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I'm 5'11" and 125 lbs. breastfed 2 children, I'm a...

I'm 5'11" and 125 lbs. breastfed 2 children, I'm a flat and deflated size A cup but grew to a DD when breastfeeding. I'm hoping to gain a voluptuous chest to match my hips. I LOVED my body and finally felt like a real woman and mother when I saw my breasts grow with my pregnancies. Everyone's reviews on here have been so helpful. I'm scheduling a consultation soon with Dr. Firouz in Beverly Hills, hoping to get my BA done in the spring. I'll
keep everybody updated :)

I'm looking around to find a doctor to have a...

I'm looking around to find a doctor to have a consult with. Most that I land on are priced for $6500-$9500 for a breast augmentation. For silicon implants at the cosmetic surgery care center they're priced at $5000-$5500... Not many reviews, but positives ones from what I have read online... I'm weary about paying less and getting a lesser than great job done. But if the doctors I'm looking up are priced so high, then is that just due to the fact that they're based in Beverly Hills?

Has anybody gotten their BA done at the cosmetic surgery care center in beverly hills? What was your experience? Worth it, or not worth it?

Consult finally!

I booked a consultation appointment with Dr. Costanzo for March 20th... very excited!! I haven't been turned off by his office from any sources and have had my eye on him for a while. So I'm posting some pics of myself now before my hopefully soon to be surgery.

Sugery date booked! Need more "realistic" wish photos :/

I had my consult appt with Dr Costanzo. I thought I knew enough, but one vital thing that I didn't realize was how skinny I actually am :(
After talking with him I had a better understanding of what my body could hold, and I actually went back to searching for "wish boobs" and found myself wanting to go smaller anyways. I really appreciate that he is a thorough surgeon and wont do something to my body that will actually end up hurting me or making me look terrible. What I originally wanted would have made me incredibly top heavy and I definitely don't want that!

Even the littlest bit of breast tissue and skin goes a long way, and I just don't have any! Has anybody else have this awakening? He told me that my original photos were unrealistic, but I couldn't quite get an idea of what was in his mind when he envisioned what he could do for me. I'm uploading new wish boobs and at my pre-op I plan to bring in MANY photos this time so that he and I can go through them. What I feel good about is that he is such an experienced surgeon so when I don't quite know what I'm doing, I can still relax and trust him. I have NO BOOBS, so what I wake up with will be better than what ive got now..hopefully!

April 6th sugery date, final wish photos?!

I picked up my prescription for the meds that I'll be taking after surgery. That part really made this all feel so real! Never mind that I'm only 7 days away from surgery! I also ordered a vitamin package that the office offers since I have to stay away from all kinds of stuff. Even ginger! 3 morning pills and 3 evening pills 2 weeks leading up to surgery and afterward. I asked the staff if they're supposed to make me feel good because I honestly felt alert and great. HIGH source of vitamins and nutrients, so she said that was normal haha. I should take my vitas more often! Also got arnica and bromelien for afterwards, and scar gel, all from Dr Costanzos office. I don't scar easily, I'm lucky that way I guess, so hopefully the gel really kicks butt on the entry wounds. My husband and I are the same when we criticize stuff and we agree that the scars are the only thing that makes having plastic surgery so awkward. I dont want him to get distracted by them, and I'm sure he'll be fine. We just hope they fade really well.

As for gaining clearance, Kaiser won't clear their patients anymore. They're idea of clearance is to just release the summary of the visit to the surgeon. If there is any problem then the office will call me in the morning. I just don't want to pay out of pocket to see an outside doctor just for a hand written note that restates my summary--- which says I'm perfectly healthy for surgery.

He also said to just bring in 2 final photos and he'll work on getting me the look I'm going for. I just don't want to wake up and realize that my pictures aren't even what I wanted. I'm all mixed up! I don't want to be huge!

Today the day!

I'm starving already. It's the only thing that's making me eager to get this over with! Check in is at 9:15am. I'm really scared. If i wasn't so thin then I'd be less afraid. Last week I was 122 lbs and I actually tried gaining weight haha. I'm scared of implants looking horrible on me and also afraid of only fitting in small ones. But then I always trust my doctor and I started relaxing. It'll be crazy to photo document the following weeks. Hopefully I have a good experience that will help the next bird boned girl out there!

Can't believe I'm on the other side!

