29 y/o, No Kids, 32A, 325cc smooth Mod + Have Been Dreaming of Boobs Forever!! - Beverly Hills, CA

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I'm 29 years old and currently a 32 A. I've been...

I'm 29 years old and currently a 32 A. I've been waiting for my boobs to come in for as long as I can remember and they're still not here. I was waiting until after I had kids to see if my boobs would develop afterwards, but from my research any growth would then deflate and sag after breastfeeding, not to mention the fact that I'm still probably at least 4-5 years out from having kids in the first place. I've finally decided WHAT AM I WAITING FOR??

So I finally have my first consultation this Thursday. I've become obsessed with looking at boobs and researching breast augmentations over the past couple weeks. I live near Beverly Hills and plan on having the surgery nearby. The last thing I want to do is sit in traffic for an hour after getting surgery and driving an hour for all the post-op appointments. The only problem with that is most of the doctors I'm interested in seem to be in the $8500-10,000 range. I'm already in debt from student loans (unfortunately have at least 5 years left to pay them off) and have about $7,000 in credit card debt, which I just transferred to a 0% interest card until 8/2016. I guess I'm struggling over whether I should try to get 0% financing through CareCredit to pay for my surgery, or wait to get it done until I've paid off my credit card (probably not until January or February 2016). I just feel like it's taken me 15 years to finally make the decision to get implants and I'm "running out of time" to really enjoy them before I get pregnant. I'm not yet married but living with my boyfriend and anticipate getting engaged by the end of the year. I would really like to have new boobies before my wedding, but I've also got a friend's wedding coming up in September and it'd be nice to have them by then too... Help!

First Consultation - LOVED My doctor!

Had my first consultation today! The doctor was very kind and patient, happy to answer all of my questions, even my silly one about whether it will be harder for me to run with implants LOL. I'm really pleased with my visit today and can't think of any reason NOT to go ahead and go through with Dr. Layke, other than cost. I know a lot of girls on this site go to Dr. Kim and he's over $9,000. Drs. Layke & Danielpour are going to be about $7,600.

The good news is I was approved for a 21 month 0% interest credit card for a portion of the cost, so that will help spread it out to very manageable payments!

I'm thinking about putting a deposit down tomorrow and scheduling my surgery for 7/30!!

Started telling some friends...

My boyfriend and I are going to Cabo San Lucas next weekend with another couple. We had dinner with them Friday night and they asked if we were coming to his birthday party on August 1... Well, that will be 2 days after my surgery. I wasn't really planning on saying anything but since I had just put my deposit down that morning, I was so excited and blurted it right out: "I don't think I'll be able to make it because I'm having surgery the Thursday before." "Oh my gosh, really? What's wrong?" "I'm getting a breast augmentation!!!"

I've told my closest friends and they've all been supportive except for one. Some people just don't understand and might never. My best friend of 14 years isn't very supportive. She's had a D cup or larger since we were 16. She will never know what it's like to barely have a chest at all, so it's easy for her to say "you're perfect they way you are" and "love your natural self." Well, I'm sick of persuading myself to love the body I was given when I can so easily change what I've been loathing for decades!

Trying on Sizers at Home

I made some sizers on Friday and have been playing around with them. The patient coordinator told me to use lentils, so I went out and bought a package, but I didn't realize how much I would need! I ended up using quinoa, lentils, and black rice in one of them, lol I was running out of everything!

My boyfriend is really coming around and starting to share my excitement, although he's afraid about the amount of pain I'll be in.

I have my pre-op on Friday, July 17 and he'll be coming along with me to ask questions I forgot about (like the necessity of MRIs for silent rupture). July is a really busy month for us -- Cabo this upcoming weekend, a weekend at home, then a weekend in SF, then it will be the week of my surgery!!!

I'm trying to put together a shopping list of items to buy before surgery, but I think I'll have to wait until my pre-op to get a full picture of what my Dr. wants me to have on hand. He doesn't think I'll have any stretch marks, so that's a plus!!

Getting anxious for pre-op and nervous for surgery

Spent a lovely 4 days in Mexico last week and that got my mind off surgery for a bit, but now I'm back and getting nervous again! My boyfriend is really concerned about the scarring with inframmamory incisions and keeps asking why I don't want to go through the nipple. My gynecologist specifically said not to touch the nipple if I want to breast feed since there's a chance there could be damage. I've come to terms with the scarring. He's just going to have to get over it. I'm excited for the pre-op. I'm still thinking 300cc, but that sounds so small compared to what everyone else seems to be going with. I guess I need to finalize what I want my desired look to be and go from there at the appointment.

