32 Year Old, 2 Kids, Looking for Natural Mid C-full D - Beverly Hills, CA

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I've been wanting this since I was 16, now it is...

I've been wanting this since I was 16, now it is finally happening. I am filled with excitement but also tons of anxiety. Need to figure out what size I want and it hasn't been easy! At first I was thinking small C, then decided full C, and now am thinking maybe even D. I just don't know what will look good and nautrual on my body, but I also am afraid of having that porn star look. I go in for my pre-op appointment tomorrow!!

Some wish pics

I've narrowed to these I think. I like the soft w shape but don't want it to be too droopy. It's so hard to envision what it would look like on my body and also what would look best with clothes. I have my pre op appointment today, hopefully all goes well and maybe Dr. Kim will have some insight for me.

2 more days!!!

Only 2 more days! I'm surprisingly not terribly nervous anymore. I probably will be when I get there, but I had so much anxiety before and that seems to have subsided.

So I have a total of 5 wish boobs, should I put it all in a collage or print them out separately? I just couldn't narrow it down to one pic and decided I'll give him these and he can decide what works best for me!

So I really went back and forth (and lost a lot of sleep) about telling my mom. She is very conservative and has said on numerous occasions that she does not agree with cosmetic surgery. I knew I would tell her afterward (it'll be pretty obvious come bathing suit season) but she is so unpredictable I didn't know how she would react. On one hand I knew she would come around and be supportive, on the other hand she could very well have texted me every horror story she can find lurking on the Internet. I decided it wasn't worth the risk to go into surgery with additional anxiety and vowed to tell her right after.

Well, I told my sister who told my other sister who took it upon herself to tell my mom anyway, and I got a lovely text at 2am yesterday saying "what's this about you going into surgery on Friday?"

Oh well, cats out of the bag and seems to be for the better. She made it seem like it was no big deal and she trusts I did my research. I sincerely doubt she would have acted that way if I told her, but now she has to prove me wrong. Win, win I say!

Well next week I'll have nothing but time on my hands so wish me luck!!


Oh and I think I'm decided on full C small D. Here's some more pre op and the bra I will use on second day post

I have boobies!!!!

Today at 7 am I said goodbye to my itty bitties. I'm now a girl with BOOBS! Can't wait to see what they look like when they take the bandages off tomorrow.

So when I started getting super nervous after I said goodbye to my kids. Silly, I know, but the scariest part was not the pain but the anesthesia. When we got to the operating room the nurse said the anesthesiologist was giving me something that will relax me, like having a couple glasses of wine. Once it kicked in I felt so much better, then the next thing I remember was waking up with boobs!

I had 0 pain! Just had a hard time taking deep breaths and I was super shaky from the anesthesia. The nurse told me before the surgery that she will ask after what my Pain level is, if higher than 5 she would give me something for pain. I don't remember her ever asking, but that's ok because I felt remarkably fine. Still do, but it is a little painful to get up and down.

Here's an initial pic, more tomorrow after the banshees come off!


Oh and this is the pics I gave for inspiration. Seriously love her boobs!
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