labs. They do a CBC (complete blood count), HBV, HCV, (Hepatitis B and C virus), HIV, and HCG (pregnancy) test. Then I returned to the office and filled out a TON of paperwork. The dr's office was really busy that day, I had to wait a while before being taken back to one of the ladies' offices. She reviewed all of the pre- and post-op instructions and reviewed my past medical history. She also took time to answer some more of my questions. I can't remember her name now, but she was very patient and honest when answering my questions. When she was all done, I waited in an exam room to meet with Dr. Kim.

I think I expected Dr. Kim to spend more time with me, reviewing the surgery and discussing my concerns about what size to go with. But he seemed very rushed and was very brief. I told him that I changed my mind about the full C, and thought it would be too big for my small frame, and that I would be more comfortable with a small or mid C cup. He said, "Are you sure? That small? I don't want you to regret going too small." I told him that I would rather regret going TOO SMALL rather than TOO BIG. The last thing I want is for the new boobs to be TOO BIG that they would restrict my current activities like running, playing tennis, and lifting weights. He seemed like he was running behind on appointments and trying to rush out of the room, but I showed him some wish pics I saved on my ipad and told him I'm worried about picking the right size. He just said to bring some pictures the day of surgery of what I wanted to look like.

The whole pre-op process took a couple of hours. I left this appointment feeling a little overwhelmed with all the information. I also felt a little unsatisfied because I still don't know what size to get. I know that I like how I look with a 295-300cc rice sizers in, but Dr. Kim said the test is unreliable, because the implant looks smaller under the muscle. Also I hope he understands that I don't want my results to be TOO BIG.

Question: How has breast implants affect you with pregnancy and breast feeding?

I haven't had any children yet, and I'm curious if any of you have had a breast augmentation BEFORE having kids? How does it affect pregnancy and breast feeding?

I don't plan on having kids for another 5 years or so, but when the time comes, breast feeding is very important to me.


I worked my last day today before being off for 16 days! I have two days off before my surgery on Thursday, May 22nd. Then I have two weeks off post-op before returning back to work. I'm going to do my final preparations tomorrow including: cleaning, groceries, and laundry. Then I will be driving down to LA the day before surgery. Have surgery Thursday morning. Staying in a near by hotel the night of surgery. Then Friday morning going to see the dr before going home.

Currently I'm going through waves of extreme nervousness and then excitement. I'm nervous about the actual surgical procedure. I'm a surgical nurse, so I know how things SHOULD be done and how things can go wrong. I can't image how anxious I will be the day of. I just can't wait to wake up from surgery and have it all done!

Then I get really excited looked at Dr. Kim's 'after' pictures and thinking "That's going to be ME soon". I'm so looking forward to going shopping after the healing process.

I'm also nervous about my recovery time. I have two week off work. I work 12 hour LONG, BUSY shifts and not sure how I will feel going back. Also I have a Bachelorette party in Vegas three weeks post-op. I'm not sure how I will look and feel after three weeks. THEN... I'm in a wedding 6 weeks post-op. :/

Surgery prep!

Today was my last day at home. My mom and I are driving down to LA tomorrow. I cleaned my apartment, did laundry, and stocked up on groceries. I think I'm ready to do this! I'm feeling both anxious and excited!! I posted some pics of the things I bought to prepare for the recovery process.

I'm feeling more confident about my size selection. I printed out 5 wish pictures, per the dr's request. I want to be a Small to Mid-C Cup (300-375cc??). Everyone says go with the bigger size. BUT I really do not want to be TOO big. I'm trusting my dr to pick the appropriate size for my body and go for the look in my 'Wish Pictures'.



I made down to LA this afternoon. I have been anxious all day, but totally ready to just do it already. The Dr's office called me to let me know to show up at 10am and my surgery time is about 11:30am. Then the anesthesiologist called me to review my medical history and he calmed my nerves and said "We'll take good care of you!"


