Breast Lift and 360cc Implants-gorgeous results. Beverly Hills, CA

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I've had D size tubular breasts with many weight...

Please read my full review, including the updates.

I've had D size tubular breasts with many weight gains and losses since age 14. I've been wanting a lift just as long. I finally earned the money for this and learned that implants would help me achieve the volume I had desired. I could have the biggest boobs in the world, but the way my tissue was made up, I would never look as full as I desired unless I got some sort of implant along with the lift. *A lift will decrease your breast size, you loose tissue in the process, so I got implants but am technically the same bra size* I researched several doctors in LA with the best reviews and something just felt right with Dr. Chiu. I did feel pressured by the sales girl to get implants. So originally I backed off, I don't like feeling pressured. I eventually came back around, wanting to get the implants again, on my own accord after she got me some of the statistics of their practice. I was hesitant on sizing, afraid of going too big. He shared his opinions on what would look best with my body, but I could tell he did not want to pressure me in any way. He ended up calling me the evening before, asking if we could go up about 4 teaspoons in size so that the width would better suit what I had requested cleavage wise. I could tell he really gives each person careful consideration and seems to know what is best. I changed my mind a coupe times and he was so patient and always took time with me. (I think he may have even given up a lunch one day. He snuck into the office to see me after performing a surgery at the surgery center the day before my surgery to show me the sizes again with no appointment) I had surgery three days ago. My breasts- so far, look beautiful. Aesthetically, they are better than what I thought was possible, very natural.

Ready for the awful part? Within 7 hours of surgery (I mostly slept as soon as I got home propped up, surrounded with pillows like all the post op instructions say) I woke up in immense pain and realized one side was slightly more swollen. A few hours later, a little more noticeable. When I go into post op the next morning, I don't need to even unzip my sweatshirt and Dr. Chiu sees there is a problem. Between my clavicle and my breast, and now, the side of my breast, is very swollen. One of his first questions was if I was taking my muscle relaxer. I was never prescribed one, and the nurse immediately says that was her fault she forgot to add it when we added the implants to the procedure. One of the reasons I agreed to go with implants was because I could purchase a ten year warranty protecting me from capsular contracture and other risks financially, should there be a problem. Well now, he wants to drain fluids in my swollen pocket. If we do this it will void my warranty. Also, because this happened, it has increased my risk at developing capsular contracture while in the healing phase.

This week we will try to find a solution. The nurse who said it was her mistake is usually so on it and attentive, I know she has the best intentions and this was just a really tiny mistake that led to a huge horrible problem. I don't know if I need to pursue legal action, but will update my review as we go through this. Overall, Dr. Chiu is very skilled and knows his stuff. If you go with him, I do recommend you don't rely on anyone else for answers, always double check things with him. His entire staff is fun and caring but there have been a couple times when things didn't quite match up or they just didn't have answers for me. With that said, I would rather have them admit they don't know, rather than lie to me like another highly rated doctor did. Perhaps my standards seem high. I am paying a lot of money for this, and in return, expect great results.

As far as pain, I'm still in a lot of pain on the swollen side. Not able to flush the toilet, open door handles, I've been pretty weak but also don't want to push it. I've been sleeping as much as possible and didn't even get on the computer until 2 full days after.

I'm really hoping there will be a solution to my problem!

quick fix tomorrow am

Dr. Chiu and his amazing sidekick are taking care of everything. I Should have been more patient and not worried. I am having fluid drained tomorrow AM. I feel like all the worrying I did was wasted energy. I am SO happy I went with Beverly Hills Plastic surgery, I feel like in any other situation, this would not have gone so smoothly. The more I interact with their practice I see how they work as a team. Their awesome Patient Coordinator has been kicking but for me the past two days making sure I'm taken care of. I am soo excited to see the results tomorrow! It should take less than an hour to get some fluids drained. I think if anything this period has given me time to do more research on the healing process and talk to more people who have been through breast augmentations. I've learned that even after a couple weeks when the pain goes away you are still healing and it is best to keep that in mind for even 6-12 months after your surgery. Many stories I've encountered involved girls playing sports or living life a little too recklessly, not taking into consideration that they have silicone inside of them trying to bond with their body still.

Today I am so grateful for Dr. Chiu and his secret ninja coordinator that had been working for me behind the scenes all along when I was in bed thinking I was doomed. I definitely feel like they give unique attention to each person and genuinely care about helping women and their bodies. I am increasingly happy about my decision to go with Dr. Chiu and his office.

