24 Yrs Old, 5'8" 135lbs, No Kids, Silicone with Dr. David Kim in Beverly Hills

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I was born well endowed, large breast run in the...

I was born well endowed, large breast run in the family. I was a large 32 F for most of my young adult life. It was after my many mission trips to third world countries that I came home very sick and ridden with parasites. The doctors gave me medications but never really pinpointed what was wrong with me. My body went through massive changes. My weight started fluctuating, my once smooth skin was plauged with acne, and my boobs shrunk, majorly. I couldn't figure out how I could be gaining weight and losing mass in my boobs. I had all my hormones checked and did all I could go get them back to what once was, naturally, but to no avail. That was when I started researching breast augmentation- something I never thought I would be doing. I was originally so against plastic surgery, but now I get it. It was not long until I found Dr. David Kim. I typed in "Best plastic surgeon in Southern California" and he was the first to show up- solely based on good reviews! It wasn't his website, it was links to different pages with rave reviews and stunning pictures of his work. I made a consultation and after meeting with him knew I didn't need to consult with anyone else. My consult was in June, and I debated over which month I was going to sign my life away to the recovery process of a BA. I decided on November, one of the sweater weather months (I live by the beach, and we don't get many of those). I figured it would be the perfect time to be a recluse and if I had to go out at any point I could wear a baggy sweater, and less people would notice the sudden change! So, after months of waiting, I scheduled my surgery for Novemeber 12... I had a pre-op appointment two weeks prior to surgery where I paid my full balance, and they did my blood work. As I was leaving the appointment his last words were "don't get sick." These words I took seriously, since I had to stop any form of pills, vitamins, supplements, and cold remedies, for the whole two weeks before surgery. The rest of that day I was very careful with what I touched and I washed my hands like a freak. The next day I got sick. Really sick. But what could I do? So I started juicing (which I've never done) and I juiced like crazy for two weeks. Up until two days before my surgery I was sick. But I recovered. Thank God. On Nobemeber 11, my mom, my boyfriend, and I headed up to Beverly Hills. We stayed the night in a hotel because we didn't want to hit LA traffic the morning of. We stayed five minutes from the Dr.'s office. I was told that day to show up on Surgery Day at 10:15am, perfect, not to early and not to late. So we woke up and I got ready, while my mom and boyfriend went and had breakfast. I was so calm (which is not like me at all!) and just had this smile on my face. My alarm went off and I just layer in bed, super relaxed. My mom asked me how I was feeling and I just gave her a thumb's up and a smile. I could tell she was pleasantly surprised. I thought at some point my nerves would hit. Like on the way to the car, or once we got closer to the office... But it never happened. We had a pleasant walk to the car and a great drive to the office. When we got there I was dancing in the hallway and super giddy, taking videos on my phone of their uneasy faces (that they were trying super hard not to show and keep smiles on). We walked into the office and they greeted me by name and told us to wait on the couch for my nurse who would be out shortly. They asked me how I was doing and I happily stated that "I'm not nervous at all" while three other girls on the couches looked up at me like I was a loon. I went and sat down on the middle of the couch and had my mom and boyfriend sit on either side of me. I could tell they were both nervous and trying to stay strong for me. They were both holding my hands and loving on me, and I was all smiles. I went up and used the restroom, came back and sat with them for a few minutes and then my nurse came out and called my name. I stood up and they gave me hugs and love (which no one else did when their loved one went in, strange) and I said goodbye to them and went with the nurse. I turned back around one more time before going through the double doors and my boyfriend was watching me walk off with this concerned look on his face, and my mom was distracting herself. The nurse took me to a room and she told me the fifteen different things I needed to take off, put on, pee on, and lock away in my locker. By the time I was finally changed, I went pee to do the pregnancy test. All of a sudden it was pitch black, the lights just went off and I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. I got distracted by the thought of not knowing where the light switch was, and totally forgot to pee in the cup. This was the second time I had gone pee in twenty minutes. No liquids in my system for ten hours before. I was like "fuhhhhh" ...I went out and tried to find the nurse and she told me to keep trying. Well I got a few drops out and figured that would have to do. When I was finished I came out to a bed and she sat me down and did paperwork with me. Then they gave me the IV. Blood was everywhere... I think she is still learning. And then the anesthesiologist came out and started giving me things through my IV. Soon Dr. Kim came over and started talking to me. It was brief and rushed. He took pictures and he looked at my wish pictures (that I had to keep under lock and key from my mother while in the hotel), and he told me they were pretty big. He said I had adequate breast tissue though and that we should be able to do it. He kept saying how big my wish boobs were, and it started to make me second guess. I said "well maybe a hair smaller than hers, whatever you think once we are in there with the sizes, I mean you know best, I don't want to look ridiculous, but I want to be big." And he walked off (not the best bedside manner, but man does he make pretty boobs). So then they told me we were going to walk to the operating room, which was like ten feet away. I went in and they laid me down on the table, and pulled my arms out, and I saw the anesthesiologist put something in my IV. I was still so calm. I wondered when I would get sleepy, cause I wasn't feeling it, and then I don't remember anything- so I guess he slipped it to me silently! I woke up screaming with tears running down my face and the feeling that someone was trying to kill me. They put an oxygen mask on me and were saying my name and telling me to breathe and not to cry, and to not touch my eyes (which apparently I was doing). I was saying that I had a nightmare, and I couldn't stop crying and kept saying I had a nightmare. My nurse said "we expect this from girls who go under freaking out, they usually wake up in the same state, but you were SO calm, this is unusual." And I kept apologizing through tears. The poor girl who was waiting to go into surgery after me and heard all that, bless her. Finally I calmed down and they let me wake up. The nurse showed me my insurance card registration for my implants and through my foggy eyes I saw "600 cc" on both implants, and I thought 'woah'... Eventually they went out and told my mom and boyfriend that I was just gettin dressed and would be right out. But when they went to dress me, I got extremely over heated, lightheaded, and nauseas. Again, oxygen mask, all hands on deck, wet cold rags, and a lot of my name being said, trying to keep me awake. Eventually (an hour later) they saw me fit to be wheeled out and I was greeted by my family. "Awe there's our girl," my boyfriend said, it was so nice to hear their voices. I wanted to go home (hotel). They wheeled me to the car... I was so obnoxiously nauseas. We got back to the hotel and my boyfriend and mom were on either side of me getting me to the room. The rest of that day was pretty mellow, not a lot of pain, just movies and milkshakes and soup. I can't believe it was a week ago today!