I was sooo happy to wake up and know I was okay and to have the surgery FINALLY over. The first thing I asked was, "how big are they?" And my nurse responded "339cc". I'm very happy about that because a requested a small-mid C cup, somewhere between 300-350cc. I'm one happy girl!!!

I like them already:)

Post-Op Day 1

I had a hard time sleeping last night between waking up to go to bathroom or taking antibiotics/ pain meds. The pain in my sternum is decreasing but my ribs are the most sore. I'm alternating between the Norco and just plain Tylenol every four hours for pain. I started having some mild nausea after dinner last night, so I'm backing off the Norco.

I went in for my post-op appointment with Dr. Kim to have my surgical dressing removed. Thankfully the dr's office accommodated me and squeezed me in for an 11:30am appointment (otherwise I would have had to wait until after 5pm to see Dr. Kim). After he removed the dressings, the first thing I said was "How weird!". From always looking down and being flat to BAM! BOOBS! Crazy! Then I got to see myself in the mirror for the first time and I told him, "They're perfect!" I was expecting more of a wide, high, square 'Fraken-boob' appearance ( like the nurse warned me), but I was pleasantly surprised to see two beautiful round perky boobs! I LOVE THEM! They are of course swollen and way perky, but if they look this great after one day, I can't wait until they drop!

Post-Op Day 2

Here are some progress pics. Post-Op Day 2: I was feeling VERY sore, especially in my ribs. My breasts felt soft but swollen and perky. I was very happy to still have sensation in my nipples.

Post-Op Day 5 &6 Progress Pictures

I was able to finally take a shower on post-op day 3 and then was able to remove some of the tape on post-op day 4. Also on day 4, I was instructed to begin light massage of my breasts. By post-op day 5, I was feeling really good, so I went for a 2 mile walk. I was getting tired of sitting around the house, so I got out in thus shine without over exerting myself. I'm really happy with my results so far:)

Post-Op Day 11

I'm feeling great! A lot of the soreness has gone away. I'm still in my sternum, especially when I sneeze (ouch), cough, or take a deep breath. And there is still soreness in the underboob/ incision area. I'm very consistent with my massages. Any chance I get, I sit down, take my sports bra off, and do the breast massage the doctor ordered. It helps prevent any scar tissue build up and keeps my breast soft. I love how squishy they are! They feel so real! Lol

So far the reaction from my family and friends has been great. They are all pleasantly surprised how NOT obvious it is. Like I was meant to have this size! I think a lot of the people closest to me feared me going TOO big. In clothes, my breasts feel just right (no one at work will notice for sure), but in bathing suits and naked they feel big to me! And I love the cleavage I get, even wearing no bra:).

If I'm being picky and if I could do it all over again, I would have gone slightly larger, like a full C cup. From the very beginning, I wanted a full C, but everyone around me warned me to go smaller, especially my fiancé. He was very supportive of me getting breast implants, but honestly he is a "Butt Guy", and is really not into HUGE boobs. Maybe it's because I'm just wearing a tight sports bra all the time, but I wanted it to look slightly larger is clothes. Or maybe it's just 'boob greed', no matter what you get, you always want bigger? I'm still young and haven't had any kids yet, so there's always time in the future if I need a little lift or bigger implants.

Overall, I'm VERY happy with my results so far! I'm so glad I went with Dr. Kim! My boobs look amazing! I go in for my first post-op appointment Wednesday. Hopefully he will remove the last bit of Steri-Strips so I can see my incisions.

