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Today was my pre-op visit and first time meeting...

Today was my pre-op visit and first time meeting Dr Kim since I am an out of time patient. He was very nice and cute :)
I'm currently a 34B and want to get D cups and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to cause I'm so small. (95 lbs, 5ft1in) but I am after all :) I'm so excited! I can't wait to feel as sexy and confident on the outside as I feel on the inside. I'm also getting a rhinoplasty. I have a horrible bump and it's slightly crooked and the tip is too big. Overall I want it smaller with a pretty curve :)
I was more nervous to meet the doctor than I am about getting the surgery done because a lot of the reviews are great but some of the girls say he's rude? Not true at all. Stop scaring people cause you had a bad experience lol. I'm so excited for tomorrow. I can't wait to look like the girls in his YouTube videos!

Surgery Day :)

My surgery was today at 7:15, I was so nervous but the nurse, Cindy, was super sweet and really fun to talk to. It sucks that I'm on my period, I had to wear a pad :/ no tampon. It all happened very quickly, I don't even remember falling asleep. My sister is in town to help me. We got to the hotel and I'm in minimal pain. Mainly just pressure on my chest. And my nose hurts more than the implants.

Post- Op cont..

It's 2 am and I had a bad reaction to the Vicodin. Before I took it I was in pain but I didn't feel anxious. After I took it, I had a panic attack and almost passed out but the paramedics that were called over to the hotel were very sweet and talked to me and calmed me down. They checked my vitals to make sure everything was okay. I felt like I wasn't getting any air in my lungs but actually I was breathing way too fast. I just have to stay calm. My packing in my nose gets removed in a couple of hours. My appointment is at 9:30. So I'm sure that will hurt but I am looking forward to breathing through my nose again. It will make eating and sleeping so much better. I haven't done much of either. I get to see my boobs tomorrow! I bet they look funny and high right now :)

The Big Reveal lol

This morning I got the bandages taken off my breasts and the packing taken out of my nose. It made me feel so much better. Still in pain but I'm going to take some Tylenol. I'm so happy with the size they are! Dr Kim told me they were 500cc and one is 550cc. My left breast always felt bigger :/ so now they are even :) I can't wait till they drop and get soft :) I can start massaging on Tuesday. My next appointment is on Friday the 12th.
The cast on my nose gets taken off!


Today I'm getting around better. But I still can't move my arms very much. Taking tylenol for pain still. I think my back hurts more than my actual breasts. I feel like the sports bra is suffocating me and hurting my incisions but I know I need to wear it. I'll see if maybe I can get a bigger one.

Another pic

Having trouble uploading pictures :(

Let's see if I can upload pics this time :/

Before and after pics

Here are some pics of me before and after. It's EXHAUSTING taking off my clothes so all I do is unzip my bra when I take pics haha. As time goes by, I'll feel better and take better photos, sorry!

More pictures

I also need a tummy tuck which I am planning on getting next year. :) so that's why I hide my tummy lol

Feeling good :)

I've been feeling really good lately, I stopped taking my pain meds like two days ago. I've still been resting at the hotel. I've been massaging my breasts too. It doesn't hurt but it feels a little uncomfortable :P
Tomorrow the cast comes off my nose! But of course it takes a while for the swelling to go down and to see the final result. But i will still post pictures. Overall, I'm so happy with my boobs! I'm so glad I got this size. I feel like I'm gaining weight by just laying around and eating lol, but when I get back home and a little more time has passed , I'll start going to the gym :)

Getting the cast off today

I will post pics of my nose after the cast is off today. I actually put makeup on today and tried to fix myself up. It was exhausting :(

Another post-op visit :)

Today I got the cast off and stitches taken out of my nose :) it's swollen now, but I know it will look better over the next couple of months! :) also, the tape was taken off my stitches for my breasts. I really like Dr Kim, I don't know why so many girls say he's not friendly. I think he's great. :)

Almost time to go back home!

