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Last week I finally made the ultimate decision to...

Last week I finally made the ultimate decision to get breast augmentation. Meaning that I booked my surgery and paid my deposit - so this is really happening!

I have been seriously thinking about BA for over two years now, actually I think closer to three at this point. The first time I started truly thinking it was an option is when I learned someone I worked with had them done AND had a complication that is still affecting her today. Believe it or not, instead of it scaring me away from BA, I actually started diving in to learn more. To learn as much as possible.

At some point around that time I discovered RealSelf. I didn't officially join until today though. I've been getting the email updates and reading reviews for years. I've read the best stories and the worst, I've read about all the complications, what kind of implants, incision site, the good the bad the ugly and the "so freaking worth it." At this point what more could I learn? And yet I still continue to read everything I can.

I am 24 years old, 120lbs, 5'2'' and I hardly fit into an 34 A cup. There is a gap between my breast and the bra, padded or not. Especially on my right side as it is much smaller. I'll be honest, when I was young I used to pray NOT to have big boobs - I was terrified! And yet here I am, my prayers came true, and I am ready to go under the knife to change what I have. Of course, what did I know when I was eight years old?

I'm still not trying to go too large. So often I read that girls always wish they went a little bigger and I am a bit back and forth on this. As of the past two months I've finally decided to lean towards the bigger size of the two sizes I'm considering, because I do believe the "wishing you are bigger" thing is a thing. However, my thoughts are anything more than what I have now is a huge change and will be amazing. I would like a Full B - Small C. I really don't care much about bathing suits, though I imagine afterwards I will actually enjoy wearing them, but my bigger concern is all the normal clothes! T-shits, dresses, tanks tops, even PJs! I'm self-conscious because being so small chested means a lot of work trying to just look proportional. Most dresses are tough to wear because they all hang lower and my bra will show because nothing is there to hold them up. If I lean over in a v-neck or anything that doesn't reach my neck - oh boy! You see my nipple.

I do love my body, I am happy with my boobs, and if I had to spend the rest of my life like this I'd be fine! But I don't have to. I can enjoy feeling more like myself. I believe once I have them I will feel more like who I really am. I would try to explain that but I imagine most of the women on here understand that feeling. It just feels right to have...more.

I did see three Surgeons. One in AZ when I lived there over a year ago, and 2 in Beverly Hills. I knew for sure I would not go with the AZ one, I didn't like his approach, but I was having debate b/w the CA ones. I decided in the end to go with Dr. Vishal Kapoor. The other doc I saw was Dr. Kim who was really great and I read a lot about, however after seeing Dr. Kapoor I knew that there were a few things I just didn't love about Dr. Kim that I felt more comfortable going with Dr. Kapoor. Dr. Kapoor and his staff were very welcoming, calm, laid back, patient, and just great. Also, my friend JUST had her BA surgery with him 2 weeks before and she was happy. I saw her recently (a month after her surgery) and she says she is SO happy and would go to him again. Knowing someone in person who went to a doc is really comforting and I think I knew right away when I saw Dr. Kapoor that I would go with him.

Fortunately my mother and my friends, and actually everyone I have told have been very supportive. It seems that people either "get it" right away, or it takes them a day or two to understand. It's not something you can really explain in words to someone, I think they just kind of have to "know." I was shocked my mother was supportive so quickly, and to quote her from the first time I brought it up, "Yeah, I don't know why you are so much smaller than [the rest of the women in the family]." HA.

Anyway, I tried on sizers and it seems like 300 cc Silicone (not sure profile, I think moderate) will be best for me, but at my pre-op I will try sizes again just to make sure. It's a little bigger looking than I would want, but they said you probably are about 10% smaller after surgery. Which is perfect.

So I will keep you updated. I'm in a very calm state at this time as it still is about 2 months out, so I'm just going to the gym to get in the best shape possible and daydreaming how all my favorite clothes will look once I am proportioned. OH - with the sizers and seeing myself with larger boobs I actually looked Thinner. That was really interesting. Not with every size of course. One I tried was way small and looked like a tennis ball and the other was huge and top heavy.

I'll post my before pictures as I get closer to the date.