10 Days to go and life is crazy...

I had my pre-op on Friday! It didn't go quite as I expected. I arrived on time but they were running a little behind. I wasn't seen until about 20 minutes after my appointment. The patient coordinator went over all the pre & post op instructions and talked to me about the prescriptions. The surgery group I've chosen uses two doctors at the same time for your surgery. I was told in my consultation that doctor #2 was out of the country, but would be there for my pre-op. I only met with doctor #1. So afterward I started thinking maybe he's still out of the country? I don't know why he wasn't there to meet with me. Started getting a little nervous. Was I promised 2 doctors and only getting 1?

Anyway, I thought I would be trying on sizers again, but I told the doctor I was happy with the look of 275ml of rice, so 300cc sizers, and he confirmed that he'll try from 275cc to 325cc during surgery and pick the best. I did show him some photos at my consult and with the patient coordinator we decided on moderate plus, AND I specified constantly that I don't want them too high or to project too much, however, we didn't look at any additional photos at my pre-op. I guess the most important things are size, shape, and profile, which have all been agreed upon. I also stressed in the consult that I don't want to look top heavy, so I assume that means he'll give me a narrower breast to fit the width of my chest, rather than going wider and creating side boob. I just hope he wrote all of these things down after the consult because we didn't discuss them much in the pre-op. Is this something we'll go over again the morning of surgery? Or maybe the patient coordinator will confirm with me the night before surgery when she calls to check in with me?

Anyway, when we were done talking to the doctor (my boyfriend came along this time), we went to the reception desk and paid the balance due. I forgot to ask for a receipt. D'oh!

We left and about 15-20 minutes later the receptionist called asking if I'd completed my lab work. I'm like uh... what lab work? I'd heard others getting labs done on Real Self, but this was the first I was hearing anything from my PS about it. I asked what needed to be done, hoping I could go to urgent care over the weekend and have it taken care of, she said no, you have to come in and get this paper. Can you email it? No, you have to pick it up. Ugh. They're open M-F 9-5 and it was the middle of rush hour and 4:58PM. I work 9-6 M-F about 30 minutes from the office, so I had to go in late this morning after picking up the paper and having the lab done at another suite in the building.

When I got there, both doctors were standing behind the desk with the receptionist and patient coordinator. So the second doctor does exist! haha. Dr #1 was nice and asked how my weekend was, but Dr #2 didn't even look at me and no one introduced me. I should've just spoken up, but I'm shy until spoken to. All in all I guess this isn't a big deal, but when you're paying so much money (in Beverly Hills, no less) you kind of expect the best! Boyfriend says Dr #2 had no idea who I was and I was expecting too much, that at least Dr #1 recognized me and acknowledged me.

Anyway, I picked up most of my meds today. Norco for pain, Xanex for anxiety, Cefadroxil antibiotic. They also gave me a prescription for Emend, which is $110 per pill! Eeesh. It's supposed to prevent nausea 100%. I've been having some problems with nausea over the past year or so and have some other prescription anti-nausea meds, but my pharmacist said it doesn't affect the same receptors so I figured it's best to just bite the bullet and prevent any nausea. The last thing I need is to be heaving over a toilet with a painful chest. So I pick that up tomorrow.

With all of this going on (exciting and a bit stressful, having to leave work early and go in late), my grandfather passed away this morning so I'm making an emergency trip to PA. We weren't very close, and I'm not too close with my mother either, but she's having an extremely tough time with it so I have to go to support her and my younger sisters. The last thing I want to do 10 days before my surgery is take a stressful trip, but it will be a short one and then I get to spend the weekend with my boyfriend and friends in San Francisco.

Send me a little extra energy, because I'm going to need it!!

Did all my pre-op shopping over the weekend

I have a few things left to get, but I did most of my pre-op shopping over the weekend at Target and Amazon.