One week post Op

**After hearing from my surgeon, other surgeons, and reading online, I have found out that the lack of a muscle relaxer was not the cause of my problem. Apparently some doctors do not prescribe them at all. Dr Chiu performed a perfect surgery and did everything he could to help me achieve the best results, I'll explain my theory below. The chances of getting a hematoma during a breast implant are between 1-4 percent.**

I've been allowing myself to heal, taking it easy. My fiance basically builds a pillow fort all around me and I watch movies on the projector which keeps me snugged in and reminds me to not move my arms much. Yesterday I had about 300 ccs of liquid drained from my left side. This afternoon they removed a plug that collected any extra liquid that did not come out. By this time I have to really remind myself to not use my left arm. I'm definitely in less pain than I was before having the fluid drained. For the most part I am pretty comfortable now with pains at random. I am young, healthy, have about 10 extra pounds on me but work out regularly, and followed all of my pre and post op directions carefully. I didn't expect anything to go wrong, you never do- but according to statistics, it has to happen to somebody every now and then. I immediately came home and slept, had one of the best surgeons in the U.S. and for some reason my body decided to make a pocket of blood. I've read that some doctors let the swelling go down on its own-it usually does with time. Or your doctor can go in and drain the fluid and cauterize the area. I realized from what I've read online, many doctors let the swelling go down slowly overtime as you are healing naturally. This can lead to a greater chance of complication later, however. My doctor wanted to open me back up as soon as possible to drain the fluids, cauterize, and make sure that was the only thing going on. He left the choice up to me and his incredible coordinator helped make it all possible. I really appreciate his proactive approach that is likely to better suit me in the long run.

I look in the mirror and love what I see, for maybe the first time in my life. This is huge for me. I'm a tomboy for sure, probably not the sort of girl you would see on the street and think would have a boob job. During this I realized there is no type' of girl that is a 'boob job girl'. We are all just women who seek to have more confidence and want to look like the beautiful women we feel we truly are. I thought at first it would feel weird to have these 'new' boobs. But they suit me well. I feel like this was the right decision, and I guess time will tell from here on.

protein smoothie (with fiber)-basically the only thing I wanted the first few days after surgery

I had very little appetite after surgery but my doctor stressed the importance of giving your body nutrients so your body can heal quickly. This smoothie was heaven for me post op. I bought a bunch of food I thought would be comforting post op, and this smoothie is what I kept asking for. It has flax seeds to help your intestinal track after going under and plenty of protein. It contains yogurt because a probiotic is ideal for females to keep you healthy when on antibiotics. In my opinion the ground flax seeds remind me of graham cracker crust in the smoothie.

-whole light brown flax seeds (more fiber)
-dollop of greek yogurt
-strawberry/blueberry/blackberry mix
-35 grams of whey protein
-cup of ice

Before adding everything to the blender you want to toast the flax seeds on a skillet, they will pop, I read something about it being a more efficient means of getting their full benefit. Then run them in a coffee grinder before putting them in the blender.

I'm taking it easy, minimal to no pain on my right side. A little pain on my left side, I've managed to only take two halves of a pain killer today. It has been about 2 1/2 days since they closed up my left side. Way less pain this time. I'm feeling pretty good knowing I can relax and I have a great dr on stand by 24/7, he gave me his personal cell which is rather comforting. I went for a walk today but have still been managing to sleep, probably 12 or more hours a day. Hope that means I am healing well!


here is a picture, 11 days after original surgery and 4 days post the second one. My left side is where I was reopened up and fluids drained.


Now that I've had my breasts done, I am running into countless women who have also gotten implants. I guess its like when you start driving a car and realize how many there are just like your's out there. I'm finding that a LOT of women have to have secondary, or even a third procedure done at some point. It honestly seems more common than not. In my case, it was likely due to pulling a muscle after the fact. Some women developed capsular contracture because they didn't realize how careful they need to be after surgery, they started feeling better and immediately jumped back into normal activities. A lot of women went with the cheaper option and weren't closed properly and have issues with their implants moving around or are unbalanced. I'm feeling really happy with my doctor because they took such great care of me and I've yet to find anyone else who has been as lucky as me care wise the second time around. Some women went for implants between 6-8 and ended up spending around 20 grand by the end for revisions! :/ And that is just implants... I had a lift and implants.

Feeling grateful and confident... my girls are really healing nicely! Next week I will start massage and scar creme.

Three months since surgery

I'm so happy. I've never felt so secure and comfortable with my body. I still have pretty prominent scars on the bottom, but they are lessening with scar creme twice a day. There is a small flat spot on the bottom from healing, I'm in hopes that will continue to improve-but over all I am completely happy with the results and happy I went with Dr. Chiu and his team. I am just now starting upper body work outs and it feels great! I wanted to take it slow regrowing muscle again because I wanted to be very careful to not increase chances of getting a capsule. I would say after 6 weeks I no longer worried about being extra delicate with my body and routines. I still had trouble performing some tasks and could hardly get my suitcase out o the overhead compartment at the airport, for example. There was some strain. I would say by the two month mark I was completely back to normal with the exception of not being capable of pushups and upper body workouts.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Chiu has been patient, polite, humble, friendly, he certainly knows his profession well! When you are around him you get the feeling he is the smartest man in the building. I trust his judgement and felt comfortable putting my body and life in his hands. He is very focused on what he does, and so I can see why he needs other staff to take care of the aspects of the business other than the surgery and sizing. I hope he will continue to lead his practice with the patience and integrity him and his staff have shown me so that other's can be more confident with their body as well. So far he has been great.

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