25 Years old, 119 lbs, 5'4, 700cc moderate plus after 2 kids and breastfeeding- Beverly Hills, CA

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Surgery with Dr. David Kim this thursday... fly...

Surgery with Dr. David Kim this thursday... fly out from Washington state to Beverly Hills, CA.. im about an a cup, maybe a small b right now..im hoping to avoid the lift and go as large as possible. Will be posting lots of pics!! My stats are 5'4, 119 pounds, about an a cup now... left breast is droopy but hoping to do a dual plane and perk them back up a little!

Day 2 post op

So had my surgery yesterday!!! Got 700cc moderate profiles.. feeling so much better than I did day one... still very sore and have a mild cough which kills...probly more so now that im not taking any pain medication. Get so nauseous taking norcos. Will post before pics later, nap time for me!!

Day 3 post op

Feeling much much better than yestersay.. still have a cough which hurts. I have been taking tylenol for pain and resting a lot. Able to move around quite a bit, just cant move upper body at all.. the girls are still tight and have a lot of dropping to do but so far am loving them!!! What size do they look to you guys?? I got 700cc unders, moderate plus!! Here are my before pics and a few from today!!

Day 5 Post Op

Day 5 post op today. Was definitely a long day flying back home today but pain was manageable and I had a lot of help from my boyfriend which made everything doable! Had an appt this morning. Dr. Kim said everything looked great, just some bruising under my droopier breast which was to be expected. He gave me the okay to start massaging too which is exciting. Really has helped with the tightness even after day one!!! I asked him what size he thought I could be and said at least a full D, we will see when they drop fully!!

Day 6 post op

Feeling great... pains about a 4 throughout the day, just feels like a lot of pressure.. still dropping but getting a little squisher each day.. hardest part of the whole thing is not being able to hold my son but luckily have my cousin staying with me to help!! Still not sure what size they look to me... was trying to achieve a triple d, we shall see when they drop!

Starting to actually look like boobs

Feeling a million times better. Still very sore and cant lift my arms up past my chest, but able to do a lot more for myself then a few days ago!! Still sleeping elevated and almost done with my antibiotics, havent taken any pain meds. Right breast still has a lot of dropping tondo but left one if finally taking shape!!! Still unsure what size theyll wnd up being once they both d & f!!

Dressing them up

Dont have much time for a long update but wanted to add some more pics!! Slowly dropping and fluffing more and more each day!!

Dressing them up

Dont have much time for a long update but wanted to add some more pics!! Slowly dropping and fluffing more and more each day!!

Loving my results

So happy with the way they are turning out!! A lot of the swelling is going down and almost all pain is gone... just sore when I raise my arms. Got sized at victoria secret at a 32dd or 34d, well see if size changes when I drop more!

6 months post partum

6 month update.. not sure if there is more fluffing that will happen at this point. Started with little breast tissue which is probly why they arent very soft. Still great results for skipping the lift and from what I had before!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

So far he has been amazing!! Been contacting through email and he has anwsered all questions!! Feel great knowing im going to the best around!!

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