Arnica Montana, 30C Pellets, 80 Count Tube
Apex Deluxe Pill Splitter (to split my xanex in half. needed one for the dog's meds anyway)
2 of TheraPearl Sports Pack Reusable Hot Cold Therapy Pack
Sunbeam Ultra Soft Heating Pad with Straps

Pillow with arms
New firm down pillow for back sleepers
Extra Strength Tylenol
2 large sports bras
2 v-neck tees to wear after the first week of surgery w/my surgical bra
1 button down shirt I'll probably return
Cough drops incase my throat is sore after anesthesia
Almonds, pistachios, trail mix

I'll stock up on canned peaches , water bottles, veggies and hummus, crackers early next week!

2 more days!!

Wheeee Today is the magical day when my profile shows "2 days pre!!"

All my traveling last week went as well as it could. I am glad I was able to make the trip. It also helped the time pass by more quickly!!

I still have a few food items to get and have to figure out how many of these arnica montana tablets I'm supposed to take tomorrow, but I'm pretty much ready to go!! I bought some flowers today since I was ta Trader Joe's and I'm hoping they'll stay pretty through the weekend so I have something nice to look at while I'm recovering. Also moved our orchid into the bedroom next to the TV. Haha our bedroom has been the last room on my list to decorate, so I'm trying to spruce it up at the last minute.

Gonna clean up the house a little bit tomorrow and Wednesday night, pack my surgery day bag, and then it's go time!!

Surgery is tomorrow!!!!

I am SO EXCITED. Not nervous yet. Maybe that will kick in tomorrow, but I think I'm supposed to take a xanax tonight, so maybe that will stave it off completely! Reading everyone's stories on Real Self has helped so much. I was really scared about waking up during surgery and all those traditional horror stories that go through your mind, but everyone's experience of "one minute they were putting the needle in and the next I had boobs!" are making this sound like a piece of cake. I know it's a big surgery and all, but I feel like I've waited so long for this day that now I'm just happy!

My bedside setup for recovery

Got my nightstand and bed all set up. Books, magazines, fresh flowers, candle, notepad & pen, straws, Tylenol. My surgery bag is all packed with chapstick, ginger ale, trash bag incase I'm sick (even though the eMend is supposed to reduce nausea to 0), my paperwork, crackers, glasses case.

I'm kind of exhausted after waking up early for the gym the past three days. I thought my patient coordinator was supposed to call me tonight (she said she would during the pre-op), but it's nearly 10pm and no phone call. I think I'm as prepared as I could be, but I was wondering if I'm supposed to take a xanax tonight. If I can't fall asleep, I guess I will.

I made it!!! 325cc subfascial

All done!! Slept just fine last night. woke up at 5:15 before my 5:30 alarm. I took a long hot shower and blow dried my hair as I'm not allowed to shower again until next Thursday night. The nurse and anesthesiologist were really sweet. My natural left breast was a little higher than the right, which I never even noticed until the past couple weeks. I think they tried to move it down slightly. They ended up doing 325cc subfascial placement, which is more than I thought I wanted when doing the rice sizers, but I trust the doctors' judgment . And like everyone else says on here, 25ccs is only 2 tablespoons, not that much of a difference.

I wasn't too nervous this morning, mostly just excited!! When I said goodbye to my boyfriend I could tell he was really scared for me. He doesn't want me to be in pain. Last night he was nervous too, I kept telling him to keep it to himself so it wouldn't rub off on me!

I finally did start getting nervous when I laid down on the operating table. As they were setting me up with things on my legs to help with circulation it felt like my right leg was shaking. They started playing Jack Johnson and joking around with me after they put the IV in ("This is the best cocktail in town! And no hangover!"). I remember having the nurse, anesthesiologist, and a doctor on either side of me, then the nurse's gentle voice waking me up and saying everything went great.

I took the emend tablet an hour before surgery and feel no nausea. Had a smoothie and some crackers so far, but my mouth is still so dry that I can barely swallow the crackers, they turn to mush. haha.

I'm not supposed to take my surgical bra off at all, but my doctor knows I'm anxious to take a peek so he said wait a few days and be very careful. I keep looking down and think i'm wearing the add 2-cup sizes Victoria's Secret bra! I lifted the top of the bra up a little bit and it's so strange to see all skin and not a bra with extra room in the cups or chicken cutlets hiding under my breast to push them up.

So excited!!!

So my arrival time at surgery center was 7am, we actually showed up before the office was even open at 6:50. Oops, no traffic at 6:40am when we left, haha. The nurse called my boyfriend around 10:30 when I woke up to pick me up and he was already on his way. Got home around 11am and now it's 1pm. Took a little nap, now I feel like watching some TV for a bit.

