28yr Old, 5'1 105lbs 34A - 450cc - Beverly Hills, CA

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So I'm 5'0-5'1" I'm currently a 34a and I'm going...

So I'm 5'0-5'1" I'm currently a 34a and I'm going with 450cc hp silicone implants. I'm so nervous I feel like I might be going too big, but everyone reassures me I'll be fine and they won't be too big. My PS recommended 400-450cc at my initial consultation and at my pre op was with his assistants and she helped me come to the conclusion that 450 would be the best choice. If I go with the 400cc I would have a gap. I don't know, I'm 8 days away and just super nervous

7 days away

I'm 7 days away from my surgery and I'm totally freaking out. I'm going through so many different emotions, like am I making a mistake? What if they are too big for my body? Then I feel sad because my body will never be the same. I don't know if it's normal to feel this way. My friends who have had breast augmentation assure me I'll be fine. I hope so!

4 days away

Ahh I'm 4 days away from surgery and just starting to get my stuff prepared. I bought a few sports bras that open in the front, and some comfortable clothes to lounge around in. Any recommendations on what I'll need post op??

Surgery is 1 day away ????

So I'm one day away and starting to feel more excited than nervous as I have been this past week. Just hope I have everything ready here's a before pic I have of my flat self lol I'm going to try and add more later

They are here!!

So I just got home, I feel no pain so far just a little pressure. I'm happy with the look so far even though they are swollen, hard and high lol or maybe I'm still loopy haha. But it's going well hopefully it continues this way. Excuse the little blood spot ??????

Day 1 post op

So they feel super hard and are very high. I didn't sleep much yesterday, I haven't felt pain, it's more discomfort that I feel. One weird thing is my neck started hurting and feels a little swollen and has a gushing sound when I touch it. I'm just now starting to feel relaxed.

5 days post op

So today is 5 days post op and I am basically 90% back to normal ( I can't reach up too high) but enough to properly wash my hair and straighten it again (thank god) lol I haven't gotten use to them yet they still feel foreign to my body, like I'm wearing a chest vest or something lol I have a feeling of not wanting to wear normal clothes and keeping zip up hoodies on in this 100 degree Cali weather :( I feel the zip up hides them and since they are still so high I am self conscious about it.
Another thing, I noticed a few days ago this lifted part near my incision that looks red and like bubbly, I'm not sure if it's from the steri strip or what but it freaks me out, I've just been putting Neosporin all in the area. I have my post op appt on Monday so we'll see how that goes.

9 months

So I haven't updated in a very long time! It's about to be 10 month since surgery and I've been loving them. It feels so normal to me I forgot what it was like without boobs lol if any one has questions feel free to ask!
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