32B to a 400/450cc & 450/500cc, M+. Beverly Hills, CA

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I decided on a breast augmentation, because as you...

I decided on a breast augmentation, because as you get older is not as perky and firm anymore :( . I found Dr. Kim from a friend of a friend. My sugary was on 10/24/14 I decided on saline 500cc moderate plus, he ended up having to use 400 bag and put 450cc in on one side and a 450 bag with 500cc on the other, my natural breast was one side smaller than the other, the surgery was easy, wake up happy, that was what i wad afraid of waking up in pain, but no pain at all didn't even remember going to sleep, just wake up happy with boobs, the soreness comes the day after, but, your already prepare to take your pain medicine, so you don't have to worry about, you just feel different, heavy, uncomfortable and tight around that area but nothing painful. I'm really happy with the shape, just waiting for it to drop, for me i think i was a little greedy on the size but than again its still healing and needs to go down so idk yet.


wish list

pictures update

vicodin withdrawal

Don't take too much vicodin, if you don't need to, i took it because i just wanna feel relax, but, the soreness wasn't even that bad, now I'm paying for it, feeling anxious, and its not fun.

Day 8

wish I went HP

Idk does this happen during recovering but I'm feeling sad today, I wish i did HP, as it heal, it a little smaller and i feel, like my body would look sexier if I got HP, MP look nice too, but it would be a different look, i wanted the half fake and half real look, dr.kim did say HP for me when at my consultation day, but i decided on MP on surgery day, i decided on MP cause I know some girls that did HP, their boobs look hella pointy and I didn't wanted to be pointy, I guess it all depends on body type, I was just saying to my bf, the next time I'm getting a boob job, I'm getting high profile, he was like its not gonna be a for awhile, You look fine with those.

stitches off today

Just pull out my stitches, can't fly to see the Dr in time, so he say i can just pull it out, it was easy for me, didn't hurt at all, and it didn't look too bad either. Any recommendations on scar cream? Thanks.

Feeling Emotional

Feeling emotional today, I feel like what did i do to myself and very tired and depress, I actually told my manager she should just let me go if she can't give me the days i want, and I didn't really want to quit, but she haven't say or reply to me back yet, so hopefully, I still have my jib and the days i wanted, anyways I did some research, its normal and that you go through a few stage like this during recovery, so I feel better after, because I was starting to look for lift and reading about implants removal and lift than i ran into some page and they say its normal to feel like way your 2 week.

Day 17

Still wearing my sports bra 27/7 but just trying on trying on stuff for fun.

20 days

Its been 20 days since my surgery

side boobs

So i was ask to show my side boobs, so here it is, Idk why i didn't do that before.

New pictures

can't wait till it one month

I haven't been out or really get to show them off, wanna wait and take care of it at least a month and wear sports bra as long as I can. Can't wait till bras shopping, even tho there is not a lot to choose from because all the cute bras are under wire or push up and most wireless bras are like grandma bras lol.

I think I went too big for my body????

It's been two months, since my BA, it's more fluffy now, the boobs itself looks beautiful, my Dr did a really good job, but I don't think, I match with big boobs, I should of just went 350-400cc, it's looks too big for me, and makes me looks matronly, Idk why my friends or some girls, I see that are smaller than get the same size as me and they look good, they look slander with big boobs and I look matronly, and I was known to be a girl with a nice body, I don't have kids, now I feel like, I have a mother body, I hope it's just look like this for now. I'm actually thinking to get it removed, when I plan to have kids, because I don't wanna go any bigger after birth and to avoid lift than get it done a smaller size.

2 month picture update

One day I love my boobs, next day I feel like it's too big. Idk what's wrong with me. I think it's because, everything that happen to me make me taking it on my boobs.I lost my job, someone try to break in my house the night I got back from where I got my surgery, other little stuff happens one after another.

