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I am a 29 year old mother of 2 beautiful kiddos....

I am a 29 year old mother of 2 beautiful kiddos. My flat chest never bothered me once I hit 20 and met my husband who isn't a "boob guy." So I was content with my flat chest. I've always been a 34aa, with exceptions of my two pregnancies, when I jumped to a nice C cup. Now I'm not only a 34aa, but a saggy 34aa!! I'm looking to be a full B, small C, hopefully with Allegran style 68, 280cc hp. I will probably change my mind a million more times before my surgery date of July 30th! We shall see.

Moderate or high profile AaAaAah!

I'm trying to decide between moderate and high profile. Some high profile pictures scare me! But the finished product, of most, look amazing. But then if I want that look I can just wear a push up bra with my moderates? And reviewing different pictures, 280cc look humongo on some but tiny on others, of the same body stature! AH back to the drawing board. I sense a second consultation with my doctor on the way.

So this is what I'm workin with...

Wish boobs

So I came across these & my wish boob search was over. Bam. This is how I want mine to look. Befores are very similar to me and afters, 300cc hp, my idea of perfection!

Petite with 300cc HPs...too big??

Can any petite girls comfort me in my decision for 300cc HP unders? I'm so afraid they will look huge on me. I need some advice from smaller framed girls who have gotten 300cc's. Any help is greatly appreciated!

The 8 week wait has turned to 3 weeks!

Time is flying! Even though these next 3 weeks will be torturous! I just want them already!! I've stopped googling boobies so much because I'm pretty sure I've looked at everything that I could possibly look at. I'm pretty set on my high profiles now. Just excited to get this done yay!!

Killin time...

2 more weeks!!

More wish boobs...

Stretch mark prevention...

How common is it to experience stretch marks post BA? I never thought about it until now so I busted out my cream I use to put on my belly when I was pregnant. It was either effective or I'll give credit to genes...but can't hurt!!

Oh SO close...

So just got back from vacation, that helped to pass the time and stay offline for a few days. Now, back to obsessing...nervous about surgery morning! I brought up to my hubby getting a hotel in Beverly Hills so we would just have to wake up and go 5 min down the street, but he thought that was dumb idea because he makes that drive every morning and he knows where he's going. My point was so I'm not having an anxiety attack in the hour long car ride there! Lol. Oh well.

Tomorrow, tomorrow!

Farewell flat chest! I'm all set & ready to do this. Goodnight all!

Everything went great!

Yay it's finally done!! I arrived at 7:45am and we got the ball rolling. My PS took before pictures, measured my chest, and did his doodling. He confirmed that we were using 280cc high profile implants that would be filled to 300cc. I was a lot less nervous than I thought I would be, I tend to rationalize situations like this by reminding myself I've birthed to kids into this world & I'm fearless! The nurse was awesome and made me feel at home. And during our conversation, I was out like a light! I woke up minutes later in my head, and it was done!! That was a breeze, and I was in very minimal pain. Just the feeling of an elephant sitting on my chest. I asked the nurse what cc he did to correct my assemerty and she said 280cc left, 310cc right. My first feelings were a little disappointment that he erred to the lower size to correct the assemetry, but then again I'll just trust my ps decision bc what do I know! The drive home and arriving home was also a breeze. On a pain scale I would say the most pain I've felt thus far is at about a 3! Hopefully it stays that way! Well I'll update again after they get this ace bandage, with a death wrap around my boobs, off. I haven't gotten to see then yet! Thank you ladies for all of your support and well wishes!!

Bandage comes off today!

So excited, even though Ive tried to sneak a peak, I still haven't seen what they look like yet! I've just been keeping them nice and right behind the sports bra and ace bandage. Cannot wait to look at them in a full length mirror!

LOVE them!!

So I went to my appointment yesterday and was able to take the ace bandage off & finally see them. He warned me that they at this stage they may appear uneven, lop sided, bruised, etc, but when he took off the bandage it was none of the above! I love the shape!! What appears to be ripples are just indents from the gauze & sports bra.

Kinda scared...

This morning I've been feeling so dizzy, My legs have been feeling weak and jiggly, and at times I feel like I'm going to pass out. To the point, my hubby had left as I went outside so someone would see me if I was to pass out. Anyone else have this reaction after surgery? I'm on my way to urgent care just in case...

Lemme correct that last post!

To revise that post...I haven't taken any meds since yesterday, as I've been feeling great and pain free. I should have clued my hubby into when I began to feel strange but didn't, so that's why he left to go get our kids and I stayed home. (I think in the first post I made it sound like he just left when I'm about to faint lol) Going to get check out bc it's better to be safe than sorry. Any feedback or info on post surgery stuff like this, feel free to share! Make me feel better. Lol

All is well...