I was in pain on the drive home; my chest and my triceps were hurting. Upper back hurts a bit. Took 1 norco so far. When I woke up from surgery my throat was hurting and it still is. I expected that though.

All in all, SO FAR SO GOOD!!!

Officially home for 24 hours!

Still doing good! Went to bed really early last night because my boyfriend is getting a cold. I slept from about 10:30 to 2:30 then was up until 4 before finally taking a Xanax to get back to sleep. But I was happy! Looking through a stack of catalogs I saved up.

I'm a little itchy where the tape is holding the gauze near my incisions but I'm trying to ignore it. My righty is a little tighter and more sore. Feeling heaviness when I stand up. Haven't peaked at them fully yet. I tried measuring myself this morning because I was bored and one calculator said 34 B and the other said 32 E! Lol so I got a kick out of that.

I'm already getting stir crazy. Thinking about suggesting a casual dinner out tonight but I should probably keep resting. Might sit in the shade on the patio later.

Yesterday my bf was home with me all day but so busy with work that I only saw him when we had dinner and for about 30 min watching TV :( today he's back at work. Yesterday I felt like such a nuisance asking him for water and to open my pill bottles :( but today he made me a sandwich and poured a can of soup in a pot for me to heat up later.

Finally looked at them!!

Ended up staying in last night. My boyfriend didn't get home from work until 8:30pm and the dog was dying to go out. She hadn't been out since 6:30am so I tried to take her but she wouldn't stop pulling on me (she is only 9 lbs, don’t want anyone to get the idea i was trying to walk a 60b dog or something haha) so I got to the elevator and decided to walk over to the outdoor fireplace and just sit there for awhile.

I've been sleeping pretty well, Just waking up each night at 2am and then again right before my 5:20am alarm goes off for painkillers. This morning I couldn't sleep anymore after 5:30 so I just stayed up. I'm sure I'll take another long nap later.

This morning I really wanted to get out so my boyfriend and I took the dog for a walk to the coffee shop. I don't know if I'm supposed to have any caffeine with the Norco, or maybe it was both of those combined with the fact I hadn't had breakfast yet, but I was a little dizzy. Walked the two blocks back and stopped at a cafe for some breakfast. Started feeling a lot better. I still don't have much pain, but I'm itchy and can feel the weight pulling down on my chest.

While at breakfast I finally convinced my boyfriend to let me take a look at them, so we carefully undid the surgical bra, snapped a few quick pics, and then put it right back on. So here we go! Pics attached!!

Days 2 - 4

Saturday night was a little rough. I think walking in the morning was a lot to take on. By 9 or 10pm the band on my bra was digging into my sides and the tape and gauze on my incisions. I unclasped the bra for a minute or two and kept pulling at the band but I'm not really supposed to take the bra off. Since Saturday I've been taking xanax to sleep so that I sleep straight through to my 5:30am pain med alarm. Yesterday was a lot of activity - one of my friends came to visit and we walked to the coffee shop and then breakfast. Came back and relaxed for a few hours then went to a casual dinner for my boyfriend's dad's birthday. No one noticed, and if they did, they didn't say anything. My shirt was pretty baggy. The car ride there was rough. Every bump in the road could be felt in my boobs until I finally got the car seat reclined just so. We made a quick stop at Walmart and I was able to find the Danskin bra that zips up front that many girls have talked about, but I bought a medium and it's way too small. I can't remember if I'm supposed to be in the surgical bra for 1 week or 2 weeks, but hopefully when I switch I can wear over the head sports bras because I don't have anything else right now.

Slept like a log.

Wednesday when I left work my office manager texted me saying he had me down for a "tentative vacation day" on Monday. I don't know how that happened, because I requested Monday off as a sick day. He said if I was feeling good I would come in, right? Well... no. I only just stopped taking painkillers this morning at 5:30 to switch to Tylenol. My doctor said I could drive when I got off the pain meds. I tried working this morning at home but I'm so tired. I feel more like I'm on drugs now that I'm only on Tylenol than when I was on the Norco! Must be withdrawals or something. And now I feel so guilty that I'm not in front of my computer working.

In other news, they feel really heavy when I walk. I'm so scared the incisions are going to open up so I end up holding them a lot when I walk around the house. Irrational fear!

I wish I had more time off from work. My doc originally said in the first consult I'd be able to go back to work on Monday after a Thursday surgery. I took Monday off "just incase." I wish I'd taken Tues & Weds off too, it would've made me feel more secure!