Today I got the stitches removed from my breasts, and the doctor said everything is healing fine. I've been massaging my boobs a lot, I think I just need to be a little more aggressive with it. I'm so happy with everything so far :) and I'm soooo ready to go home. I haven't seen my husband in a month :(

Excited to fly home! Nervous too :/

Well it's 1 am. My flight leaves at 10 am. I'm nervous to fly! And to see my husband again. Haha. It's kinda like things are all new again. I guess vacations are good for relationships. Anyways, I stocked up on goodies from Kitson and Sephora (we have sephora in mex too but the one here has Armani makeup which I loveeee). I hope I didn't do too much today. I felt fine all day. Not too exhausted. Here are some updated pictures. I start taking Vitamin E and some scar pellets tomorrow. Along with Viviscal which is for hair growth. Random, but I want longer hair! My nose is still pretty much the same. I won't really see the final results for months.

Before and After pics

Subtle changes on the nose. But definitely improvement! And gross, my boobs had no volume before.

Nice to be home :)

Well it's been about 2 1/2 weeks since my surgery, and I feel pretty great :) It's nice to be back home. My husband loved my new improvements :P haha. I've been massaging my breasts a lot (did anyone else have super sensitive nipples afterwards?!) and my nose too. It feels so good to not have to hide my side profile from anyone. What a change from before. I was always so insecure about that. I feel like the rhinoplasty makes my whole face look better and even my hair too. Haha. Well here are some recent pics.

3 weeks post op :)

Hey ladies :) not much has changed really. My boobs have gotten softer, but it's funny cause I had to stuff my bra today with tissues cause it hurts when they rub up against my bra! haha I feel like I'm in jr high. But seriously, when does the freakin nipple sensitivity go away?
I ran into a friend today and she said that my nose looks great! I'm so happy. Never in my life has someone complimented my nose. I even take "selfies" now. I hate that word but what else do you even call it lol. I seriously never took pictures of myself before because I always felt so hideous. Anyways, everything is good :) my next appointment with my doctor is October 20. I love flying and having a reason to go to Beverly Hills ;P (shopping!)

Update :)

I've started using Scar Away silicone strips yesterday :) so far I really like them and it's nice to have something covering them up so they won't rub against my bra. I can't wait until my boobs drop more and I can wear a normal bra. I still don't know what size bra I will wear. I think it's pointless to do it now because all of the fullness is still on top. I'll wait around the 3 month mark. It's almost been one month :) I would love to say I'm a DD, haha. fingers crossed! Idk I just think it sounds sexy. If not then I'll go bigger later!
They have gotten really really soft. My husband squeezes then hard to see if he feels anything and he said he doesn't so that's good :) I don't either actually. They feel like normal breasts. Maybe the men who complain about "fake" breasts must have felt bad ones or cheap ones lol.(

One Month Later

It's the 5th, I had my surgery a month ago. I just updated a couple of days ago. Not much has changed since then, :) but I LOVE the Scar Away sheets that I've been using. It's really making a difference. Boobs are still soft, I keep up with my massaging. Im much more confident now. I'm like, constantly sending nudes to my husbands phone hahaha. It's so funny. We are only 23 so it's not like our sex life has improved. It's always been amazing. But I do feel more comfortable being on top (TMI? sorry whatever). Because you ladies KNOW what I mean. I hated being on top with my small boobs that had like, not much volume really. I didn't feel sexy at all.
Anyways, I can't wait to buy new sunglasses to wear after my nose has healed more! I bought some Chanel ones before the surgery and I'm dying to wear them :( same with sexy bras too.

forgot to post the pic of boobs :P

Pictures (1 month later)

I've always been self consious about my nipples being uneven so don't laugh! I swear, nothing looks good in pictures. Haha. In person you can't really tell all that much.

5 weeks later

Everything is coming along nicely. :) here are some pictures. Excuse the disgusting hickie on my neck. I can wear something other than my sports bra now, but no underwires yet I think. I haven't found any cute bras without underwires though. So I just bought a nude colored one with no wires and it's very thin. It's not very supportive so I just wear that one around the house. I don't want anyone seeing my nipples through my shirt lol. I wish I could fast forward to a year later and see what my breasts and nose will look like then :) but for now I have to wait. I feel like I've been slacking on massaging this week. I have to do it more often! Plus, my boobs are kinda heavy. But in a weird way, I like it cause I know they're big lol. My husband says theyre too big and wishes I had gotten a C instead. Like 350ccs or so. But you know how guys SAY one thing and then WANT another. I think he says that because he's jealous that other guys will notice them. But I never dress revealing anyways. So he shouldn't worry.


