Month post-op update

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*Treatment results may vary

Because of your experiences, advises, and words of...

Because of your experiences, advises, and words of courage, I've learned a lot about the breast augmentation procedure. To thank you and to help others I decided to contribute by writing about my experience throughout the journey to BoobieLand.

My Measurements:
*5’7, *125 lb, *”A” pre-surgery cup size

Implant Information:
*450cc Cohesive Gel Silicone Implants * Round High Profile Gel * Sub-muscular * Inframammary Incision

How did you prepare for the procedure and what are your must-haves for recovery?
Mine are:
1. Peaceful Mountain Arnica Plus - 3.5 oz
2. Antibacterial Wash/ Antibacterial Soap
3. Prune Juice and Fruits
4. Palmer's Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks
5. Comfortable Pillows

I'd be very glad to hear your tips in regards to the procedure and your experience!
I will be posting more information after my pre-op appointment and of course pictures :)
Stay tune!

Wish Perfect Look

Here are my favorite looks. Initially, my surgeon and I agreed on 450cc but finalized on 475cc to make sure I get this look. The surgeon said that I will get the breasts in the last picture.

Before the surgery

1. Must obtain clearance from an internist (History and Physical exam).

2. Purchase antibiotic, pain killers, and anti-nausea. Do not have to buy muscle relaxers. It is weird?

3. Clean house.

4. Buy an extra sport bra.

Feeling excited already!

Pre surgery look

Per your request here are some pretty surgery photos.

Sexy Sport Bras

I know that a lot of us does not want to spend the next three months post-op wearing a grandma's bra. So here are some comfortable bras with front closure available at Sears, Walmart, and If you want to know where you can buy it and how much it is, just copy and paste its full name to Google search engine and Google will take you :)

Got my prescriptions filled and clearance for surgery from my internist

I know I still have time but I already went ahead to get my prescriptions filled and see my internist for clearance.

My medications:
1. Cephalexin antibiotic
2. Transderm anti nausea
3. Oxycodone pain killers

Pharmacist advised to purchase stool softeners as pain killers will give me constipation. She said it is okay to take it together with the rest of meds. I was thinking to drink senna tea and eat lots of fruits/ vegetables and drink lots of water but I might buy the stool softeners just in case. Also, my surgeon didn't tell me to use muscle relaxers but I will confirm that with him.

Getting clearance for surgery was piece of cake (just a few questions about your general health and allergies) so don't worry :)

Lastly, I picked up Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula for stretch marks to massage my future boobies, an Arnica gel for bruising, a pillow rest with arms ( I like to be super comfortable), and a gel for scars.

Good luck on your journey to Boobie Land!

Exactly 1 month until the Big Day!

More good news! Got my blood tests results back and they are prefect!

12 days until the surgery!

Hi beauties!

Hopefully you can advise me on this one.
My surgeon told me to take Vitamin C and avoid Fish Oil, Vitamin A, alcohol, etc. Should I take any other supplements besides the Vitamin C? Some of you mention taking Arnica. Some of you prepare your breasts by massaging them already. Please advise! Thank you!

I am Ready!

Hi girls!

Wanted to share a list of items I have prepared for my recovery:

1. Antibacterial wash to use a night before and after surgery,
2. Arnica tablets and gels for bruising,
3. Fresh pineapple for bruising (you can also take Pineapple Bromeline),
4. Peaches and dry prunes for constipation (I will make prune juice),
5. Laxative tablets (if peaches and prunes don't help),
6. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Stretch Mark Massage lotion,
7. Vitamins C and E (to repair skin),
8. Probiotic
9. Yogurt

Antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your body, even the good bacteria so you need to replace it as soon as possible to support your digestive system and avoid yeast infection and other complications. That’s why it is recommended to take probiotics (available at Target/ Walmart in drugs/pharmacy department) and eat yogurt/kefir with 10 live cultures.

I read that some girls took Beano with every meal after the surgery so I will keep that in mind if my digest system needs help.


Surgery and recovery

Hello Beauties!

