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Having a breast augmentation has been a dream of...

Having a breast augmentation has been a dream of mine since I was 16...maybe even younger. I have started a savings account specifically for this dream to become a reality. I remember watching Beverly Hills 90210 when I was 13 years old, so I guess it's kind of funny that my dream doctor is Dr. Kim (in Beverly Hills). I've done a lot of research and I am a big fan of his work. All the girls he's done could fool me if it wasn't for this awesome website, I'm very glad to be alive in this day and age making this just that much easier.
First step for me was to start a savings account, which I've done so CHECK, next step would be for me to set up a consultation and really understand what the Dr. would recommend for my body type. I emailed him sometime last year and he was VERY QUICK at responding, but I chickened out mostly because I didn't feel prepared. I'm sure that this is something I want there is no doubt about that in my mind, I just don't want to screw myself over financially and want to make a very well thought out decision when it comes to size, if I want silicone or saline, if I want it behind or infront of my pectoral muscle, and where I want my incision. For now I'll just pour out all my wishes for this procedure on here and hope to make sense of it at the end of it all.
*Note to self *
A cosmopolitan article on Breast Augmentation said to make sure your Dr. is certified through the American Board of Plastic Surgery (I checked Dr. Kim's certification and CHECK), also verify that he is a part of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (CHECK AND hmmm didn't find him here).
Questions I need to research a bit regarding Breast Feeding in the future and loss of sensation in the nipple..

Finally Have Enough Saved Up, Here's a List of Thing's to Prep Before Surgery

I finally hit over my goal of what I needed to save for my BA with Doctor Kim. A lot of my research has had to do with looking at everyone else's reviews on real self, which luckily has helped me get a good idea of what to expect before and after. With that being said, I wanted to take the time today of writing a supply list of some of the things I've read are essentials for prepping before and after surgery. :) Here goes: 

- Drink lots of water before surgery so that body is hydrated.
- Post op Bra.
- Ask your surgeon about silicone gel sheeting, Steri-Strips from 3M, Mederma scar gel or whatever else your surgeon may recommend for helping scars.
- Arnica Montana (a.k.a. Mountain daisy) is an herbal supplement that takes down bruising and swelling. 
- Wedge pillow for sleeping up right during the night. 
- Vitamins C for the immune system
- "bendy" straws -- which make it easier to sit back and hydrate.
- A pill case will help you keep your medications in order.
- Vitamin E for the skin.
- Prep groceries b4 surgery for a week after surgery. 
- Have all laundry done and bed prepped.
- Buy Larger clothes so your comfy.
- Get your back as strong as possible so that healing is fine after. 
- pick a couple of books to read during healing.
- Make sure you have enough Arnica gel at your house since it helps tremendously with bruising.

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