3 Week Post-op - Beverly Hills, CA

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Age: 23 weight: 109 height: 5'3 pre-op:...

age: 23
weight: 109
height: 5'3
pre-op: 32B
post-op: 32D or 32DD
implant: natrelle (allergen) silicone moderate+ 371cc on both
goal: full C

i am happy!! they look so natural. Dr. Kim does a really good job. i am not gonna lie, i wish i went bigger or asked to be a small d so i would probably be a full D cup size? he asked me if i was sure i didnt want to go bigger on surgery date too! idk. it's only 3 weeks post-op so they might be smaller or bigger throughout this recovery process. I havent actually tried on a bra yet, i just went into VS to have them measure me.

the 1 week post-op:
1st day (Day of surgery)-so drugged up and painful, and yet so awesome b/c i slept the whole day. i didnt sleep two weeks before because i was so busy w/ stuff i had to do. the 1st night was pretty hard to sleep though after sleeping throughout the day; i felt like there was so much weight on my chest, it wasn't painful but it was just uncomfortable. i took vicodin and an antibiotic as my meds.

2nd day - you see dr.kim to get the bandages off and he fits your sports bra on. you're suppose to wear one that fits comfortably before surgery. the ride to the office was painful and uncomfortable b/c your muscles are tender and you feel every lump and bump of the road. i suggest ask someone who drives a SUV or high car so you can feel the roads/turns less.
still took vicodin at this point to feel at ease.
everything is sensitive, so i had someone open my pain meds and open doors for me.

3rd- stopped taking vicodin, only took antibiotics. no pain but felt sensitive and uncomfortable, not at ease to do things. still had people open doors for me.

4th day- i could open my meds, doors, no pain, less comfortable. only took antibiotics. started doing light massaging.

5th day- all good in healing wise, except i was depressed and super sensitive. i think i cried a lot. i felt fat and ugly because i couldnt work out, and my mom kept feeding me things i normally wouldnt eat.. lots of carbs w/ pork. i didnt regret my surgery, but i just felt so not happy with being me. i guess i thought my boobs would give me some confidence but it didnt really feel like anything, it just felt like boobs. i guess b/c i kinda used to have boobs, like full B/small C but as i got older, they shrank b/c of weight gain and loss. and i felt like the size i got didnt make me feel sexy b/c it was too natural looking? it definitely looks as if i just wore a really good push-up bra. i should have definitely gone a size bigger to look sexier or thats what i felt.

1.5 week post-op: 3rd post-op-- he took my stitches off after 10 days. everything seemed to be good. he said come back in 2 weeks. no more depression at this point. i still felt my pectoralis muscles were sensitive when i open doors though. oh i didnt drive for the first 2 post-ops. i drove to this one.

RIGHT NOW- i think they dropped and have gotten smaller than last week. but they look so natural, and good-- i am happy!! i am not sad about them not being big enough anymore, because they honestly look so real, and natural. like you wouldnt question if they were fake, so that is good! they're just the right size for my body. i think if i went a little bigger, it definitely would raise some questions about my breasts being real or not.

i have got to say.. i miss working out!! i am excited for my next post-op so i can ask him if i can start after 4 weeks to do some light work outs.

i didnt take any pictures of my breasts before surgery. i probably should have..

boob greed--it comes and goes.

i suggest go a little bit bigger, or the max the doctor says you can get i mean or that would look nice on your body, especially if you have hips.

this morning i had really bad boob greed, and depression and cried. does anyone else go through this? maybe when i can resume my exercise activities, ill feel better. i am also worried if i lose weight to achieve the look i am going for, it will distort my boobs.

i love my new boobs and that i dont have to wear a push-up bra anymore but i just thought my boobs would make me feel more confident and sexy, my body just looks like i have breasts and they are perfect for my size. i guess i wanted to look like a girl that has big boobs.

i also think part of it is that some people know that i got surgery, and i guess if they know i had surgery, i should have huge boobs, but thats not the look that came out. anyway, in the end, gotta think positive and i am grateful i went through the process and there were no risks and complications involved.

i can wear a bra!! i can work out!

i can wear a bra! :)

he said to choose a tight bra that holds my breasts together and doesnt separate them, and no push-up. i have no idea really which bra separates your boobs. i found this and thought it was kinda helpful in choosing a type of bra. http://www.herroom.com/breast-separation,333,30.html

i am cleared to exercise, but i cant work out my chest. i think i am not comfortable interval running yet or doing anything that would make my boobs bounce, so i am going to hula hoop as my cardio instead. do lunges, and squats (w/ and w/o ankle weights) for toning. and standing leg ab exercises.

my next consult is in 3-4 weeks.