Before Photos

This is me now, 2 months before surgery. How a VS padded bra looks in a shirt, how the gap looks, ha, and my actual size. You can see the size difference between breasts a bit, and from the side view my body looks a bit larger than I actually am. As I mentioned, it's totally a portion thing I am looking for with BA. Well, and feeling full and womanly and thrilled all the time :)

Before Photos, take two

Sheesh, it's funny how often I read when girls tried posting pictures and they didn't go through and now I get it 100%. So here goes take two. I'll finish the rest in a third post.

Before photos, Take 3

Here is the third set of before pictures I wanted to share. No filter! Ha. I can't wait until I get to share the after photos. You may be able to see that the right breast (my right) is smaller. And I guess you can't correct typos on here, so my post a couple before meant to say: "it's totally a *proportion* thing I am looking for with BA."

Stress dreams

This waiting game is a bit difficult. I know in the end it's better setting the date out because I'll have saved even more $$, it will be a slow time, my mother will be able to fly out and take care of me, I have two more months to keep getting in the best shape of my life, etc. So I know this is best. But still, it's hard to wait and think about all the things that could happen.

I tend to stress dream a lot, so last night I couldn't sleep at all, my back hurt and I was thinking, crap if I am uncomfortable now - how will I handle it when I have boobs since I know sleeping is supposed to be rough. I tossed and turned all night, dreaming weird things about my doctor and work and just everything. I'm nervous too like I jumped forward to quick. Did I pick the right doc? Am I really doing this? I believe yes I did pick the right doc but the problem is now I have this time between when I saw him weeks ago and two months until my pre-op where I have too much time to think. I have questions to ask the staff Monday though, luckily I can text the lady who runs everything and get quick answers. But I guess I want to double check that they will be Mentor implants (for some reason I just do not want Natrelle) and that they will have different sizes in case the ones I decide end up looking too big on me, and what do I need to start doing and stop doing (and eating, taking, etc) how soon before surgery, yadda yadda.

I know time will fly, and I'm trying to not over think things now since it's so far away, but I'm worried as I get closer I'll get more nervous only because of the surgery part. Just being cut open scares me, because I just want to know I survived and came out of everything okay, ha. I imagine I'm not the only one who worries about that part. I'm glad my mother will be there and be my advocate for me.

This waiting game is tough...

Almost everyday I read updates to reviews that I subscribe to on here, and look for new ones. I love reading everyone's stories and it's great to know I am not the only one going through this procedure, and the mental aspects that go with it.

I realize my surgery will be here before I know it. Next week my Christmas vacation begins, after that I'll have four weeks of stressful work and suddenly pre-op and then surgery. Woah.

After the holidays I will see my personal trainer once or twice more, which will be a good push right before I can't work out again for a while.

The other night I dreamt that I suddenly got my boobs much sooner than planned, my mom wasn't there, and I was out and about the first day and my boobs burned and I couldn't lift my arms. Just your everyday stress dreams.

I probably won't post again for a few weeks until things get closer. I don't really want to share wish pics because I don't want to go back and constantly compare after surgery.

Hope everyone is doing well!! Happy holidays in advance :)

Little over a month away

So my date is coming up quick now, I can't believe it! I think if I am counting right it's 37 days away. I returned from Christmas vacation and amazingly lost a couple pounds. I had a cold and not a big appetite, and it kept my portions small and so I was so excited when I learned this! Unfortunately being back in my normal routine I'm struggling keeping it up so this month I'll be really stepping up my exercise and diet only because getting surgery is such a big deal and it seems like a waste getting boobs without also getting my body in the best shape it's ever been. Also I know I'll be bloated after surgery and won't be working out for a while so I really want to make the most of the time I have. I think I'm also going to cut alcohol starting today -hey the first of the year is a good time for this right? Ha. I can't drink 2 weeks before surgery anyway so I think I'll stop now, it's really not worth it for the time being.

I did buy bras for afterwards. I wasn't going to because who knows how ill turn out but then I figured having at least something will be useful so I got a pack of two Hanes her way bras that look more like crop camis, I think they will be super soft and perfect for after BA because they is no underwire or anything. They'll be shipped soon.

Also I plan to buy ScarAway in the new few days. I saw a relative last week who had a terrible terrible scar a few months back, and now after a month of ScarAway the scar is sooo much better it was impressive so that definitely seems to be the best scar patch to use.

