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Turning forty soon and decided, wth? I'm gonna do...

Turning forty soon and decided, wth? I'm gonna do me. First up, the twins!
I've already done my phone consult with Dr. Hazani. I have my pre-op appt with him this coming week.
So nervous and scared. I know I shouldn't be since everything I've read here shows that ba operations have come a long way. It's just kinda like buyer's remorse and boob greed that I'm scared of.
I can't believe that I'm even posting about it.

Pre-Op. What Size?

I finally got a chance to meet Dr. Hazani and his wonderful staff. Debbie and Nayely are so accommodating and so wonderful. They made me feel so much better after days of driving myself crazy about this surgery. I didn't have anyone come with me to do the sizing and these wonderful ladies more than made me feel like I had my gf's with me. They gave me feedback and I'm so grateful. I think after all is said and done, I settled with the 475 mp plus for both sides. My stats again: Under 5' 135 lbs Currently 36b My sister was telling me about back pains. Any thoughts on this ladies?

Day of. I. Can't. Believe. This!

It's the day of my surgery and I freaking out. I think I was only able to sleep for 2 hours last night. Been crazy stressed about whether in doing the right thing.
Btw. In addition to the ba, I also added a chin lipo. I'm sure about the chin, but still iffy on the ba as I'm being driven to the surgery.
Last night my husband tried to start a fight. He said he didn't understand my obsession with this since he thinks my breasts are perfect. He said he wanted me to slow down and really think about what I'm doing to my body.
I confronted him and said either you're supportive or not; don't tell me you'll pay for it only to make snarky comments here and there.
We ended it there. Originally, I only wanted a bbl, chin and rhinoplasty. Being on this site made me reconsider and add the ba.
I pray that I'm doing the right thing for myself. Before I left, my husband said good luck and I just want you to be happy with the results. I'm happy I left on a good note with my love.


Omg. Ready for tears. I'm going to be about an hour late for my surgery.
I decided to use Uber and not familiar with me, I somehow selected carpool option.
Now I'm late bc people are being picked up and the traffic is insane.
This ba and chin lipo might not happen. Crying inside.

Drama Continues

I made it 45 minutes late to the building only to find out I'm at the wrong location. I was supposed to go to the hospital and not the consult location. Back to calling uber. Once I get to the hospital, it takes me a bit to find out exactly where to go. Now I'm filling out papers and I'm asked whether I've had anything to eat. Holy shit, I just remembered that I ate two small pieces of melon...fast forward, Dr. Hazani comes to tell me that he can't do my surgery. He kindly tells me, "Maybe it's not meant to be. You'll get it done, but another day..." I'm still waiting for the anesthesiologist to confirm or override the decision...

2 Days Post

Obviously the anesthesiologist gave the go ahead with the surgery. Dr. Hazani delayed the surgery so the two prices of melon could be properly digested, just to be on the safe side. I love this guy! The first two hours after the surgery was the worst. I was nauseated and in so much pain. Thankfully, I ended up staying over a friend's house. His mom took care of me and she is a godsend. He joked that I was staying at their Marilyn/Kennedy suite. Joking aside, the peace and quiet was priceless. I didn't have to worry about my little girl being scared of me and asking questions. I even got to catch up with some Game of Thrones episode. Day 2, I came home to see my husband and daughter. The caretaker came by to help me shower and show me how to wrap and reward my breasts and mainly my chin. I showed my husband and he was happy I was home and safe from the surgery. My daughter was only told that I had my chin fat removed. Her first response when she saw my chin, "My gosh, mommy, your chin is still fat! And is it going to stay purple like that?!?" My husband assured me that that wasn't true. I feel so much better, but tire easily. Hope my recovery goes faster since I have to be back at work Tuesday.

Post 2 Week Check-Up

My post 2 week check-up went fine. Dr. Hazani remove the stitches and the scars looked pretty good. He told me I don't have to wear the compression belt around my breasts anymore, but the massages need to start.
My chin lipo recovery also is doing well.
The biggest treat of this visit were all the post bbls I got to see. Someone was two days post, another was 4 months post, and several other ladies showed me various lipo sites: arm lipo, stomach lipo, thighs lipo, and even one arm lift. I have to say I was so amazed with Dr. Hazani's work. All the ladies were so happy with their results and I have to say wow. I'm glad I chose him to have all the work done. Now, I just have to get my hubby on board...

Before and After

I'm trying to be patient but it's starting to be obvious that one boob is bigger than the other. There was asymmetry with my original boobs, but it wasn't as noticeable. With the implants, the asymmetry is really obvious. Any thoughts ladies?

3 months post!!! Yay.

I'm celebrating my 3 month post surgery date. I'm loving my breasts, but I have to admit there are times when I have a bit of boob greed. I've gone from a 36B to a 34DD.
I think it's also funny how I'm so protective of them. I keep them covered up more now than I did when I was a B cup.
I'm posting pics of the scar. They are healing nicely and nobody ever sees them because they are hidden on the bottom of my boobs.
I LOVE my boobs!!!
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