27 Y/o, No Kids, Small 34 A...Got 400cc HP silicone implants! - Beverly Hills, CA

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I'm 5,6 and weigh 127 lbs with a narrow chest. I...

I'm 5,6 and weigh 127 lbs with a narrow chest. I went with mentor silicone 400cc HP. I am currently on post op day 4 and I feel great. I woke up from a nap with an intense burning chest pain after loading dishes in a dishwasher. I probably shouldn't have done that. Hardest thing for me has been this temporary sedentary lifestyle. I'm very active but definitely after today I will remain in recovery mode with my arms to my side. :-)

As for medication, I only take Tylenol throughout the day and a norco in the evening. I take clindamycin to prevent any skin infection. I only took zofran (antinausea) for the 1st day. As for constipation, I've been taking Metamucil (fiber) and colace (stool softener) daily. I had my first BM yesterday.

I also had crepitus underneath my rib cage which felt very weird. It basically air trapped under skin. Good thing that went away.

Post op day 6

I feel like I should've gone up 50cc. I had the choice but I didn't want a lot of side boob or have to look too fake. I started with literally NOTHING only nips. I'm happy that I actually have boob now... Perhaps it's just the post op blues.. I'm so impatient. Do they get bigger after the drop & fluff process?

Before & After... Full C

What they are projected to look like in the middle picture as muscle was relaxed under anesthesia


Now wearing a compression band per PS. My incisions are healing very well.. Time to start applying biocorneum to minimize scaring.

bathing suit time, jk

This is a bathing suit I got a couple months ago that completely flatten me out and was super depressed.

Now with my new editions... I'm in love :-)

POD 11

In a dress and wireless bra.

2 weeks and 1st day back at the gym

I was able to do light cardio starting today per my PS. I did like 45 minutes of recumbent bike and treadmill with an incline and low speed. I also had a sauna session. I feel great! It feels so good to be back and I tolerated everything pretty good. No pain. So def more gain :-)

Also I love wearing sport bras now :-) I definitely have more confidence in myself.

A huge difference @ three week mark!

I saw my PS today and everything is healing nicely. Here is a before and after in a size medium bikini top...

How's everyone else's recovery been?

Went to VS today

I'm still wearing my surgical bra for 3
More weeks and also wearing my compression strap. I got cleared to go on my vacation to Palm Springs. I can go in the pool just can't submerge myself in the water for a long period of time.

I figured to go to VS to look at bikinis and obviously try them on. I also couldn't resist trying on bras. These are pics of me wearing a 32D.


Top pic: POD 5
Middle pic: week 2 1/2
Bottom pic: current

2 1/2 months post op

So I went back to Victoria secret to some sportswear and decided to try on some bras...obviously!! I got sized as a 32DD!
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