26Yr Old, 5'3 105lbs, breastfed for 18mo. A cup doing mentor CPG 323, 345cc.

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I've always wanted a breast augmentation after I...

I've always wanted a breast augmentation after I realized in highschool I was never going to get more than an A cup. After breast feeding for a year and a half I decided it was time. I've done ALOT of research on the surgery, things that would benefit me when choosing my dr and after meeting with 3 Different drs I knew the last dr I saw was the one for me. I have three fears and my biggest fear is capsular contracture. I've read multiple reviews on how to avoid it. The Keller funnel or "no touch method". Bloodless surgery or "flash recovery" leading to less blood loss and chances of bacteria forming. Going under the muscle and not doing the incision through the nipple which has milk ducts full of bacteria. So when I finally found a dr who had amazing results on his website as well as the proper methods to avoid capsular contracture and get me on a speedy recovery I booked my apt! I am so excited to finally feel like a woman. I love this website for all its educational purposes so I hope my post can help someone out there.

Wish boobs

More wish boobs

More wish boobs (I'm obsessed)

Time is moving sooooo slow

My pre op is on the 23rd of June. My surgery date is July 15th


Doubt I will post a topless before too self conscious. They're not the worst boobs in the world but I don't want to show them to the world :(

Anatomical implants instead?

So I was talking to my boyfriend and he thought this whole time I was getting the gummy bears. After talking to his friend who's gf just got her implants replaced and larger (not sure what she had before saline or silicone) but he was telling him that gummy bears are the way to go. So my bf was like that's what your doing right? But I was set on the smooth round high profile cohesive silicone because I thought the gummy bears were a little too expensive ($1000 more than the smooth round silicone) so he's like who cares were already spending 9400 this is your body and we should get the best of the best. So now I know this could be an option I can't make up my mind! I've looked up the pros and cons and I'm still torn. My dr is very experienced in the anatomicals which is also why I picked him because I know they are harder to do. Pros of anatomical implants: Natural slope No ripples Safest available (will not leak) I've read the firmness makes them feel like a younger tissue :) I've read some test results coming back that there is less of a rate of capsular contracture because they don't cause friction when you move around because of the texture and the gel is more cohesive and dosnt move around as much Cons: There is a chance they could rotate If the pocket is not made very precise. They don't fall naturally like real breasts when you lay. They don't jiggle as much Pros of smooth round cohesive silicone: Jiggly and soft texture More upper pole fullness and cleavage Settle like natural breasts when you lay No chance of them rotating Cons: Since I'm so skinny I'm afraid of them looking like balls on my chest lol Less safe then the highly cohesive gummy bears What to do what to do. Thoughts?

Gummy bears

This girl is kind of like my go to pic her body is goals!!!! But besides that she has anatomical implants. They are mentor CPG 323-420cc medium height, high profile. Makes me feel like it's still possible to have more upper pole fullness. But I would not go over 400cc

Pre op update

So I saw my dr today and we discussed anatomical implants. He had suggested mentor anatomicals and we talked about sizes and I really wish they had more options! Because of my measurements and the complexity of creating the perfect pocket and also making sure my nipples are at the perfect slope we get to choose from either 345cc or 390cc med height, high projection. I really want to not feel too small after the surgery so I decided after an ok from him that I would go with the 390cc (I am pushing the boundaries but he is not a yes dr unless it is safe.) sooooo here we go! 3 weeks to go :)

Boob dreams

I keep dreaming about boobs! Literally look at boobs every night :o I'm trying to reassure myself that I'm making the right choice with doing the tear drop gummy bears. I'm worried about not having enough upper pole fullness. But then I'm also worried that with the smooth round silicone that I will look like I have shelf like boobs with too much upper pole fullness. Plus I like the fact that the cohesive are the safest and stay in place over the years. I know I am making the right choice with the implant size because I dont want to end up looking athletic, I want to look curvy. It's 2 am and I can't sleep. I should probably get off of here and try hahah. Good night!

