330CC's make an A/B cup into a D cup!

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I have been considering and thinking about having...

I have been considering and thinking about having a Breast Augmentation for at least 15 years. I am 40 years old, I wear 36B bras, but lately I'm barely filling those cups, 5'10", 155 lbs. I have been working out my entire life, but the last few years I have gotten serious about Pilates and Barre workouts and have lost about 15 lbs and many inches. Unfortunately, most of those inches came off my upper body and my breasts have gotten to the point where even the most padded push up bra cannot create any cleavage. I am looking for a very natural result and would like to end up being a C cup.

I went for a consultation with a Plastic Surgeon about a month ago to talk about BA. I found him by looking through a magazine at my dermatologist's office called "New Beauty." His Before and Afters look very natural which is what a am hoping for. We met in his office and talked about why I was there, what sort of results I was looking for, and all the positives and negatives about BA surgery. He was very informative and straight forward and took time to answer and my questions and concerns. I am most afraid of general anesthesia, having never had surgery before, and he addressed my concerns on that front.

We then went to the exam room when he measured my breasts and chest, gave me a breast exam and and further discussed the look and size I was looking to end up with. He then showed me saline and silicone implants and explained that with the small amount of breast tissue I have he would recommend a Silcone implant placed under the muscle for the most natural result. He then took photos of me with the Vectra 3D camera, then he used the computer to add the implants he would recommends for me, and after a few moments I saw a 3D image of my new breasts. Pretty amazing. He recommended the Natrelle style 10, Moderate profile 330 cc implants for the most natural result. My breast diameter is 13cm. I liked the predicted result, but for comparison asked him to try the Moderate Plus profile which for me meant the style 15, 339 cc size. This gave a much more va-va voom result, it projected much further on the top part of the breast and seemed much less "real" looking to me. So we agreed on the first implant size he showed me, the Style 10 moderate profile 330 cc silicone implants.

I then met with his patient coordinator and booked my surgery date 11/25/13 and my pre-op appointment 11/11/13! I put down a $300 deposit which covers the consultation fee of $175 and will be applied to the cost of the surgery.

I sort of shocked myself by going forward with this and booking the appointment, but I have been dissatisfied with the look of my breasts for pretty much forever, and I have gotten to the point in my life where I figure, "What am I waiting for?" I have only told one person about my plans, my best friend, who was super supportive of my decision and will be picking me up and letting me stay with her the night after my surgery. Telling her was quite a relief and I am so happy to have such a open minded and supportive friend.

So here we go, only 5 days to go till my pre-op appointment and only 19 days till my new breasts!

Post Op Appointment - Check!

Today was my Post Op appointment. It was very straight forward. I changed into a gown, my PS came into the exam room and told me he would just go over what he was going to do the day of the surgery and that I could ask him any questions or concerns that I might have. I am to arrive at the Surgical Center at 7A on the day, no lotion, perfume, etc, I will change into a gown. He will mark me, an anesthesiologist will administer the anesthesia through an IV, he will insert the 330cc Silicone Gel implants under the muscle through an incision in my areolas. The surgery should take 90 minutes or so, and then I'll be in recovery. They'll call my friend about an hour before I'm ready to be picked up and taken home.
I asked my PS about working out before the surgery. He said it was fine as long as I didn't do excessive chest exercises with weights. I am a bit concerned about post-op pain, with going under the muscle.

I then went and met with the Patient Coordinator. She gave me the scripts I need to have filled and bring with me the day of the surgery. It was just two: Vicodin and an antibiotic. They also recommend taking Bromelain 3 days before the surgery and a week after, and Arnica Montana following the surgery. She said absolutely no Aspirin or Ibuprofen, and no multivitamins or other supplements, actually I got a 3 page list of medications I'm not to take until after! I ordered the Bromelain and Arnica online and dropped off my prescription at CVS.