Also I had a couple questions for my surgeon I'd been waiting to ask for a while and finally called them this week and was glad to get some answers. Such as when to stop taking BC and what else I need to stop and when (no alcohol, BC, blood thinners like aspirin 2 weeks prior) but I can and should continue my multivitamin before, during, and after. I take a women's daily mulitvitaim called Alive. Also I asked if my implants can be Mentor. For some reason my gut tells me to go with mentor brand so she said they can def do that. I mean, I am paying for them so why wouldn't that be an option right?

I am really excited. I think about it everyday and try not to overthink it or stress. I know I am ready for this and am making the right decision for myself, but sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy doing it, you know? My family mostly all knows now and are supportive. My grandmother was the least happy about it but she tried hard to keep her disapproval to herself which I thought was nice because a t this point I'm not asking for opinions on the subject, I'm tell people this is happening so accept it ha. I don't mean to be mean in saying that but I'm at the point where I have made up my mind so nothing will change it, and now all I need and hope for is support. My mother is actually one of the most supportive people about it which if you knew her you would never believe she would be ok with it. But somehow she has been the best and is the perfect advocate for me and I am so glad she will be coming out here and stay with me a few days because she'll know what's best and just take care of me no questions asked. I'd feel terrible putting that burden on my BF for example, but my mother is my mother, you know?. Also we will be staying in a hotel close to the PS which will help because I have quite a few roomies and 3 cats and I really don't want to worry about all that right away.

I just asked work for time off, I'll find out what they say tomorrow. Work does know, it's just a couple people I work with and luckily I work from home so it should be good going back to work soon after surgery, but I do really need a couple days totally off. My job is stressful at times and when I get too stressed I tend to come down with a Cold which is something I do not want around my BA.

Oh I also just bought a zip up hoodie from VS because I read here that is really useful for surgery day. I'm so excited to empty out my bra drawer Feb 6th!!


Alright ladies so I'm kind of having trouble with something that just came up and I'd love your thoughts. I'm trying to keep calm and not let this get to me or confuse me but my friend who got BA with the same doc I'll be going to in a month just told me that she is concerned about her boobs. It's been three months since her surgery and one of her boobs is settled and healed nicely but the other is still high and hurts when she massages. She will be seeing the PS this week and will let me know what he says but right now she is really stressed and unhappy with her boobs. I'm hoping that one just hasn't dropped yet but will soon...but as soon as she said this my heart started beating so fast. Am I stressing myself out over nothing? With something like this, it makes me question if I am going to the right surgeon and such. I can't even imagine how she is feeling. Is three months still too soon for some people for their boobs to settle? Thanks so much, ladies!

So it turns out...

My friend ended up having scar tissue form - capsular contracture. For some reason over the past few years of doing research I cannot, for the life of me, say this phrase out loud. It's the weirdest thing.

So my friend went in last Thursday and the PS said yeah unfortunately scar tissue did form and she'll have to have surgery to get it fixed. She said he was super nice about it, and based on what she told me and how he plans to handle the whole thing - I'm really impressed. He is definitely a doc that cares. She told me she is like one of the 10% that this happens to - I'm not sure about that stat, but I do think the chances are not super high. Really, we all are going into this knowing complications may be part of the process - we can't completely predict what will happen to our bodies. It definitely is a bummer for her, but luckily it will be fixed soon, and at least they determined what it is right away versus the doc being like, "eh lets see what happens in a month" which I get the feeling some docs are like.

Oh, and guess when her surgery date is?? Yep, my BA day! Ha, so I'll be the first surgery of the day and I think she will be after me. Weird, right? Anyway, I know it sucks, but I'm glad she found out and I'm glad it's going to be taken care of so quickly, and I'm glad to hear how the PS is handling it.

I've been so busy with work (I live my work) that I haven't had any boob dreams in a week and I've barely given myself time to think about the upcoming surgery at all. I think this is good though - I needed time to not think about it because I know a week from now when I hit the 2 week mark I will start to go crazy again.

I hope everyone is having safe, healthy, and happy recoveries - or just happiness with their additions. I'll be there so soon!

Less than two weeks

It's amazing how much time has flown by so far. Last Thursday was the official two-week mark. I can't believe I'm already past that!