Everything hurts! But I actually had no pain in the night. The anesthesia is what makes everything crazy and tear filled. Pain pills make me so itchy And weird so I don't have much to say. I'll Try to take pics today but my husband was too paranoid To let me remove my surgical bra for a photo :) he doesn't wanna waste a dime on screwing anything up haha

Looking good!

BA was yesterday morning and my skin is very hot, itchy, and tight! They feel and look bigger in person but I also like how they look in these pictures. I have a really good feeling of how they'll turn out and that is so relieving!!!!

It's so hard to do anything; especially type and take photos. I don't know how anybody does it.
Anyways, here's some post op pics!

Painkiller side effects!

Last night the itching was so bad I i was sobbing. My husband and I looked up something to counteract the itchiness and we found that 2-4 benedryls can help ease 1 pill ornaments Percocet itchiness. Once I took the Benadryl (2 at first and 2 more two hours later) I PASSED out. Which was not a bad thing. Slept from 9pm-2am, took a Percocet and fell back asleep. Woke up around 7-8am feeling great and dozed off until 11am when I finally could drag myself out of bed.
Implants have softened just a touch and it feels so awesome :)
Medical tape was driving me nuts, so I put bandaids over my stitches. Gonna hop in the shower soon so I'll post pics of the incisions.
I believe I can spend the day off of painkillers and just take tylonel pm later today if I need to and just sleep. Sleeping through the pain and healing helps me loads.
A ton of air bubbles moving throughout my chest and stomach is funny. I wasn't told to massage, but it just feels good to lightly massage my lymph node area and upper chest.
I though icing was ridiculous yesterday but now I feel like it really helped and I just wanna keep icing today :)
Skin tightness has decreased a lot!! No More burning hot skin.


Some bruising is coming along but I'm very happy with the color of my skin where the stitches are. Good feeling they'll fade well!

4 days post op!

Every day gets increasingly better! Still laying really low and taking it easy, but day 1-3 were ROUGH. Today I only took 10 mg of codein with 335 mg of acetaminophen in the afternoon and am going to bed with one dose of Tylenol pm again. Sleeping aid helps keep me unconscious while I'm sleeping so propped up. I've been sliding down but it's not that bad as long as I remember to use my legs to push myself back up.

Crazy to see the difference in only 4 days!

8 days post op

I'll try to update my post op recovery in detail soon, but I thought I'd post some pics in the mean time!

10 days post op

Here's a little how the first week has gone...

On 4th, 6th, and 9th days I actually had sex. Not sure if I really should have, but it was in positions that were manageable and my husband did most of the work haha. I've also been putting on pullover shirts since it doesnt bother me one bit to do so, but my nurse really suggested not to do that whether I could feel anything or not. Oops!

On my 1 week post op visit I got my stitches removed, and i didn't feel a thing! Completely numb. So that's another part of healing that is different for every patient, because I prepared for the worst. They're also not as raised as I thought they'd be and falling they're into the crease pretty well!

Ever since surgery day I've had full feeling in my left nipple, but my right side has been numb and is just now starting to slowly get feeling again! Woo! That was my biggest fear and I was ready to wait 6-12 months for feeling to come back. I'm very happy :)

There isn't a real need for any pain meds now, but since I have them I'll take 1 at night and some benedryl still just so that I can sleep comfortably. Skipped that regime last night and regretted it as I woke up here and there with discomfort, but nothing agonizing.

This morning I didn't have help with my son so I sort of guided him into his carseat that way I wouldnt be lifting him but I ended up doing a little lifting and felt something strange in my left breast. i've been paranoid all day, but that breast is also dropping more than my right. If I flex my right side its stiffer, and flexing my left is just....different? But so is my strength on both sides! I think im ok, but I heard of someone else doing a stretch that didn't hurt her but she ended up in the hospital having to fix whatever happened after the breast turned red. Mine is still fine, so I think I'll just wait before calling the office.
Dr. Christopher Costanzo

Costanzo is actually located in Thousand Oaks, CA. Ironically, my home town! I really don't know what to say. He's sort of a no nonsense kind of doctor which I find very reassuring. His entire staff is warm and friendly. I first came in with unrealistic wish photos and when I returned for my pre op he said that I can move forward wth my second set of photos that I brought in for his approval. I narrowed it down to 2, which happened to be both patients of his own, and when I compare his work on me to the wish photos I brought in I can see how on point he was! I'm thrilled!!!!

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