Back on painkillers

Monday and Tuesday were tough. I had to drive to a doctor's appointment which was only a mile or 2 away, but my sore chest was not into it. I had stopped taking norco on Monday in preparation to drive to the doctor and work on Tuesday, but luckily, in response to an event not related to my surgery, I'm working from home until next Wednesday! I'm so excited. It's such a relief to not have to deal with driving in Los Angeles traffic after this surgery. An 8 mile drive takes an hour of active and aggressive driving. I don't have the energy for that at all! So yesterday after I got this news I went back on the painkillers. Feeling much better now. I'll finish these out and then switch to Tylenol.

My chest is really tight. I'm not supposed to massage yet, so I try not to touch them. Sometimes the implants feel the way you do when your hot skin is sticking to vinyl or something. They truly feel "stuck on." Anyone else feel like this? I know it's probably normal and will pass. By the end of the day the band of my bra is so tight against my sore incision area.

My first post op appointment is tomorrow at 3. I can't wait. I'm hoping I'll be allowed to switch to a different bra and be cleared to lift my arms above my head! More pictures then!

Some Pics from today

Left nipple is now lower than the right. Pre-op it was higher than the right and they said they were going to try to move it down a little bit. Hopefully everything's just exaggerated right now. Not too worried. I can't wait to hopefully get my stitches out tomorrow and get the go ahead to shower/raise arms above head/wear something other than the surgical bra. Seeing 3 of my girlfriends on Saturday, one I haven't seen in over a year and doesn't know about the BA but will be happy for me!

Recapping the beginning of Week 2!

Hi ladies! I guess it's about time for an update. Last Thursday I had my first post op appointment. I'd also stopped taking painkillers for good the night before. So I took them for almost a week total. A lot of girls on here want to get off them as soon as possible and switch to Tylenol, but I didn't have any adverse reactions so I stayed on as long as possible to avoid pain. I haven't taken anything for pain since Saturday night!

At my first post op, my doctor said everything is looking great. I think he said they're pretty much at the size they will remain, but my upper pole will reduce because it's still swollen. I'm still not allowed to lift my arms over my head, but I'm allowed to maneuver myself into regular (non-zip) sports bras. I asked if I'm supposed to wear a certain type of compression level and was told to wear whatever's comfortable. I've been switching off between a Champion sports bra with separate cups (i removed the padding) and a Hanes Cozy bra. The Hanes bra is a medium and cups are little bit too small. Same with the Champion, but that one's a large. They're comfortable enough and I'm just so happy to be out of that surgical bra and able to wear somewhat normal clothes!!

So with being able to wear normal clothes again and not just zip or button ups, I've found my chest looks conservative in most clothing, which is good! However, I was trying to find an outfit to show them off on Friday night (date night) and Saturday (dinner with girlfriends who hadn't yet seen them), and the bras I have go up so high that you can't see any of my cleavage! Blah! I tried to find a strapless wireless bra at Target and the pickings were very slim. All I could find was the Hanes Women's ComfortFlex Fit: The Bandini Bra. It's convertible - you can wear it as a bandeau or with straps, all seamless, straps and band are not adjustable. It does have molded cups sewn into it that I had to cut out because I didn't want the additional padding.

Anyway, my stitches are still in. I'm hoping I'll get them out at my appointment on Friday. I forgot to ask how I'm supposed to shower with the tape still covering my incisions, but my paperwork said I could shower after the first post op appointment, so I just went ahead and did so, being sure not to get any soap on the area. I'm using Dial still too, just to be safe. Showering was exhausting. Shaving for the first time in a week was also exhausting.

My boyfriend LOVES them. I forgot to ask when intimacy is allowed again, but most sites say 2 weeks. I'm allowed to start taking all my vitamins/other medications/drink alcohol 2 weeks after surgery, so I'm assuming sex is the same. He's dying!

I LOVE THEM too!! I haven't yet tried on a lot of clothes, but I've tried some old stuff in my closet and it's definitely been fun. There are things I've held on to for YEARS and every time I put them on I'm like "sigh. I wish I filled the top out more." Or shirts that I wore a padded bra with and then stuffed with inserts and socks to get some cleavage.

Overall I'm still very happy with my decision. I didn't really get the boobie blues my first week. I have read so many stories on here so I knew what to expect. I was very anxious to be able to wear normal clothes, start wearing sports bras, and be able to do things around the house on my own. I still get very tired after doing basic things, but it's getting better every day.