At two weeks was when no more alcohol, aspirin, or birth control began. This Thursday I have my pre-op! AGH. Once Wednesday, or even Tuesday hits, I'm going to be freaking out. Also, if I mentioned I live a stressed life before, it's nothing compared to what this week will be. I have two clients I have to turn work in this week, plus my normal day job, and I have an insane list of things to buy to prep for surgery. Like a chair pillow, cocoa butter lotion, gatorade, bendy straws, etc. Also, I'm paying in full for the BA this Thursday and that's kind of freaky! There's no going back once that happens. It still seems kind of foreign that this is happening, I will let you know when everything fully hits.

Also, just so people know later on when this review comes out and they can compare with my healing time - I haven't stopped working out at all. I'm still working my upper body and I'm not concerned. I'm not going crazy doing push ups or lots of chest stuff, but I'm not NOT doing it either, meaning if it's involved in something else then so be it. I'll make sure to take it easy within the last week though.

Well, I will let you know how pre-op goes! Happy boobs and happy healing to everyone.

Comparing BA to Buff Dudes

So the other day I was at the gym and I was thinking how BA is a lot like guys going to the gym to get buff. Think about it, maybe a guy really wants to pack on muscle, even if their body is already decent or lean, or maybe even if he's in bad shape, what not - and so he goes to the gym and works out and does all this stuff to get bigger stronger muscles. It's not like the guy "needs" huge muscles to be in shape, but he wants them because they will make him happier with himself. Boobs are the same - except that we can't do anything to make them bigger or more in proportion with our body because well duh, your chest just doesn't grow. We are stuck with our boobs. Except we aren't because we can get BA. It's the same idea, really.

I can't believe this is happening NEXT WEEK. WTF.

Pre-op was today!!!

Holy shmokies, my pre-op happened today. That means a week from now at this time I will be recovering with boobs. That's insane, right? Everyone here gets it - but the fact that in a week I won't have what I've had my whole life is crazy. I'll never see my boobs again the way they are now, no matter what. Weird. But so freaking exciting!

So pre-op was great. They were just as wonderful as I remembered, very helpful, I spoke with the PS again and got his advice on sizes and stuff and asked a few surgery questions and all was great. I got to take home a lot of the paperwork to review and sign and bring back on day of surgery. I'm all PIF so that's freaky too. Got my blood work done and they will get the results tomorrow but I'm sure all is well. That was the worst part of today - I hate having blood drawn bleh.

So SIZING. That's the big thing right?? Back when I had my consultation in October I was 123 lbs. I'll tell you why this matters in a minute. I tried on sizes at this consult and it looked like 300ccs on my left was what we were going to go with and use that size to base my right side which is probably 25-50 cc's smaller so my chart (as I saw today) said 300cc L and 350cc R. These are all Mentor mod-profile, because I want a very nature look. High profile is not for me at all.

So I tried the 300cc on today and I was like, woahhhh this is kind of big. It felt like too much, which I was pretty shocked because I was starting to lean towards bigger than back when I only wanted size B's you know. But I just couldn't shake it, it seemed like too much boob. I know, I KNOW, believe me. "Everyone gets boob greed" I get it. But I would SO much rather come out and be like, hmm, I wish they were a little bigger than, dang, this is too much boob. I don't want too much boob. I'm used to no boob, and having too much is terrifying. If I truly feel like I need to go bigger, then one day later in life I will. After I have kids and all that jazz. But I want to be in proportion with my body, not top-heavy. Besides, I can ALWAYS make them look bigger. But the idea that what was in that sizer and how far they came out would be ALL boob and not just a "filler" was too much.

Then we actually put 300 in my left and 325 in my right (because it's smaller) and how funny, but my right still looked smaller than my left and it looked better too. That was more what I was going for, and yet, it was still a little big.

So in the end I tried so many sizes on and went back and forth and finally, AND surprisingly, decided on 250cc (or 275cc) L and 300 cc R. The PS will try both 250 and 275 in surgery to see what matches best because of the asymmetry. I'm really excited about this decision, I feel that it's right for me. I realize they will be 10-20 % smaller after a few months than sizers show, and that's perfectly fine with me.

I think part of the reason for my change in size is that when I first tried, like I said I was 123lbs. Since then I've really worked out and focused on my eating so now I weigh 115, and I am 5'2". Even the lady working with me felt that 300cc was just slightly too big for me, based on what I am looking for.

