23 and Finally Getting Boobies! Beverly Hills, CA

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I had my consultation with Dr. Kim on 12/08/2014....

I had my consultation with Dr. Kim on 12/08/2014. Unfortunately I don't live in LA so flying back and forth is a hassle and expensive. It was a 3 hour flight from MSP to LAX then a 30 minute taxi ride to Dr. Kim's office. My consultation wasn't long, it was the waiting that was long. The office was very busy that day but nonetheless I felt confident with my decision to get my breast augmentation done by Dr. Kim. I booked my surgery date for 02/06/2015 which is exactly one month after my birthday. I will be in LA from 02/05-02/09, I have to fly back home for my Tuesday & Wednesday classes then fly back out to LA for my 10 day post op on 02/16. It is a very expensive procedure but Dr. Kim's results are amazing, the before & after pictures on his website speaks for itself, and if this is something I have to live with for the rest of my life I would pay for the best. We decided on moderate plus profile, silicone implants and under the muscle. I'm currently a small 32B and I wou like to be mid-full 32C.

Happy birthday to me!

Officially 23 now and 31 days away from my surgery. I have been looking at so much boobies lately that I've even created a folder in my phone for pictures of my "wish boobs."
I plan on shopping for sports bra sometime next week when I'm free. I went to Dick's Sporting Goods and Sports Authority last week to try on the Under Armour Protegee in C cup because I was instructed to purchase a front zip sports bra that fits 1 cup size bigger than what I am right now. I'm currently a B cup so I tried on 32C and it fits me, but it was so tight and hard to breathe. I seriously can't imagine how I can squeeze a brand new pair of swollen boobs into that 32C sports bra. I even tried on the 34C and it's still very uncomfortable. If you have any suggestions please let me know! I would really appreciate it.

22 more days!

Time is flying by quick! On Tuesday (1/20) I have a doctor's appointment for lab tests and clearance for surgery. This week school started for me so it's been extremely hectic. I've been super stressed out and overwhelmed! I went from 120 lbs to 127 lbs within the last 2 weeks :( I'm still nervous about the shape and size of the implants, my consultation with Dr. Kim was very brief about 10-15 minutes and I flew 3 hours out for it then 3 hours back home. He is extremely busy and runs on a tight schedule, I'm afraid we won't have much time to discuss what I want to achieve.


Lately I've been having nightmare about my boobs! I get woken up from my sleep panicking thinking that I've missed my flight out to LAX and they haven't receive my payment that I sent through USPS! My surgery date is approaching and I'm starting to freak out more and more! I hate hospitals and I also hate the dentist so the thought of being put under to get cut open gives me crazy anxiety.

2 weeks left!

Grace called me today to remind me to fax all of the paperwork by early next week & my prescription is ready to be picked up at my pharmacy. My primary physician told me she will fax all the lab results and the surgery clearance to Dr. Kim BUT I don't know if she is waiting to fax the surgery clearance & the lab results together OR if she already fax the surgery clearance on Tuesday after my appointment because Grace didn't receive anything. I'm starting to freak out!!! I still haven't gotten a chance to go shopping for sports bra yet and I feel so overwhelmed like what if things don't go according to plan? Flights being delayed, paperwork not received by deadline, or worst case scenario something is wrong with my lab tests.

Sports bra shopping done!

I did a little online shopping last night on the Walmart website for some sports bra. I spent around $40 for 5 sports bra, I didn't want to spend a ton of money on nice sports bra until the swelling goes down and I know how it'll fit with the implants. I stopped by my pharmacy yesterday after work to pick up my prescriptions (Emend & Keflex) but it wasn't ready so I'll have to come back on Monday. I still need to pick up Dial antibacterial liquid soap, Bio-oil, Cocoa butter, and a new suitcase. As soon as I get a new suitcase I will start packing because next week will fly by fast! I work Monday - Friday (40hrs/week) and classes after work so every time I travel I always pack last minute and I ended up missing a few flights in the past lol. I'm not as nervous as I was before, I'm actually very excited to get this done and over with! I've been wanting to get breast implants for as long as I can remember and I can't believe it's going to happen SOON!