Came to my senses..... Hopefully for the best

After many sleepless nights worrying about a possible double bubble or other complications from stretching the boundaries and doing 390cc I decided to listen to my dr and do the 345 cc instead. The last thing I need is complications, we are spending a lot of money for this! Plus I won't want to have to have a lift later on in life. I have a friend who had 330cc and just got them replaced after 10 years with 375cc and didn't need a lift. Soooooo I'm like maybe this is for the best and hopefully I will be happy. I am very small and I forget that. I just don't wanna look athletic I wanna feel sexy! Ok just needed to get that out another rambling post haha

Quinoa sizers because I have no rice Hahahah

These are filled to about 350cc. I know that sizers arnt exact but here we go. I feel like they're a little small ????????

Can't sleep :(

My surgery is in 5 1/2 hours ahhhhhhh! Today I felt like i was nesting, I got some bras, slip on Nike sandals, button up tee shirts, straws and one of those reclining pillows (idk what they're called) all with the help of my mom, she's the best. She's taking my daughter for the weekend so I can rest while my bf takes care of me. I gave myself a pedi, got a fill, came home and cleaned and swiffered the house I feel neurotic hahah. I do everything here and I'm a super clean freak so it's making me nervous that I won't be able to use my arms much for a couple days. Any way I hope you RS girls are healing well and I will update when I can after my surgery! I have to wake up in 4 hours so I'm going to try and sleep :0 (photo of some wish boobs by dr minniti himself!)

Surgery done!

Could not sleep at all last night, showered this morning and left for the Drs at 6:45 am! Surgery seems like it was a piece of cake! I felt very nauseous so the nurse gave me another dose of some anti nausea meds in my iv thing. I was very drowsy for a while and came home took my pain pill and propped up in bed and my boyfriend cut me up a pear. So far I'm feeling a lot better. I had to do my arm exercises so I finally got to take a pic! I am so happy so far. I am very happy with my dr as well he has great bedside manner. There was another nurse or surgical tech idk who she was really but she was arguing with the nurse and having an aggressive convo with the anesthesiologist and she was really annoying and ruining the energy in the room while I tried to wake up! Hated her and asked the nurse to tell her to leave lol. Other than that everything is great!

I forgot the photos not used to the new update

24 hours post op

Riding high and my sternum is a little swollen and sore! But I feel great and I'm super happy. Saw my dr today for a post op checkup and he agrees that things look great. I am so happy I found him Dr. Minniti has great bedside manner and he really knows his shit. I had absolutely no worries about having this procedure with him. He said that my muscles were so tight that getting my implants in the pocket with the Keller funnel was quite a workout! I don't remember if I said this in my last post but I'm so happy I listened to him and didn't go bigger. He laughed and said wait till the drop and fluff. I got to shower today it felt so nice. Any way just a little update. Hope all you ladies are healing well! Xoxo

Ps: photo was taken before my shower. I have some bruises from my internal sutures but other than that no bruising anywhere else. Very happy

One week post op apt

Didn't want to update until a week so everyone could see the difference in one week. I'm getting more cleavage definition every day, just from yesterday to today my boobs already seem closer together! I'm in love! Soooooo happy. Had my one week post op apt and my dr changed my tape, he's super happy as well! Can't wait for the drop and fluff. They are feeling squishy near the top which is cool! I was off my meds after 3 days, they were making me bloated and super uncomfortable. I've been using by lands arnica pills and arnica cream I feel like the cream helped a lot with soreness around my ribs. I had some yellowish bruising in my sternum but other than that everything looks great! I will update again when there is more progress. Maybe in another week or 2. I hope all you ladies are healing well! ( top photo was 24 hrs post op and the bottom is one week post op)

2 weeks

Not much to update, other than the left boob is dropping a little slower than the right but it's a very minor difference. They are slowly getting softer every day. Lots of nipple sensitivity and it's a little numb below my nipple but I know it will eventually come back. My lower ribs don't feel bruised anymore which is so nice. I stopped taking hylands arnica pills and stopped using the cream as well. I've been sleeping laying flat which is nice, no more 45 degree angle but i have the craziest knot in my right shoulder! My toddler has been so good and understanding that I have a boo boo and can't pick her up. Anyway, I will update in 2 more weeks! Hoping for some more drastic changes and hopefully what they will ultimately look like by then. Hope everyone is healing and happy :)


Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr minniti is very knowledgeable and wants to do everything at his clients best interest. He's also an artist! I would suggest him to anyone in the future for breast augmentation. Answered all my emails almost instantly. Never made me feel weird. Very professional!

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