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I have been wanting implants for quite a while now...

I have been wanting implants for quite a while now. I am 37 years old, 4'10 115 lbs. Im not sure what my other measurements are at this time., But finally this year i decided to go in for a consultation. After leaving, I decided it was time. I discussed it with my husband n his response at first was "you don"t need it" well, after so much thought and conversations. I decided to do it and he supports me 100% I've been doing a lot of research and have found a lot of useful info. Especially from realself. I love the fact that i can see ppls stories and that they can share them. I originally wanted 350cc but i think im going for 400cc not sure if i want moderate or high profile yet. I will discuss with my PS. I want them big but natural.

I'm sorry but I forgot to mention that I'm Also...

I'm sorry but I forgot to mention that I'm Also getting a tummy tuck along with breast augmentation. I will post pics of me now, since my surgery date is til June 28.

Thank you ladies for your comments. Yes my husband...

Thank you ladies for your comments. Yes my husband is taking a couple of Days off to take care of me. The rest of the days my kids will help Out. 16 yo & 14 yo. Thats part of the reason why i decided to do it in the summer. lol I'm actually getting a second consultation with a diff ps tomorrow. Well see how it goes. I have a long list of questions. Wish me luck. I will keep u posted

So now I have chosen a different PS...Its Dr....

So now I have chosen a different PS...Its Dr. Charles Hsu the reason why i chose this one was because he was friendly, listen and answered every question I had and explained himself in detail. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease. So Im still going with silicone, under muscle, incision under breast, going with 375cc to give me a small D. I originally wanted a big C but reading that under muscle you can loose breast size, decided to go bigger. but he also recommended lipo on my flanks...which the other PS didn't. Eventhough it is more money, I think the outcome will give me good results. He explained to me why he recommended me that and it made perfect sense. I left the office very pleased. Have any of you had that procedure Flanks? Did it help? how long has this kind of procedure last? he said itll be about 4 hours and a half. That kind of scared me. Is that about right?

As promised, finally some pics of before!

As promised, finally some pics of before!

Finally some before pics!

Finally some before pics!

So I have been telling a lot of ppl in my family...

So I have been telling a lot of ppl in my family just because I don't want them to attack me with questions after I get my mommy makeover. I just felt a little dissapointed in my sis (only one I have) because she said I was dumb that why would I put myself thru all the pain. I'm not discouraged but it saddens me that she's not supportive. On the other hand, I feel very confident and happy with my new PS... I can hardly wait for my surgery day. N see my new me

This Thursday is my PreOp

Omg.... Counting the days til Thursday & it will b exactly 4 weeks til surgery. I'm so excited. I have a list of questions for my PS. Any suggestions on what to ask?

Had my Pre Op today....

Today I went to my preop. The consultant Cynthia is so friendly she went over paperwork and Signed. She, also, has had a mm so evrytime i go, i admire her. she looks very good. She showed me her tt scar a couple weeks back and it looked real good. ( very low) I feel very motivated and comfortable with her. She gives me time to ask questions and always answers them. The nurse, Jennifer was so courteos and descriptive explaining everyhting to me.. went over instructions on med I can't take 2 weeks prior to surgery, the antibacterial soap I need to use the night before, and the other stuff. She drew my blood and out I went. I had a couple of questions for my ps but unfortunately he wasn't there at that time.. But I will get a chance to see him before my surgery. Since he wasn't there I was able to ask n found out that the type of implants I'm getting are Allergan. The nurse said she didn't recommend to take the Pre and post vitamins. Because they might interact with the other medications. That really didn't make sense but I will ask my ps. They are providing a binder and compression garment. I got my prescription. But I didn't get any muscle relaxers. Which I know some of you have had. It didn't make sense not to get them but the consultant said he doesn't prescribed that. Only Vicodin and antibiotics. Is that ok? Or should I ask for some? I m pretty sure he knows what he's doing but I want to be able to heal properly. Also, asked if they can give something for my nerves and said that I can get something prescribed the night before my surgery if I really need it or the morning of to just let them know and the anti nausea med as well. Well, overall, I think it went pretty well.. Is there anythingn else i can ask my ps before surgery? suggestions? I'm more excited now.. Just 4 weeks away.

