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All I ever wanted out of being a girl was breasts....

All I ever wanted out of being a girl was breasts. I discovered the allure at 9, and banked on the voluptuous genes of my family to give me something by 12... uh, dream shattered. I gain/lose weight evenly, so a padded belly = enough flesh to manage a struggling 34B cup. Visible 4 pack = visible sternum and easily palpable ribs beneath my breast tissue. Just couldn't reach a happy medium. I have full hips, so despite being a 'pear', I looked more like a 'spoon'. I made it to a 34D/DD when I had my daughter at 19, which left me with 'looser' feeling skin, and some stretch marks below my nipples. I was borderline ptotic following. I have some natural obvious asymmetries, mostly from a bit of thoracic vertebral rotation (some upper spine vertebra appear twisted out of alignment). This makes the right side of my chest/breast appear more prominent than the left. Additionally, my right breast is smaller than my left. Natures comical way of trying to even things out! I battles eating disorders as a young teen, so it is possible that I actually interrupted the natural development of the glandular breast tissue during puberty. I've always wanted to stay true to "natural" beauty, and learned the value behind accepting and loving my body as it is. Honestly, though, I struggled with feeling inadequate, and was always frustrated at how difficult and limiting is was to dress myself in a way that I felt good. After having my daughter, I was committed to teaching her to love and feel comfortable with her body, so I put off the idea of changing mine. I was concerned about what that would communicate to her. Competing values, I suppose. Anyhow, I ended up feeling like not being true to my feelings was damaging in itself. It was important for me to reframe how I thought about it, and took lots of talking openly and freely with myself and my daughter. Over the last year, my desire and ability to do the surgery crossed, so I finally decided to jump!

12 weeks/3 months out!

I'll write more about the process - it was rather uneventful! I got Mentor 375cc Moderate Plus silicones. I wanted full C's - I desired D's, but I was concerned about possibly looking matronly, my skin thinning over time, and the eventual sag. I didn't want to be freaking out over lateral displacement, or breasts that I couldn't "hide" if I wanted to. I do enjoy weight lifting and physical activity, and my daily life requires a lot of physicality, so my decision really put all this into consideration. Anything over 400cc starts putting you at risk for more complications.

They were high & tight immediately. I had asymmetrical breasts/ribcage to begin with, and this was apparent right off the bat in the way the implants appeared. My left was fuller and lower, and my right a bit higher and tighter looking. I had 375's placed in both sides. I was worried initially that maybe we should've tried to compensate for the small difference in size, but the reality is that the difference had most to do with shape. We were on the fence about whether Dr. Kim could fit 400's - he asked me - if it comes down to it, would you rather me go more natural looking or would you be okay with a more augmented look. I immediately said "natural", but - the green-eyed booby greed monster is REAL - I do wish they were bigger. What I ended up with IS perfect for my lifestyle and what I ASKED FOR. Dr. Kim is THE BEST I have ever seen - I'd choose him a million times over! I trust him and his work is consistently gorgeous :)))

11 months update!!

Dr. Kim is the absolute BEST. Save your cash so you can foot his bill. I saved for YEARS - it was 1000% worth it. My breasts have been stable for awhile now. They've settled in nicely. I had very little breast tissue at my sternum, so I have a palpable ripple there, that I can see when I bend over. Ladies, if you're going to have implants - unless you started with fullness, or have overfilled salines (which still tend to ripple at the borders) - ripples are par for the course. Also, when you look at my photos, I have slight scoliosis in my upper back, which causes one side of my ribcage to be slightly more pronounced than the other, I had asymmetry, and one breast was naturally fuller. If you get silicones, there is less room to adjust sizing, whereas saline can be manipulated to even out asymmetries better. My size difference/asymmetry was too minor to warrant different implant sizes, but Dr. Kim did address the issues by manipulating the pocket sizes and shapes. Bras are a little tricky. I have a small ribcage (26/27") and I have the Mentor Mod+ Silicone 375s. I need the "room" of a larger size, but the underwires are always too big. If I go down a size, or try sister sizes, there's not enough cup coverage, but the wires fit better. Who cares though! I can think of much bigger problems :))
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I've been trolling the internet since I was a teenager, in hopes of securing the right and best breast surgeon I could find. I found Dr. Kim in 2005 and was immediately star struck by his personal aesthetic. Realistic-looking, full breasts, 100% of the time. Especially with social media and reality TV, the public is bombarded with names of "celebrity," "Hollywood," "plastic surgeon to the stars," surgeons. We all have incredible access to information that didn't exist, even 5 years ago. There are so many surgeons with incredibly impressive curriculum vitae, and years of extensive training and experience. While qualification is most important, there's no circumventing the value and influence of each individual surgeons personal aesthetics on the outcome of their patients. Dr. Kim is renowned, board certified, published; well-respected among colleagues and trusted by his patients. It is patently clear that Dr. Kim delivers consistently beautiful work. He is adept at translating patient desires. He is upfront about limitations and sets up reasonable expectations. Dr. Kim's office personnel and consultants are pleasant, polite, and clear, offering prompt service and correspondence. Dr. Kim is truly second to none.

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