Today at 7:00 am I had my surgery! I couldn't sleep the night before because I was so nervous. I took a shower using antibacterial soup twice (the night before the surgery and the day of the surgery). My boyfriend drove me to the Surgery Center and stayed with me since this morning. I was asked to report to hospital by 6 am and I arrived just as the doors of the clinic were opening. Upon arriving, I had to complete paper work, change into hospital gown, take a pregnancy test, and answer additional questions for anesthesiologist. I was called into a small office where a nurse took my blood pressure and put labels on me - wrist and ankles. My clothes went into a bag to be sent up to the ward and I donned the hospital gown. I was given the anti-nausea drugs and my surgeon then produced a giant sized felt-tip pen and marked me up for surgery. BTW! Don't be disturbed if your surgeon arrives and asks you what you are having done, he's doing this to test your understanding, not because he's forgotten!

When I woke up I felt fine - no anesthetic hangover and no catheter. Instead I now had a matching pair of green stockings, a pillow between my legs to stop them crossing over, and various lines with pain relief and fluids and an oxygen mask. When the surgery is complete, the anesthesia medications are discontinued, and you gradually awaken either in the operating room or the recovery room. You'll probably feel groggy and a little confused when you first awaken. You may experience common side effects such as:
-Dry mouth
-Sore throat
-Mild hoarseness
Nevertheless these side effects disappear quickly.

I was cold and in pain after one hour after anesthesia and had to take pain killers, which at the beginning did not help much but by the later afternoon I figured that I just need to take more of them. Also, I threw up my dinner but I am feeling great now. I can walk and even move my arms!

You probably want to know what I think of my new boobies and how they look like. Unfortunately I will be wearing bandages until Monday, the day of my first post-op visit, so I can't tell you much. However, they seem small even though they are 475 cc! The surgeon said that they are excellent and he was very satisfied.

Good luck everyone and happy recovering!

The day after the surgery

Hi everyone,

How are you doing? I am in pain and expected it but didn't imagine that my painkillers won't help :( It's hard to get up and find comfortable position when sleeping. Also, my bandages are super tight and uncomfortable but the doc wants me to keep them until Monday!

Hopefully you ladies have a nicer recovery :)

Recovery... days 2-3

The most difficult days I have behind me. I can better manage pain (although there is a lot of pain on the left side of my body) and feel excited about Monday, my first post-op appointment. Most of you saw your new breasts by day 3 but not me. I need to wait until the doc takes off my bandages, then I will be able to take a full shower and finally take a look at them!

Happy recovery! It will be worth it at the end :)

10 new pictures!

Hi ladies!

Today my surgeon finally took off my bandages! Please note that I haven’t had a chance to take a shower yet so there are some blue marks on my breasts. Other than that I have two bruises. There is a lot of swelling and tightness going on but I am not numb (or hypersensitive). I really like them although my first thought was “OMG! They are huge!”

I bought a 36D Danskin sport bra that I was going to wear today after the doctor's visit but it was too big. My size as now is 34C (Danskin).

I will update you later! Cheers!

Merry Christmas!

Hi ladies,

Just a quick update. My breasts look and feel so much better (see pic). They dropped a little so there is less fullness on the top. They feel softer, too. As far as myself- I feel great. The last time I took painkillers was a night of day 3. Since then, I was finally able to go to the bathroom (4 times!) and don't throw up anymore. It was definitely a good choice to ditch them. I am pretty much back to my normal activities- I take a shower, go shopping, and to the movies. I do not, however, lift any objects (even my own purse) or my cat (poor kitty).


An anesthesiologist at the surgical center where I had my procedure charged my credit card $45 without my knowledge!
Here's the whole story: When I changed to a hospital gown and was given an IV by my anesthesiologist, suddenly he gave me a document to fill out (with my credit card info) and sign IN CASE I needed to stay overtime. He would charge me $45 per 15 minutes. I said okay because I did not really have any choice plus was very stressed out so did not think clearly. Now that I think about this situation, it looks very fishy: an anesthesiologist gives me a document to fill out with my payment info without the presence of my surgeon or other staff. He chose to do it 5 minutes before the surgery NOT when I first checked in (and hour before the surgery) and filled out other documents. On top of that, he (or anybody else) fails to inform me that I was charged extra and does not provide an invoice/ receipt/ copy. To my knowledge the procedure was done on time, quickly, without any complications needing extra time. I noticed this charge when I looked at my account statement. Also, the name of the receiver (business) is the anesthesiologist's name, not even the Surgical Center!!!! $45 is not a big amount of money to me and I wouldn't have a problem paying it BUT I really don't like the anesthesiologist taking advantage of patients. Needless to say, I am disputing this charge with my bank Chase and will inform my surgeon about the fishy practices of this anesthesiologist.