I will go and get the blood tests done tomorrow, typical pre-surgery stuff: CBC with differential, Hepatitus B, Hepatitus C, and HIV antibody test. I'm hoping my insurance will cover these even though its an elective surgery....

I will have an appointment to go back to see the doctor the day after the surgery and then again one week after.

Alright, that's it for now. I'm attaching some of my WIsh Boobs photos, some are a little larger than what I'm probably going to end up with but the shape is great.

OOps - PRE-OP Appointment

A little typo/ freudian slip there in the title of my last post. My Pre-op appointment was today. Guess I'm getting a little anxious for this all to be over and to finally have nice breasts! Sorry for the confusion. :)

Blood work and Boobs

So I went and did my blood tests yesterday, the woman who did my blood draw asked me if she could ask what I was having "done", I told her "my boobs", she smiled and told me how she wanted to have plastic surgery to get rid of her eye bags. I told her to go for it, especially since its something that has bothered her for years. She did a great job on the blood draw, didn't hurt at all and no bruising!
Here are a few more wish boob photos I've found in the past few days. Enjoy.

7:00 am Monday

So Monday is the big day! My weekend plans consist of shopping for food, doing laundry, cleaning the house and maybe seeing a few movies to distract me and calm my nerves. I am so anxious, especially about the going under part. I know it is irrational, but that doesn't make it less scary. Anyway. Crossing my fingers everything goes as smoothly during the procedure as it has in preparation for it! Here are some last before pictures so we have something to compare the afters to.

I made it!

I had my surgery this morning. Checked in at 7am and was taken to my recovery room. I initialed and signed (and read, of course) a bunch paperwork, talked about the procedure and aftercare with my amazingly kind and informed surgical nurse, Kim.

I changed into a surgical gown and socks and put on my ID wrist band. The doctor came in a few minutes later, he confirmed the size (330cc) and placement of the implants (sub-pectoral). We chatted about the procedure and what would happen the next few days in terms of surgical bra and strap, my follow up visit (tomorrow) and what to expect in terms of pain, swelling, tightness today and tomorrow morning. After my PS left, Kim came back in to check on my, and then the anesthesiologist came in, calmed me down about the going under thing (my biggest fear- I slept maybe 2 hours last night fretting), she asked me about eating/ drinking after midnight (nope and that was tough-so thirsty), and a few other medication/ allergy questions and then stepped out to prepare.

A few minutes later. Kim came back in, walked me to another room, pre-op? It's all literally a blurry because I couldn't wear my glasses and I am blind as a bat without them. I got on the soft and very warm operating table. My legs were strapped down, an IV was placed in my left arm, a little pinch, I was completely encased in covers, and then after a bit of chit chat I was out.

Next thing I know I'm in the post-op? room (still blond at this point) and they are calling my name and I was awake. I felt a little soreness and tightness but no real pain. I sipped some water, so thirsty. Kim then called my friend to tell her I'd be ready to get picked up in about an hour. After about 20 to 30 minutes my IV was disconnected. I got up off the gurney with Kim's help and she walked me into my recovery room. Kim brought me apple juice as I rested a bit on the bed in there. The doctor came in, opened up my bra and let me sneak a peak, adjusted the strap and went over the post-op instructions with me again. A few minutes later my friend arrived, I got dressed in my yoga pants and button down shirt as requested, not cute. The hardest part was taking my shirt off the hanger but since my PS says he wants me to move my arms around and up I figured a little gentle stretch would be fine. I was out of there around 10:45am. The arrival/ pre-op was about an hour, the surgery was less than 90 minutes, post-op was a big more than an hour. Amazing to me how fast it went.

The ride home was about 45 minutes. I ate a few crackers and some rice and drank a huge bottle of water when I got back. Thank God for my friend, she's bern amazing! My throat is a bit sore, I wasn't intubated which I am glad about, but oxygen was flowing into my mouth for the duration of the surgery which I think dried out my throat some. At least I hope that's what it is and I'm not coming down with a cold right now! I took a Vicodin and an antibiotic after eating lunch.. I feel a bit sore and definitely feel a lot of pressure on my chest, but so far it's very tolerable. I hope it stays like this! Pictures and more to come tomorrow.