Surgery for this Friday cancelled

I'm very sad to say my surgery for this Friday has been cancelled. Last week I found a lump on my right breast and went today to see my breast doctor. She ordered an ultrasound and mammogram. But unfortunately it's not til next Tuesday. She said she wants me to cancel my appt because if I need a biopsy she can't do it with implants. I'm feeling much better now, this morning i had a little breakdown. but now, I'm trying to stay as positive as I can. I truly do believe that God does things for a reason. When my time comes it'll come.

Results came back negative

Sooo happy and thankful to God! I went to see my breast doctor. She said everything came back good. No cancer. It's just a lump. She called it a fibroadenoma, which I already had two before. She said as long as it doesn't grow any bigger it doesn't need to get taken out. So, I'm very happy! So, since it was still early I called my ps office and went to do my preop visit again. (Blood work ) since its been longer than a month from my last one. I got a discount and only had to pay $150 instead of $250. So I'm a happy camper. I also scheduled my surgery and the soonest was for July 17 so I took it. Now, the countdown begins again....thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. N happy healing to all the ladies out there.

2 more sleeps

Omg! Now my time is finally here. Thought it was so far away two months ago. But now it's my turn. I have all kinds of emotions and from reading all the real self posts I think it's normal. Lol I'm excited, scared and nervous. All at one time. Haven't really had a good night sleep in over a week. It takes me a long time to fall asleep every night but I know as soon as my procedure is done ill be for sure sleeping lol. With all those narcotics. Well, just thought I would post. Can't wait for Wednesday. Happy healing to all you beautiful ladies.

Made it to the flat side

Will post more later

2 days after surgery

The day of surgery. I was so nervous I started to get anxiety. We got there right on time. Event though there was so much traffic at 10 am. (Weird) I signed paper work and then put on a gown, gown type shoes and hair net. Then went to a room and doc marked me up and took lots of pics from diff angles. Then the nirde came and showed me how to empty the drains i will be getting. The anesthesiologist came in after and asked health questions and said he had more than 15 yrs experience and thst he will tske good care of me. Thst made me feel better. they started my iv and I sat on the or table and that was the last i remember. The burning of my tummy incision woke me up. The nurse dressed me and wheeled me to my car where my youngest and hubby were waiting. On the long way home. My hubby stops by to get me soup. I eat it and then I start to feel very nauseas. I throw up. The worst feeling ever. Thought my tummy was going to open up. Felt way better after that. Thnk my body had to get rid of all the anesthesia. Since day one I've been on top of my meds. I've been getting lots of attention from my hubby and my kids. They've fed me and catered to me.. Luv it. Even my parents came to visit the first day and brought me lemon grass tea. Yesterday was also my first post op visit. My parents took me. Thought it was nice of them. I felt special since i am the oldest of 5. Lol Doctor said evrything looks good. Next week hell take my dressings off and in two weeks. The drains. Can hardly wait because the one on the left bothers me a lot. I also started feeling a little itchy on my arms, neck, and back of my neck. I dont have a rash though. Maybe the antibiotics are doing this. I'm waiting for the doctor to call me. Any of u experience itchiness?

No more narcotics

I realized I really haven't been having so much pain to keep taking the Tylenol with codeine so yesterday afternoon I took just one and 6 hrs later I took only Tylenol 500mg. I'm so happy because I'm finally feeling like myself. Less sleepy and not nauseas at all. The left drain has really been a pain. I hate it. It burns a lot. My hubby eventhough hes back to work. Hes been managing to take the early break and has been making me breakfast then he leaves. My 16 yo daughter takes over and pretty much takes me to the bathroom and gets me whatever i need. My mom has been here since day one also, she made me some delicious soup and has been taking me sponge baths when she gets off work. I feel so nice and clean after. I'm really thankful to have her. Shes a nurse and works with elderly so she knows a lot. I still haven't gone no2 but have been having gas here and there. The doctor said to give my body a couple of days and when I feel like I have to go but it doesn't to take the stool softener. I can hardly wait til this Thursday. Hopefully he will take my drains off since they haven't been draining that much. And i will get to see my tummy for the first time. My boobs have been good to me. I really havent felt pain just feeling a little morming boob. Sorry about all the blabbering. I just didn't want to forget anything. Happy healing to all you ladies. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Day 6 update:

