25-35, Never Had Kids, Barrel-chested and Looking for Breasts That Fit my Frame - Beverly Hills, CA

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According to victoria's secret, I have a D cup,...

According to victoria's secret, I have a D cup, but I also have an extremely wide ribcage and frame (thanks, Irish genes best meant for plowing fields), and would love my breasts to actually match my oversized barrel chest, if nothing else so I can stop exclusively wearing those Victoria's Secret Bombshell bras that claim to add 2 cup sizes. I've joked about how I have "optical illusion titties" for so long because of the wideness of my bone structure. I'm tired of being disappointed when I take them off and look down, especially because I have a small waist and wide hips so I'm SO CLOSE to being bombshell potential but instead I've got this mismatch up top. Might as well take the dive and see what happens?

I'm all through the consultations and just had my pre-op appointment today. This website has been a tremendous help, so I thought I might as well give back and talk about my own experiences too in case that might help someone else along the way.

I went with Dr. Justin Yovino in Beverly Hills after seeing so much good work done by him. Tried to find a before and after shot I didn't like, or a customer who was unhappy with his work, all across this site and others and came up empty handed. I feel like if I choose a surgeon whose "worst" photo is still something I'd be happy to have my results resemble, then I'd be alright.

So far, it's been nervewracking but good. The staff has been extremely patient & friendly, some of them having even had implants by the doctor himself. I was nervous about the small amount of before and afters of breast augmentations in particular on Dr. Yovino's website, worrying that he might not do them that often, but when I asked about it during the pre-op they told me the number of procedures they perform in an average month and year, and that most people are very reluctant to share their before and after photos of this procedure in particular versus the liposuction/other procedures they do as well that don't involve bits you have to keep covered in public, which makes sense to me.

During the preop, the doctor let me know that one of my breasts is slightly lower than the other, something that I've failed to notice my entire life, but let me know ahead of time because he anticipates people going over their results with a fine toothed comb and breast augmentation just takes what you have already and makes it bigger. Later that day I started getting really worried about this, and called the office to see if there's any changes we need to make to the procedure to help fix this, and the doctor texted me back from his own cell number to reassure me, reiterating that he was telling me about it so that I would be aware, and that I have good breasts to start with so it's going to be a homerun. Really appreciate the customer service here, seriously. They've always been patient with me and explained everything quite clearly.

Also during the pre-op, the doctor explained his process a bit more to me, that he uses "sizers" while operating so that he can see how big certain sizes look before he chooses an implant specifically. He took measurements of my breasts and we talked a bit about what I want out of this - because my breasts are 14 across, and already have a decent amount of tissue to work with, we're looking in the general neighborhood of 450-525cc, erring on the side of too big instead of too small while remaining natural looking, but I won't know what the final size was until I wake up. That might freak some people out, but I chose my doctor because he knows this stuff better than I do, and I'd rather communicate what I'm going for and leave it up to him exactly how to get there. There are also several women in the operating room during this time, and a size is chosen when everyone agrees that it looks good (and in line with my wishes). Then he uses this technique that involves a piece of equipment that is kind of like a funnel to insert the actual implant, allowing him to avoid ever actually handling the part that will go in me, which cuts down on contamination and unneeded handling of the implant. I asked about pain pumps, and he told me it's not really a thing he likes to do because of these other methods he uses to leave antibiotics and numbing agents inside with the implant, instead of leaving a hole in a patient. He was very patient with me and answered all my questions, and we took our Before photos today.

After that, I spoke with the anesthesiologist who is actually my surgeon's wife (cute!), went over aftercare protocols with his assistant (and also a patient of his), got bloodwork, and filled the prescriptions for the surgery next week.

So now I wait! The procedure is happening on the morning of the 26th, and I'm not sure how to feel since there's no way, effectively, for me to know what I'm going to look like when I wake up. Even when I wake up, there's the whole process of healing and your boobs dropping and so on and so forth.

For now I'm beefing up my recovery kit - I already got a wedge pillow, ice packs, heating pad, slippers, front-zipping hoodies, straws, and one of those toilet sticks that helps you wipe your butt if you can't move your arms (god help me if I actually need this but I read that a few girls did so better to have a butt stick and not need it than to need a butt stick and not have it), but a friend of mine who had breasts removed also suggested dry shampoo and wet wipes which is super smart so I have more amazoning to do.

Thank god I only have to wait till next week. I can't believe some of y'all had to wait like a year. I'd drive myself crazy with anticipation.

Few days after!

Surgery seemed to go well. Can't believe I actually went through with it - I was so nervous I was convinced I was gonna run away. Dr ended up going with 445cc natrelle silicone implants under the muscle. I was in a ton of pain the first night and couldn't get myself out of bed at all - make sure you're not alone! I really underestimated how limited my mobility was gonna be.

My checkup the morning after went well, though the doc had me put on a chest strap and said he doesn't usually use one but I have a tight chest wall so he wanted to in this case. Pain was a lot more manageable the next day, but I basically tried to sleep through the first two days entirely.

It's day 3 now and the pain is almost entirely gone. I haven't taken any pain killers today, at most I feel stiff and I get tired easily, especially when talking at any length. Theyre still super firm and swollen and high, and I'm hoping they drop into place sooner rather than later (though I know it takes like 3 months). But today they started kinda looking like boobs again and I'm really excited to see what the end result will be.

Also excited to get rid of the swelling in my stomach, though I know that's a common side effect too. It's weird - I want to show people the results and talk about the process but it's such a taboo and I don't wanna just whip my boobs out at people either. It's easy to forget what is a fascinating and weird process for me is still boobs to other people. I'm hoping no one decides to be shitty about it, but I've made peace with the possibility.

Also still taking tons of vitamin c in the hopes that I won't get capsular contractures because I'm really liking these so far and I don't wanna have to get a revision!

Still high and stiff

I got all worked up worrying about symmastia yesterday over probably nothing because the space between my boobs hurt haha. Have another check up today, wondering if he's gonna start me on displacement exercises yet. Waiting for them to drop and look like boobs instead of these hellspheres is SO HARD.

Little over two weeks post op update

My dr has been great. Still using the compression band and massaging a lot cause my chest wall was very tight and that's gonna be my biggest obstacle, but everything looks good so far. Included pics of the incision scars. Starting to use silicone strips on them and massage them as well at this point. Doc thinks it'll be a slow drop and fluff, but is already happy with how it's going.

One month-ish

Slowly getting there. Still dropping at different rates, but both are softening up. Still wearing the compression band, using silicone scar reduction strips on incision sites, still massaging as much as possible. Next checkup is soon!

Little update

Still dropping and fluffing. Right breast is still higher, and a lot stiffer. Next checkup on the 9th, hoping to figure out if this is ok or normal, but mainly trying not to freak out about the hardness & highness on the right breast. It's probably like 60% harder than the left one :(

Extremely happy with the results!

Haven't updated in a while but everything's been great! Pretty much settled into place now I think, absolutely no regrets.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely awesome. Kind, attentive, and informative. Goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable, and I haven't seen any bad results from him yet.

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