Ugh. First of all, daytime sex makes me feel uncomfortable but obviously I do it anyways. EVERY stretch mark or imperfection all out in the open! My husband pointed out a vein that I have on my nipple. He said "is that normal?" And it just made me feel hideous. I just got two surgeries to improve my looks now I'm going to get some procedure to get rid of that vein. I've read about some injection that closes the vein up. I plan on going to a doctor in Beverly Hills again, since it's close to my plastic surgeon so I can go after my checkups or whatever. But yeah. Now I want to cover one of my breasts up because of him. He fucking criticizes everything. I shouldn't even care. I mean, it's a vein. But I do care. I'm so hard on myself. I'm really sad :/ something so small like that kinda shattered the confidence I had. Back to square one. :/
Anyways, here's pictures..

Quick Pic

Before, I couldn't even fill this bra out that well. I had no cleavage. Now im about to pop out of it haha. Hurray for implants. I'm trying not to stress over the little things (you know what I'm talking about if you read my previous post) but I'm still planning on fixing it soon. Will post more later in the week.

7ish weeks later haha

We have been moving into a new condo so things have been crazy busy. I feel like my nose gets swollen at the end of the day when I come in from the heat and everything. It feels better after I massage it a bit.
I wish my boobs were bigger!! I asked my mom what she thought about them. I sent her a picture of me in my bra and she was like "that's not you! Show me your face in it!" Haha she couldn't believe I went this big. But I told her they aren't very big. At least not to me. She's a drama queen :P but I am happy with them. I forget that they're so different than what I had before. I feel like they've been a part of me, so now I want them even bigger. If that's even possible! I know a lot of ladies like the natural look, but I really do want porn star boobs haha. Do you guys think they look big? Keep in mind I'm short and skinny-ish. Haha

8 weeks post op

Well I thought this was the year for me to wear a slutty Halloween costume now that I can actually fill one OUT, but I didn't order one in time. Oh well maybe next year :) I wanted to be Wonder Woman. Anyways, I can't wait to shop for underwire bras! I'm going to wait until next month. I think at three months they finish dropping right? I'm hoping for a DD cup! I told my husband I wanted them bigger and he looked at me like I was crazy and then just said ugh let's talk about it next year hahaha. So yeah, I want to wait a year and see how I like them :) but I am happy. Everyone gets boobie greed though. You ladies can relate. Anyways, thank you so much to everyone on here. I appreciate all the positivity and honesty. I look forward to posting every week because everyone is so sweet and helpful. Thank you ladies.

The usual

I feel like my pictures and posts are very repetitive because I post weekly. Maybe I should post every two weeks? Or once a month? Or is the weekly thing ok? I don't wanna annoy anyone lol
Anyways, here are some pictures. I think the pictures make my nose look funny cause I try not to put makeup on it, so it looks kinda wider than what it actually is.

Pics :)

I am definitely not a bikini type of girl. Yet. Haha. Found a cute Quiksilver one piece at the mall. And I've got the winged liner down finally! :) anyways, just wanted to share some pics.

3 months post op

Can't believe its been 3 months since my surgeries. I'm so happy with everything :) I still haven't gone bra shopping yet. I'm waiting to go to Victorias Secret, Neiman Marcus or Agent Provocateur. These $9,000 boobs deserve to be in the best bra haha. I can't even feel the implant, they are so soft. And my husband agrees :) I massage them every night. And put Vitamin E on my scars.
My nose is still tender to the touch on the bridge. I massage it and the tip to help with the swelling. I can't wear sunglasses yet, it's not comfortable at the moment. But overall, I'm so pleased with my results. So glad I went to Dr Kim :)

Forgot a pic

What high profile looks like laying down

No more flat chest when laying down lol. So happy about that.

