Mentor Silicone 700cc under the muscle

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This site has been so I have decided...

This site has been so I have decided to add to it and hope that my experience will help some of the other ladies on here. After a few consultations I found a Dr. that I was comfortable with...Dr. David E. Kim...I have read all the reviews and he is by far one of the best. My stats...I'm 5'0 105lbs 32b...the end result I'm looking for is big, nice perky boobs. Wanting DD or DDD..., maybe 600 to 700cc silicone hp.

wish pics

More wish pics

Pre-op tomorrow ????

Hi ladies...I'm having my preop appt tomorrow and am in need of advise on this. What can I expect? What do I need to know? What should I be asking and/or preparing for? Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

2 weeks till the big day

So...I had my preop appt yesterday. Arrived at the office and signed in. A few minutes later one of the girls at the front desk handed me clip board with paperwork to fill out and sign. This consisted of medical history along with waivers ect. (Signing my life away). After all paperwork was turned in we took care of my balance, paid in full. I was then given a medical form and instructed to go 4 doors down to have my blood drawn. Came back...waited for another 10 minutes or so...Grace finally took me back. She went over my medical history, as well as what to be expected of me and the procedure. I asked a few questions while she took my blood pressure. Dr. Kim came in and we went over my medical history. He listened to my heart and lungs and asked questions regarding past medical history. He did ask me what look I was trying to achive. He asked for pictures...I pulled out my phone and went over a pics. He said I have plenty of breast tissue for him to work with. I did ask about the sports bra. He said for me to look for one that fits comfortable and said no victoria secret at all. That's all I can remember for now.
I can't believe I'm less than 2 week away. So nervous and excited.


Antibacterial body wash

Question for the ladies who have already gone through surgery. I was given specific instructions to wash my body with antibacterial non-sented body wash. I was wondering what type of body wash did you ladies use before going into surgery?

Almost to the other side

I'm 3 days away from my BA. Friday May 1st is the big day...the more I think about the more nervous I get. Almost sick to my stomach is how nervous I get. Ladies...please give me advice as my time gets near. What should I expect?, what do I still need to prepare for all this? What else am I missing?
I already purchased my sports bra, I've picked up my meds, have time off work, ice packs in the freezer, zip sweater to wear home...what did everyone wear to surgery? Plz help...any advice will be greatly appreciated...ty ladies

where are May 1st surgery buddies?

Hi day is rapidly approaching and was wondering if there is any other ladies scheduled for May 1st. I'm nervous, excited, anxious, scared....all at the same time

Counting down the hours

I just received a call from my Dr.'s I'm scheduled to come in tomorrow @ 1:15 p.m...yikes...this is really happening. At this time tomorrow I'll have boobs. Not very happy about an afternoon surgery but whatever...I'll get over it. I'm going to be starving all day :(

Mad because my last long review got earased

I'll keep it short for now. Surgery went well...I'm not in any pain, just sore and alot of pressure. Thank you to all the ladies who have checked up on me.

Finally I can update on Surgery day

Let me start out by apologizing to you ladies for not updating sooner. My arms have been very soar these last few days.
Surgery day was Friday May 1st. Woke up at 7:30 got my daughter ready for school and dropped her off. When I came home my husband decided to keep me busy by having me help change the water on our 90 gallon aquarium. At round 9 I received a call from Grace asking me to arrive at 12:30 not 1:15 as originally planned. At 11 a.m I took my nausea pill and went in the shower. We arrived at exactly 12:30 signed in and waited a few minutes. A sweet nurse name Teresa came our to the front and called my name. I asked if my husband could come back with me so that we could settle on size one last time. She said she needed to get me set up then we could meet with Dr. Kim in one of the exam room. She walked me to restroom where I was instructed to change into a gown, funny hat, compression socks,regular socks and disposable underwear. Also had to leave a pee sample for one last pregnancy test. When I was done with all that she tool me to a bed in the recovery room where she proceeded to take my blood pressure and attached my finger to the heart monitor. My pressure was a big high (I think I was nervous) she asked me to take a deep breath and tried again. Blood pressure was fine...she inserted the IV and went over my medical history. We met with Dr. Kim in the exam room and settled on size. Walked down the hall way to the OR, I gave my husband a kiss goodbye and that was it.
Going into the OR I met the anestigiologist and other nurses...everyone was very nice. He was making small talk with me and last I remember was falling asleep.
Teresa woke me up...I wasn't in any pain, just sleepy and soar. I laid in recovery for about an hour, she said she had already called my husband and he was waiting downstairs for me. She helped to get me dressed, and got me into the wheelchair. Everything else was a bit of a blurr...we got home and got settled into bed...I remember telling my husband I wanted sushi. We went out and had sushi at a local spot by our house. I couldn't move my arms so hubby pretty much feed me the whole time.
Like I said I don't have pain, I'm just really soar and can't do much with my arms. I've been sleeping on and off the last few days.