So the weirdest thing about all of this was when I got to kaiser, feel something in my throat, cough and out flies a blood clot the size of a dime. Has anyone ever had that? The doctor said it may be from the tube they use during surgery but x-rayed for puli nary embolism which came back clear. Okay so enough drama for one day, here's some boobie pictures..

A little bummed!

I like the size that I am, but I feel like my boobs don't have that amazing cleavage that high profile boobs should have. The only reason I have anything close to cleavage in the pictures is because I'm mashing then inwards & out of my armpits. I guess it's too early to complain. So I'll give them time! I just don't think they have that high profile look that I wanted. Waaaaa. Okay I'm done. I'll probably feel different tomorrow, as I have had a love hate relationship with my boobs the past couple days. I guess it happens to almost everyone from time to time. I'll probably go back to loving them tomorrow. Lol.

Holy Boobs!

So I went to another post op appointment and got to take that awful ace bandage off for good. He told me to get an regular underwire bra that fits now and that will be good support for when the implants fully drop. Took a trip to Victorias Secret and as the girl measures me I'm thinking in my head, B...C...nope...as of now (with obvious swelling) I measured 32DD!! I guess I'm going to get more out of my 280cc/310cc's than I thought!

9 days post op!!

Everything's looking good!! But you know when I got all paranoid & went to urgent care when I was feeling faint? Well there, they did a routine chest X-ray and they said everything was ay-ok as far as post op stuff goes. Well, my primary doctor's nurse at Kaiser calls me yesterday to tell me that my doctor, who had nothing to do with the appt that day, needs to schedule me a CT scan to look at something concerning on my chest wall. (My first thought was, um, those are called implants lol) So many questions! Does it have to do with my implants? The surgery? Is it something that she stumbled upon that has nothing to do with the surgery? So many questions & I can't get ahold of my primary doctor to get answers. But anyways, at least my boobies are looking fabulous. I love the size they are and I really am hoping they stay this big!! :D

11 days post op...

Love having boobs!! All I really wanted was to fill a bathing suit top, mission accomplished. Super happy with my results so far, although I'm still crossing my fingers that they stay this exact size. The 310cc boob hasn't settled but it looks like the 280cc one has. No word from the imaging place, who are waiting on my referral. I guess the fact that they are taking their sweet time can only be a good thing. At least it's not a stat order! Still maddening though having to wait!! I'm glad I have new boobs to be excited about, they are keeping me preoccupied!

Shopping is so much fun with boobs!

I hit up the summer clearance rack at Target today! Apparently they are rolling in their fall/winter stuff. So I nabbed a couple more bathing suit tops for the remainder of this summer & summers to come!

Before & After

2 weeks post op! CT scan came back with no concerns! She. wanted to check out the air in the soft tissue (which is totally normal after surgery.) I hope I don't freak people out who are considering a BA with the urgent care & this CT scan. I have a pre-existing medical condition which makes me (& doctors) more cautious at times. Ending up in urgent care is NOT typical! Lol. So anyways, my 280cc/310cc are unfortunately shrinking! Of course I knew once the swelling went down it would. But this "after" pic was from Wed. (My 14 days post op mark!)

1 week vs 3 weeks post op

So it's almost been a month since my BA. I feel like it's been a lot longer! I'm currently wearing a 34D at Victoria Secret (by mistake bc I meant to get 32D, but it fits so I kept it) I think as the swelling went down the bra doesn't fit as snug but my ps said it still fits & that my boobs shouldn't be shrinking anymore. So if I'm a D at VS I'll probably stay at a mid C in other brands. I think I'll get an official measurment again soon.

Feeling unattractive with my shirt off

Have I mentioned how much a hate my boobs without clothes on? They fall somewhat lateral and I'm not sure whether to blame my ps or my anatomy. They are so ugly when I lay down because they fall completely in my armpits, with zero fullness left on my chest. I would absolutely consider a revision because of this, but since my husband is the one who has to look at them shirtless and does not want me to spend anymore time and money on them, I guess I won't. Thank God they look good in clothes in a bra so I can't get completely down about them. Is there anyway to fix lateral boobs other than a revision? Massages? I guess I can ask Google & the doctors on here as well.

Over 5 weeks...

So I took some pictures of what I was complaining about the other day. Lol. I'm not even sure if they look like they fall lateral or if I need to stop over-analyzing my boobs while I'm PMSing. Anywho! And of course here's a picture in the blue background of me mashing them in & what I wish they looked like all the time! Then we have the cheetah bathing suit I got from VS. This was the second time I got into the VS dressing room to a dead phone! So no pictures of my boobs in cute bras, again. Oh yea and my hand or arm is usually under that boob bc I'm covering a tattoo!!

6 weeks post op

Yay it's been 6 weeks since my BA. Some days I feel good about them, other days not so much. But all in all I am happy. & I love the way they look with clothes. This is my VS 34D bra (which doesn't fit as snug as it use to) with the straps cross crossed in the back to give then a better lift. LOVE!
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