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I looked at before and after pictures on literally...

I looked at before and after pictures on literally hundreds of Surgeons websites. I was willing to travel anywhere in the Canada or US, but none of them seemed to provide any evidence that they could do a reliably good job of ensuring an attractive result with breast augmentation. Many of them seemed to use a formula that involves simply centering the implant behind the nipple, which yielded terrible results. Others ‘seemed’ to believe that the most natural result could be achieved by making a larger breast that looked identical in every ‘defect’ to the ‘before’ picture; who wants that? I was almost ready to give up, and then I found Dr. David Kim’s office in Beverly Hills. In picture after picture, his results proved that he possessed an artistic sense that reliably described the best equation to secure aesthetic beauty regardless of what he had to work with. His after pictures look ‘too good to be true’, in the sense that few women were lucky enough to have that kind of symmetry, projection, size, and placement; while other doctor’s work looked ‘too true to be good’, and therefore no were woman’s (or man’s) fantasy. I travelled from Canada to get them done, and lost my nerve at the last minute, because I scheduled my consult the day before, and was not prepared to sign off on the standard list of possible complications that greeted me so close to my procedure time. Sadly, now Dr. Kim is understandably disinclined to perform my procedure. I wish I had it to do over again. Don’t make the mistake I made.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kim is an artist, where most surgeons are not. Do not ask an artist, any artist, to explain the alchemy of his artistry to you, because he won’t be able to do it. If he could explain it in words, likely is the case that more doctors would understand and do the same thing in order to achieve his kind of results. His method seems to be that you must convince him that you trust him, and that you are willing to leave the artistry to him. If you have too much described an image of how your results ‘must’ look, you will likely find yourself looking for a new surgeon, because he knows that likely is the case, you have chosen wrongly (in terms of size or placement), and will be dissatisfied with the results that you yourself have insisted upon. Believe me, he knows best. Look at his results!

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