Here are some pictures that mark milestones in my progress.

One week out from surgery

"Natural" lift

Two Week Update

Four Weeks!

My rash is gone, after being on prednisone, a steroid, for two and a half weeks. I still get really bad morning boob, and I also get pretty tight throughout the day. Trying to massage as much as time allows. Still sleeping upright and that is absolutely horrific. I have not had a night where I haven't woken up at least once, because I've slid down into an awkward position. But the pillow I chose is super comfortable and I'm super glad I have it, as it has been my saving grace. Super plush and soft and a nice slope. It's the 4-in-1 wedge pillow from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It was $99 full priced, but who doesn't have a 20% off coupon to BB&B laying around? Taking 1,000 IUs of Vitamin E and day, once regularly, twice if I remember to! I have also started putting a skin conditioning oil with vitamin E on my incisions. Also, still wearing my sports bras (Under Armor Protege), and plan to for a while even though I'm approved for an underwire bra... I just want them to be as compressed and pushed together as possible while healing, and I do a relatively good job of hiding the sports bra under my clothes when I feel it's necessary. I've also spent over $200 on sports bras, so I'm wearing them out. I see Dr. Kim in less than a week for a follow up. This process has been very difficult on me, seems like one thing after another. I still can't brush my long hair out when I take a shower and someone also has to help me blow dry it. I have been at the gym, but I only work on legs. Also, I have developed a Mondor's Cord, under my left breast- the breast of doom- that has given me issues since surgery. It's my stubborn boob. Anyways! Here's some pictures. Not much has changed except some dropping and major shrinkage- which I am not happy about. I knew a few days after surgery they were smaller than I wanted and that was when they were still super swollen. The swelling continues to go down each week and more and more I am unhappy.

A Little Over a Month Post (Mondors Cord and Exposed Sutures?)

I'm at four weeks, and I am feeling more squishy, but I also have some issues. I have a Mondors Cord that seems to get more painful as time passes. Dr. Kim told me that warm compressed would be okay but to try not to soak the incisions. Also, I wanted someone to check out my incisions just to make sure everything was okay, so my mom took a look (my implants are large and don't move that much, so I am unable to look at them myself). Shockingly, my left breast had an issue *that was sarcasm, as it has been the left boob from day one with all the problems*. She saw a string poking out as well as another hole on the same incision like another one may be trying to come out. We then looked at my other breast, and along the incision there were some dark spots, almost like something was behind the skin, and the skin was a little white around those dark spots. I did try to pull the stitch a little bit, to see if I could cut it, because it is irritating me, which I'm sure makes me sound like an idiot, but I've read of a lot of doctors doing the same thing. Seeing the Dr on Wednesday.

Let's talk about stretch marks and puss...

So that lovely exposed stitch that I spoke of in my last update went on to become something much more concerning. Dr. Kim had told me not to worry about it, to stop touching it and let it be. So, in order to keep myself from touching it, I just didn't look at my incisions for five days. On Christmas, I decided to look at my incisions and see how they were doing before bed. I pulled up my boob with the once exposed stitch and there was a large scab. I lightly ran my finger over it -barely touching it- and the skin pulled up and came off completely... Immediately blood was visible, to which I applied pressure to stop the bleeding. Well that pressure I applied, to my surprise, pushed out a good amount of puss. My face must have gone white with panic... I applied pressure until the puss was no longer coming out, and cleaned the wound, dressed it and went to bed. The next day I removed more blood and puss, and dressed it again. I contacted Dr. Kim with these pictures and he said to just keep it clean. Eventually the wound healed up. But that's not all the fun... No, no. I had beatiful bright red and dark purple strecth marks forming on my new additions. And they were itchy in a way that you simply can't satisfy. He told me to use strecth mark cream. So I bought the Cocoa Butter Stretch Marks Intense Therapy. It made my boobs super oily, I could grease a small pan with them... And it didn't seem to be helping. For two weeks I only had stretch marks on the outer sides of my boobs and the bottoms. I started puting that cream on and not only did it not help the existing stretch marks, but I got more, which were forming on the tops of my boobs on the cleavage. Great, visible to all. I saw him recently and he was like "Oh, ya... Those are red. Just use strecth mark cream." To which I replied that actually made them worse... To which he informed me that "there are lasers to remove stretch marks while they are still red." Well I'm going to be paying off these $9,000 dollar boobs for a while, so a laser right now probably isn't an option. Thanks though.
He told me 1 out of 100 girls get stretch marks...

I've started to use organic extra virgin coconut oil on them every night, and oddly, that seems to be helping more than anything. If not improving them, it is at least helping them to not get much worse.
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