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I've booked my consult and I'll be seeing him in...

I've booked my consult and I'll be seeing him in about a week.
I plan to do the trans ax but, I might just go with the breast crease. If any of you ladies have a preference over each- please do share.
I'm wanting to go much larger- I'm currently an A and I want DD. Still haven't decided if I want HP or the Mod+. I'm thinking the HP though since I'm short- I want my breasts to be more perky so I don't look fat.

I'll update once I'm done with the consult.


Went in and got checked and the largest I can go is 420cc HP. I wanted at least 475cc-500cc but, I definitely want to go as large as I can while I accommodate without complications so, Dr. Minitti said 420cc was the largest he'd go. The overall consult went well and I think the 420cc will look nice. I'm opting for the crease incision and I don't think the trans ax is worth it in the end just to try and conceal a scar. I might even want a larger implant down the line so, there's no point having two scars in different locations anyways. Surgery date is set and it's in a few weeks. Anyone have 420cc's? How so you like it? Is it big enough?

UPDATE: Surgery Date Set

I've decided not to go with Dr. Minniti: 1. It was difficult getting/keeping in touch with the staff. Sometimes it would take a couple days to get through to the office so, if you're like me and want questions or concerns answered within hours then- I don't think you'll like it at this office. I'm also worried about post op and if issues do/ever arise, I need the snappy attention and support. (I'm from a different state so, my primary doctor would be states away and it's just a security thing for me.) 2. The consultation felt a bit lacking. I got to try on sizers but, I was hoping they had Vectra. Dr. Minniti seemed knowledgable and answered all my questions. Out of all the doctors I had seen, he spent the most time with me. ( Didn't feel like he was rushing me out the door but, then again- I didn't see anyone else at the office and it was pretty quiet.) 3. I was hoping they had a designated anesthesiologist that they worked closely with. I got the impression that it's whomever the anesthesiologist is at the hospital on the day of your surgery. I'm pretty picky about this so, take it with a grain of salt if it doesn't matter to you.
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