23 Days Post

I went to my 2 week check up last week and doc removed the steri-tape. My stitches are supposed to dissolve but they're still lumpy and bumpy under my skin. Not sure how long it takes for that to go away.

The time passes so much more quickly after getting clearance to wear whatever kind of bra I want (except no underwire).

I went to Victoria's Secret last week and they measured me as a 32B..... AKA the size I have always bought up until recently when I realized I was actually an A. I couldn't fit into the 32 but unfortunately the 34 B fit. The store I went to only had one bra in the entire store that was wireless and at $48 or whatever I wasn't in love with it and was sad that I was wearing a B so I just left.

A couple days later I was shopping with a friend and went into a much larger VS. The saleswoman was not at all helpful but insisted on measuring me, even though I said I had just been measured. She put me at 32 C, which I think is the same as 34 B. Again, there was barely anything in the store that didn't have underwire, but I did find a "Plunge Wireless" bra that isn't online. I tried 32C and it fit so I took it home. However, when I got home, I realized there is some sort of underwire-like support system in there, so I haven't worn it or taken the tags off. Any other ladies have or know anything about this bra??? I'm not sure if I should wear it. It gives me great cleavage! I'm still a size Small in their bras with S/M/L sizing.

As far as other bras I LOVE the Calvin Klein one. Another girl on here was able to find the purple one at Marshall's for more than half off, I did too, but it was a Large and the band was way too big. I ordered a Medium from Amazon and it fits great, very soft. The tan bra in my pics is Hanes, it closes in the back, also ordered from Amazon. I got a couple cheap Coobie like bras at Marshall's but I haven't been able to find a decent strapless bra yet. The majority of my shirts need a strapless bra and the 2 dinky ones I have are basically tube tops and go up too high and are visible in my shirts. I'd love to find a good plunge strapless with cups so I can show these things off!!

Also at my 2 week appointment my doctor suggested I start using Biocorneum. He said the small bottle would last me forever. The small bottle is 10 grams and over $60!! It's the size of a chapstick. But a little does go a long way. I've been putting that on morning and night.

I was also cleared to exercise at 2 weeks (starting with light cardio and working into upper body when I feel ready), so I did some cycling this week. I think that's the earliest I've heard of someone being cleared to work out, so I guess subfascial really is a quicker recovery period!

5 Weeks Post - Pain in Right Breast

I've been having some pain this week in my right breast. I think I overexerted myself trying to reach for a glass on the top shelf of the cabinet, in the back. It's hard to describe what type of pain it is. I'm getting worried that maybe I messed up the pocket or am getting capsular contracture. Just a few minutes ago I also had a burning sensation in my left, in the center by my nipple. My 6 week appointment is coming up on Thursday. I hope that's not waiting too long to address it since this has been going on since Tuesday.

Saw a bunch of old friends at a Bachelorette Party last weekend and everyone loved them! My best friend, the one I have mentioned before with a very large natural chest who was kind of against me getting them said she was surprised when she first saw me -- I can cover them up pretty well, they only look slightly bigger than how I looked pre-op wearing padded bras, so when she first saw me in a conservative dress she said "wow! you look normal! I thought they would be torpedos!" It was also interesting to change in front of people and for the first time not feel like wanting to crawl into the closet to minimize anyone catching a glimpse of my tiny chest.

Scars are healing up nicely but my right still has a little nub of (plastic?) stitching poking out. I have been doing biocorneum 2x/day and doing the only massage my PS told me - squeeze bottom of the breast so the implant moves up and hold for 5 seconds. I hope there's not something else I'm supposed to do that he forgot to tell me. Last appt was kind of hectic.

I haven't been able to get into the swing of things as far as exercise routine. I'm averaging about 2 days in the gym. :( Usually it's 3-4 + Saturday morning yoga. I've been doing some interval sprints and running isn't as strange as I thought it would be. At first I can feel my breasts moving and it's uncomfortable but then I get used to it. I tried doing a push up Wednesday and that is still totally off the table. Pre-surgery I was able to do 15 push-ups, it will probably take a while to build up to that again!

2 Month Boobiversary!

Confirmed by my doctor that the pains in my last post were "zingers." I'm still having them here and there but only a couple times each week.