I want to punch my husband in the face when I look at him today

I swear when I look at my husband face, I just want to punch him in the *%:'&$# face, I originally wanted to get 400cc at my consultation, big D but not DD, than after I told what I decided on, he keep on telling me to do 500cc or I'll regret it, all the girls you know regret not going big or redoing it bigger, he put it in my head and make me scared, what if I did it too small. Now I'm not happy with the way I look at all, I wish I never got it done, I thought getting done clothes will fit better but the only thing that look good is lingerie, bikini, hoochi clothes or naked, I can't dress classy anymore, I can't wear loose clothes, it's harder for me to shop now than before, I always have to wear something tight or show cleavage or I'll look fat, big or bulky. I use to have a cute young body, my nick name was coca cola, now I have that bigger upper body type look like, it's so ugly, I'm so sad and hate myself for doing it and didn't go with my decision.

No one understand

To everyone they just think you got a nice boobs job, big boobs and went to one of the best doctor, what are you complaining about and acting like spoiled brat. No doubt my boobs is nice and perfect but not on me or fit my body, it's too big for me, I can't dress classy or even look classy anymore, I just have a hoochi look now, I used to have a cute very proportional body, and classy looking body, whatever I wear I look classy and good on me, only problem I had was wearing bikini top, but with a good push up bra I look perfect, now I have a bigger upper body type and look big if I don't wear the right clothes and it's ugly. My teacher actually just take out her 20 years implants and she feels and look so much better without it. She looks a lot more proportion, she use to have that bigger upper body look now she looks nice and slander and she's happy it's out.

Pictures update for the ladies that ask

Time please either go back or go forward 5 years

I just wish, I can go back in time or it hurry and go 5 years forward. So I can replace it, to the size I originally wanted or in years it will go probably down and smaller already or the right time for me to replace it already. It's so easy to say just replacing it right away, but it's gonna to be something so hard to do, cause matter of money. if only plastic surgery were cheaper! Most doctors would probably only give you $500-$1000 discount for coming back or not even. My boobs is $7650, but I sent more than 10k for everything traveling back and forth, hotel, car rental, I got my parents to take care of me, so I have to pay everything for them too. Not to mention, taking time off of work. I don't have that kind money to go do it again, it could happen but it's gonna be a lot of money for me to put out, and it will end up costing me 20k for a boobs job , I could get my nose redone for safety reason with that money. I'm so sad, I hope I win the lottery ticket soon. I hope any women that reading this, don't make the same mistake I did, not everyone wants big boobs, and that the size and profile you pick is very important, and gonna affect the way you look after a lot, don't just go read the happy story, go read about the bad story and bad experience story too, to help you understand what you would want, and know that not everyone is happy with it, some just learn how to live with it better than others, of course all the happy ones are gonna say they wish they got bigger, but there is also a lot of story out there that are too big. I realized the ladies that wants it bigger, just want it bigger cause of greed, they think they could fit a little more in, but they actually don't know what they would really look like till it's done and probably would learn to live with it, trust me not a good look, if your not proportion, It will make your boobs sag very quick and have a saggy look, I already have that look, you can't look classy, hard to find clothes, unless you wear bikini top every day, can't dress cute at family event or anywhere you have to be conservative you just get to be very cover up or something black so your boobs look smaller or not as notice.

Pictures in dress 6 week. Older picture.

Missing my old body.

I don't think I have a hella nice or a hella fitted body, like when I was 18, but I loved the way I looked, so proportion, with a 32b VS add 2size bra. I was perfect to me, not hell of a body but I had a cute little young looking body, now I feel old, a woman body not a cute and young.

Miss my old little body.

I don't have a hella nice body or hell of a fitted body, but I miss how cute and proportion my body was, it was young looking with VS plus 2 bra, I was perfect and happy, now I feel like a older woman with these boobs.

Pictures update.

So here is some pictures of my boobs. Please ignore the hurricane in the background,in the process of moving for the last 3 months. You can't really tell what I'm talking about in these pictures, most of my clothes is in box at the new place, and I accidentally deleted some pictures I took to put on here earlier. But I promise to update more in different outfit when I have all my clothes. Thanks.

Wire and push up bras after implants.

Hey ladies, I notice some of you start wearing wire and push up bras very soon after surgery, so I just want to share what I've heard from a few of my friends, that had implants and wants it redone or got it redone just so they can take care of their implants better, by not wearing push up or wire bra too soon, I also read this from some doctors, they say it's reshapes the implants and the implants settle to it and that it mess up your implants, like from the padding and the wire, they recommend 6 months to a year, Idk is it true or not But I'm just gonna do it just to be safe.