Wish Boobs

Today is the day!!!

The pain is kicking in :(

I landed at 11pm last night - after picking up the car rental, checking in at my hotel and showering, I finally got in bed at 1:30am. I woke up at 5:00am - took my Emend and arrived at the surgery center at 6:15am, signed a bunch of paperwork, changed out of my pj's and the nurse inserted the IV. Honestly the IV was the most painful part for me, Dr Kim came to take some photos, we went over the size and profile again then the nurse walked me into the operation room and before I knew it I woke up under a warm blanket! My pain tolerance was a lot higher than I had expected, I felt fine except for some tightness in my chest and I was extremely dehydrated. Cindy gave me a water bottle to sip on but other then that everything went very smoothly and I finally have boobs! They forgotten to give me the prescription for Vicodin so when I woke up from my nap at the hotel, the pain started kicking in and I can't stop going to the bathroom. I'm trying to keep myself hydrated so I have probably chugged about 4-5 water bottles by now and it makes me go to the bathroom every 5 minutes! I called the office about the Vicodin, they told me I can either stop by today to pick up the prescription or wait till I come in to see Dr Kim tomorrow morning. I took some Tylenol Extra Strength to see if it helped but I'm getting really sore and I'm struggling to get myself out of bed to the bathroom so I can't wait till tomorrow morning. I called the nearest Pharmacy to Dr Kim's office to see if I can have my friend pick up my prescription and they agreed as long as I give my ID to my friend.
I can't wait to see what they look like tomorrow! From what I can tell right now, they're very proportionate with my body so I am very please to see that they're not too big. I told Dr Kim I wanted what looks best for my body, I didn't want my boobs to be too big, and I want it to look as natural as possible.

Day 1 Post Op

12 Day Post Op

Recovery wasn't too bad for me. I was able to shower and do everything by myself by day 2. On Monday I went back to LA for my 10 day post op appointment with Dr Kim and had my sutures removed (he literally just pulled it right out as we were talking like it was no big deal). Monday was the longest day of my life! My flight to LAX was at 5:20AM but I had to stop at Phoenix first and landed in LAX at 9:30AM. My appointment was at 10:30am and it literally lasted 5-10 minutes. My flight to Dallas was at 3:00PM and landed in MSP at 11:00PM. I will never EVER connect flights again (it was the only option for me because I had to fly back home on the same day) and if I had known the sutures just need to be pulled out, I would've done so by myself and saved the money from flying and taxi. I slept at a 45 degree for one whole week, I felt like an old lady every morning, my back and neck ached so bad! I can sleep perfectly fine on my back now which I'm very thankful for because I really couldn't handle sleeping at 45 degree for another night.

My stats:
Height - 5'3"
Weight - 125 lbs
Implants - 325cc (L) and 350cc (R) Mentor Silicone, Moderate Profile Plus.

In clothes you can't even tell that I had breast augmentation. I wish Dr Kim would've done 350cc (L) and 375cc (R) or even 375cc (L) and 400cc (R). I told him day of surgery I'd like to be a full C but I feel like I'm currently a Mid C right now and they look a little small for my frame.
I'm not sure if Moderate Plus was the right choice of profile for me because they're a bit too wide for my frame. At consultation we discussed Moderate Plus profile would be best for me, day of surgery he thought high profile might fit better and I woke up with Moderate Plus.

Almost 3 weeks post op

One Month Post Op!

Not happy...thinking about a revision

I'm not happy with my size and I'm thinking about getting it redone. I felt like I rushed into this surgery being an out of town patient, having high faith in his work and he didn't spend much time discussing the sizes with me either. I showed him my wish pic and being in his profession he should be able to tell what cup size they were. The girl in my wish pic was a D-DD cup, he should've explained to me that by going up one cup size I wasn't going to achieve my desired look. We should've discussed that in order for me to achieve the boobs I wanted like in the pictures, I had to go at least 2 cup size larger. So I emailed him and he quoted me $5,000 to go larger, that is more than half of the price to get them done in the first place!

About 3 months post op

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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