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EEEEE my surgery is tomorrow!!! I have had a...

EEEEE my surgery is tomorrow!!! I have had a wonderful experience so far with my consultation and my pre op appointment! I have been wanting bigger boobs for a really long time and I am just super excited to finally be able to get them done! My fiancé loves bigger boobs even though I look great now in his eyes he is supportive of my decision. I did a lot of research and I am so glad I found Dr. David Kim! His work is great and I am super excited to get them tomorrow! I will update how I am feeling and how they look before and after. After the surgery!

Recovering right after

Sore as a mother f. Been nauseous but super happy! Groggy since I got out. And I have 650cc in each with high profile. Took a while to get the surgery going but glad to have it over with and on my way to big boobies! :)

Recovery day after

Has not been a full 24 hours yet. Boy does it hurt. I can't wait for the pain to slip away a bit more. I did wake up a bunch to pee didn't think I drank that much but could be from the iv I guess. I go back to dr Kim's around 5 which means leaving where I'm at in Redlands at 2-2:30... Hopefully it takes a while cuz I did not like the traffic on the way home yesterday. Good thing my boyfriend know how to drive with people slamming on breaks in front of us. He has no scare reflexes when it comes to those type of things. Ate a little bit of soup and crackers that's about it so far. Super excited to go to the dr to get the wraps off. I'm hoping the sports bra I bought fits good!

Recovering day two.

So yesterday June 25 I got my bandages off and now on to the sports bra. The car ride there was quick and fast and the appointment in and out. The ride back sucks so much traffic at 5-6 I was in pain was stupid left all medications at home... Made it back finally able to eat some food and then my man had to rush to find a bigger sports bra. Dr. Kim had to cut the one I brought to fit and I felt so much releaf when I put on the bigger new one. Thank goodness they had one that will fit time to return the others and trade them in for the bigger size. My arms seem to hurt a little more today than yesterday but all in all doing good.

Update later in day two

Sore but feeling like I am doing better moving my arms a little bit more. I think after I wake up is when in the sorest. My back is hurting. cant wait to take a full shower. Tomorrow supposed to start the massages a little nervous on it hurting but we will see how it goes!

Day three

Having a good day I'm out and about had my best friend put dry shampoo in my hair and pull it up more and I'm rockin. A little itchy on my boobs but doing good other than that. I am sleeping a lot. Haven't taken any pain mess today

Day four!

Wow I showered and was able to clean my hair! Still sore in my armpits saw that I had a little bruise on my under side of my left boob. Had a little bit of a sharp pain in my right. But holding up strong. I am in love with everything about my boobs I can't wait to have them be dropped down and mostly healed. I have a long way to go but still can't wait! I'm still really bloated from the pain pills. Which I haven't taken any today. Might take some to sleep tonight because I didn't last night and I woke up a bunch in pain. So far everything is going great though!

Got the stitches out!

Saw Dr.Kim today! I got my stitches out! My left hurt to come out and couldn't feel the right. But he said I am healing great! Told me if I wanted to wear a bra I could. Probably not going to because I want to drop a little bit more before I go buy bras. I love how happy he gets with how they are turning out it is just great! I am cleared to do light running next week. I'll see how I feel then. I still feel sore. Started back to work on Friday the second and it has been a rough few days. I'll post pictures later

Photos of my boobs about two weeks post op

3 week boobies

So it's been three weeks as of yesterday and I couldn't be happier! They are getting softer and being able to move way easier. No one can really tell at work that I have gotten my boobs done. Which is nice because they are pretty big. They have dropped quite a bit I can't wait for them to drop even more! I will be buying a regular bra soon. I haven't really done any of the cardio work out that I was cleared for. I ran a small little bit with my little dog but other than that it still feels weird.

One month!

So my boobs are healing great! Getting even softer. My scars are healing nicely. I go see Dr. Kim next Monday. I have spotted a mondors cord. So I will be addressing that with him then. I am enjoying wearing all these fun cloths and getting dressed up. I went to Vegas this past weekend and it was so nice to wear cute dresses and shirts.
My right boob seems to be healing a little slower. I'm not sure if it's because my right is my dominate hand or not. And maybe I use it to much. But it is getting there.

A little over a month post op

Had a visit with Dr. Kim yeserday! Boy was it busy in there! But it was a good visit! He said I am healing great! They are soft in every way. I feel like that but then sometimes I get an uncomfortable pain in my right and I think it's because I am right handed but not sure forgot to bring that up. I also still have a faint line of a mendords cord but forgot to bring that up too, need to make a list for next time I guess. I need help though he told me to take some vitamin e oil and I haven't been and so I am not sure which one to take. And suggestions help :)
I'll post pics later.

49 days post op

I am just loving my boobs! Had an appointment with dr Kim last week and he was happy with my results. And asked if they were too big. I laughed and said nope they are perfect. Sometimes I have that post op blues of thinking they need to be bigger but in all honesty they do not need to be bigger! They are really soft the scars are healing great and taking vitamin e. They are soft and really great to be able to dress in clothing that really never fit quite right before. I am wearing a bra more often than I was before! I am just loving them so much!

Well passed my three months

Hello all sorry I haven't updated in a while been busy. So I passed my three months by a couple weeks now. Everything seems to be doing alright. Every now and again I get a sharp pain in my right boob idk if it's because I use it at work a lot or what will have to ask Dr. Kim. I still don't really lay on my side because that even tends to hurt but I have given it a little bit of a try. When I was in there for my check up he said everything looked and felt great! So that is great news. It's been fun to go buy a new clothing or new sports bras.
Working out haven't really done much still because doing light work at work still giving me a little trouble then don't want to push to hard but I have gained weight and need to start working at it again.
My boyfriend is very pleased with how they have turned out and that he can touch them a bit more than he could before. Well that's about all I can think of so I will post pics later today.

One year!!!

It has been a little over one year and I have loved every moment of it! It has been an adventure to get here! From different bras to getting more comfortable while wearing a bikini top to not wearing a bra with clothing. But I love them! My fiancé loves them as well which is always a plus!!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

The consultation was really informative and he answered all my questions. The pre op I didn't see him too much but wasn't really needed. The staff was super nice! I am super excited like I said before to see how tomorrow goes! I am updating and am about a month after and I am loving my results and Dr. Kim is fantastic!

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