I love the way she look, if only I could go back, she look like she just got enough to look good in everything, she looks like she got 280-300cc,and it's looks cute.

Had a talked to my husband about taking it out before pregnancy.

So my husband and had a talk, and we agree for me to take out the implants, when we plan to get pregnant, because I do not want to go any bigger. Not anytime soon tho, after 5 years, that is just a plan but I'm so happy than after breastfeeding, I can try to bring back elastic, than get my boobs done again the size and profile that more proportion to me.

Dr. Kim reply my email, was pretty happy with his response.

So Dr Kim, Reply to my email today, what the price he ask for a redone to help me, was very reasonable, I'm pretty happy about that, now I just need to find a way to go there to redo without my husband knowing. Lol. Well his boys always have a yearly football game trip where they go to different states to watch the game, my husband never gets to go, because I don't let him, maybe he can go this year, lol.

3 months + 1 day

Here are some pictures update. I look wide and bulky. ????????????????????????????????????

Wish looks in clothes.

Why can't I look like this, this is what I imagine to look like before I got it done, skinny slender with proportioned big boobs. Those girls went pretty decent size, more on the bigger side, and they look proportion, and I know Jennifer went 500cc HP for sure, I read her blog, and she still looks skinny and her implants just inside her, not coming out to the side. When implants comes out to the side, it's just make you look so older with a mature women body, you know how when you get a certain age, your body have this CERTAIN look like bigger top, it's like a going on 50 body type. Anyways, I notice boobs job, from Asia are so nice, when I look at girls from Asia pictures online, like they have the niceset boobs job they don't get the biggest size, but it have that juicy look, I heard they only go over the muscle and over muscle looks created more cleavage.

Learning to love them....

Don't look I'm getting any new replace boobs anytime soon, my husband love my boobs or he just saying that so he don't have to spend money, but that's not gonna stop from keep on trying to get him to say yes. Anyways I do like the attention, I get with them, everyone is so much nicer, especially guys, hubby say we been getting a lot better service. I might miss the attention, if I replace them smaller, but if I do, is only 50cc lesser, with HP. Well here's some pictures in a dress update.

What is this girl problem

I post my self in clothes because, some ladies ask me too, there is some with my face in it because I actually took that for myself than see, I should probably post it, and just thought I'm comfortable enough to just leave it as it is, because of some of the really nice and sweet ladies here, make me just whatever who cares, and I'm lazy to edit it sometime. trust me I don't wouldn't want my face in my naked pictures online, I just feel like this is a medical matters and I just want to show a full body image, I mean you can't tell a procedure just from pictures of the actual procedure, and now this lady actually telling me to stop posting playboy pictures, selfie and get over myself, playboy please this site is full of chicks.

Found a solution to cover my side boobs.

So I finally go try on some wire bra, and it really helps shape and push my side boobs in, and also thin bra really help it not to look as crazy, I was so used to wearing push up, cup bras and shaped bras, so I didn't bother to look into thin bra and also I was avoiding wire bra, than I finally give it a try and I loved the way and the size my boobs look. I also found these fruit of the loop light sports bras that put your boobs together really nice and comfortable for everyday wear and keep your implants together without hurting it for only 3/$9.95. Good thing about have breast implants is that you don't have to buy only expensive bras, I mean of course you like the nicer stuff too, but you can find some really cute target or little store bras that looks really cute and not as expensive to get all the colors or style.

Pictures of the bras, I find that help me.

So here is some bras, I find that help me with what I want to achieve. I love how, I can save money on bras now, I used to only wear nothing but VS. Now I go to Walmart, Target and anywhere, So I fit from a 34C to a 32DD, it's kindda weird I read about some girls on here, they get smaller implants than me and they wear 34DD, and I am wearing 34C on the these bra, I mean I still wear D and DD with certain bra, but I know so girls got smaller size implants than me wearing D-DD.

Girls that won't say where they get their surgery from.