Thanks everyone for the kind words and support:)

Post-Op appointment

I forgot to write an update about my follow-up appointment last week. I saw Dr. Kim on post-op day 10. He removed the Steri-Strips and remaining sutures. He said everything looked good, but I need to massage more and work on my cleavage. He demonstrated how to do the massage and he squeezed them SO HARD! I have been massaging a lot but not THAT HARD. He said it's very important to keep them soft and to work on my cleavage by moving the implant around the breast pocket and squeezing them together. I'm just a little nervous because I have a bony chest and you can see my sternum between my breast. He said the massaging may help or it just might be my bone structure. Now I don't have to go see him for another 3 weeks:)

Most of the pain has gone away. I do start feel my breast get firm and uncomfortable if I go a while without massaging them. Even though they are tender when I first massage them, I feel much better afterwards. Also my nipple are hypersensitive.

Happy Healing:)

5 Weeks + Post-op Appointment

I'm a little over 5 weeks post-op and I feel great! I feel like my normal self and my new boobs no longer feel like foreign objects; they feel a part of me. I have returned to my normal exercise including running, kickboxing, cycling, and lifting weights. However, I still go lighter on the weights and avoid anything that uses my pec muscles. I had another post-op appointment this past week (Friday, June 27th).

Dr. Kim said everything looked fine. I need to keep massaging my breasts. My right breast is slightly higher and could soften up and drop more with massage. Dr also said my incisions looked a little pink and could be lighter. (I'm pretty fair skinned and my cuts/scars always stay pink a while before fading). But he said to take 1000mg of Vitamin E daily and these all natural "Scar Pellets" that he sells in his office to aid the scar healing process. Overall, I'm really happy and have of received so much positive feedback from family and friends =)

2 months + Post-Op

I'm a little over 2 months post-op. I had to cancel my appointment with Dr. Kim today due to a work conflict and being 4 hours away. Also I feel like I really didn't need to see him. Not much has changed since my last appointment. I called his office and they were okay with my cancellation. Instead, I emailed him some pictures and an update on how I was doing.

I feel totally normal! No pain at all. I have returned to my normal exercise routine: running, lifting weights, and kickboxing (still no chest exercises). My breasts look and feel better and better over time. They continue to feel softer and softer and continue to drop. I fit into a 32C normal VS bra and a 32D strapless VS bra. I am still doing a lot of massaging (very important!). I also still put on the Bio-corneum scar cream twice a day and take 1000mg of Vitamin E once a day.

I'm still very happy with my whole experience! Now I love wearing bathing suits! This summer has been so fun! I plan to see Dr. Kim in another 2 months. :)

4 months post-op: 339cc Mod+ Silicone implants

I haven't posted an update in a while, because I feel great and feel totally normal! Its been 4 months since my surgery and my breast just look and feel more natural and softer and softer over time. I love them and I love them on my body! I scar pretty easy, so my scars are really pink still. But I'll see what Dr. Kim says when I see him next week at another follow-up.

8 months post-op

I had another follow-up with Dr. Kim. I'm a little over 8 months post-op. I have the slightest asymmetry, the left breast has dropped a tiny bit more. I hardly notice it, but Dr. Kim is a perfectionist and pointed it out. We agreed it's probably because I'm a side-sleeper. So to fix it, I just need to switch sides. Besides that, everything is going great! I love them and I think they are just perfect for me! Before I hated trying on bathing suit because I never filled out the tops, now every suit I try on, I fall in love! (I've already bought two suits for a vacation in Palm Springs=) )

I've resumed all more normal activities like running, cycling, and lifting weights. (I ran a half marathon 5 months after surgery, no problem). Dr. Kim said I can do push-ups and other chest exercises, but my chest muscles are pretty weak and I'm still not comfortable doing push-ups, I feel like the implants move and my muscle really stretch. Otherwise, I'm totally satisfied!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

While researching plastic surgeons online in the LA area, Dr. David E. Kim's name kept popping up. Review after review, people said Dr. Kim's work was art. His results are flawless, symmetrical, and more natural looking. I only scheduled one consultation and after meeting Dr. Kim and his staff, I knew he was the plastic surgeon for me. He was very informative, professional, straightforward, and honest. He listened to my concerns and answered my list of questions. I left his office with my mind made up that I was going to finally get breast implants!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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