24 Yr Old, No Kids, 500/550 Ccs Silicone - Beverly Hills, CA

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Should have done this sooner but I wasn't planing...

Should have done this sooner but I wasn't planing on doin this. I spent hours on this website and it helped me a lot so I thought I should give back. I hope to help at least one person in their journey.
My stats:
24 yrs
0 kids
Pre 34B
Post 34DD? Too early to tell, but what I asked for
500L/550R ccs silicone high profile
Under crease, under the muscle
I had my ba on May 14 so at the moment I am 1 week post op. I was so scared that it wasn't going to happen because on my pre op appointment my cbc cell count was too high. I actually got sick the night before my pre op with a cold. I had the chills, a fever, nasal congestion and a cough. I was devasted because I knew my blood work was going to be no good. I took some Tylenol and I survived the pre op, but surely the next day, I got a call about retaking my blood work. So frustrating because the drive in LA traffic is horrible. As for the pre op, I was there for about two hours. I got there, filled out paper work, got blood drawn out, then I met with him and discussed size and incision. I like how the last thing he tells me is don't get sick. So I had about 6 days until my next blood work so I tried to get better. I took no medication and tried to get better the natural way. I would drink hot tea with lemon and honey, hot steamy baths to detox my body, would heat up a water pot and breathe in the steam, salt and water rinses for my nose and throat. Most annoying part was being unable to breathe. My blood work was so quick, I signed in and went to the lab. Took no more than 10 minutes. This time I had to pee in a cup.

So it was two days before my surgery day, and I went hiking to see the water falls. The water was cold and got my feet wet. Well that night, my cold came back. But I thought to myself, I didn't get a call for my second blood work so my surgery is a go. My surgery was scheduled at 12 which I thought was awesome not to early but early enough that I won't be starving since you can't eat 8 hours prior. Then I got another call! Your blood work came back with unfavorable results. They asked me to come in at 9 15 to do another one and my surgery was moved to 2. My heart sank! Oh no, I got sick again so my blood work is gonna come back bad and they are going to cancel my surgery. I was crying and sad but hoped for the best. The day of my surgery, I did my blood work. I called around 12 and asked if I should take my emend (nausea pill) since ur suppose to take it two hours prior to surgery. But since i didn't know if I was having surgery or not, didn't want to waste it. It was expensive. Luckily my blood work came out good!! I was surprised but so happy!! Two weeks of trying to get better naturally and it was all worth it.

My dream was to have natural big breast so I wanted a double D. So Dr. Kim mentioned that I had a lot of breast tissue so there wasn't a problem getting a natural result. He had initially said mod + for a more natural result but after more examination, he concluded that hp would be better since my natural breast were already pretty close and I had smaller rib cage. He assured me that I can still get a natural look. I also made it clear to him that I wanted nothing less of 500 ccs. I didn't want to go thru the whole boob greed others mentioned. I figured if i do end up real big, I can also down size it with a thinner bra. I thought that it be a better option than still having to wear padded bras. I have seen so many more unhappy people saying they wish they had gone bigger than wishing they had gone smaller. Also don't compare ccs with others cuz they might have less or more breast tissue than you. I think it's safer to say I want a certain breast size.

As for my surgery, I was pretty much in n out. I woke up with a lot of pressure on my chest but no pain. I didn't feel nauseous at all. The best thing of all was that I woke up not sick!!! My cold had vanished! I don't know what they added in the IV but it was amazing. A couple hours prior I was coughing and blowing my nose so often. That night was ok. I woke up several times to take my Vicodin and my antibiotics. I never felt any real pain just super sore like after an intense chest workout. I did need help to get dressed or to open doors and to get off of my bed. By day 3 I was feeling good, just couldn't lift my arms fully until day 6. So few weird things happens to me but after research it's normal so don't freak out. For the first 4 days I got super oily on my face, hair and chest. I had to keep dabbing myself off cuz I didn't want to break out. Apparently your body is detoxing cuz of all the medication. Another thing, I looked pregnant. I was like wow not working out a few weeks did this to me?!? But no it's normal bloating after surgery. apparently it can last several weeks, but mine is almost gone. My right breast has a nerve pain that when I squish it a certain way, I get a horrible sharp nerve pain. However, the pain is almost gone and once again it's normal.

So my right breast is higher then my left right now which I expected. My right breast has the bigger implant and I am right handed so my right muscle has more tension so it will drop slower. I started massaging at day 4 and I love it. They feel good even though they are still recent. Massaging doesn't hurt at all and actually makes them feel better. I do have to be careful with the righ breast because of that nerve pain but still feels good.
So I am 1 week post op and I love them!!! I am so happy!!! I know once they drop they will look amazing but even now, i am extremely happy with them. Cant wait to go back to working out and sport these puppies hahaha

It's only been a few days

So it's been only four days since my last review but decided to do one before I get my tapes removed this Wednesday. I feel like they have dropped a tinsy bit. The nerve pain I mentioned is finally gone. My nipples are super sensitive which I actually love and hope the super sensitivity doesn't fully go away. I massage them a lot in hopes they drop faster. I will update after my next post appointment, but probably won't be much of a difference.

Stitches are out!

It's still recent but I'm posting because I got my stitches and tape removed. My appointment was only like 5 minutes, super quick. He was so pleased with the results. He said I need to show them off hahaha clearly they are still high tho..he said I can start my birth control again and said I can go to Disneyland next week lol I was wondering because of the rides but I guess it isn't an issue about that. It was more of the cardio issue of walking a lot. So in other words, I can do cardio next week. Yes!!!! Also I am allowed to wear a bra now, non padded. However imma keep using the sport bras for now..Well I put some silicone tapes on the scars and some vitamin e oil let's see how they turn out in a few months. I will wait several weeks until the next post so there can be visible changes.