I will say the doc stepped in later and said I might regret not going bigger, but I'm okay with that regret versus the regret of going too big. It's just who I am, and if boob greed is the worst that happens to me - bring it on, Ha.

My Stats

I know this has been helpful for many so here goes:

24 years old
115 lbs
Currently (barely) a 34A
Getting: Mentor Silicone 300cc mod profile L, 250 (or 275cc) mod-profile R

opps change my stats

Opps, my stats are swapped on the boob sizes - I keep getting this mixed up. My Right will have the larger size implants.


Hi ladies, so I am wondering how useful the chair pillows are. You know, the kind with arms that hug you? I do not know the official name. I almost bought one at Target but I know I'll be trashing it soon after (I don't have ANY extra space) so is it worth it or can I make do with a bunch of other pillows?

Thanks! 4 days, eeeek.

Tomorrow is the day

This is happening tomorrow morning. I'm supposed to get to the office at830 am. I'm nervous as hell and doing a really good job of thinking about everything but surgery. But now it's only hours away (12) and harder to pretend it's not happening haha tomorrow ill try to update but it could be a day or two. All the best to you girls out there!

It's done!

I am feeling a bit naseous so I can't get into all the details today but I survived and have boobs!! Here's s a pic!

Day 1 & 2 recap

So, yesterday morning I arrived at the PS at 8:30 am. Filled out some papers and then started getting ready. I changed and was able to leave my sweatpants on actually which was really nice because they kept me more comfortable. The nurse was awesome she was so patient and nice. The PS was really great too he gave my mom his cell and took hers down and then took my before pictures and gave me some meds in an IV that he put in to help me relax. They did help but because I had been so good about trying to not get nervous before surgey it's like I couldn't hold in that control anymore and I cried a bit. I was just nervous and all that build up came out. They took me in the OR and I laid on the table, they asked me about my job and what I do and then held one arm out, put oxygen over me and I remember trying to focus on breathing normally and soon after I was out.

Then they were waking me up somehow my shoes were on and they moved me into another room and I sat there a bit with my mom trying to come out of it. I could hear everything but I kept my eyes closed for a while because it was just easier. Soon they were wheeling me out to the car and I remember seeing and talking to my friend as I was leaving because her surgey was next. She told me later I had a huge smile on my face because I had snuck a peak at my boobs.

Unfortunately the rest of the day was pretty rough. My pain hovered around 7-8.5 all day and I threw up 10 min after putting anything in my stomach. The anti-nausea pill did not work at all. I was still throwing up at 8:30 that night. At which point we texted the PS and he called my mom and said for today just no pain meds or anti biotics but tomorrow I should be good. Tylenol was ok though.

It was pretty rough because the pain was a lot since I didn't have the pain meds in my system most of the day and feeling nauseated is the absolute worst. But I kept thinking today is the worst and I will get through it.

This morning I woke up feeling much better. I was able to move around more and went downstairs to the hotel lobby and had a norm breakfast and took all my meds. I did feel a little stomach sick but nothing came of it. The pain was better today.

The worst part of today was we had to drive about 40 min to a new hotel and every brake made me feel sick. In LA traffic braking is all you do. But again, I survived. My mom and I went shopping at the grocery store sometime around 5 and made dinner and I felt totally normal. I did feel like a I was drunk while we were walkin around the store- just like kind of fuzzy- which was strange because I took my meds like two hours prior. Then after dinner I took an awesome nap. I actually feel fine with only being a little propped up with pillows, not all the way.

I've taken peaks at the new girls but I can't take my bra off until I shower which should be tomorrow night or Sunday. I'll post pictures when I can.

So far all I feel is happy I did this. No regrets or anything. I'm really just taking this one day at a time.


So I sneaked a peek because the bra was starting to cut into my sides. But I only went without the bra for about ten minutes total. Here are some pics so this is day 3 I guess, wow! They are super high and tight and have that boxy look so I can't wait for them to soften and such. But I love them. I think for me it's perfect and they look awesome in the bra ha I know soon they will look more real. Anyway, enjoy! And happy healing to everyone out there just entering boob world!

4 days post op

So today is four days post op. I may have gotten my timing mixed up for my last post so that's two days post op and I'll post pictures of 3days post and today of 4 days post.