Post-op day 2 Saturday May 2nd

Appt with Dr.Kim at 9 a.m I'm up at 7:30. Brushed my teeth, washed my face and got dressed. We arrived at 9 a.m one of the nurses took us back to the exam room. She cut off the bandages and let me tell you it felt so so good. I could breath...yeyy...
The bad part was that the sports bra I bought was a 34d she said the band was big. She said I was not suppose to be able to fit my finger under it. After the appt we went to exchange it for a fits tight lots of pressure on my chest. The appt with Dr. Kim went well...he took a look and said that I should start massaging then by tuesday. I'm suppose to go back in 2 weeks to have the stiched removed.
So these last few days have been very slow. I'm not in any pain just lots of pressure and very soar.

Contemplating going back work

I'm at day 4 postop and feel so much better. I'm considering going back to work tomorrow. I messaged my boss and he said it's up to me. I've been off my pain meds for the last 2 days. I'm not in any pain just feel soar and tired. So I might just go back to work tomorrow...

Before & After pics

My stats 5'1 105lbs 35 yrs old breastfeed 2 kids
Mentor silicone under crease 700cc

1 week post op

It's been one week since my surgery and so far I'm feeling great. I'm back at work and doing most of my every day activities. My only complain is having to wait for these babies to drop and fluff.

1 week post op

Itchy Itchy

I woke up this morning with an intense urge to scratch my boobs...I'm assuming the skin is stretching that's why they are so itchy. Can any of you ladies recommend lotion, oil anything I can apply. I'm doing everything in my power not to scratch them.

Stiches removed

I went in today with Dr. Kim to have my stiches removed. He fast yet gentle and in having conversation with him I didn't even feel it. He said my boobs are coming along nicely, however he did notice (as did I) that my right breast is a bit higher than the left. He said I just need to give a bit more attention to my right one. He said I can start to wear a regular underwrite bra with no padding (yeyyyy)...but I'm a bit scared to damage them with the wire. I might stick to my sports bras for a few more weeks. I told him the sports bra I have now is really tight and cuts into my ribs. He had me put it back on and agreed that it is tight. He gave me the go ahead to change it for 34d or DD. He told me I still need to continue to sleep sitting up to ensure the girl settle and hang properly. We discussed working out. He said I can resume light cardio by next week and regular workout by 6 weeks postop. I was instructed to start taking 1000 grams of vitamin E and said I could apply silicone based scar treatment lotion. Let's see what else....oh, he took pics and said I'm still pretty high up there but it looks good. He squeezed the girls and said they were beginning to get squishy :)

4.5 weeks postop

Just wanted to update you ladies. Had a Dr. Appt today. Dr. Kim said they look great, keep massaging and told me I still need to keep sleeping sitting up :(
On a different note, this has been a stressful week. Last Saturday I broke up with my fiancé and moved out. This was by far the hardest decision I've ever had to make. I love him very much, but I love myself and my kids more. I couldn't stay in a relationship where my kids and I weren't being respected. Up until the last minute I tried talking to him to work out these issues, I prayed for many days before I came to this decision...he had no interest in speaking to me or working on this and that was my answer to move on. I lost it all and am now starting over living at my mom's house with my kids. I'm heartbroken for my kids and my mother in law...but all I can do is move on and start over with my kids
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