I start to workout tomorrow!

So it's been over a month and a half since I last worked out and excited to start tomorrow even though it's light. I been eating none stop and need to start up my routine. I am just going to speed walk the treadmill and do some abs. And I been getting so anxious about working out my legs because I have lost soooo much muscle mass on my thighs and butt. I am going to do some butt and leg workouts tomorrow but with just resistant bands and ankle weights. just going to listen to my body. Can't wait to for heavy squating though but scared for deadlifts since its under the muscle. Have any of you ladies done dead lifts after? And how long until you started? I never felt good in a bikini but I feel like my boobs give me the confidence I always wanted! I am deleting the colored picture soon though

Almost a month!

I can't believe it's going to be almost a month this up coming Thursday! Time really does fly! So I feel like they have gotten smaller, I know they look huge in the pictures but in person they look smaller naked. But when I have clothes on and a bra they look huge haha I think it's that I am getting use to them. And clearly since the swelling has gone down they have to be smaller. But once they fully drop I have hopes that they will look big again. My right breast is still higher and more rounded at the top while my left is looking more droopy and rounded more at the bottom like a natural breast. Once again, I know this is expected since I am right handed. They are definitely much softer and feel soooooo real. I am happy!

Holy cow 34 DDD

Went to Victoria secret today and they measured me to 34DDD! I didn't think they were that big, kinda excited but then again, there isn't much options for triple ds. Not to mention when I saw the cup size I was scared like woah this is too big!!! But then it fit hahaha didn't get anything though, I think I should wait until they fully drop

5 week post op

Today I went to my follow up appointment and it was right at the nick of time. The day before yesterday I had what looked like two white pimples right on the incision line, one on each breast. I popped them and clear white puss with blood came out. Had to use a sterilized needle for my left breast. So I told dr Kim And said it was sutures being spit out since my body rejected it. He laid me down and took those little boogers out. I have these tiny little holes which he assured they will close but try to avoid getting them wet. But other than that my boobies doing good lol

7 weeks

It's been a while but no complaining here lol they are dropping nicely and they are pretty soft and squishy ... I tried to upload the video but it wouldn't load, maybe the video was too long. Idk any tips? Anywho here they are

Almost at the three month mark

So in about two weeks I will be finally three months. I actually had a follow up appointment today. Everything has been great. He is still very pleased with my results. They are really soft and squishy. I haven't had any complications, which kinda scares me because I tend to be less catious because of it. However, he made it clear that because they are big I need to still be careful for another month. He recommended biocorneum scar cream which I bought at the front. 54 bucks and lasts three months. Apparently if u do a yelp review, you can get two free laser scar treatments. Sorry there isn't any exciting news lol

The confidence I always wanted

I was never happy with my body, my boobs were small, my butt was small, and I didn't have a flat tummy. Honestly I was extremely depressed. I felt like I was ok but was so envious of those that were thick in all the right places. So I decided to hit the gym, get the butt and body I wanted. I worked super hard but of coarse you can't grow boobies at the gym. So now that I have them, I am so in love with myself. That may sound narcissistic, but once in my life I have the confidence I hoped for and I am truly happy. I didn't do this for anyone, but myself and it's defiantly super gratifying. The picture, which I am planning on taking down, makes me proud that I feel sexy for once! Lol

Too big???? Nah

So I am addressing an issue someone mentioned. She was afraid that going over around 500 might be to big for her. Based on my experience, my 500/550ccs don't look too big. I think a lot of us can agree that they tend to look huge in pictures but not so much in person. I am able to down play breast size with the type of bra and clothes I wear. And if I wanna look bigger I can with the same technique. My first picture is me in a Victoria's Secret bra that is lightly padded, and my other pictures I have a bra that's thin with no padding at all. In person, you can definitely tell the difference. In one pic I look like I have huge boobs, and in the other I have normal medium size boobies. It's all about preference. I love my size and don't regret it. And for those that are to scared to commit, just know you have options.

Still love them

Nothing really new. They do continue to drop which I love because you get the fullness at the bottom like a natural breast. I am up for another post op appointment and going to try out the laser for the scars and see how that goes

Itty bitty red bikini

This won't be up long, but here's yet another bikini pic at almost 6 months

Just a pic update

Still good so far. No complications... I sleep on my stomach a lot and it feels natural. It doesn't bother me nor does it hurt

9 months in

No complications at all what's so ever. I never went to go get the scar revision and haven't really been doing anything to them. I have just been letting them heal by themselves because I got lazy. I haven't gone to a follow up appointment since July I think because school is taking most of my time. However I do plan on going during my spring break maybe I will mention the scar revision if it's still free. So here's a side view since someone requested, along with my scars and a frontal. Btw they feel and look natural, guys can't tell their fake unless I show them the scar

Nipple piercings?

I been having a strong urge to pierce my nipples. I used an app to give myself an idea of how it would look and I really wanna do it. What are your opinions? I think it looks sexy but I dunno. What are the down sides?

The deed is done

Do i did it

Just cause

One year later
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I been preparing for my ba for a long time so I read a lot of reviews in advance. I prepared myself for what others were saying about him being cold and what not, but I thought the interaction was great. I even saw him smile a couple times which definitely warmed things up. I am usually a person that gets nervous but I didn't feel that way when I talked to him. He knows what he is talking about and so I completely trusted him. He pretty much answered all my questions before I even got to ask anything which was great. I had seen his work so I knew I was in great hands. He is extremely busy so you might not get that much time with him but what you get is enough. He is also very good at responding to emails. I would get a response that same day or the the next day depending on the time I sent it. He doesn't leave you with any doubts and I am extremely happy that he's my ps.

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