TELLING PEOPLE OR NOT about your breasts

"are your breasts fake?" just because I added something to my breasts means they're non-existent. so i would say, "Yes, they are REAL..." because silicone implants are real and existent lol. it's definitely a play on words, but honestly, i wouldnt want people going around talking about my breasts. i guess the correct question to ask is if there was surgery done. because you dont ask someone who has a new nose or eyes if its fake, you ask them if they got their nose/eyes done.

anyway, it's your prerogative to tell people whether or not you had surgery. and people usually think they have a right to know if they are real or not, like it's common courtesy, but it's not! breasts are personal, you dont go flashing private parts around, so it's something personal.. and it's your choice to let people know if you got surgery done.

so far i am happy with my breasts except i am experiencing a slight ripple on my cleavage. it's because there was no tissue there before and i have very little tissue and far breasts. this cleavage i have now wasn't there pre-op. you cant really see it so i am glad, but i can feel it when i touch it. i hope it goes away and doesnt get worse.

happy 2 months!!!!!!!!! :D i <3 you boobies

my boobs came together well. i like my cleavage a lot right now. my ripple comes and goes. when i have straight posture, it definitely doesnt show. i also think it helps to massage often or the recommended. i sometimes massage 4 times a day instead of 3. my boobs look natural so i love them! i asked on justbreastimplants.com if other girls had problems with rippling and if it resolved on its own. some girls with the same ripple issues said it resolved over time, so i am hopeful!

i havent been exercising. i feel weird running. i remember days prior to my menstrual cycle when my breasts were extra sensitive, when i ran and felt my boobs jiggle, i would stop running. i tried to run for 5 mins the other day--couldnt do it! i'll wait another month before I run. i was told it is better to wait 3 months before any upper body work outs, so ill feel comfortable to run then.

i feel good when i wear dresses now. everything fits better and well!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I think if I am going to do anything with my body, I would want the best skilled surgeon to do it. I choose Dr.Kim for that reason. I did a lot of research on him and his work, and he seemed to be one of the surgeons who were proud enough of their work to show numerous pictures. It seems like he treats each of his patients like a masterpiece, with care, to get really good looking breasts. I only found one other surgeon i thought was equally as good. but i choose dr. Kim because i felt like he knew what i wanted more and what i was more concerned of--looking fake and my cleavage line being too far apart. I must admit he wasn't very personable at our consult, but he was informative. He does his consult on your anatomy and what you're looking for. He didn't seem like he was trying to sell himself really, but that's a good thing because it means he's just professional. plus, I hate it when people try to sell me stuff. And choosing a surgeon should be because the surgeon is good and qualified, not because you like their personality. not saying he has a horrible one, it just seems like he doesnt care if you like him, and doesnt feel the need to make you like him; like those smart kids you know that don't really care to make friends with you (if that makes sense); so some of his answers, or the way it sounds, or the way he talks, just sound kind of like he's answering a ridiculous question. but for a doctor, I feel like he is pretty young, but he is definitely good at what he does. I am sure he worked harm to get where he is. And he's pretty good looking for a doctor. if i could go back in time, i would become some kind of surgeon. probably an orthodontist though because i like teeth, and people need their wisdom teeth pulled out! Doesn't sound as hard as the other procedures, but it probably is since there's lots of nerves connected to mouth and brain? Idk. The consult time wait was quite a while though, probably 30 mins; he consult actual time wasn't that long, probably 10 mins. Anyway, he really cares about your results, so expect to have a lot of post-op visits after surgery. I think I saw him 3 times in the 2 weeks after surgery, and i am going to see him when it's my 1 month, next week. So far I love my boobs--they look so real!! :D i really hope they look even better or stay the same.

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