So I'll be honest, yesterday I felt great. Same for today. I feel totally normal except my energy falls towards the evening late afternoon but besides that I feel the same. I've had BM and my doc recommended milk of magnesia. I taking just one pain pill every 4-6 hours now even though I don't think I'll need it soon but there is some discomfort. Right now I'm in a tank with no bra and my breasts feel really heavy and swollen and yet, they are also numb. It's strange. The steri strips are still there. Took my first shower yesterday and it felt great. I can't open doors or anything that I use my arm to pull or push because it uses my chest muscles too. Sleeping on my back has been fine I just use one pillow under me and a couple on the sides.

Anyway, the best part- pictures


Opps, as I said in my last post: pictures

A week has already passed!

I can't believe it's already been a week. At this time last week I was barfing for the fourth time that day and my mom was amazing at taking care of me. I can't believe how fast time flies!

Tomorrow I have my first post op apt. I'm excited to hear what the doc says about how I'm healing and stuff. Also, I'll learn how to properly massage and I'm ready to get started on that. I've been massaging a bit on my own like they said to but I know I'm not doing it exactly right.

Lately my boobs have been frustrating the hell out of me though. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE them- but the sensations are weird. They are full and heavy so I can't go without a bra and even a Hanes no wore bra is too light- not right enough- and my boobs will just hurt from being heavy on my chest. My surgical bra is way too tight to wear during the day but it's good at night. Im now wearing another comfy sports bra but still my boobs are irritated. I don't know it's just frustrating and I know it's the fact that sensitivity is kicking in again but man it's annoying.

Also, the sensations are weird just in general - sometimes it feels like my nipple or skin hurts but if I touch it it's so strange because it's almost like its numb. Has anyone had this? Bleh, ha.

Anyway I am of course so happy I did this. No sad or regretful thoughts! I love that I did this, it was definitely the right choice for me.

10 days post op!

So the past couple days they've started to look and feel much more natural. They are a little softer and just seem to be growing to my body. I am more sensitive and massaging kind of hurts but other than that everything is great! I saw my PS on Fri and he said they look great, I can take the strips off in seven days, I can start using scar away then, and I can wear other sports bras, Hanes her way bra which I'll show a pic of and even just no bra in a tank too with a built in bra. Saturday they were sore so I actually spent most of the day in no bra but I was laying around in bed and stuff not doing much. I'm walking fine and feel good. I am listening to my body when it feels like it's worn down so ill rest when needed and I'm taking it easy. I still can't lift/push/pull heavy things or make sudden arm movements like throw a cat toy, that stuff still hurts or feels weird on my chest muscles. Anyway, here's a couple pictures- I think they look great and I've gotten the exact result I wanted which is to have natural boobs that look right on my body. Oh and I love having cleavage- went out Saturday night with my man and wore a low cut dress- so fun! It was really exciting looking "right" in dresses finally!

Coming on 3 wks post op

So things are pretty normal. Life is beginning to feel TOO normal now because this is all mostly behind me and all that nervousness and excitment has past. But that's okay. It's also the fact that my new additions already feel like I've always had them. I still am excited everytime I look in the mirror but the strangest thing is that because they are actually your boobs just enhanced they look so normal on your body. It's quite fun. I did call the PS office yesterday to see when I can start working out and when I can buy regular bras. They said give it at least one month post op for bras and I can start slowly working out now- like some light cardio and stuff- no weights or classes until I feel ready- it's mostly about listening to your body. I only am just beginning to be able to lean on my arms and lay on my stomach but it's still not that comfortable so I limit it. I sleep on my sides and back and it's fine. Actually I feel like my recovery, besides day one, was super easy. It could be because I didn't go as big in size as many girls do so I had less to get used to. I had one day where I was upset about the size and worried it was too small but that was because I started comparing the size I got to so many women on here and the fact that wih shirts on it's not that different than before but what I was forgetting is that with a shirt they are atill bigger than before AND that's with wearing sports bras. Also I worked hard to have some look of curves before when in reality I had nothing at all. I don't regret the size because naked they are perfect and next week when I get to go bra shopping I have no worries because I can push them up as much or as little as I want. I have cleavage now even in compressed bras and that's so exciting to me. My biggest fear was going too big and having a bad recovery and boobs that were too much to deal with. I would hate to suddenly have a big boob problem and never find bras and have to buy new shirts and all that. Anyway let me know if you have any questions! Attached are pictures from the other day and today. Took off my steri strips on Friday at two weeks post op and now using the Scar away strips! Things are good there!

