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So I have been planning a breast augmentation for...

So I have been planning a breast augmentation for a very long time for about 9 years, I just never had the money to get it done. I finally got the money sat down for consultation and was scheduled the same week!!! It all went so fast!! I had previous consultation one telling me I needed a lift and the other telling me I was borderline. I chose to NOT get the lift. I went with a recommended 550 cc, high profile implant, under, and the incision was made in the fold. The pain was far greater than I expected I am currently 3 days post op and I am still using some pain meds but not like the past few days.

It seems like my implant is so high up its like less than a finger turned sideways away from my collar bone and my boob that wasn't filled by the implant is hanging and!! I am very nervous because I have been all over the internet researching FANKENBOOBS!!

But nobodys storied really fit mine and most of the woman boobs did not look all that great even 11 weeks into it!! I am scared and worried instead if being happy I am praying every night for better results!!

Added a better post op

Saw My Doctor Yesterday

So I'm not allowed to wear a strap to push them down yet, Doc said he wants them to take their natural course in the next week this visit was my one week follow up, also I cannot massage untill my two week mark as well. He said that at the two week mark he will see how they are dropping and once he shows me how to massage he will also consider a strap. He said they are coming along nicely and for me to stay positive. Well I do see a little difference.

Another angle around 1week post Op.


It's midnight and I am panicking, I cried because my breast are a finger width from my collar bone still and my breast still feel hard and it's day 9!!!!! I actually got clostrophobic tonight and cried, for the first time I felt the invasion of these massive impants under my muscle and it sitting against my chest. I just pray that nothing bad happens to me like a misplacement or capsular contraction or maybe they don't drop into their pocket! There has been very little change in 3 or four days. I been taking picture and watching the progression it was happening then stopped. Today was a first real day for me where I cooked, walked around outside, played with my puppy, I mean my arms moved all day, seems like I have good movement and rotation back in my arms. Only ways I really cannot move are them are behined me, like to wash my back or you know the lower bottom area of myself (I get my honey to do that) but other than that full movement. I started thinking maybe I'm panicking because it was my first real active day and now I'm actually feeling the weight and pressure caused my 550 CC HP implants!!! Idk I'm gonna try and sleep but I need change to happen.

Im Feeling More Positive Today!!! (Link to a womans progressoin video located inside my update)

So I panicked a couple of nights ago... and got some positive feedback on here....thanks guys.
Today I feel more positive about the implants, especially after I watched this progression video of a woman whose breast were also riding high during the beginning. He end results were wonderful. So without further adjure , here is the link

Figured I'm at That Two Week Mark I'd Post Some New Pics

It's been two long weeks almost Thursday makes an official week but its close enough. I am noticing the swelling has gone down, but there is still a lot of boob not filled in, at least in my opinion. I got 550cc HP Silicone Unders, I'm hoping they don't stay that high. I refused to get a "needed" lifts because I wanted to see what the results would be before I chose to scar myself. Everyday I look at them in hopes to see my areola in a higher position to no avail. I know it will take some time, I have realistic expectations I don't ex left perfectly perky breast but I'm hoping for a higher areola after all is said and done.

So I had my 2 week Post Op

Saw the doctor today he showed me how to massage. Which feels painful when I push up from where the cut was made under my breast. I told my doctor it hurt and he said it was okay, said the areas won't reopen or anything . I was also given a bandeau. Which is knew tight and is riding In my armpit.

So I guess I'm in phase 2 the helping them drop stage!

I'm massaging now (still no movement)

So I been massaging 4 times a day since Wednesday, and still no movement and worse I my right breast is still very sore inside, and my left seems to move way less when massaged than my right!

I'm so worried I will need a revision or something like that! I been taking vitamin E 1000- 2000 a day to help but nothing!

So I been Massaging for about a week.

Today I noticed a 4 finger width between my collar bone instead of two (turned sideways). Which made me happy. As some of you know I chose to go without a lift and got bigger implants, I was boarder line supposedly. I got High Profile, silicone, 550cc, unders. I am posting a three week progression photos. I am open for comment and experience to whether or not my areola will get higher....

additional pics 1-3 weeks

So I have a Question Ladies????

For those of you that were riding high, how many inches would you say they dropped into their pockets?
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