Have this ever happen to you? See someone with good surgery and you try to ask about their doctor they forgot or don't want to let you know, I mean it takes a lot for some to ask, it's a uncomfortable questions just to ask someone, unless your desperate, I don't know why is that, but it's fucking annoying, and I'm not talking about the people trying to keep it personal about their surgery, I'm talking about girls that know and let it out there that they do have surgery but than when you ask like which doctor they went to, there doctor die, or forgot, he doesn't do it no more or they don't know. And also what's annoying that girls that claim themselves natural, aganot ones that trying to keep their

Boobs at 5 month.

Hi everyone! How is everyone doing? I've been busy! Idk but is this normal! one day my boobs looks even, and than one bigger than the other the next! In person looking at myself it's 90% even, just the right is slightly bigger than the left because he did put 50cc more in the right, and in pictures my boobs is obviously uneven! The left with the smaller implants have more height and projector, than my right with bigger implants but flat and wider, overall they are 90% match up in naked person but in pictures it's obviously noticeable, and in some clothes without a bra is noticeable. I feel like I need two different profile on each boob! Idk one day I love it than hate it the next. I know it can't be 100% even because my natural boobs is one slightly bigger than the other but I want at least 95% perfect.

I think it's the profile that is the problem...

I think it's the profile that is the problem!
Overall the size it not that bad but still not what I wanted, because I did saline and it's 400 filled with 450cc and 450 filled with 500cc, Thank God! I saline, if I did silicone, I would got a full 500, I swear I would die! I hate the M+ on me, it's so damn wide and so much side boobs. I'm so sad! When I look at other girls they get their boobs and look sexy after, I made myself look like a mom after, I mean not even a mom but a 50 year women body, with that wide shoulder with big boobs and smaller in the bottom. I got a boobs job so I don't have to wear a bra! Now I'm looking for bras to cover it, I can't even go braless, one implants is obviously wider than the other see through clothes, I use to love going shopping and dressing up, people always known me for always being dressed up, not necessarily all glam up, but pretty much on point with where I'm going and at. I thought shopping would be for funner! Especially, I'm a shopaholic! But no, it got worsted! I miss my old cute boobs so much! Not that I mind having implants or don't want bigger boobs, why doesn't it look right on me? Anyways, I'm calling Kim office today, to ask for my measurement, I don't understand why I look the way I look? I read other stories and they say, thier doctor tell them the different size with different profile they can choose from.

For example :
M=300,M+=340,HP=400 and UHP=460.

I didn't have that option, it's more like what size you want, how many cc's and which profile? Show me a picture! I've been waking up, upset about it, and this is 6 days out of a week that he gets it, the one day is just that I try to look over it, but it's not that I didn't wake up sad, I would give my husband bad attitudes all day, because he wasn't very supportive about me want a revision, because he did tells me how I'm going to regret not doing 500, so he piss me off when I wake up upset about it and waking up seeing his face doesn't help. So yesterday he realized better not to make your wife not happy, she ain't happy you are miserable. He said don't worry honey I got you! That's all I needed to hear, even if I won't get the revision right away but I know he supportive. Things been really bad for us, we been having bad luck with unnecessary things that we have to deal with, hopefully it will be over soon, so I can get my boobs redone asap.

Feeling sad...

Feeling sad! Been reading about down size implants questions and stories from on here, it all say a lift is needed and all recommend going with Moderate or M+ profile for down sizing, but I want HP and down size, idk how is that gonna work? I don't want a lift! I don't deserve having to get a lift, my boobs were cute and perky! Now I have to cut myself up because a mistake and add some more scar on me! my breast fold scar is noticeable, compare to a lot of girls on here with the same amount of time their disappear already, mine still dark. I ask a doctor on here and no reply to me yet, Idk why?? I think I could only change implants profile and have it even out more and have to stay the same cc. Idk, I've seen some take it out completely and it went back to their size pretty OK, but I'm not brave enough to do that. I'm just really hoping I can down size with no lift. I don't think I could trust another surgeon again, with the outcome anymore, it's all on my gut and just hope for the best, but to believe and trust in them what the outcome to be, No.

She looks so good...

Her boobs looks so good, I mean a lot of girls have nice boobs on here but I just ran into this girl right now. @amourag too bad she doesn't update anymore.

Here's some video for you! 5 1/2 month.

So much free time! Bored! So here's a video for you guys! Lol!