Working out

Just an update regarding working out. I really haven't tried much but last week and over the weekend I went to the gym twice in all, just walked the treadmil. The first time I walked 30 min at 2.7 an hour. This sounds crazy slow but it's all my body could handle. It felt good but I also knew I couldn't do more. Then yesterday I went and walked 2.7-2.8 mph up a slight incline for 45 min. This felt good but again I knew I couldn't do more. I remember reading for another girl on here that three weeks the gym was tough but the second four weeks hit it was like a switch was flipped. I think that's where I'm headed because my body feels ready but not 100%. This Thursday will be four weeks! I get to start wearin real bras then and we will see how upping my cardio feels. Just wanted to give an update on that because I think it's important to listen our bodies. I'll update scar pictures later this week to show how the Scaraway patches are working. Happy healing to all!


Here are pictures of the scars and such from yesterday so 25 days post op!


The other day two more photos were supposed to load so here you go! Let's hope this works.

Bra shopping

I went bra shopping this weekend and got sized at Victorias Secret. Seriously I had no idea bra shopping could be so fun!! According to VS I am a 32 D! What the heck ha. I tried on a C and I was spilling out. I think it's because now I have full boobs and nothing to squish around or move anywhere so yeah D cups fit perfectly. I tried on so many bras and having all of them fit just right and look filled out was the most exciting thing. I got three new ones- here are pictures of two. The tshirt bra is awesome and so soft and the nude one is body by Victoria with some padding and my boobs are like Woah!! Bras are so fun it's amazing how you can shape your boobs for different occasions. I can't believe I fit a D at vs. Yes I hear they exaggerate but VS is basically the only place I'll be getting bras so that's the size I'm sticking with :) I honestly though I was a B or C at most. Yay for boobies!!! I'm already getting more this weekend because coupons! Next up is bathing suits. Anyone know of good bathing suit stores that won't make me bankrupt? I want to stay away from VS and target for the most part. Thanks and I hope everyone is doing well!!

Bad gym moment

So girl goes back to the gym five weeks after surgery. Girl almost faints. Girl is scared of her own body.

Yeah so I came to the gym today after taking some time off. Sunday I spent the day walking around Disneyland and I did well but I d's get tired sooner than usual. It was also 87 degrees and I was getting sunburnt. So I took a few days to recover from the burn and came to the gym tonight finally. I did a 15 min ab workout I normally do but without any weights and that was tough but good. Then I figured id do the stair climber for ten minutes on light level. I can handle it right?

Not. I made it 6.5 min and had to pause it my heart was going crazy even though it was on fast/slow intervals of 40 sec. I paused it for a second then tried to start again and the second I did I had to stop and get down immediately. All of my senses went out of whack. My sight had spots and I just felt all the blood leave my head. I went and pretended to be stretching so I could sit down and bring my knees to my chest. It was scary for sure and could have been very embarrassing.

So the moral of the story is don't push yourself too far and do not do the stairclimber. There are many other ways to work cardio in again after surgery. The stairs have always been tough for me and I stopped doing them before so I think post surgery and not working out consistently in five-6 weeks made things little intense. I'm learning! Wanted to share with yall not to scare you but to advise you to truly listen to your body and not push yourself too hard too soon.

Hope everyone is well and healing nicely!

Some pics!

It's been a while. Not much has changed so I figured id share some pics. Hope everyone is doing well!

7 months post op

I know I know, I am the worst. I haven't updated in SO long. Before I had surgery I was on here every single day a few times a day. I was obsessed and read everything I could. Then, life got very normal again. I just enjoy it more now :)

So I am still very happy with the size, I do not have any regrets about it at all. I've accomplished exactly what I wanted which is a better all around physique. They fit me so well and sometimes I can let them be Normal and not so in your face and other times I'll "bring the boobs out" and I love it. I always feel girly and sexy and my confidence has improved as well. I mean, just everything honestly has been better with them and I no longer feel like something is missing or that I'm not girly enough or anything. I mean there are TONS of reasons I did this and I am happy every day.

