25years Old. Tuberous Breast Correction - Beverly Hills, CA

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I've known since my teen years that my breasts...

I've known since my teen years that my breasts were weird looking, but it wasn't until I was browsing the web one night and I came across my surgeon, starting browsing through his gallery and clicked on "Tuberous Breast Correction" that's when I realized that my issue had a diagnosis although it did depress me quite a bit at least I finally understood why my boobs looked so deformed. I always had a feeling they weren't normal looking boobs. I've wanted a breast augmentation since I can remember. Having this deformity... Let me tell you ladies it's not just about having small breasts(I would've been totally fine with having an A cup) it's the fact that they looked so deformed that made my self esteem so low and feel less of a woman. I always tried to hide it some way or another. And after reading reviews and answers from some of the real self doctors it really made me even more nervous to have a BA because a lot of surgeons aren't experts in fixing tuberous breasts. I'm happy so far with my outcome because they don't look like tuberous breasts anymore as for the size and cleavage I can't say I'm 100% satisfied but I think my hopes were just set too high expecting to have no more tubbie booby and awesome cleavage with it. It's just not in the cards for my anatomical structure:/ As for now I'm happy I went through with the procedure. I have to say the most irritating thing about it all are the people that you tell about getting your surgery done. They hear BA and automatically assume I was going to come out with triple D's. I've heard so many people tell me "Oh you can't even tell" I just wanna tell them " you don't know what I've been through the psychological issues having tuberous breasts causes! Or what the hell my breasts look like without a super padded bra!!!" But whatever I did it for myself and only I and my fellow girls that have this problem will know what we go through :) And as for surgery itself it hasn't been too bad the first 5 days or so we're the worst pain wise and not really being able to move your arms. I think the worst part for me has been not swimming because that's my stress reliever and walking just isn't cutting it for me lol
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