30 Year Old Silicone Implants Out, and Fat Transferred In!

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Ladies, I am 59 years old and 6 weeks post-op. I...

Ladies, I am 59 years old and 6 weeks post-op. I was implanted with 275 cc silicone implants under the muscle by an army surgeon. Yes, you read that right. There was a time when the military was offering breast implants for military dependents and the cost was $500. At the time I was 118 pounds, 5'5", and about as flat as a board, judging from old pics. I had always felt badly about my breasts (or lack of) and thought this was my heaven-sent answer.

Fast forward to today. The implants stayed relatively soft and pliable up until 3 years ago when the right side became hardened. I had actually been wanting to remove them 10 years ago, but the Kaiser surgeon I consulted REFUSED to remove them without my husband's consent, stating that since I was all implant, he was concerned about my husband's reaction! And I hesitated, not because my (new) husband was not supportive, but because I was concerned how I would feel about myself if I were once again flat and saggy. So, I was intrigued when I began to learn about fat transfer to the breast about a year ago.

Long story short, that was the right decision for me. After considerable research, I found a surgeon who had impeccable credentials and went for a consultation. He thought I would have a good result and ultimately be again about the size of my implants. I now weigh 141 pounds and had gained a bit of breast tissue with extra weight.

So, I took the plunge and went for it. Now the good, bad, and the ugly. The good is 6 weeks post-op, I am so relieved and happy that the implants are out!! My husband was not a fan of the "hard tits" and he loves the natural, soft shape of my breasts as do I. While not large by any stretch of the imagination, they are still nice. The bad: after 6 weeks, some fat has reabsorbed into the body and to be "larger" it would necessitate another surgery. Also, immediately after my surgery, I had bruising along the abdomen and flanks, and it was shocking to behold. I also have been wearing a compression garment (JOBST, Amazon) which has been a bother at times. The ugly: immediately after surgery, I was sick as a dog from the narcotics to contol pain. I mean vomiting non stop for 2 days until I switched to ibuprofen, pain be damned!

My final thoughts: again, for me this was so worth it. I've decided not to pursue an additional surgery, but rather to delight in the results that I have. I would encourage anyone contemplating surgery to do so very thoughtfully. It is not a walk in the park and all surgery carry a risk. However, after evaluating the pros and cons, removing my implants and having fat transferred was the best action I could have taken. I am happy with the results.

I forgot to mention that during surgery, my right...

I forgot to mention that during surgery, my right implant was discovered to have ruptured. I am so glad they are out!! Initially after the surgery, for several weeks I would look at my breasts and still feel as if the implants were still there. However, now I've become accustomed to having natural breasts. I will see about uploading some photos. I also wanted to mention the actual surgery took place in Pasadena at a surgical center and not in Beverly Hills, the doctor's office location.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Personable, impeccable credentials, meticulous about his work. Downside is that it was expensive, but I saved and considered cost an investment in my health.

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