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So, in a couple of days i will be getting my...

So, in a couple of days i will be getting my breast augmentation done by Dr. David Kim. I did alot of research before i can decide on a surgeon. I had a couple in mind but once I started researching about Dr. Kim, I forgot about the rest. I honestly took hours on his website see all the before and after pictures and videos. I couldn't wait on the consultation, and I will honestly always stay on his website and just researching his work. I had always wanted breast since mine didn't seem to want to grow. I am a small B, but always wear the super push-up bras and im over it now. I want to be able to wear a shirt and show some cleavage. Right now if i were a V-neck you cant even see a crease which is sad. :( I have always hated that, and always felt like a boy. My consultation was on March 1 and it was such a great experience. The staff is great. They aren't rude or anything. The office is just beautiful, nice and elegant. Now, Dr. Kim is fantastic. I had read some reviews that he was rude and what not, but his wasn't at all. He was actually joking around with me and my sister who came along. We had some laughs here and there. He listens to you and gives suggestions and also explains the procedure to you. I decided to get a full C. But I told him that I will let him decide and do what fits my figure. I'm 5' 2 135lbs. That day of the consultation I decided to go ahead and get the procedure done by him and had to make a 500 dollar deposit. I was schedule for march 27, no time was given but was told I will receive a call a day before the surgery. Pre-op day was a little bit long. I had blood work done, given the medication i will have to purchase and a list of things i couldn't do and sport bra i would have to purchase. But it help alot. Now I'm finally waiting for the day. I three day away from finally having boobs. lol It still hasn't hit me but im pretty excited. I know im in good hands and know they will come out great. Ill put some photos of how i look now. :) I will keep you guys updated.

Its almost the day.

So I'm a day away from the grand day. I'm not nervous YET but most likely tomorrow I will. Today the office called me to tell me the time of the surgery and also the anesthetist called me as well just to touch bases with me about tomorrow which was really nice of him to do. I know that Dr. Kim will do a great job. I just want it to be over to see them.

cant believe i did it but well worth it.

So today I did my surgery. It was great staff amazing doctor as well. It felt so fast. I fell asleep right away after the anesthesiologist put the anesthesia. I woke up this morning to touch stomach difficulties whatsoever I just want to cry but I'm very emotional but everything was great I know I'm really sore but I believe its normal my chest for the store I took them to the umbilical and everythings great discomfort when I touch it but no complaints. I'm pretty happy though super excited to see them tomorrow after they take away the bandages

Just super sore.

Today, i got my bandages removed and they are great. There high up there but it because of the swelling. Dr. Kim told me they will be dropping and becoming fuller in the bottom. I swollen and beyond sore. Like I had the incision through the belly button, my stomach is swollen too. I only have discomfort with certain movement and a sudden pinch here in there randomly on my belly button. But just a bit. I have been taking my medication but I am getting annoyed having to be in bed rest. I just want to move around. I been drinking a lot of pineapple juice because it helps with inflammation. I dont if maybe someone know of something i can apply to my belly button so it can heal properly ? If someone can help it will be great. or any tips.
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