Trouble finding a bra that fits

Did any of you ladies have trouble finding your right bra size? I went to the mall today just to test it out and see what size I am. I tried on a D and the cup was too small, the wire was not even reaching the bottom of my boob. So I guess I have to wait till I go to the states to get different bras. They carry bigger cup sizes here but the band width is like, for.. plus size women. So it would be way too big for me. My husband said we can order all kinds of bra sizes I want online and then just see which one fits haha. So I guess I'll do that soon. Also, I noticed that underwire is uncomfortable now, and I feel like my boobs are used to the bralettes (no wire or padding). Above is a pic of the bra I want :)

Rhino update

Some pics of how my nose is so far :) about 4 months


Has anyone else been tempted to pierce their nipples after getting breast implants? I REALLY want to, but I haven't even talked to my husband about it yet haha. Something to consider this year :)

Boobs four months later :)

Everything is good :) no complaints here, except I do want them bigger later :) fingers crossed my husband says yes haha. Also, he said he didn't like the idea of me getting them pierced. Sad.

Good news!!

My husband said I can get another procedure done this year! I'm leaning towards butt implants from a doctor in Miami but I really need a tummy tuck from Dr Kim first :/ I have to think about it. And before you say I don't need a tummy tuck... I truly do. I have some loose skin and stretch marks. It's somethinf I've wanted for five years. However, my husband said my body looks disproportionate now that my boobs are big and my butt isn't. It kinda hurt my feelings but whatever. I'm not really suprised by his criticism. So i have to think about which procedure I want done first.

Black & White pics cause I'm a classy bitch.

Idk not much has changed recently, I'm happy with both procedures I had done. :) I do want the tip of my nose to get smaller though. I feel like its puffy still. And I love my boobs, no complaints. :)

Another pic

No I don't have a uniboob, but damn I wish my nipples were the same size lol

500/550 cc HP full body shot

I really need to get some lipo on my midsection, it's the widest part of my body and I'm only 95 pounds. Also, I have NO ass lol.

5 Months Post Op Rhinoplasty Update

This is just about my nose, cause I think I post enough stuff about my breasts haha. I literally don't even mess with my nose. I wasnt instructed to tape it. I was told to massage it, but I stopped doing that maybe two months ago. The tip is mostly soft. But I am hoping it gets more defined I guess from the front. If it continues to stay this way a year later, I will just get the tip worked on. I am happy with everything else. I think people worry too much and don't give themselves time to heal. Relax, your nose is fine.

Skin care problems after Rhino

This mask really helped my pimples and just overall grossness after my rhinoplasty. Just a recommendation. It's only $70 at Sephora.

New pics

Hey :) sorry for not posting anything lately. We just moved to a new city and condo. Everything is good, I love my boobs, I want to get the little vain removed from using sclerotherapy. And my nose is okay, but something about the tip I don't like. It's so puffy looking to me, like a blob. I know it takes forever to the swelling to go down. I just hope it gets more defined. That's my only complaint. Miss you all :) also.. STILL not wearing the correct bra size yet. Stuffing these babies into a D. At the end of the day I have marks all over my boobs from how tight it is. I'll go shopping soon!


This week I decided to make a change in my life and start eating healthy and exercising. Nothing fattening, lots of veggies, fruits, water, salmon, smoothies, etc. While this is great for loosing fat and toning up, it will NOT make my loose skin tighter. Every time I talk about getting a tummy tuck with someone in my life, they roll their eyes and say "but you're so skinny!" Um hello, you have not seen my stomach! I know I'm not fat. I weigh under 100 pounds. BUT I did have a kid, and that does take a toll on your body. You can work out and eat healthy all you want, but that loose skin needs to be fixed with surgery. I guess I'm ranting because I would like some support for my idea. I can't get one at this moment. We just moved and are settling in, things are expensive here. So maybe at the end of this year. But please tell me I'm not crazy for wanting this surgery. I can't even wear a bikini, ladies. My stomach doesn't go with the rest of my body :/ it's so depressing and is the last MAJOR flaw I want to fix. (Minor things I want done: porcelain veneers, juvederm in lips)
Also, I do NOT want my boobs any bigger. I am finally happy with the size :)

6 month post op Rhino update

I can wear sunglasses now without it feeling uncomfortable :) I have swelling but no nose is totally perfect lol. I want my tip more upturned! That's really my only complaint :)


I thought my nose hadn't made any progress but I can really tell in these side by side pictures. One is two weeks after cast removal (hadn't plucked my brows and was just a mess haha) and the other from last week, 6 months later. Can't believe its been so long! Will do a breast aug update soon :) but really not much has changed.