5 1/2

I ain't tripping!

Did this, so I can try to
proof myself wrong! but no, I was not tripping! I wish I was!! One implants is bigger than the other. ????????????????????????????????????????????

This pop up on my Facebook feeds.

Must watch!


Under boobs, Ugh!

Feeling bad! Lol!

So basically I've been emailing doctor back and forth for the last month, some email reply faster than the other, because I mean he's a a busy guy and have his own life too! Anyway with my last email about my recent situation, I thought, he ignore me! I was getting pretty upset at him for a minute! But it turns out his reply went spam, lol! I didn't think it would because the other mail was in inbox! Poor guy, I was really upset with him to myself.
Anyway so he said that he can take out some scar tissue on my left to have it even out to my right, but the thing is that I like my left boobs size better than my right, my right is too big for me! I email him that already, just last night and it's the weekend, so let see what else can do and gonna say. Hopefully he can see up the side I don't like.

Here are my scar for whoever asked.

My scar is not too bad, for not really taking care of, I try to here and there than forgot to, I didn't eat beef, dark soy sauce and sea food for almost two months though. But overall I like the way my doctor stitch it up.

Idk why I got a few people commenting me...

Idk why I got a few comments saying, I got my wish pictures and why do I hate what I ask for, obviously you don't know what it's like, till you have it on and see what's it's like, anyone could look at something and like it but not necessarily for them, it's my first boobs job Idk what's it like, a picture of what I like it's one thing but the size and what's fit my body and for me it's another. Common sense people! Thank you.

So ran across a Yelp review that annoy me...

So I ran across a Yelp review that annoyed me! I was just looking for a doctor for my next mission, this girl just mentioned how good her doctor is and that he's nothing like what people say about him and that people didn't take care of their surgery that's why they are upset with whatever they are upset about with her doctor that did a good job on her.
1.Plastic surgery is all luck, anything could go wrong in so many ways! for this smartass to be saying it's your fault to not take care of it, like how do you know they didn't take care of it?! It could be that's how their body are, didn't take care of it, their doctor had a bad day or a upsetting day or he really messed up onthat procedure . Surgeon are just like everyone else, they have bad and good days, they have their own problems too, that will affect their work too, I do hair and we all know as good as we think we are, we gonna have a day when you don't do as good of a job and days that your dealing with your own battles, rich or poor you gave your own little problem.
2. Just because you feel that you had a better experience, mean that the other person didn't run into them on their lazy, stress, not in the mood day. Or also maybe their service change after the bad reviews that's why you have a better experience.

Idk how true is this, but something to think about before making any decision.....

When you really think about it you never what's true or not, there is too much money in medicine and plastic surgery for them give up.


1 year update

Hi everyone, on the 21st is my implants exactly one year birthday! I'm posting some pictures for ones that ask and for some of you that might want to know how is it like now, I'm sorry to those that follows and I haven't been on here and didn't help you much and you went on with your surgery . The last few months after getting the surgery wasn't easy for me, it was a emotional roller coaster, I try to ignore it as much as I can so I don't have to think about it, so I try not to go on here much, and it worked. I accept it and feel about better, of course I still wish I made a better choice but I accept the fact that nothing will ever go your way. Overall my boobs settle a little smaller and even out a little better that I could live with, I hope as time passes it will get smaller for me. Well here are some new pictures for you at 1 year. If you have any questions just ask. Thanks

One year and 11 month quick update

Hi here's a quick update for the girls that ask. This is one year and 11 months. I feel a lot better about it now and love it too. Especially the attention I guess. Jk. Lol. That's not what I got it for but who doesn't like compliments. Lol. I would still get it slightly smaller and to HP the next time. After I see and know what will be best for my body. But overall I'm happy with a good result. So glad I went to Dr. Kim, cost a lot more than in my area at the time and traveling cost but worth it. It's will or might be a weird change for some at first and you might not use to it but with a good doctor and good results at the end will help a lot. Hope the update help some of you.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I think Dr.kim is really good, i knew i want him,when i saw his work on YouTube and a few girls i know, he did a amazing job, he know what to do and what looks good when it comes to boobs, lol, some people say he have bedside manner but he was really nice and helpful to me.

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