Still not sleeping

So the worst part of this so far has been my inability to sleep more than 3 hours a night. I don't know if it's anxiety or the Vicodin or the sleeping upright, but I am not tired at all. Not fun.
My followup was this afternoon, Dr. S examined me, removed the gauze that was taped in front of my nipples and then pushed and squeezed my breasts a bit. That was painful but not horrible. He gave me a mirror and gave me a peak at my new boobs. I'm very happy so far. Not too big but much, much bigger than what I had before. They are a little high, but not bad, the EVIL STRAP I have to wear 24-7 seems to be working. He told me I had significant swelling in between my breasts in the sternum area, which I hadn't noticed on my own, it's hard to see with this lovely surgical bra and strap combination.

I spoke to him about my not sleeping and he told me he could prescribe a sleeping pill. I told him I had some Sonata at home, which he said I could take with the 300mg of Vicodin. I think I'll try to ween myself from the Vicodin tonight and see if that helps me get some sleep. Too much medication freaks me out anyway. I made an appointment for Monday so he can remove my stitches, which he told mw wouldn't hurt, and I was on my way home. Here are photos I took this evening. Sorry for the dim lighting and slight blur, I haven't gotten this boob selfie thing perfected yet!

Stitches Out

Yesterday was one week post surgery appointment for me. My PS looked at my breasts and then removed the stitches from under my areolas. I felt it when he pulled them out in one motion, but it didn't hurt. He then placed surgical tape over the incisions and told me to leave it on, but that if it fell off it is okay. I also finally could take a real shower and get the front of me wet. Let me tell you showering and not getting your breasts/ incisions wet is not easy or enjoyable. The shower was one of the best ever!

I told him about the numbness I have just started noticing on the outer upper part of my right breast. He told me I was still quite swollen and that he thought the feeling would come back once the swelling went down. I sure hope so, it is weird not to feel part of your body. He showed me two massages I am to do several times a day everyday. It is basically squeeze the bottom part of the breast to move the implant up in the pocket, hold for 10 counts, release and repeat. Then the same for the top of the breast to move it down, but it has less movement this direction.

My muscles are still pretty tight, too many push ups I guess, especially on my dominant right side. That breast seems more swollen, tighter, and it is harder to move the implant on that side. I still have to wear the strap and a bra 24 hours a day. I'm going to buy a different bra this morning as the surgical bra I've been wearing is now so tight it has become really uncomfortable. My doctor says its ok to wear any bra I am comfortable in, just no underwire.

The coobie bra I bought pre-op doesn't cover the top of my breasts enough for me to feel supported, he didn't say I had to wear a sports bra and since I hated the way they felt with my small breasts I can't imagine enjoying wearing one with bigger boobs! No, I think it's going to be a grandma bra for me for right now, something that resembles the surgical bra, but actually fits!

I measured myself last night and used one of those online bra calculators and it put me in a 36DDD! That seems insane. I'm hoping I did it wrong, cause my perception of them is that they are more like a 36C. I don't know how 330cc's could ever make my A/B cup into a DDD. I'll post more photos later, I'm having some issues with my cell phone camera not focusing correctly. I'm going to try to dig out my old camera today.

Bra Shopping

I went to do a bit of bra shopping, so I could have an alternative to my surgical bra the next two weeks. I just wanted something that was comfy, supportive, full coverage and not too expensive since I know I'm still quite swollen and my size will probably change. I didn't really want to be professionally measured since I'm still bruised and swollen, so I grabbed an assortment of sizes in ugly, non-underwire bras and headed into the dressing room. Shockingly enough a 36DD was not huge on me, it was uncomfortable in the back and the bra straps didn't lie flat in front, I think that's a sign of an improperly fitting bra, but it didn't gape in the cups like I thought it would. That was pretty crazy since my old 36B bras were lose on the top of the cups, I could fit a small cutlet in them!