So I'm happy with my size finally lol, definitely do NOT want to go bigger. I get enough attention with these and I feel like they are big enough for my body to look fake :P lol, they main reason I don't want to go bigger is because I don't want to have any complications. It's not worth it and why be greedy? Lol I am happy with these. Anyways, I do want to get an areola reduction probably here at the hospital I live next to. It's a VERY nice one. I live in the best part of GDL thank god. I know it's a silly thing to worry about but I really don't like how they got kinda stretched out from the implants. It makes me insecure. Anyone else have those thoughts about theirs? Do mine look normal? Oh and a totally seperate note, my husband doesn't even care to mess with my boobs during sex like most of the time he doesn't even bother touching them or even taking them out of my bra. So don't get surgery for a man, ladies.

One more pic

This is a (almost) full body shot lol. I just got out of the shower I have no makeup on there's no way I'm letting you ladies see that, haha.

8 months post op almost

Wow I had written a whole review and it got deleted. Ok so at this point swelling should be gone from the nose right? I feel like my tip is puffy, and it bothers me sometimes, I would like it more refined. That's my only complaint. As far as my boobs go, I freakin love them. I know how to dress for my body now, basically it's just tighter clothes. Loose tops make me look like a potato sack. Idk what else to say, lol not much has changed from the last update. I turn 24 in two days!!

Jiggle video haha

I know some of you wanted to see how squishy they are and I felt like a pic didn't do it justice. lol @ the jiggle.

Anonymous Users

I have been getting some random messages from people asking for recent pictures.. Even though I just posted two posts in the last couple of days. These people have not commented on ANY reviews whatsoever, and have no pictures or review of their own. I don't know if I should keep this account. I feel vulnerable cause I have posted many pictures with my face showing my rhinoplasty results. So to the anonymous users out there messaging people for pictures: If you're men/boys, stick with your porn. This site is made for people sharing very personal experiences, pictures, & videos to help other people make a choice about plastic surgery. If you're really a woman wanting more of my pictures, I'm sorry. I update my review frequently.
I am considering deleting this, I will see what you ladies think.

Before and After

Here is a side by side comparison of the before and after pictures. Gross!!! How did I live with those boobs for so long?

Rhinoplasty Update

Omg so I am obsessed with noses. I look at other womens' noses and look at their side profile, nostrils, etc hahah indiscreetly of course. I feel like my nose is thin and then the tip is too wide. I really would like to get my nostrils reduced and the tip more defined but I am not going to mess with it until the year and a half mark to make sure all the swelling has gone down. I just feel like I could look more feminine? Idk am I just being neurotic?

another pic

Why is it only letting me upload one at a time?

sorry, realself has issues.

Lol I couldn't put all these pics together on pne post idk why. But this is how it looks when I smile and I want it to be tip to be more narrow.

Nose pics

peanut7 here is a pic from the bottom. Very unflattering haha but whatever :)

& a recent pic. I feel like I have my good nose days and my bad nose days lol.

Boob update

Ok so I have zero complaints about my boobs lol. Here's a pic of a bralette I got. It's just a large, it isn't padded or anything. I am going back to Texas soon to shop and see family so I will let you all know what size I am in VS bras finally haha :)

11 months post op Rhino

Lip Injections Tomorrow

So I'm getting my lips done tomorrow finally! I don't really see the point in making a separate review cause it's such a minor thing. So I will only post a couple of pics, cause I know this review is about my nose and boobs. Lol I'm excited and nervous.. Has anyone gotten this done before?


so here are some recent pics of my nose from the front and other angles. I want the tip worked on. So it can be more defined cause it just looks like a blob on my face. :/
on a separate note, those of you who have followed me for a while know I was considering butt implants but ladies, exercise TRULY works haha. I've been working out for a month now and my butt has gotten bigger. Lifting and eating/drinking protein is the key. I'm excited to see my progress a couple of months from now too. Husband is happy ;) haha

one more pic sorry.

Deleting my account

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