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I've had saline implants since 2007 and I want...

I've had saline implants since 2007 and I want them out. They are under my muscle and doc went thru my nipples. I'm not sure why I ever got them done in the first place; had great boobs to start with! I never had any problems, but just don't want them anymore. They make me feel chubby and just kinda top heavy which I don't like. Just made an appt with original surgeon in Beverly Hills, curious to see how much he will charge. I'm excited about getting rid of them. They don't belong in me anymore! Turning 50 in May and for some reason just want to be me again. They really do attract the wrong kind of attention and invite rude questions. I'm over it! My consult is on tues march 4th. Will post some pics then. Good site, great info and insight. Thank u:)

First consult today!

Just had my first consult today with Dr. Edelson. I really liked him and everyone in his office. He took his time explaining everything to me and it looks like I can just have the implants removed with no real need for a lift. I'm thankful for that! He said I could remove them under a local, but that he recommended a general anesthesia just for my comfort. It would be a short, light anesthesia. I'm beyond excited and wish the surgery was tomorrow!

Explanation scheduled for March 31st!

So excited!!! It was an extremely difficult decision to make between the doctors that I consulted with, but now that I've made a decision I cannot wait to be myself again. Doc is going with under breast small incision (original incision was thru the nipple). No lift needed. I have a decent amount of breast tissue, so I am hopeful that I will look ok. But really even if I end up an A cup and sagging to my waist, I'm not going to care! I will be 50 in May and I've noticed a lot of women here are or will be turning fifty; maybe we have to grow up a little and mature to finally realize we are better off being ourselves.

3 Days until explant!

I absolutely cannot wait until my surgery on Monday morning. I am so ready for this and to get back to being myself and being happy in my own skin minus the plastic balloons!

I did it!!!!!!!

Explant surgery this morning. I'm resting now but feel great. I had a very light general anesthesia with no issues so far. PS said implants came right out, no issues. I had 275's but my implant surgeon filled them to 300's. I didn't ask for that! Anyways, feel so happy that I did this for a multitude of reasons. This site helped me so much, been sharing many of the stories I've read on here with friends and family. I've learned a huge lesson through this experience and I hope my 19 year old daughter has learned from this as well. Be happy and proud being the best you can be and don't ever let anyone convince you that you aren't good enough! If anyone is having second thoughts, don't! I am thrilled about my decision and I am sure my results will be phenomenal!:) bandages off tomorrow so I will post some pics.

2nd Day Post Op

I feel great today as I did yesterday. I have my post op appt today at 2pm and I can't wait to see my NEW/OLD boobies! I took pain killers yesterday, but no need for any type of pain meds today at all. As a matter of fact, I didn't have any pain from the implant removal incisions at all. In addition to having my implants removed, I also had three scars on my stomach redone. Those bothered me just slightly. I highly recommend my surgeon Dr. Sardo from Scripps Hospital in La Jolla. She was wonderful and cannot wait to see the results today. Here is a pic from yesterday. I still cannot believe those balloons are out of me and I almost have this unnatural euphoric feeling that is difficult to describe. I at first thought it was the medication, but yesterday all day long I was feel happy, and excited for my future without these things in me. The vicodin did not make me tired at all, I was on cloud nine and today I feel the same way. This was absolutely the right thing for me to do for myself. I want to thank all the women on here for posting their stories. That really encouraged me when I first came on here searching for some info and advise from real women. This site has been extremely helpful to me and I am grateful. Looking forward to going shopping in my own closet, luckily I still have all the cute tops, dresses and jackets that I had before my implants that I haven't worn in a long time. Can't wait to show off my real self!

One Day Post Op

Another Pic - One Day Post Op

3 Day post op

Healing well. My incisions are itchy. Everything smooth so far and I keep thinking about going bra shopping! Can't wait!

Trying on my Old Clothes :)

Starting to have fun shopping a little in my closet. I am so happy with my decision. I still cannot believe that I got these implants in the first place.

My healing is going well. No pain. My PS has me wearing a sports bra with a wrap that I have on 24 hours. I guess this is preventing any fluid build up and at this point, all well. I have another appt on Tuesday to get my stitches out. The wrap is kind of bothersome because it's a little tight, but I don't care as long as those balloons are out! It's amazing how much lighter I feel. No discomfort from having to manage those weights on my chest.

5 Days Post Op

I went out last night with some friends to celebrate a little and had a really interesting evening. I felt and looked great. So proud of my boobs. It was just so odd for me. I have spent some time lately being embarrassed by the balloons and would try to hide the darn things unsuccessfully with my clothes. Well last night I wore a very pretty corset type bra so my incisions wouldn't be bothered and a lacy lingerie little cami! That's it! I felt beautiful, free and proud and above all confident. After a bit, I felt so good to be myself that I actually started telling people about my explanation. Yes, total strangers. I felt compelled. I'm not sure why, but it was as if I just slayed a huge dragon and had to publicize my feat. To my surprise, it became quite an interesting topic of conversation with the men high fiving me and congratulating me! It's amazing how we believe that we needed these balloons to feel better about ourselves or get more male approval or whatever the reason, but the reality was just the opposite! What an incredible journey this has been and I truly wish all you ladies the very best and hoping you all have an evening like I did last night. I will never change myself again with plastic inserts that brought the absolute opposite results for which they were meant. No more delusions here!

9 Days Post Op

As each day passes, I am more and more happy with my decision to explant. I have been told that I look "so happy" by people that have no idea of my little secret! I walk around with a big smile on my face which naturally attracts attention. I've been out a couple of times and feel a surge in confidence. I just can't get over how much better I feel! I physically and emotionally feel over the moon. My healing is progressing very well. I have dissolvable stitches and they are almost gone. My PS has me wearing a sports bra with an ace bandage for compression. I will have this on for a total of two weeks. No swelling at all. My sutures were below the breast. Dr. Sardo in La Jolla, California is a fabulous surgeon, so if you are in the area, please consult with her. I have been impressed at every level! Yesterday I did a little bit of shopping and just had the best time! I could fit into the cutest little clothes and wear bras that didn't remind me of armor. I bought a few bralettes from Victoria Secrets (only $10). They are lacy little things that are comfortable and super cute. I also discovered that the new style in bras were much less restrictive than what I have been used to. They are lacy, with no underwires which fits my new breasts perfectly! They aren't push ups or anything like that, they are soft, comfortable and natural. I love it! I bought all different colors and can't wait to wear them with the little cute tops that I found. Good luck ladies, I really wish you all the best in this journey. For me at least, it has been a smooth, wonderful and joyous time.

4 Weeks Post Op Today!

I cannot say how incredibly happy I am that I took these balloons out of me. I have been beaming with happiness and relief ever since my surgery four weeks ago today. The surgery went very smoothly with absolutely NO complications or pain. I am thankful for that. I have since indulged in a few shopping trips to purchase little lacy bralettes instead of the armor bras that I used to wear. I cleaned out my drawers and closets of all the clothes and bras that were HUGE. I am so happy to just be myself. An added benefit of all this is that I feel and look thinner and I feel SO MUCH SEXIER being myself. I wear little low cut halter tops and dresses and I feel great. I was lucky not to have some of the pains or complications with my implants and I am happy that I never will! I really hope that anyone considering implants finds this site and does their research. It just isn't worth it! My esthetician told me that explanting is the #1 surgery now for plastic surgeons. Very interesting. I guess we are getting smarter. Good luck ladies! This site has been so instrumental in my decision to explant and knowing that I was not alone with wanting to do this. Here's to us! :)
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