The 36D bras I tried fit the best, it is not easy finding non-underwire bras btw. I ended up buying sort of a hybrid sports bra/ soft cup bra from Bali in size Large for $36. It seemed supportive, covered my breasts completely, and wasn't as compressing as sports bras usually are. Hopefully it'll feel okay all day at work tomorrow.

My breasts been a bit sore and achy the last two days. Maybe because I've been massaging them? Sort of feels like I'm about to get my period, even though I'm not. I'll post photos of the bra I bought in case any of you are interested in a similar item.

11 Days Post Photos

I still can't find my camera, so these photos are taken with my phone which has been dropped multiple times and now is somewhat blurry, sorry. I'll look through my garage some more today after work for the camera. Today I noticed I am developing acnes on the inside bottom part of my right breast.

Poor righty! She has been the most bruised, the most swollen, the slowest to drop and now she's breaking out. I out some BP on it and hope it doesn't get worse. Still feeling aches and sometimes sharp pains from my breasts, most of the time it happens when I am more active at work. I take some extra strength tylenol and its bearable. Still wearing the strap 24 hours a day until next week, then it's just at night. Yay! It's been tough finding outfits to wear that hide the strap.

16 Days PO Photos

Brrrr, it's been cold outside and my boobs do not like it. I've been trying to keep them as warm as I can, they get really hard and seem to tense up from the cold. Not a pleasant feeling. The good news is that when they are warm they feel much softer now.

I am massaging at least three times a day and am still wearing the strap at night. They hurt, feel sore, after I massage them, but I figure that's a good thing, gets the blood flowing and maybe help them drop and fluff. I am looking forward to the D&F!

It's weird how when I first got them they felt enormous to me, and now they seem normal, almost small. But they don't feel heavy anymore, which is great.

I still have some numb sports on my right breast and experience sudden, sharp pains in both breasts from time to time, but I do think that is a good sign that my nerves are still working and maybe waking up again. Here are a couple of photos I took today.

6 Weeks

Hi. Sorry I haven't been very present lately. Like everyone else I've been busy with the holidays and work and things. Boobs are doing great. Better every day. Still some numb areas on my right breast, I'm hoping that completely goes away soon. I've been sized as a 34D, but in some bras I wear a 34DD and in sports bras so far its either between a 36D and a 36E. I'm happy with the size. I think they look huge when I'm naked, but in clothes they are very normal looking.

6 Months Post Update

Well it has been 6 months since my surgery. I cannot believe it has been that long. I'm still wearing a 34DD in most bras. I've gotten back most of the sensation I lost, but still have a little numbness about my right nipple. I feel like they settle a little more everyday.
I think they look really natural. People keep telling me I look great and ask me if I've lost weight and what I've been doing. I just laugh and tell them if anything I've put on some weight. That's true, since the implants do weigh a pound or so.
They feel very soft. I still massage them at least once a day, a friend of mine who has had implants for fifteen years says that is the trick to keeping them nice and natural looking. I'm still getting the hang of what clothes look good on me now, it is different since before the surgery I was pretty flat chested, especially since I am so tall and broad the B-cups looked like nothing.
The only people who have seen them have been my doctor and me. Sad I know, I really need to get back into dating but I had a tough break up a while back and its been a struggle for me to even try to meet someone new. Anyway, let me know what you think of them, hopefully you agree that they almost look like natural boobs! :)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Stevens and his staff have been amazing so far. He spent a very long time with me during my initial consultation and I immediately felt comfortable with him. He listened to me and was frank and open as to what I could expect result wise. Susie and Nora from his office are pleasant, efficient, and very informative. I have always gotten a prompt response from them when I have contacted the office by phone or email. So far I am extremely happy with my outcome and recommend Dr. Stevens very highly.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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