Last week I saw my parents for the first time and I had decided not to say anything. Since you can't really tell in conservative clothing, they didn't even notice! They only look slightly bigger than the padded bras I used to wear. The moms of two of my friends were so excited to see me and were really happy for me.

I think the nipple they tried to lift up was adjusted too high... but we'll see how they drop the next couple months. In the end it would probably be more unnatural that they're 100% identical than a little different. I'm not sure how soft they are? They jiggle a little, but feel kind of firm. I've never touched any other implants and haven't really touched any boobs in general.

After my last update I went on the hunt for my first new strapless bra with underwire and fit into a 32 D in a random brand at Marshall's. I thought it could be a fluke but after I got the official "yes" to being wearing underwire, I went back to Victoria's Secret and with the help of a very patient sales girl switched out my 32C plunge bra for a D and got a lace bra and nude and black strapless bras, all 32 D. But now I think I might need a DD in the strapless - my nipples are almost coming out and there are red marks on my skin when I take it off.

I Can. Not. wrap my head around the fact that I have Ds!

Stretch marks - Help!

Ugh I'm really bummed this morning, guys. My PS said I'm young, my skin is good, I won't get any stretch marks. Sounds bogus to me, but he's the pro, so okay.

I realized that not only do I have stretch marks on the outsides of my breasts (I started noticing these around week 4), but I also have two on the inside of my left breast.

At my 6 week appointment I saw the other doctor and he said "of course you're going to get stretch marks!" I told him I had been putting Retin-A on it since I already have a RX and read it might be good, but also considered vitamin E. He told me to use vitamin E, but didn't recommend a dosage or anything about quality. Right now I'm splitting open 400 iu capsules of Target brand Vitamin E because that's what I already had and rubbing it directly on my breasts before bedtime or mixing it with Jason 70% aloe vera lotion.

Any tips??

Where to Buy Boobie Shirts!?

Here's a good problem to have... Now that I have boobs, I can't find any shirts to show them off!!!! Figures that high neck shirts are now in style... Anyone have some suggestions on where to buy low cut shirts and dresses??

5.5 Month Update: Capsular Contracture Starting? :(

Hi Ladies, Jumping in here to do a quick update and ask a question... I did an "emergency" visit with my doctor right before Christmas as I'd been having some pain and a little hardness in my right breast. Doc said it could possibly be the beginning of CC so he put me on Singulair to wipe it out if that's what was going on. Singulair has been shown to reduce the inflammation that causes capsular contracture when used daily for 3 months. Almost 4 weeks later and I've been taking Singulair every day. It seems to have helped but I still get some soreness, as if I have a bruise. Today, the bottom inner portion of my breast is throbbing on and off. Is anyone else from the July/August surgery group experiencing anything like this? My next appointment is next week for my 6 month check up. I've done everything "right" as far as massaging, so I really hope this clears up after the 3-month Singulair regimen my doctor has prescribed. I also started taking tumeric supplements last week because they may help with inflammation. Fingers crossed.

10 Month Update

Hi Ladies, I've been meaning to post an update for so long, but it's so difficult to get decent pictures. I swear I look normal in real life, despite the photos looking like I've got lopsided, malformed boobies.

I did 1 month of singulair and went back for a checkup. My doctors determined they think I have fibrocystic breasts, which would explain the pain.

"The condition is likely due to hormone changes during the menstrual cycle that affect breast tissue.
Symptoms include a change in breast texture, pain or tenderness, and lumpiness. These may be more bothersome before a period.
Most fibrocystic breast changes are normal. Medical evaluation is needed for new changes."

I haven't yet seen my gynecologist to get an accurate diagnosis. I still have weird pains in both of my breasts but I have a hard time describing them. I'm still super happy with my decision and think I should have done it 10 years ago. I'm wearing a 32DD.

Oh and I got engaged in February :) Won't be getting married until late 2017, but I'm super excited to try on dresses with a full chest!


I forgot to mention there's also an area on my right breast that is pretty numb. My doctor suggested I possibly get an ultrasound to evaluate the nerve damage. I'm going to talk to my gynecologist first, but I'm not seeing her again until August. I knew this was a potential side effect, so I'm not devastated, but it does feel strange when I touch my breast in that area and it's cold compared to the rest of my skin and it feels really weird when my fiance cups my breast :( Oh well. I don't know if this can be fixed? And if I'd need to get a revision in order to have it fixed I don't think I would even bother.
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