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It's almost time for my flight to LA and I'm...

It's almost time for my flight to LA and I'm getting really nervous. I'm not sure what to expect since I haven't spoken much with Dr Bruno. I was told by his reception I'd get the chance to have a Skype call but I've asked numerous times and I haven't received a response. I have so many questions on the procedure and Im assuming because their office is so busy I don't really get the kind of answers I'm looking for. The price above is approximate because I don't even know what extra areas I can add. So far I've added arm liposuction and the price above is if Dr Bruno approves calf and another area of the thigh for liposuction. Dr Bruno was very informative and took the time to answer my emails and I'm really excited to meet him. I wish the staff took more time to answer my questions because I feel like I'm flying down and doing this surgery somewhat blindly. If I hadn't gained 20lbs for the surgery before summer I would postpone it until I felt more comfortable but I'm just looking forward to having my trouble areas liposuctioned and it's too late now anyways. Please ladies I need as much information as possible.

US medical vs Canadian

I think the main reason that I felt like I wasn't getting enough information or attention from my Dr's staff is the difference in how doctors in Canada and the US conduct their businesses. When I had my breast augmentation in Canada, his office called me regularly to check in prior to surgery, making sure any questions were answered. I don't feel like I have gotten the same experience from Dr. Bruno's staff and it kind of caught me off guard but to no fault of his clinic. I think that it almost speaks to his credibility that his office doesn't need to recruit patients because they rely on word of mouth and great patient reviews. I think I was expecting much more communication throughout my experience since I am coming from a different country and paying such a substantial amount (our canadian dollar is so low). Whenever I had communication with Dr. Bruno himself he wrote me extensive emails explaining and outlining everything but with the staff I felt like I was being a nuisance. I think this is probably due to an extremely busy office. Just writing this incase anyone was caught off guard as well by the shortness of the staff.

BBL Dr William Bruno

I have been wanting this specific surgery with this Dr even before my breast augmentation. I'm getting so nervous now with my flight in two days!! Everything has been paid for except Dr Bruno wanted to see in person whether I can add extra thigh liposuction and calf liposuction. I'm really hoping he says yes!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

The doctor is so informative and knowledgable on the subject. A family friend in Canada is a plastic surgeon and told me that Dr Bruno is a great surgeon and my results will be amazing. This made me feel so much better because word of mouth between doctors, especially in different countries, adds a great deal of credibility to Dr Bruno. I'm so excited and I know that Dr Bruno will give me the results I am looking for.

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