5ft 2 Inches. 103 Ish Lbs. 32B. Want Natural Full Looking Breasts. Beverly Hills, CA

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I have always wanted a breast augmentation but...

I have always wanted a breast augmentation but started seriously looking into it about three years ago. I went so far as to booking a consultation appointment but ended up cancelling because I watched how breast augmentations were done on YouTube and the thought of being cut open and having a foreign object shoved into my tight chest area freaked me out so I cancelled the consultation appointment. Now, three years later, I am serious about it again. And by serious, I mean... I went on two consultations, decided on a surgeon, picked a day for surgery, signed paper work, and put down a deposit!
For anyone else going through this process, I would recommend going to three or more doctors (board certified plastic surgeon of course) for consultations but because I used to work for a well known plastic surgeon, I felt as though two was enough. Anyways, I went to go see Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad (Dr. J) in Beverly Hills. I already loved his work from the endless amounts of before and after photos he has posted on his website but I also fell in love with him as a doctor! I felt as though there was no need to go on any other consultations but my friend who has already gone through with this procedure recommended I go on at least one more. I went on the second consultation and although I felt very comfortable with this second doctor, I decided to stick with Dr. J! Surgery is scheduled for 8.16.2016! I can't wait!!!

Getting second thoughts...1 month and 9 days to go...

Did anyone else feel an incredible amount of uncertainty? Leading up the the consultation and down payment, there was nothing but excitement in my head but now that the surgery date is getting closer and closer... I can't even remember why I wanted it in the first place! I'm getting so scared of all the complications that can happen... What if I don't wake up from surgery? What if I get capsular contracture? What if I can't return to work or school within a week? ......I'm getting to the point where I'm starting to think ridiculous thoughts like.. What if the surgeon trips while he's in surgery or has to sneeze during surgery and accidentally cuts me somewhere unrelated? I know.... This one is a crazy thought... and I laugh at it too but still!! Lol anyways... I would love to know if anyone else got unreasonably scared to have surgery.

11 days till boobies!

Took a picture for pre-op purposes and realized that my boobs are super lopsided!!! Knew that they were different but THAT different?! Geez! Lol and I didn't realize that my boobs were so small. I mean, I know they are small and that's why I'm getting a BA but... I'm so happy that I'm getting a BA! Lol

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