My Journey to my Tatas - Beverly Hills, CA

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My Journey to my tatas :)

Hello ladies :) so here I am first review ever I wasnt planning on doing one but you ladies have been so helpful that I wanted to take you ladies with me on my journey to getting my tatas. So Im only 19 days aways from my big day!!! and Im feeling supper excited and nervous and a little cold feet lol, so Ill tell a little about myself Im 23 years young I weight about 118 lbs I used to weight 130 but lost a few pounds for my big day :) my current bra size is 34b honestly with the weight loss im probably smaller,no kids, & well just like all you amazing ladies on this site you ladies Im looking to feel and look a lot better. Im going to be getting my surgery in Beverly Hills with Doc. William Bruno one of my good friends did her breast augmentation with him and i know she's very happy with her results so I trust he will take care of me :) also he has awsome reviews on here so im confident that he'll do an amazing job. I've decided that im getting from 339ccs - 360cc depending on how many ccs he could fit in there lol i was very confused when it came down to deciding on ccs bc i dnt wanna be too big but not to small i want something noticiable but not va bang lol so so far i decided saline,mod profile,between 339cc-360cc so ill keep u ladies updated :) (i will upload pics asap also im sorry i wont be posting braless pictures since Ive read on some post that we have creeps on this site just looking so pls be careful ladies since we do have our emails on here, just putting it out there :) ????

This is me now :( not for long ????

This is a non padded bra, im looking to have a more full natural shape

my wish pics ????

What do you ladies think is 350cc a good choice to achive this size im still a bit confused ????
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