No problems either! Everything has been smooth knock on wood and they feel normal. I don't really massage anymore, well just not consistently but I do do it throughout the day randomly just because. One nipple is still sensitive but it's whatever.

So anyway if you have questions ask- I will at least get on here to respond I promise! Otherwise I may not drop in again for a while. I'm very fair skinned so you can see in the pic how this has affected my scars, but eventually it will go away. I use silicon scar patches when I remember.

Good luck to all the girls out there getting new boobs and happy recovery to others!

One year!

So it's been a year since I got my boobs! I celebrated my boobaversary on feb 6.

I feel like they are completely a part of me. I don't think about the fact that technically there is something in my body- instead they just feel like me. No complications *knocks on wood* and the only time they feel like oh yeah not actually real is in doing push-ups and sometimes sleeping because the get heavy in a way. So in that case I just wear a Hanes stretch bra to bed and I'm good.

A couple months ago I noticed they did seem to shrink slightly. I remember hearing that about others. It's no big deal to me I'm the only one who could ever tell. I'm still completely a 32D at Victoria's Secret and bra shopping is so fun.

I 100% believe this was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. It's top five, maybe even too three :) I love having boobs even though they really aren't that big compared to most augmentations but just having them exist and looking like a woman was all I wanted. That's what I have. I never regret the size. I'm the most confident I've ever been in my life. I feel pretty always even the days in not really :) I'm sexier with my boyfriend and I let myself have more fun than I used to. I don't care what people think about me as much as I used to. I'm just happier and I feel more like myself than I have in my whole life. Having boobs helped me embrace who I am and let everyone see that person. It seems weird I guess if you said that to someone who doesn't understand plastic surgery. But those people never will so don't worry about them.

I got what I wanted. I'm not obsessed anymore haha. I don't have the desire to make them bigger or anything. I used to be on this site constantly before I got them just waiting for the day and reading every review I could. Well then I got them and as y'all can see I stopped coming to the site. Not on purpose but just because I had nothing left to obsess over and I am really okay with that :)

Okay anyway let me know if you have any questions! Pictures included (or will follow, depending on if this upload works).

Happy vday!

Year and a half later

I wanted to give a brief update since now it's about about a year and a half.

My boobs feel 100% like they are part of me. I don't notice them at all when it comes to stiffness or awkwardness in movement/exercise. For a while they still were a bit strange when I would sleep, but that's not a problem anymore now. I could go forever without a bra and it feels great.

Honestly I forget that I haven't always had these. They feel so me.

I've attached a pic of me right now! Rocking the swim suit.

Over two years later

It's crazy that I've had my boobs for over two years now. I hardly think about them being "fake" and no one would ever guess it. They aren't huge, they just look like they fit my body exactly. I haven't had complications, they feel like normal boobs and I still believe it was one of the best decisions of my life. I love showing them off but other times I feel like being "small" that day. I am going without a bra (or even nip covers) more and more. I am tons more confident in myself than I was two years ago. It's positively affected my life and I have no regrets. Every now and then (rarely) I wonder what it would have been like to go bigger, but honestly I'm perfect where I am. That thought is gone right away because this size was right for me. Everyone needs to listen to their body and their reasons for getting augmentation. If it's to proportion your body, then I hope you'll be happy with boobs that do that. If it's for much larger boobs, then do that! I can be on the smaller side when in some clothes and bras and much bigger with all the cleavage in other bras and outfits.

I mentioned in a response to a comment someone wrote that no, I don't obsess over boobs anymore. Not ones on me or on anyone else. I appreciate everyone's bodyshapes and I see how beautiful everyone is. The way I saw others was strictly related to how I saw myself. also, just because I got boobs done doesn't mean Im unhappy with other parts of my body. I have no desire to get any other surgeries or even Botox. If others do, that's great! Know what's best for you, that's all that matters.

Okay pics below!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. kapoor is awesome, he is friendly, calm, caring, laid back, and makes you feel at ease. He was really good to me on surgery day and made sure he had my moms number and she had his. He remembers his patients and his staff is wonderful and he did an awesome job on my boobs, I am really happy with how they look and feel and he listened to what I wanted- gave advice when I asked - and never pressured me to do something one way or another, he let me decide and I'm very happy about that. He also came recommended from my friend who got her BA with him, and my friend was recommended by her friend- so good word of mouth!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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