I'm doing pretty good, overall! Not having much pain just morning boob in the morning and a little pain on my right side of boob. Which Massaging it has helped to ease it. My boobs are just sooo big and i luv them. My hubby loves them as well. he finallly saw them for the first time and held them. Lol On Monday morning I took a laxative and within an hour I went 2. I was soooo happy lol. And have been going ever since. The DARN DRAIN still has been my most pain so far, hate it with all my might. Lol. That thing pokes me throughout the whole day and hurts so darn much. My dear mommy came again today and took me a sponge bath and washed my hair. Luv my mom and it always gives me much more energy and I feel like a new person as well. She bought me another comfy dress which I have two others. I use them all day. I'll be posting pics so you guys can get an idea of how they look. I totally recommend them for after surgery. I'm still not taking any more medicine besides the arnica Montana and bromelain. This Thursday I have my post 2 appt and I'm very excited. Hoping the ps takes the drains off since they're not draining much. They're just draining less than 15cc. He's also taking my dressings off but what im the most excited And I can't wait is to see my new tummy. I still have not Seen it yet. Oh yea, I also got my lovey period today and I'm having cramps (ughhhh) just what I needed.

Pic of dress

Drains out!

Today I went to my 2 nd appt and my ps took out my drains. Omg! They hurt a lot! My palms of my hands were sweating from so much pain. But thankfully I can walk better and it's not bothering me anymore. He said I can take off binder just to take a shower and to wear the band on my breast at all times. I was able to see my incisions and they all look very nicely healed. N the one on my tummy is so thin. I luv it. I am so happy evrything is looking good right now.

Yesterday was Fun!

Yesterday was my anniversary and my youngest daughter 9th bday. I woke up to a special delivery of flowers. It made me cry. It was so nice and thoughtful of my hubby. Then I made my youngest some pancakes with a smiley face and hash brown style potatoes. She enjoyed it. By the time I was done I was so exhausted and in pain on my right boob incision. I sat down and that seemed To help. In the evening we celebrated by taking my daughter to her pick restaurant and to watch a movie. We went to Johns Incredible Pizza where they have buffet. All kinds of pizza, pasta, breads, soups, salads & desserts. It was our first time there and it was pretty fun. The whole family had fun. They had a gigantic area of arcade games and rides. I was able to walk as straight as possible. And every time I had a chance I would sit down and rest. We haven't had this kind of fun in a long time. I was so glad everyone had a good time. Its hard sometimes to even get everyone together with two teenagers. 16 & 14. On the way to the movies my kids were making fun of me since I was walking so slow and started imitating my hunched self too. It was funny because they all were walking like me. Lol. We watched Despicable Me 2 and then went home. By the time we got home I was so swollen from my tt scar. It felt like a rope was inside of me. The shower helped it a lot.

Feeling down

Well today my hubby came home for his lunch break and I told him that maybe we can "try it" tonight. His response was "no way, I don't want to see no scars" I told him just close your eyes, then. He said no. I was in disbelief and in shock to hear him say such a thing. I was in tears after he left. Now that I feel way more attractive he's saying this? It doesn't make sense to me. The scars are going to be there forever, theyre not going any wherr. Is this normal for him to feel this way? Any one experienced this? Please HELP!

3 weeks po

Today I went to my 3 week follow up and my ps said he was very pleased on how I'm healing so quick. I am happy myself. He checked my incisions and showed me how to start massages. He said my right breast is still a little higher than the left. So hopefully the massages will help. He said in 3 more weeks I can start exercising. I can hardly wait because Im very anxious to get into the routine. Need to tone my body. I can also start scar therapy. So im planning on buying some silicone strips. I'm excited! Oh, he asked me if I can write him a review on yelp and I agreed I would. He's such an awesome his bedside manner. Always takes his time listening to me. The receptionists are all great ppl as well. In 3 weeks I will go back for my 6 week appt.

7 week update

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I've been feeling a little down. I'm happy with my breast size compared to what I had but I wish I would've gone bigger. (Don't tell my hubby) lol as for my tummy, the extra fat is not hanging anymore but I still find it big above my belly button. Sometimes I wonder if my ps really did pull my tummy downward because my gallstone surgery scar I noticed is in the same place as before surgery. Idk. I'm going to express my concerns next month when I see him. But I don't think I will put myself thru surgery again. I'm posting a pic. Plee feel free to give me feedback. Any will be appreciated. Oh, i went to vs and got measured at 34d. Does my bra seem too big at the cup or is it just me?