PS: I am attaching one more picture.

Best to you!

Some thoughts...

Hi ladies!

I've got two questions for you.
1. Do we need to register our Allergan implants? If so, where?
2. How long does it take to get used to your new assets? And what do you think of them?
I'm still getting used to mine. In clothes they look similar to how I did when wearing a padded bra, accept I know there is no padding or chicken cutlets anymore. THAT is a good feeling :) Nevertheless, it feels weird to have breasts even though I always wore push-up bras (I was totally flat). I really like them when I see them in pictures or when I see myself in the mirror and their size is perfect for me but I don't feel like they are a part of me yet.

PS: I am attaching new pictures. It looks like my bra size is 34 C. Also, even though they are 475 cc, they can be easily played down as in the picture where I am wearing a beige shirt.

Have a nice weekend!

Make sure to claim your free gift!!!

Hi girls,

As you know On December 19 I had breast augmentation with Natrelle Silicone implants. Today I went to Natrelle website to register them for warranty purposes and I found out that there are free gifts when you choose Natrelle Silicone implants. I have style "20" to be exact and they qualify. They offer either Botox or Latisse for two people. It looks like my doctor participates in this program because he is listed under "find a surgeon" section.

Use this link for reference:

I already emailed the office to let them know that I want Latisse. Hopefully they will be honest and give it to me. I wonder why they didn't tell me about it???

Have a great weekend!

10 days post-op update

I went for my second post-op visit today and everything looks great. I saw my incisions for the very first time (see pic) and they don’t look too bad. Also, I will receive free Latisse treatment next time I see them.

PHYSICALLY: I feel great during the day but at night I can’t sleep because my left breast hurts me. Besides that, everything is fine: I can sleep/lie down on my side, wear or not wear a bra, drive a car, and even lift light objects. My left side (breast and arm) feel weaker comparing to my right one but it is normal in people who are right-handed as the right side is stronger. They definitely dropped quite a bit and don’t look torpedo-like anymore ;) They are still firm and will get softer. My nipples and breasts are neither not numb nor hypersensitive; they’re as normal as they were before.

CLOTHES: Finally I look great in my clothes! The good news is that I still fit in all of my clothes (besides my push-up bras) so I don’t have to buy new wardrobe! BTW, I know that some of you may worry about looking like a porn star with big implants but my 475 cc can be easily played down (see pics). They do look big naked (boyfriend is super happy) but normal in clothes as before I would always wear a padded bra. My current size is 34C (before: 34A).

EMOTIONALLY: I feel great. I now know what kind of bra to wear so they don’t get in my way. I am grateful for a fast recovery (just 5 days!) and since I am not in pain anymore, I can focus on other things. They don’t look huge or too small; they are the perfect size for me. I am very happy with my results and do not regret getting implants. Every day they look better and better. I just wish I could go to gym already :)

Happy healing to all of you! I try to update you regularly and post many pictures but if you have a question, just ask! I will be happy to help!

Happy New Year!

I got a refund!

Remember when I told you about my anesthesiologist charging me extra $45 at the day of the surgery? I disputed this charge with Chase and got a refund!

Month post-op review

Hi girls,
It’s been almost a month since my BA! Time flies! I have some information I would like to share with you.
• My 3rd week post-op visit went well. The surgeon recommended using a silicone tape for scars available at CVS or Amazon (pic attached). On the box it says to use one daily but the doc said to keep it for a week. I do have scars (see pics) but they don’t bother me at all because my breasts dropped and will be dropping more so they will be hidden.
• I don’t have any pain; can sleep on my sides, and even on my stomach.
• I can wear regular bras. My size is 34 C/D. I like soft and flexible bras; bartletts are my favorite. The other ones have too much padding and are uncomfortable.

Take care :)

1.5 year Boobies Update

Hi ladies!

Yes, it's been 1.5 year since my BA. As you see in the attached photos, my girls dropped and are very soft. I've had NO pain/complains/regrets!!! I would definitely do it again in a heart bit :)

As a modest person, I don't really like to show them off and sometimes think that I went too big but my bf disagrees with me. He says they could be even bigger!!! Anyway, I wear sports bras bc they're super comfy. Also, I wear them to bed so my girls stay in place but it's not a big deal if I forget some nights.

I hope my journey helped you decide for yourself as that was my goal here.
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