38 Years Old, Breast Fed Two Children, Finally Decided to Get BA After Deflating to an A Cup (From a B). - Beverly Hills, CA

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I had recently lost 23 lbs and between the toll of...

I had recently lost 23 lbs and between the toll of breast feeding, and weight loss, my breasts didn't look appealing anymore. I never ever thought I would even consider a boob job, but after my husband and I saw a few episodes of Dr. David E. Kim on youtube, I slowly began to change my mind. Many of the women that he features are women who lost volume after breast feeding. I had no idea that women like me were getting this done and for similar reasons. I had assumed most women were getting jobs done because they just liked big boobs! As soon as it clicked in my mind that these women were relatable and that in fact, I was not alone, I felt comfortable speaking up to my husband and letting him know that I would consider it and that Dr. David Kim was the reason. He of course thought I should fly to LA and get it done by him, but I knew that was way too expensive and way too crazy. So I booked an appointment with a well respected surgeon in my area, and felt comfortable enough to put down a deposit right away. A surgery date wast set and we paid in full 2 weeks prior.

But something was not sitting well, my husband, was convinced that Dr. Kim is the best and thus I should get a refund and schedule with Dr. Kim.

UGH. I was so ready and so NOT ready to back out and wait.

I eventually caved, got most of my money back (they kept $500 deposit) and I moved forward with Dr. Kim. Unfortunately with kids and work, I had to schedule my preop on the same day as my actually surgery (I do NOT recommend this). My preop was INCREDIBLY short. Dr. Kim greeted me, IV was already in my arm, we spoke for 5 min, I showed him photos on my phone, told him I wanted a full C, he mentioned that I should not get hung up on cup size, that confused me, how else do I communicate what I am looking for? We never even discussed CC's, we never looked at implant examples, never discussed profiles, he just agreed to make me look like the favorite picture that I shared. I made the mistake of saying that I did not want to look too obvious to my parents, mentioned that I have been wearing a very padded bra for years. I should have kept my mouth shut, as this is the statement that sealed my fate. He chose to go smaller than the CC's that we had emailed about!! One would think going from a small A to 500 CC's would be plenty and that I should be happy, but because of my body type/shape, I look disproportionate. I do think Dr. Kim did a nice job, I feel great in clothes, but do not feel great without clothes. No longer needing a padded bra is great, but I learned a very expensive lesson, no matter how much research you do, no matter how well prepared you may think you are, there are just some details that you will not quite understand until after surgery, or unless you have the benefit of a lengthy preop, one where you walk away feeling confident that you and your doctor are on the same page. Having a night to sleep on the decision is also important, a girl with an IV in her arm does not have the benefit of thinking things over.

After surgery, I felt fine, I felt loopy and was funny. Pain was totally manageable, I told the nurse that the only elephant on my chest was a small baby elephant, and that it was no big deal. The days that followed were not bad, by day 3 I was sight seeing in L.A. I did notice that I needed to nap everyday for about two weeks, I work from home, so luckily I had that option. If you are considering a BA, expect to be tired!!

I stayed in town for less than a week, I had two post ops, I enjoyed the HECK out of Beverly Hills, had the time of my life. If you are considering traveling for a BA, this is the place to be!! Plus having time away from my kids and getting the benefit of sleep and rest without children needing me was FANTASTIC. I am seriously not even mad that things didn't go as planned because I enjoyed my time away so much.

Having said that, I do actually have a REVISION planned for the end of August and decided to post on this site, hoping to get some insight from other ladies. I am trying to decide on 600 cc's or 650 cc's. Because of the gap between my breasts, I do believe I would benefit most from 650 cc's (base is a bit wider than the 600 cc implant). I am planning on high profile this time too.

Are there any other ladies out there who got a revision so soon after initial surgery?

First week

First week went well, rested a lot, pain was VERY manageable, quite shocking how minimal pain was.

4th week

Dropping, healing well, but noticing that I am not as proportionate as I had hoped.

In cothes, week 4

I will say that I do feel proportionate in clothes, but unclothed, I feel small.

In clothes....

Looks good in this type of dress...

Almost 8 weeks

Feeling pretty good, keeping up with massages, still planning to go ahead with revision at end of August. I have been thinking of the idea of going up to 700 CC's, but I do love to run and I worry that running with 700 might be risky, but I keep reading that the difference between 650 and 700 is negligible, but to obtain that cleavage that I want, I do believe 700 is the better option.

4 days post op (revision)

The revision experience with Dr. Kim and his staff was fantastic. Everyone was friendly (even making me laugh). The revision itself went REALLY smooth. No pain at all!! I was driving by day 3 and doing laundry (I know I was not supposed to). This time around I had my preop the day before surgery and was very clear with Dr. K. He gave me exactly what I asked and, so far, healing nicely.....pretty pleased!

One week since revision

One day I'm exhausted and the next day I have way too much energy and cannot sit still! I have not mastered the art of laziness and instead have been catching up on house work. Pain has still been minimal. Wishing I could get back to exercising...... That's the hardest part of this experience.

12 days post op

Feeling good. I think my right has dropped quicker than my left. Massaging regularly, still very little pain, but some soreness here and there.

Gap closed

Gap closed!

8 weeks after revision

I am back to running, no problems. No soreness, practically feel like they are a part of me now.
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