2 mth. Update

I got an emai today telling me to update but there's not much difference from my last time here. I'm flat in the morning but by the night I'm swollen. Still wearing my compression garment (spanx like) every day. Just at night i take off. My breast I think have definitely dropped. I'm happy with them but now I wish I would've gone bigger. Lol(boob greed) so ladies if anyone of u are undecisive on one size go with the bigger one :) hope all u ladies are healing well.

Oops forgot other pic

10 week update

I had my appt last week and was disappointed in what my ps said. I addressed my concern....tummy having a roll still when i sit. He said that he doesn't like to pull so much when he does TT because he thinks I'll have a tougher recovery. I just said oh okay. But wish I would've known that before hand. I get bummed at times that my tummy is not as flat as I wanted it. But I guess it's better than what I had. That's part of The reason I really haven't updated my profile. I just don't see myself happy. But do I really want to go thru a revision? No, I don't want to put myself in that position again. Will it be worth it? Any of you have any input? I really appreciate it.

Almost 5 mth Update

Sorry ladies for slacking on posting any reviews. I have being on real self just commenting on others reviews. Thank you ladies for all the positive words and comments. Well, this Thursday I saw my ps. Said things are looking great for me and that he was real happy with my results. I told him I was too. Eventhough I did mention the roll I get when I sit down. He said to try to keep loosing weight and exercise. N it should help. So, I said okay! He also said to keep massaging my boobs since it's a "lifetime maintenance" n also to keep massaging my left side of tt scar. He said he feels it thicker and need to massage to help with scar tissue. I go back to see him in 6 mths.

6 mth post op

Sorry I haven't been updating in so long. I have been on real self but just looking at profiles and commenting. I've been healing pretty good. Have been massaging my tt scar and boob scar with bio oil every night and applying new gel +e silicone cream. I did go see my ps today because I noticed a bump on my bb. I was concerned about it. He said it was scar tissue and he recommends me to massage it every night and apply cream as well. Will see him in 4 mths again unless something else comes up.

8 mth. Po

It's been quite a while since my last update. Nothing has changed. I do wish sometimes I would've gone bigger(boob greed) but it is what it is and at least I have more now than what i started with. The bottom part of them are still numb but I do feel my nipples. Re: My tummy, I still feel as if it's not flat enough. By the end of the day it swells above the tt scar. Seeming as if I'm 4 mth pregnant but at least there's no hanging skin. I looked it up on rs and it said it could be from my muscles not being tight enough when I got the tt. Which makes a lot of sense. I don't think I will get a revision just because I don't want to go through it again. Plus it's not fair for my kids to see me like that again. I still have that bump on my bb it has not changed but it hasn't gotten Better either. Next month I see my ps. Well see what he has to say. Happy healing to all of the new rs ladies.

10 mth po

Sorry I haven't posted in quite a while. I've been keeping up with others reviews bit has jet updated mine in a while. Well, I've been doing good. My boobs are all healed and looking great. Eventhough I do get boob greed at times. I think because I see other profiles. But my advice is if you're undecided with a size. Go with the bigger one. Take it from my experience. Re my tummy, not completely happy with a roll that i have when I sit down and also the bump I had on my bb has gotten a little bigger but I see my ps next week. Well see what he has to say about that. Good to all you ladies with upcoming surgeries.

1 yr post up

It's been a year now (July 17) and it's been a good experience so far. Even though I'm not 100% happy with my results I'm happy what I have now compared to what I had. You girls know what I mean. I'm super flat in the morning but depending on what I eat, my stomach swells. Just above my bb though. Any one experiencing this? I looked it up and I may have my stomach muscles not tight enough. I haven't seen my ps because he has been rescheduling on and off. But I have an appt on the 24th which I will be taking to him about concerns. Anyways, I've been buying some cute bathing suits here and there because I'm going on a cruise next month. Something I'm excited to wear. At least with some shorts because I have a long surgery scar from when I was a child that I'm ashamed to show.

A year and a half update.

It's been quite a while since my last update. Don't have much that has changed. I'm posting a pic of some glamour pics I took last year.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

My new PS is Dr. Charles Hsu...I did a little research on him before the consultation and had positive reviews and recommendations. They were right,.He's so friendly and patient. He listened and answered every question i had and explained everything thoroughly ( I had many)...was very pleased and very impressed with his attention. Will highly recommend to anyone.

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